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6785489 tn?1384784582 This morning I was so tired that I mistakenly took both of my medications twice without realizing it until I went to put my pill organizer away and noticed that an additional day was missing. Should I be worried about double dosing myself on 2 medications that are stimulants?
Avatar f tn I still want to see this happen but I need somebody else to take over as the official organizer. I would be the co-organizer and work my guts out right alongside the organizer to help make it successful. PLEASE contact me ASAP if you or someone you know might be interested. The walk will be held in conjunction with other Conquer Chiari walks throughout the United States on Saturday, September 21.
Avatar f tn Keep necessities at your fingertips while you're on the go with this Britax stroller organizer. This baby stroller organizer fits securely on your stroller's handle. The large center pocket can hold diapers, snacks or other essentials. Plus, it has 2 insulated beverage holders that keep your drinks at the right temperature. This baby stroller organizer works with all Britax strollers and most other major stroller brands. Britax makes smart, quality stroller accessories.
525485 tn?1314361301 I just ordered one. I was waiting for someone else to do it first! =) Thanks natemomma27 and Lance 06!
9442948 tn?1406816451 We made a closet organizer, works great!
Avatar n tn Right after that I put them in my seven day pill organizer which has am and a pm marked on the container and also has the day of the week on it. I fill the 7 day pill organizer each Sunday am and I am set for the week. I have made no errors since then. I would suggest getting a weekly pill organizer because I think it will be very helpful in helping you avoid errors in dosage.
8586079 tn?1403787951 Any other mommies feeling antsy? Lol today I got an organizer from Target and it's wooden so you have to assemble it yourself. I did the whole thing and then put majority of my babies things away from my shower!
Avatar f tn Crib, dresser, changing pad, glider, closet organizer
463897 tn?1468013750 I would like to be an organizer, what are the requirements
2065676 tn?1331422440 just wondering if you have a pill organizer...i got one from walmart for 7 days...each day had 4 places for really makes that part easy....good luck...
620048 tn?1358018235 My Dr, keeps talking about my behavours when I am in his office, and has asked before if I had ever been diagnosed with ADHD. He finally asked my husband, who happened to be with me, if I was the same at home as I am in his office. My husband told him I was like this all the time, I he said I am always so hyper, switching from one topic to another so fast. I was in his office being treated for anxiety at the time.
12476392 tn?1433685731 I'm going to make a playroom for my baby and daughter but I'm not to good at decorating rooms. Does anyone have suggestions I really want it to look nice and have some order or theme and not just a room with toys everywhere. Pleas help. I got her a color full table chairs and color toy organizer it'd also like to get a colorful rug. Does anyone know where it'd can find a cheap affordable one??
Avatar n tn try to get a pill organizer for a week and will tell you to take in the morning noon, night and bed time.
Avatar f tn My daughter loved hers! I had one at my house and one at MIL and also have a diaper organizer thing that hangs on the side of the crib!
779119 tn?1254445837 There are treatments for hoarding including home visits that can be effective but are very expensive and not available in all areas. You might start with a personal organizer, a person without mental health credentials who will come out and help you sort things.
Avatar f tn I got a closet organizer. It just hangs in your closet and gives you extra shelving.
Avatar f tn Has anyone purchased the Baby Mod- Bella 4-in-1 Crib with changing table and clothing organizer from Walmart? I'm looking into baby furniture and came across this set and the reviews seem to be wonderful. My only question is how sturdy is the changing table? Basically what I would like to know is if there is a certain weight limit that can be placed upon the changing table? Anyone who has personally purchased this and can give me their advice it would be extremely helpful!
535822 tn?1443976780 It's easy to belittle Barack Obama for being a community organizer, but he's the one who got the last laugh on November 6, 2012. Community organizing is key to not only winning a campaign but changing a country, which is exactly what the Obama's plan to do moving forward.
Avatar m tn s hard for you to remember whether you took your meds or not, perhaps you should get a pill organizer to put your daily med(s) in so if the med isn't in its slot for that day, you'll know you took it. Or you can get a notebook to write down the meds you take each day.
Avatar m tn Any suggestions where to start getting her off the zanaflex safely? I set her pills up in a weekly organizer and she ran thru 4 days worth in 2 days. She has purchased many bottles over the internet, maxing out a few credit cards. Its time to stop, but i am at my ropes end before she is.