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Avatar f tn Is it possible for me to have an online doctor for adhd distorder???
Avatar m tn I did some scrrening test online for adult ADHD and they returned very likely.I will talk to my psychiatrist about this thursday.When i was younger many teachers would write on my test inatentive,i was doing everything to fast at math and always did mistakes on simple calculations.I always had trouble wrting essays,my mind would not work and cause distress,and also when had to read a book.
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1327979 tn?1275235527 Hi there, I'm unaware if your age, but I'm mostly certain you're in high school. Try going to your guidance counselor or talk to a teacher you trust about your dilemma if you can and seek more help through the school that you attend. Most schools are ADD/ADHD experts these days.
Avatar m tn When I was 16 I was diagnosed with add and prescribed adderall. I was diagnosed by taking some long and expensive test. When I took adderall it made my anxiety worse and I felt like I had smoked crack. I tried taking it several times with the same outcome each time. I barely squeezed through high school and have continued to live with it ever since. I am now trying to get a college degree and I am having extreme difficulties.
Avatar f tn First, I don't know how old your child is that makes a difference. Yes, he could have normal results since this is a test designed to be "used for assessing the core symptoms of ADHD: hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity." Furthermore, the makers of the test say that, "The QbTest results should always be complemented by a clinical interview." Did these doctors interview your child or give any questionnaires to you or his teachers?
1211960 tn?1272974502 I took a self test to deterime which kind of ADHD I had ( there are 6 different kinds.) The test results showed that I had Ring Of Fire ADHD. I was researching this specific type of ADHD and this is what I found: Type 6 -- The Ring of Fire. Cross between ADHD and bipolar disorder. Characterized by moodiness, aggressiveness, and anger. Anticonvulsants or newer antipsychotic medications tend to work better than stimulants. Now I am starting to doubt my diagnosis of bipolar.
Avatar f tn Well hello I'm a lil curious , I'm 18 umm my fiancé had ADHD when he was younger he doesn't take medication for it anymore and he doesn't act that wild he has his moments tho he's in the army now doing very good , so I was wondering if my baby would have it ??
Avatar m tn The test was done by them. I know that I seem excessive but I read an article online (university of Virginia) about hep c delaying the window period for hiv. It also said that testing could take up to a year. This really made me panic. I know everyone says no risk but I got hep c by this.
Avatar m tn I have no experience with the TOVA test. But, I do know that no online computer test can accurately tell if you have ADHD. There is a reason that the clinical standards call for questionnaires of the child's parents and teachers. "In the opinion of one expert panel:18 Computerized tests of attention and vigilance (CPTs)33,40–42 are not generally useful in diagnosis because they suffer from low specificity and sensitivity.43,44." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
6658361 tn?1384717351 If your question is do they test for adhd in new borns, the answer is no. The only test I know of is a brain scan - which is expensive and not something that you would want to put a young child through. Furtermore, I am not sure how accurate it is. You do have reasons for concern since ADHD is hereditary. But, if neither your or his dad have it, your chances would go down.
Avatar n tn When I signed up, the opening page said that there would be a tracker for ADHD. While I find the mood tracker helpful, I'd like to see one specifically for ADHD!
Avatar m tn Your probation officer should know what medications you are on. Yes, Adderall is stimulant based, its a methamphetamine. You can look it up online to get the information. You should have a doctors letter stating that you are on the adderall or have your doctor change you to Stratterra which is a non-stimulant treatment for add/adhd, especially in adults. I wouldn't be too worried, but if you don't want to test positive all the time you might want to try something else.
Avatar m tn I am a reasonably intelligent person; on my last aptitude test, I scored 96/100... Yet, I'm getting 40% for maths, and can't concentrate on the smallest things. My mind wanders all over the place. I try to study and end up, two hours later, thinking about something completely different, and still staring at the same page. I'm forgetful, even though I write reminders for myself, and I can never sit still.
Avatar n tn I have a 10 year old daughter that has ADHD. She yells a lot and sometimes is rude and disrespectful. I usually handle it well because I understand what she is going through, I worked with children with ADHD for four years. She, however, becomes very embarrassed after her blow ups, begins to cry and apologize profusely. She asked me to help her learn how to stop yelling. There is little info. online. Is it merely a symptom of her ADHD and how can I help her learn to mange it?
533880 tn?1237612452 I have a three year old...for the last 2 years she has had a few different test done because of frequent and recurring diarrhea, acid reflux, not being able to eat, gas, and other things...back in feb 09 she had a upper and lower procedure done...the only thing they found was candida in the esophagus....they wanted to retest so in sept she had another upper procedure... they said that the candida was still there,... this is my problem...I am not getting any answers from her doc...
Avatar m tn Did anyone else here realize that you cant order online saliva or blood test if you live in CA or NY. Thats the most rediculous thing ive heard. Im paying for it. Oh well, iguess its just to keep the local labs busy, like their not busy enough.
7882607 tn?1395038447 My psychiatrist even changed my prescription to Ritalin; still I am unable to obtain my medication. My untreated ADHD is ruining my life. I can't get to work on time,my impulsive behaviors and incessant talking are causing serious problems among my co-workers, I am so restless and my heart is beating so fast I feel like I'm on a jet plane going to nowhere. Even my marriage is in jeopardy. I've striggled with my condition since childhood. My ADHD level is off the charts!
Avatar n tn // and look at the subsection on ADD vs. ADHD: Diagnostic Subtypes. You could also buy the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley which is one I recommend a lot. And of course, he just might be immature, bright and bored. But I would want to make sure.
Avatar n tn ive just taken an online test to see if my son has adhd it said that he is showing symtoms. he is 5 years old. his teacher has said that he is the brightest boy in the class but finds it hard to pay attention and fidgets all the time, he shouts out alot and when he is at home he never listens to a word i say when i ask him to behave. he runs and jumps about and never walks and talks constantly i have to ask him repeatedly every time i want him to do something. do you think this is adhd?
190673 tn?1259203266 I did an online test for ADD and the result was 95% in favor of it. I know I can't diagnose myself especially via internet but I have been thinking maybe I do have it and what if I do? I have trouble concentrating and that was 1 of the reasons I dropped from college. I was very smart during my childhood (for my age) until the age of 12 when it all started with panic attacks. I have many symptoms of ADD . My main problem is focusing. But I am being treated for anxiety.
Avatar f tn s always had a very tough time taking test and all of his teachers chalked it up to test anxiety like the other 99% of teens (and even some adults). Now my sons confidence level has gone from "yeah I felt pretty good about that test" to "I felt ok, but we all know how it's gonna turn out".
Avatar f tn I am a very private and sensitive person. I keep getting told that I need to see a doctor for adhd/add because its a big problem to me. Even though I've quit work because of it, even tasks at home are really hard. I can't complete anything...i keep starting new things. Since this is not a physical problem, is it possible for me to be treated for this with an online doctor?
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I was wondering is it okay to take ADHD medication while pregnant? I know I should ask a doctor but I wanted to check online first..
Avatar f tn Hes been on some meds for an ellegic reaction and his adhd. For adhd he takes straterra and the ellegic reaction he was taking steroids pepcid and claritin. He stoped the steriods and kept the pepcid and claritin . Also his daily meds straterra and did not fail a drug test .well I had an ellegic reaction in my private area to some body wash here recently they perscribed me didocaine hydrochloride jelly .