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Avatar m tn I have a child who was diagnosed with combined type ADHD at the age of 5 years old. Her doctor is now suggesting that " in addition" to ADHD my child might have PDD-NOS. My child is now 8 years old. My question is whether a child can have both diagnosis of ADHD and PDD-NOS. I told the doctor that I did not think that she has both. The doctor suggested that the additional PDD-NOS diagnosis would get the child more services from the school.
Avatar f tn my 3 yr old daughter was diagnosed with pdd-nos a year ago. the first problem we saw from her was her speech.until now,she is not somebody out there with the same situation??? i feel so sorry for my daughter i just want her to have a normal there hope of recovery??? anyone???
Avatar f tn My 7 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD and a behavior disorder NOS. TThey think the behavior disorder may be bipolar but they said he is too young to say for sure. He is currently taking adderal xr, risperdal and clonidine. Just recently he has become more angry in the evenings and he is not sleeping through the night again. Do you have any suggestions? Prior to the clonidine he was taking melatonin.
Avatar n tn my son is 7 years old, and was diagnosed 4 years ago with ADHD, combined type and PDD-NOS. He has a severe speech delay, and has been on medications for the ADHD and for mood for almost 4 years. He is generally very well behaved, verbalizes all of his needs and wants, participates in special ed classroom and is making enormous progress with his IEP goals, etc.
Avatar n tn Hi my son is 8 years old and was diagnosed about a week and a half ago with PDD-NOS over all. He also evidently has ADHD and ODD. The psychiatrist explained that he has a High Function Autism. I have been looking up and reading what ever I could on the internet about this so far. I have run into a lot of interesting resources. Ever since he could crawl I have always had to be right there on his heels to keep him from doing unintentionally harmful things.
Avatar n tn Ask the doctor that will evaluate him for AS to check him for ADD/ADHD. He sounds to me like ADHD. Children that have ADHD have a hard time with transitions, staying focused on playing with others and controlling their impulses. They need a structured daily routine, they need to be told ahead of time what is going to happen and clear behavior limit setting by the parents and teachers (manage behavior with rewards and time-outs).
3058980 tn?1340519538 My son currently is not on his ADHD because we are trying to get him stable. My son was on risperidal but he started to grow breasts. I read that this med will do the samething. I know the most important thing right now is to get rid of the voices but at what expense? Please help me and my son.
Avatar f tn He does seem to learn things quickly. Does he seem to fall under the PDD-NOS autism spectrum or ADHD criteria or both? He is currently getting speech therapy once a week. His neurologist doesn't want to diagnose him yet until September to see if he improves.
792052 tn?1309746092 I don't know whether it might be something like Aspergers or PDD-NOS or something else. It really worries me. He follows people around to the point of being stepped on or elbowed accidentally. This includes complete strangers. He walks up to strangers and strikes up conversations, gives them hugs and tries to kiss them. He does not seem to understand what "stranger danger" means. He is very intrusive. He does not understand personal space.
Avatar n tn Stop the singulair! Look it up on the web - there are all new reports that it causes all kinds of problems. My son was on it years ago - and he had a grand mal seizure - and the doctors laughed when I said I thought it caused it. I stopped it - and he never had another one!! Amazing, huh??
Avatar f tn My son (who is 5) has just been diagnosed as having both attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and having PDD-NOS (pervasive development disorder--not otherwise specified).
387106 tn?1232289258 In the past 2 yrs added to those have been semantic pragmatic disorder and ADHD by a behavioral specialist and is treated with Adderall 7.5 mg twice a day in the am and at 12 noon. A recent yearly trip to his neurologist and a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome was added to the mix because of his being super intelligent but having the social skills and common sense of a flea.
Avatar n tn Seroquel is not typically used to treat symptoms of ADHD, but it may well be that the doctor is addressing your son'e agitated, aggressive tendencies. One question to ask is this: might he benefit from a small does of psychostimulant medication, even at his young age? Another medication that might deserve some attention is Tenex (or Clonidine). These are antihypertensive medications that can help children be more calm, less aggressive.
Avatar f tn Hi, My daughter pumpkin is in the process of being evaluated for some type of Autism. What I would like to know is if children diagnosed with pdd-nos be social or overly social. My daughter has two emotions. She is either having a tantrum when she has to change routine or very happy the rest of the time. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience My son was diagnosed with mild PDD-NOS when he was 4. He is now almost 6. Ever since "interventions" started at school, he seems to be more withdrawn Before "interventions" he would participate in circle time, walk in line, play with children some, do some academic work. Basically now he needs MORE help than prior to interventions.
