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6785489 tn?1384788182 This morning I was so tired that I mistakenly took both of my medications twice without realizing it until I went to put my pill organizer away and noticed that an additional day was missing. Should I be worried about double dosing myself on 2 medications that are stimulants?
620048 tn?1358021835 My Dr, keeps talking about my behavours when I am in his office, and has asked before if I had ever been diagnosed with ADHD. He finally asked my husband, who happened to be with me, if I was the same at home as I am in his office. My husband told him I was like this all the time, I he said I am always so hyper, switching from one topic to another so fast. I was in his office being treated for anxiety at the time.
1315039 tn?1274222141 00 AM for Church in the morning.. I have to give some music to the music organizer and be well rested to be able to speak to her.. All I can think about is the music running through my head over and over and over.. I have tried everything and I would really like to go to sleep soon.. A question COMPLETELY unrelated.. Why does the word "toes" always appear on "Tag suggestions" when I am posting a question?.. lol.. there's nothing wrong with my toes..
Avatar n tn This all started 4 years ago when at the age of 22 I was diagnosed with ADHD and was given Adderal. About six months later I had to be put on sleeping medication (Ambien). Then about a year later I got depressed and I was given Lexapro. And since then I have been taking the following: Lexapro - 20mg for 4 years Xanax - 2 mg for 4 years Zyprexa - 20 mg for 3 years Seroquel 600mg for 3 years Adderal 60mg for 3 years then quit Focalin 40mg for 1 year Ambien CR 12.
Avatar f tn When I remind her of it, if I can refrain from my own anger she tries to redirect herself but if I get angry of course she does as well. Help?!?! Does she have ADD/ADHD? Is there some other tyoe of issue? I know that others in her father's family have ADD but I didn't think it was inherited. Should I have her evaluated?
Avatar n tn Savant ability, restricted skill superior to age group (reads early, memorizes books) SOMETIMES (not super advanced, ie doesn't read or write yet but advanced for her age and says some strangely advanced things at times... biggest example was finding a file folder organizer in the office and telling me it was an instrument, a hammered dulcimer (I would have expected a harp, since it has tines, kwim?) She had learned the phrase from Jack's Big Music Show.