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4971738 tn?1390565384 // If your childs behavior is driving you nuts (they call it the "terrible two's" for a good reason). Start a new post on the child behavior forum - List what the child is doing and see what we can come up with to help you. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn They know what they do is naughty but they continue to do it day in day out. They are now attending theor 2nd preschool due to this behavior. They advise my husband and I to get them assessed for ADD. Im lost with no direction on what to do. Do they get better or do I have a problem.
Avatar n tn my 3 year old has adhd and sensory processing disorder and will be starting preschool in october. part of the requirements for the preschool is that he has to be potty trained. he will either just sit on the potty and not go or will not sit long enough to go. i have bought him buzz lightyear underwear to help motivate him, but that didnt seem to help. yesterday i bought stickers to give him for at least sitting to try, but he says moma potty and will go sit on the potty and demand the sticker.
Avatar n tn He has been a fairly good child until recently or say about 2 or 3 months ago. It started out at preschool. Now he has been at this preschool for about 3 years now, but for some reason I am not sure he has started to lash out. My son is no angel & he has had his moments but latly he has been screaming, hitting, kicking, slapping, & poking his teachers & friends at school.
Avatar n tn As for sitting or standing. Can be typical 5 year old behavior. Has she done any preschool yet?
Avatar f tn my son is 5 yrs old and has been in a preschool since sept. I have been recieving phone calls from the teacher for about every other wk because of his behavior problems he is not really iniciating he want to be part of the group. he can't sit still for story time, he bites his nail and always has to be doing somthing and basically is always in his own world. He bosses the children around as if he was an adult which is not good for the kids there.
Avatar n tn When my son, "Jack," started preschool as a 2 yr old, he was a very pleasant child, with no aggressive or hyperactive tendencies whatsoever. In the 2 yr old class, he met a boy, "John," who is very aggressive. A typical act was for John to pull Jack's hair (no provocation) til he almost pulled him to the floor, then run away laughing. I saw this for myself. Jack started hitting, & then went beyond John to include other kids.
Avatar f tn // I do know that kids with ADHD can focus if they are interested in something (like a video game for example). I am not saying that he has ADHD, but since this does seem to appear both at home and at school, it probably is worth looking into. This link should prove helpful -
Avatar f tn My 11 year old son who Ive been told is the smartest kid in the school district has severe behavior issues. Ive had problems with him since preschool. He is extreamly and overly smart. Hes in 5th grade but is in an honors class and does work that stumps my husband and I. But he is in trouble constantly. Hes a bully at home and in school, has no respect for anyone, doesnt follow simpke rules and just has a horrible mouth.
Avatar n tn however, he is now easily angered and is becoming physically aggressive at times. Upon recommendation of the preschool, he was evaluated by county preschool screener who suggested sensory integrative dysfunction. This eval will be forwarded to a committee for review and results submitted within 1-2 weeks.
Avatar f tn This is an important difference from the previous guidelines and stems from a wealth of new evidence on ADHD treatment of preschool children and adolescents. For preschool-aged children, evidence-based behavioral therapy alone is recommended as the first step toward treating ADHD symptoms and associated impairment. Behavioral treatments may include behavioral parent training, classroom management, and/or peer interventions.
Avatar f tn My 3.5 year old switched to a new preschool 4 months ago. Since he has started the new school we have had several incidents. The second week of school he hit his teacher and since then he has hit her and other children 7-10 times.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am also the CL on the ADHD forum so do have some interest in this question. First, to say, "His doctor suggested that I continue to keep him focused with coloring, puzzle, etc. to keep it from turning into ADHD? " is utter BS by the doctor. ADHD is not prevented by keeping him focused and that statement would make me have some concerns about your doctor in this area of medicine. I would first find out if he is the youngest child in daycare.