Avatar f tn hi i took my daughter to doctors in 2007 as i was worried about her odd behavour i have 3 other children and never seen it any of them at 1st aby was very difficult to dress would only wear certian clothes day in day out and i couldnt leave her with any1 at all she would scream from the moment i left her till i got bk she is very violent to her other siblings and other children but this yr i got told she as traits of both adhd and autism but not enough for them to diginose her with either over
Avatar f tn My 4 year old girl has been dx PDD-NOS (mild autism spectrum). She also has Sensory PD, and a few other fun things. VERY INTELLIGENT and verbal. She has not been an easy child to parent but we love her more than life itself. Dressing is a nightmare...hairbrushing...forget it. Foods- she is EXTREMELY picky. She is downto only wearing leggings and t-shirts now. Lately, she refuses shoes and her coat most of the time. Sticker charts, rewards, time-outs, NOT work.
Avatar f tn lol) you want and he needs. Mine situation was the opposite with the ADHD coming before the PDD-NOS at 6. The hyperactivity was apparent from babyhood on when she was trying to get out of the car seat and stroller all the time. It was an uphill battle the whole way through school with my husband and I having to be advocates, follow-up on everything, go through training and conferences ourselves and request the teachers get training, etc.
2067929 tn?1331245354 The psychiatrist there said that he displayed symptoms but not enough in one area to diagnose him beyond the ADHD. He said it could be PDD NOS, Aspergers or bi-polar disorder and we'd only know as he aged and more symptoms were present. As far as his school and afterschool programs. The school itself does not offer afterschool/summer programming. There is an afterschool/summer camp run by the YMCA but, unfortunately, my son has already been kicked out of that program for behavioral issues.
Avatar m tn From what I have seen, nearly every person on the autism spectrum will also have ADHD diagnosis, but all ADHD people do NOT have autsim spectrum disorders.
Avatar f tn Is there anyone out there that has a child that has PDD-NOS/ADHD/Mood Disorder-NOS/mild CP/Communications Disorder? Also taking meds to help with some of the aggression? Would be nice to not feel alone. Our son has spent almost half of his 6 year old life in and out of psychiatric hospitals to be monitored. Don't think they know anymore than we do. Nothing has changed. He takes Depakote for seizure/strattera for adhd and clonidine to help him sleep.
Avatar n tn If he has speech and social skills issues in addition to control and academic issues he might have PDD or PDD-NOS with or without ADHD. I am not a doctor and a doctor that specializes in child development can evaluate him for all of these disabilities and tell you how to best help him. Good luck and be an advocate for your child always.
Avatar n tn hes only been there for a week and a few days ago I met with dr and he said he has adhd, possible autistic spectrum disorder. he put him on adderall xr, the first day was horrible he was so aggressive and hyper and hes not going to sleep until midnight. Its been 5 days now on this meds and hes still very hyper, socializing is still an issue with him hitting and staying calm.
1546631 tn?1321646804 diagnosis is psychotic disorder NOS, and ADHD. BUT, the psychiatrist said he is most likely schizoaffective bipolar type, with depression and possibly Aspergers. He has been seeing her since Feb, when he was hospitalized for a pretty big crisis. He's a great kid, smart, artistic, funny, but it breaks my heart when he just switches into (what he calls the hulk).
379128 tn?1297348588 My son was diagnosed in 1983 with Hyperactivity dis..ADHD..and boy, was he manic..he did not sleep for the first 3 1/2 years, 20 min at most..I contacted a person in local paper..I decided I had to try I put my son on a diet.. This diet simple, but, then very expensive..cutting out, all E nos, addictives, preservatives..especially apples-contain a force thats a little like asprin-coupled with me attending a nurture group-through social services..
Avatar f tn s and Parents, My 9 year old son has displayed numerous behavior issues over the past 4 years. He has ADHD and has suspected Conduct Disorder.Our son has no repsect for authority and exhibits very concerning beahvior on a regular basis. My husband and I are out of answers. Years of therapy for our son has not provided a firm diagnosis and treatment plan. Our son takes only Focalin for ADHD, he does not take any other medications.
Avatar m tn Finding the right college program for students with autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s, nonverbal learning disorder, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities is vital for a college student’s transition into independent adulthood. The right program should provide support for each student’s unique needs and goals. With the help of New Directions, young adults with learning disabilities are experiencing independence for the first time in their lives.
Avatar n tn My 6yr old son was diagnosed borderline ADHD. He also has PDD-NOS. Two months ago, he was given Adderall and Clonitin to help w/ADHD however, we had to stop the Clonitin since it lowered his heart rate and was making him very ill. We continued w/Adderall (1/3 of the time release capsule)sprinkled over apple sauce only ONCE a day. My son is extremely sensitive to medications. Now he has developed these tics -- he licks everything and I mean everything; he also clocks like a chicken!