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Avatar n tn As for sitting or standing. Can be typical 5 year old behavior. Has she done any preschool yet?
Avatar m tn Well, you've posted on an adhd forum. First let me say that 3 is way to young to begin discussing add/adhd. The earliest age that this diagnosis should be made is 6 and I feel that is still too young based on the wide variability amongst children of that age. You describe in many ways what is normal for 3. They are quite often extremely active, hard to settle, loud and constantly testing boundaries. Guess what? Four isn't much better.
Avatar n tn This is not to say that, if she is diagnosed with ADHD, it explains all of her behavior, but may be a component of it. I would revisit the ADHD issue, and have her evaluated again, including collecting data via standardized checklists that are widely accepted as helping to establish this descriptive diagnosis. As an aside, it's not unusual for children who display ADHD to also have the ability to be attentive and focused in particular circumstances.
1194672 tn?1267453168 Great move by getting him out of his pre-school! That would have only made things much worse. You need to make sure the new school is well aware of the situation and also aware of any techniques that are shared with you for working with him. It sounds like he might also have some ADHD tendencies. I highly recommend you get "The ADD/ ADhD Answer book." , by Susan Ashley. Many of the techniques mentioned in the book will be very helpful for your son.
Avatar n tn When my son, "Jack," started preschool as a 2 yr old, he was a very pleasant child, with no aggressive or hyperactive tendencies whatsoever. In the 2 yr old class, he met a boy, "John," who is very aggressive. A typical act was for John to pull Jack's hair (no provocation) til he almost pulled him to the floor, then run away laughing. I saw this for myself. Jack started hitting, & then went beyond John to include other kids.
Avatar f tn Is staying at preschool longer an option? And yes, it is possible it could be ADHD, but it also could be a lot of things coming together. I would work on the night time hours first. Hopefully other members will chime in with ways to keep an active 3 year old active without you having to be there every second.
Avatar f tn I believe my 4 year old daughter has ADHD. My husband doesn't want to think about it so I am kind of on my own. What I am trying to figure out is if I should have her screened by the school or wait until she starts kindergarten (she is not in preschool). I really want to find out as soon as possible but my husband is not cooperating and if I get her screened and she is at risk of a behavioral problem, she would probably qualify for preschool.
Avatar m tn I'd go with the evaluation. If he is fine and they find nothing, then there is nothing to lose. If he is fine but they think something is wrong, there is still nothing to lose because most interventions tried at this age (therapies, early intervention) would benefit any child, typical or not. And if there is a problem and they recognize it, he will get the help he needs now. Parents are often scared of "labels" early on, but it is not something that has to follow a child.
Avatar n tn my 3 year old son started at preschool this fall after just turning 3 at the end of july. he was home with me exclusively and we have no family around or anyone to watch him so it's just been myself and my husband. he has always been a tightly wound kid and always needed to move around even as a baby. i had trouble taking him to many places as he would just want to leave immediately. his speech is totally normal. he's still in parallel play, largely.
Avatar f tn The problem with really intelligent kids is that they problem solve so fast. And the problem with 4 year olds is that they don't have alot of self control. Put it together and ya - you've got problems. Throw the possibility of ADHD into the mix and everything gets a lot worse. I really don't know if he has ADHD. How long ago did the doctors see him and what kind of a doctor saw him?
Avatar n tn I am concerned about my 4yo son in preschool. He turned 4 right before the school year started. Last year, we had to take him out of the 3yo program. He kept hitting other kids. He is a late bloomer, and definitely hyperactive. We took him to a psychologist and after spending about 20 mintues with him, she pulled me into the room and said that he is really immature, and to take him out of preschool, he isn’t ready.
Avatar m tn My fiance asked once about what I thought was wrong with him and I answered that maybe he should be checked for ADHD and she got very upset at me and stated that NOTHING was wrong with her son. I really don't know what to do. He can get very angry to the point of hitting or throwing objects when you tell him that he can't do something. When we sit and read stories for bed he is constantly bouncing, moving, or fidgeting.
Avatar n tn If you have any specific adhd questions or need resources, I monitor the ADHD forum here - Feel free to post any questions. Also you might want to check out a series of books aimed at kids of this age and meant to be read to them at night (a great thing to do anyway). Many times kids do have to be taught - and I stress taught (not punished) how to deal with their anger.
Avatar n tn I tend to agree with the preschool teacher. There is some chance that he is not having sufficient exposure to the preschool program. That is, children often do better when they are in their preschool program the majority of the school week. Only then does it take hold as a substantial portion or component of their usual structure or routine, and this tends to help alleviate behavioral problems.
Avatar n tn I had him screened for preschool by the public school system. They used the preschool Brigance and he scored a 94 out of 100. My concern is how wild he gets when others are around. I have asked his doctor, and he said he shows signs of impulsiveness, but wasn't going to label him yet. He go wild with others around, runs in circles, sings very loundly, really anything to get everyone's attention. Everyone tries to tell me it has to do with the new baby sister that now 3 months old.
