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Avatar n tn Recently Aspergers was mentioned to me, A close family relative said that my son shows the same symptoms that her friends son has. I did some more research and found that add, adhd, aspergers ocd and some others are very similar and are hard to determine which is the correct diagnoses. My biggest problem is that some require medicines that can be very detrimental to the body. I have already had to switch my sons medication 3 times and up the dosage several more.
1509528 tn?1290003591 My son was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome with severe ADHD. We have Bipolar in my family and after taking a video on my son people finally started believing my description of his symptoms and we are now after 3 years going to test for Bipolar. After having the Asperger"s diagnosis for so long and reading about your son, I am no psychologist, I agree with you it does sound like Asperger's syndrome to a T. Keep your head up and get a second opinion! Good luck!
1509528 tn?1290003591 Hi my son is 8 1/2 and has bi polar, adhd, sensory processing disorder and adhd. My son had problems early on also started when he was 3 1/2. He has alot of the same "symptoms" as your son. As a parent that has had problems with this and still continues too. You have to remember to be open because we never want anything to be wrong with our babies, even though we want to get them the help they need. It's hard I know! Then you follow your gut, you do research read books websites etc.
Avatar n tn 15 yr old daughter was diag with adhd 2nd grade - although was family "joke" adhd long before. 1st on adderall with explosive behavior - had to try before could take straterra, insurance. Strattera was fine for sev yrs - although only limited imp - just enough to tolerate her. Problems with social interaction and her mouth - she's constantly argumentative and I believe ODD. After menstruation began, strattera appeared worthless.
Avatar n tn I have a good friend that was diagnosed with ALS in the srping of 2000 at the age of 47. It is almost 5 years since this diagnosis and we are wondering if it may have been a misdiagnosis. He seems not to have much of a change within that time. There has been a big weight loss, sometimes trembling of the hands. Some medications he has taken are Prednison and Tizanadine. Is it posssible this could be something else and not ALS.
Avatar n tn This is an excellent book that addresses the misdiagnosis, labelling and drugging of our children in epidemic proportions. A must read for any parent or physician http://www.thereviewzone.
Avatar m tn Dear Kryslee, I am an ADHD coach and SOME of what you describe sounds like classic ADD. Here's what those things would be: -- disorganization, boredom (seeking excitement), being figity, zoning out/trouble focusing, being impulsive ("no mouth filter"), hyper sensive, lacking motivation, hyperfocusing (focusing on one thing and blocking out everything else), and memory issues. You could have ADHD plus something else, or another diagnosis altogether.
11099322 tn?1415290528 I want to get rid of the ADHD for good along with the chronic fatigue. The depression is manageable with wellbtib and my mood and obsessive compulsive disorder is manageable with the Zoloft. Bouts of schizophrenia are rare and usually occur when I am over stimulated on medications. My father suggested Androgel for low testosterone levels and said it helps with thee production of endorphins.
627816 tn?1349241716 Autism and fragile X also have in common attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 70-90% of males and 30-50% of females will be affected by ADHD as well as sensory problems. Such as sensitivity to light, touch and sounds. Females have less mood instability, aggression and hyperactivity. More often shyness, and social anxiety causes withdrawal or even the reluctance to speak. Previous screening studies have shown that 2.5% to 6% of boys with autism have fragile X.
Avatar n tn My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at age seven. It was long hard fight to even get her tested for this. It took about 3 years back and forth with the MD's and physcologists. When she was finaly diag. I was ashamedly relieved. I was happy that we had a label we could start to defend against. But with all the medications came little result. Yes she could concetrate 10% better. But, there was still something not quite right. The same things that weren't right before.
Avatar m tn OCD is one of the anxiety disorders - just wondering - could it be possible that the ADHD is a misdiagnosis? You might want to ask your son's doctor about this. By the way, sensory issues are often co-morbid with anxiety issues so that point was expected. Anyway, just a remote possibility ....
1390055 tn?1365618655 - when celiac disease triggers in children, a common misdiagnosis is ADD or ADHD - It typically results in low seratonin and melatonin, because of poor tryptophan absorption, and that results in anger, anxiety, and stress issues and depression, quite often. Not to mention a host of other psychological issues that can result from it. - it can cause issues with the heart, including the feeling of the heart pounding or racing when there seems to be no change (as you mentioned happened as a child).
Avatar f tn I can understand your concerns. I don't know if this will help you feel better, but the guidelines for diagnosing a child with ADHD very clearly state that it must be present in two or more places. Regardless of what the mother may have said, he also must be showing the symptoms in someplace like school. It also sounds like he may be on a dose that is a bit too high. With kids, its kind of trial and error.
Avatar n tn Dear Ms. Grossi, The conditions of Bipolar Disorder and ADHD can co-exist - one does not exclude the other. They key is to clarify the diagnosis. Without doubt, if Bipolar Disorder is an accurate diagnosis, it has implications for medication which are different from the medication that would be tailored for ADHD. One way or the other, no permanent harm has been done. Be sure to ask questions about both diagnoses and how the decisions were reached. Dr.