Avatar n tn I need help with my three year old. She starts preschool next year and I am afraid she won't make it. She is forever into everything, and even after she gets in trouble she continues to do it. She is outright defiant. Extremely bullheaded as well. She can also be mean. She will sometimes throw things at her 10 yr. old sister, she hits us with toys, and is terrible to our two young cats.
Avatar n tn i have a conference this afternoon and i am terrified that they are going to tell me he has to go back to preschool. he is smart and he was in all day preschool for 3 years and i had about 5 or 6 behavior issues in the 3 years he was there. he talks out of turn and doesn't listen when he is told to do something. now the teacher is saying that his behavior is actually a disruption to the class and she described to me agressive and bizarre behavior that just doesn't make sense.
Avatar f tn I believe my 4 year old daughter has ADHD. My husband doesn't want to think about it so I am kind of on my own. What I am trying to figure out is if I should have her screened by the school or wait until she starts kindergarten (she is not in preschool). I really want to find out as soon as possible but my husband is not cooperating and if I get her screened and she is at risk of a behavioral problem, she would probably qualify for preschool.
Avatar m tn He has had trouble at school since he was 5 in preschool. While in preschool the only thing my son would draw or talk about was guns and shooting people. The teacher brought this up to me several times and I basically had to talk to him everyday about this and tell him how it was not appropriate for school. I believe that stemmed from his father allowing him to watch movies and play video games that are extremely inappropriate for his age.
Avatar n tn To answer your question, the language we talk to her at home is not English, and the first time she begin to communicate in English was in the preschool two months ago. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn This is not to say that your daughter does not display ADHD, but only to point out that ADHD does not account for her aggressive posture. Even if your daughter displays ADHD (and she is really too young to be concluding such a diagnosis), her aggression needs to be managed.
Avatar f tn We took her to a psychiatrist and they then diagnosed her with ADHD. Once on medication we put her in a private preschool. They didn’t kick her out of this school but, the teachers complained often to us about her wandering. Now…she is in Kindergarten. She is still very hyper and wanders a lot. Other problems are she sneaks stuff such as items on the teacher’s desk or items in other children’s backpacks.
Avatar f tn m getting frustrated myself to all levels. I thought of the possibility of ADD or ADHD and had him tested at about 2 or 3 and they said No he's fine but its so frustrating. I have tried multiple discipline tactics, positive reinforcements and nothing is working. I think I should get him reevaluated.
796867 tn?1255206807 Iris started preschool today at 2 yrs, 9 mo. Puddletown is a Montessori school.
Avatar f tn i have a daughter is 5 year old she cant seat down still. she's just on the going by the time she wakes up. i tell her to clean her mess up. she wont she'll just give mean looks and said no i dont have to minute shes happy than the next shes sad or mad..and she always says she bored...i've try everything that i can..i think she has just worry when she start school that she willl have trouble..what should i do?
Avatar m tn Well, you've posted on an adhd forum. First let me say that 3 is way to young to begin discussing add/adhd. The earliest age that this diagnosis should be made is 6 and I feel that is still too young based on the wide variability amongst children of that age. You describe in many ways what is normal for 3. They are quite often extremely active, hard to settle, loud and constantly testing boundaries. Guess what? Four isn't much better.
Avatar n tn My boyfriends 10 yr old has aspergers, adhd & odd he refuses to except the word no he has total temper tantrums any suggestions on how to handle them. He has tantrums at school also when he doesn't get his way. My boyfriend and I put our foot down about it but how do we deal with it with out giving to much attention to it?
Avatar f tn I assume your daughter is in kindergarten. Is it an all day kindergarten? Was she in preschool and was this where the ADHD was noted?
Avatar f tn Where to begin?? My son is in his second year of preschool and 2 weeks in is displaying very angry oppositional behaviors towards his teachers. He was in the same class last year and I had to pull him out two weeks early as he really began to struggle at the end of the year. He usually acts up when it is time to stop one activity and move on to another. When they try to put him on a time out he cries uncontrollably apologizing immediately.