Avatar n tn My son is 3.11 Years old. I just started him in a private preschool through a community center. N the middle of his 5th week (after I had just paid for another 5 weeks) they stated that they think my son should be tested for aspergers. Ok so I looked up aspergers. so he does fit some of the things.
Avatar n tn He has been talking in sentences since he was 11 months, walked a very yearly age, and now in preschool is learning at a 3rd grade level. The problem, when he enters a social situation he goes CRAZY! This is a little difficult to explain. He's fine when he is at home, quiet and well behaved but the minute he is around any other people,adults or children, he starts to talk loudly, touch everyone, he turns into high gear. In preschool this last year he was almost unmanagable.
Avatar n tn tons of energy,and can be easily distracted (at times) at 3 i attempted to enroll him in a regular preschool. well, he did not do well. he got frustrated,refused to sit at circle,had tantrums and even hit other kids and the teachers. i had him evaled by the sped preschool program in my town. they found him to have a moderate language delay (after my ped kept telling me his speech was fine,ugh) he was put on an iep plan and put in school w/ all sped kids.
Avatar f tn My 5 year old has been a evaluated by a psychologist from our county's IU early intervention department. He was diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. Her feeling was that he is a strong, stubborn personality who may have social emotional delays and he is very adult oriented, he doesn't realize that he is a kid. His behaviors are: non-compliance, very sensitive to peers approval of him and fitting in, very active,quick aggression when upset, need for control.
Avatar n tn The reason this concerned me so much, is that I have been concerned about ADD or ADHD with him. I am aslo concerned about the quality of sleep he is getting. There are times in his 'over activity' where I will see his eyes roll back. I try to keep a bed time in place and he will either crash in minutes or after I leave the room, I can hear him jumping off the bed and rolling on the floor-sometimes for over an hour.
Avatar n tn Could be adhd, he should be evaluated by a child behavior specialist. I am surprised the school has not insisted on this. Also, because of his frail health he is probably coddled. It is very hard to be firm with a kid who has health issues. WE mean well, but letting them get away with stuff can cripple their ability to function as adults. I would reccommend parenting classes as well. Even if it turns out to be adhd, there are special skills your sister will need.
Avatar n tn Our 3 1/2 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, & Asperger's syndrome. Symptoms have been typical ADHD symptoms with aggressiveness,outright defiance and rage. Ritalin has unsuccessful in controlling any symptoms. Adderall was very successful in controlling a majority of symptoms but had the unfortunate side effect of insomnia. Luvox was prescribed to assist with sleep and minor anxiety symptoms. He had a horrible reaction to the Luvox. It caused further insomnia.
Avatar m tn My 5 year old was diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago. He has also been diagnosed with Tourettes and OCD, and has some sensory issues as well. We have tried 3 different meds and all made him very sleepy and down, almost depressed. I do not want that for my child, so we took him off all meds. For a while, he was doing ok....His tics were worse, but the hyperactivity seemd to subside, we had also cut out almost all sugar in his diet, no dyes, no HFCS.
1883398 tn?1320768071 She doesn’t do these things intentionally or to be bad, she is very loving, loves to cuddle, and is always apologizing for her actions later without my even mentioning it. I do not doubt she has the signs and symptoms of ADHD due to her EXTREME hyperactivity. She also has a very nasal voice that family members have pointed out to me (of course I know, I am just used to it.) There is a family history or Tourrets.
Avatar f tn Note ( he is seen by psychiatrist and each time had deferent diagnosis from generalize anxiety disorder to separation anxiety to ADHD . And lastly his psychatrist Diagnose him with habipolar disorder bcz he has depress mood some time and other time he appear happy any help plzzzzzz iam in a damn country (iraq) nothing go straight .
Avatar f tn school nagging about me taking a test for my 8 year old (ADHD TEST) okay looking over the test i see questions that are not suitable for a school aged kid in 3 grade so i only answer a few of them. Called yesterday to tell me that the result of this test are in, make appt to see them. But I was told that they would send them home...yeah cannot trust them.... anyone have this issue with there school???
Avatar f tn Her tempers are not consistent but when they happen last up to 45 minutes (they consist of screaming, kicking, throwing things, and trying to run out of the school) she has now been in her new preschool for 2 weeks and already have been getting bad reports.
Avatar n tn He has always been attached, happy, calm and sweet at home. Little to no tantrums. When he started preschool is when the trouble started. The teachers said he exhibited ADHD like symptoms, always running around, not focusing, even during free play. Impossible to settle/stop chatting during story time. That is 100% opposite of how he is at home and on playdates etc, so I thought it might be the school environment--huge class, 22 kids.
Avatar m tn What are some techniques to help my 2 1/2 year old son calm/focus?