Avatar f tn com/2008/01/15/parents-nightmare-a-misdiagnosis-of-adhd/ I hope these sites and the info I gave you help you. And your son also will need to get a EEG and blood work up done on him to make sure to rule every out. If you need anything more or want to talk send me a message and I will be happy to get back in touch with you. god bless and stay strong and fight for your son and don't let anyone in your way.
Avatar f tn I was doing some researching ADD on google and found a lot of people on forums who have ADD/ADHD commenting that they have a lot of fatigue. I'm one of them. How many on this board have the same problem? And if so, has your doctor found a source of your fatigue? How would you best describe your fatigue/sleepiness/tiredness/lethargic, anything like lack of motivation, depression, inattention, poor use of energy?
1744272 tn?1314212644 I am curious as to the meds he is on and the strength of the meds. Many ADHD meds would drive a non ADHD kid up the wall, while having the opposite effect on a child with ADHD. However, a very low dose might give a normal child some of the symptoms you describe. And actually a lot of the problems could have come from his environment and not the meds. Hope this helps a bit. Really need a lot more info to do more.
Avatar m tn or is the medication just a short term fix for some future alternative? Does it seem like adhd is an adequate diagnosis or a misdiagnosis of something else? Is there such thing as adhd at all or just failure in education/ parenting/ something else? What medication are you on? Has it helped? How do you feel about it staying on it indefinitely, or have you already quit/ considered stopping medication in the future? How do you feel about any information about adhd you've been given/read?
Avatar f tn Been reading a lot about foods that irritate ADHD and help with the symptoms. Also have been seeing a lot of postings about supplements/vitamins to use to help control ADHD symptoms. My son is 6 and has ADHD. Anyone out there with successful foods/supplements/vitamins that help? Thoughts?
Avatar n tn We have met with a behavior person who says its most likely ADHD- I am wondering if there could be other things going on. Home life is very stable- 2 parents 1 brother 1 sister -he is the oldest Not wanted to use meds but I will if I have to.
329950 tn?1194801117 I am not a doc but I feel like the bipolar medscould really help alot ofg the adhd symptomes. when I am manic I eschibit alot of adhd. also have you had your thryoid checked recently? bi polars have a high rate of thryoid disease and a malfunctioning thryoid will give you all the things you are experiencing.In themeantime exercise like a brisk 30 min walk, eat right and get regular rest. alos keep a journal and write down all your rage and anger in it when you feel it coming on.
471377 tn?1210949991 I work for fed govt and they are trying to fire me based on the fact they say I basically can't do my job anymore. I know the misdiagnosis of ADHD and treatment w/o mood stabilizer would cause the lack of focus, inattention to detail, distractibility, etc., but could the high TSH level be intertwined in there anywhere. I remember reading something about a high TSH level could slow mental functioning down. Just wanted your opinion. Thank you for your time!
Avatar f tn 2yrs epilepst, 5 ADHD Dyslexia, learning disabled. I am under re-evaluation of diaagnosis as well :MS Adrenoleukodystrophy and noticed so many symptoms aare the same as Asperger's as well as his previous diagnoses. have you ever heard of an Asperger dx actually turning out to be ADL? My brother as well was dx Asperger's and he is also under going testing for CnS/Neuro diseease.
Avatar m tn i have adhd along with bipolar and anxiety and some of what you describe sounds like adhd but your doctor would have to evaluate you. if you are unhappy with a drug tell your doctor, maybe a change will be good. topamax is a mood stabelizer as well as many others. it may take a combination of drugs to help too. if your livelyhood is in trouble then it is worth the money for the extra doctor visits.
Avatar n tn By Kindergarten, we had more concern. Acronyms such as ADD, PDD, ADHD, ODD were tossed around. A trip to pediatric neurologist was suggested, and we then heard PDD (autistic spectrum disorder). His behaviors suggested ADD, mostly impulisivity, etc. We've trialed two ADD stimulant drugs to curb his impulsive behaviors, but ended up with a kid on speed! The non-stimulant ADD drug Strattera seemed to make a nice impact on his attention span for school work, etc., and he remains on this.
3116129 tn?1341894137 My daughter is 8 years old and she was diagnosed with ADHD, December of last year, she is on medication daily and it helps with her Academics but not her social behavior; what I mean about social behavior is that she is a master manipulator and she shows empathy or sympathy when she hurts (punches,kicks,bites,etc..
778631 tn?1238263876 It should definitely work by now. I am also on ADHD meds but I do not feel like you do. What is the history of ADHD medications and Did anything traumatic in your life happen recently or in you childhood? You are going to have to see a therapist so that you can talk through these problems that you are having. It really sounds like you are having severe depression and need some help.
Avatar f tn I am going to my doctor on thursday for blood tests (thyroid) and maybe about the possible misdiagnosis or another diagnosis. Any idea how to bring up the adult ADHD thing? Did your regular practictioner diagnose you as having these disorders? Thank-you soooooo much for your good advice.
Avatar n tn Your son must exhibit the behaviors described in this definition to be considered ADHD. I think that it is wise to have a behavioral specialist. However, your post mentions nothing about discipline imposed. It sounds fairly obvious that your son requires structure, limit setting, and discipline. This is where you need to be focusing your efforts, not medicating him.