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Avatar m tn In other parts of the world they are brutal. Most know the laws of the land and the prevailing religion. They don't have religious freedom. I will have to read what it means quran desecration. My point being, did they draw attention to themselves by criticizing the prevailing religion? With the brutality and barbarianism of that nation, that IS almost a death sentence.
Avatar n tn He has been kicked out of the Kindergarten Extended Program after only 2 1/2 months. We have tried varying forms of discipline, but nothing seems to work. He has been diagnosed as borderline ADHD, but we are concerned that medicating him at this young age is not a good idea. Does anyone know of any programs out there for 5 year olds with behavioral problems? We live in Connecticut.
Avatar f tn But it was a blessing, because it made me overcome that fear which my parents just left me to deal with, and caused me humiliation and isolation in school. The ADHD did too. I was the weird one. Drawn to the bad kids from bad homes. I identified with them, but didn't know why. I like the kids that we're having sex at age 9 and looked up to them.
Avatar f tn Now this is JMO so pls do not take any offense....It sounds to me like he does not even have ADHD. The issue seems to be with the treatment of him versus his siblings. I say that because you yourself mentioned 2 things. 1."He continues to tell me that I don't love him and I let his brother and sister do more, get more etc" and 2. "When I told him that his brother wasn't getting to go he said it would be the best week of his life".
865817 tn?1255282081 With a name like that I bet you need some meds (LOL) You shared some great insight to the struggle to medicate or not and I fully agree behavior modifacation keeping a journal as to what triggers certain behaviors . Complete physical to check hearing ,vision allergies so on and on.
627145 tn?1230305626 I have depression and ADD. I just saw an episode of the new show The Drs, and they had a little boy on there that was diagnosed with ADHD. The parents couldn't agree on whether to use a stimulant drug or not. A specialist put electrodes on the boy's head and did a special scan to see whether he had ADHD and if so, what kind. Turns out he has a type where stimulant drugs will only make him worse. He also is having something like absense seizures.
Avatar n tn Christian is eight years old, he was diagnosed with ADHD and emotional adjustment disorder when he was just five. He has been taking adderrall for two years. I woke up this morning to find out that he has been secretly unrinating on the carpet, toys and storage drawers. He did this same behavior when he was five urinated on the books at school. I thought it has stop. My son went to live with his dad after my son disclosed that a four boy tried to put his penis in his butt.
Avatar n tn I later found out that it was a ghost she was talking to. I know it sounds kind weird, however children under the age of 7 generally see these things. Where as adults do not normally see them. You might want to ask your child what kind of things they say to him. You might want to get the house blessed. Perhaps get a Saint Anthony pendant blessed and put that around the child's neck. I would be careful how you approach this.
Avatar n tn There is lots of kind of scary research that deals with what happens if the child goes untreated. I can send you several links if you wish. However, the best thing is really to make sure that he completely understands ADHD and how it can affect the child. I can send you several good links for that too. My best recommendation is to get the book - "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. You can find it on Amazon for around 10 bucks.
Avatar m tn i can hide keep quite on eveything pretty good but it hard to keep them from finding out about the neck problum.what kind of job should i look for that wont effect all the stuff i have? mostly the neck stuff is hard to hide. male 44 y/o.
Avatar f tn I just looked into Risperdal. I did find the info on the I use all the link all the time for info. It just wasn't listed under the ADHD category. This one is for the side effects. and this one is for Coupons Still need to google and find more information on this drug and it's uses. But thought i would share this part.
Avatar f tn updated 40 minutes ago WHEATLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Federal authorities had been monitoring members of a Michigan-based Christian militia preparing to fight the Antichrist for some time but were forced to "take them down" over the weekend after learning of an imminent threat against police, the U.S. attorney leading the prosecution said Tuesday.
Avatar m tn Yes I take the 10mg (blue) adderall at night, once the 60mg of the XR wears off. The crazy thing is that I wasn’t told I am ADD. (I don’t think I am) I’ve done great in school my whole life, with no attention problems. I think the stimulant effects are fighting off my cloud of depression. I didn’t have to take an attention test or anything to get prescribed these medications.
Avatar f tn Sweetie, try not to worry and stress over the world ending. First off, being a Christian, I believe that we will not know the time of the end of the age. I'm just not going to worry about it. I believe we are meant to live our lives to the fullest. Learn, grow, help others and enjoy life. What will worrrying about things that "might" happen do anyway? We could make ourselves sick worrying about all of the "what ifs". None of us know how long we have on this earth.
Avatar f tn We then practiced and did some role playing so that everyone was on the same page about what was to be expected. My fiance kind of rolled his eyes and was annoyed by the whole thing, but once he actually got the chance to implement it and see how well it worked, he was impressed. Habits are hard to change and it won't happen over night, but try something like that. Good luck!
Avatar n tn The relationship with Malachy and his paternal family slowly faded. We moved out of state and the other side stopped calling all together. Malachy never mentions them much. When he was a two years old, he had been kicked out of several daycares for fighting other children and biting teachers.At three, I sent him to a psychiatrist who assured me it was ADHD and tried meds. The first and only 24 hours he was medicated he was twenty times as hyper and uncontrollable.
Avatar f tn I might use some sort of birth control sure as the pill just because of my personal reasons. But the main goal I think of being a Christian and Him wanting us to have children is to populate the world with wonderful people who are caring and compassionate. .this is what He teaches. So, it's up to you. Good luck.
Avatar m tn My question is could he have the absence seizures and ADHD with sensory problems at the same time or Aspergers plus the seizures? We won't have our final diagnosis until November 10th but I am having problems finding information on these combinations in his age group.
Avatar f tn Mother's Day is Sunday, and we're hard-pressed to think of any mom more deserving of top honors than the one shown here. In this so-inspiring-we-feel-dizzy video, a young mother describes her experience as the mom of Christian, a baby born with severe disabilities, including no eyes.
Avatar n tn Perhaps it's time for a full mental health evaluation then. The issue of add/adhd can be dealt with through this evaluation along with the other mental health concerns. Are you open to seeing a psychiatrist?
Avatar n tn The biggest complaints of people with ADHD are a lack of concentration, and the inability to sit still-fidgeting.
Avatar n tn some family practice or internal med doctors will diagnose and/or treat adults but some may tend to stay away because of the subjective nature of the diagnosis and the kinds of meds used to manage symptoms. they don't want to mess around with drug seekers.
Avatar n tn Yes, it does depend on what kind of a doctor made the decision he didn't have ADHD or ADD.. If it was just a pediatrician, I would seek out a pediatric psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in ADD/ADHD just to rule that out. He certainly exhibits some of the signs of ADD. Have the teacher take a look at his math test. Did he miss simple problems at the end of the test? Were his mistakes just careless mistakes? Was he missing the whole concept? He is young for his age group.
Avatar m tn Hi arenarook, it would be nice if your doctor took more time to explain to you how ADHD works. Its not that your daughter has memory loss. Its that she is easily distracted when getting the information and thus the information never gets learned. As a teacher who has had many ADHD kids, I would say this inability to remember things that I was teaching was very common. And, of course, the meds should her with paying attention.
Avatar f tn well first of all i have a set of twins boys that are so out of control that dont listen always fighting.have really bad anger issues.iam not sure is it because there turning 13 or what but i feel that they need some kind of help because they disrespect everybody and adults even my self.and they also have learning disablitys and some medical conditions plus heart problems and adhd and are on medication.i have send them to counseling angermangement classes are involved with behavior modification.