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Avatar f tn I do not believe in taking anything while pregnant even if the doctor says its safe. I am almost 28 weeks and I cracked my tooth months ago by eating a chip, lately its getting to the point where I'm in sooo much pain its shooting pain from my tooth into my temple. it was on the news that Tylenol causes ADHD when taken while pregnant.
Avatar f tn Why would a doctor prescribe a child with ADHD, Ritalin LA , Strattera and Zyprexa?
Avatar n tn My Grandson has been diagnosed with ADHD ODD and BIPOLAR. He is currently taking 20mg of Mediate, 10 mg Abilify, 10 mg Prozac and .5 of clonidine in the morning. He takes a.5 clonidine at noon and at 4:00 P.M he take .5 clonidine and 10 of Ritalin. At bedtime he takes .5 of clonidine and 10 of Abilify. Most evenings he is so tired he wants to go to bed by 7:00 or 7:30. Can this be a result of all of this medication?
Avatar f tn That does seem like a lot to be giving such a young child. My daughter is ADHD & ODD. I fought with her original pediatrician for yrs that something wasn't right & after being told I was a bad parent looking for a cop-out I switched to her current pediatrician. He has diagnosed her with ADHD & ODD & after years of no medications at my request has since started her on Ritalin & Risperdol both low doses.
Avatar n tn There is no direct correlation as of yet, it is merely two things that happened at the same time. Tylenol is still on the list of safe for pregnancy medications.
Avatar m tn Hello,my name is ezekiel and i was wondering what medications are typically used for schizoaffective disorder bipolar type? I have been doing some research and think I am adhd and was also wondering what meds will help if that is the case?Going to doctor today and trying to get some ideals and gain some knowledge so any help is grealty appreaciated.Thank you.
Avatar n tn Well I dont think putting a kid on meds is the best thing. My daughter has ADHD, Disruptive behavorial Disorder and the list goes on. Hers is due to her birth trauma when she was born. So meds first off wouldnt work. I tried some and she had side affects. Just try to keep your son interested in something he likes to do. Talk to him. Ask for a person you can go talk to. Like a support group for you.
Avatar f tn Hes been on some meds for an ellegic reaction and his adhd. For adhd he takes straterra and the ellegic reaction he was taking steroids pepcid and claritin. He stoped the steriods and kept the pepcid and claritin . Also his daily meds straterra and did not fail a drug test .well I had an ellegic reaction in my private area to some body wash here recently they perscribed me didocaine hydrochloride jelly .
1725558 tn?1309737496 thanks girl, glad to meet you. I have been off the opiates(oxycodon, oxycontin) for the past 6 months when I lost my insurance. I now have it back but Dr. Cochran is not takeing any new patients. So I'm kinda floating by on my nurontin. I also take adderall for ADHD and valium to help with panic attacks. I am now seeing just a pyschiatrist. Who doesnt treat bi-polar with opiates. He believes that it was working for me but is not familiar enough with the recent studies.
715004 tn?1309077280 If an adult is diagnosed with ADHD and they have an arrhythmia and are on a Beta blocker, what medications are available to treat ADHD for that person?
Avatar f tn I dont know how long my sons Thyroid has been out of whack but I know hes struggled even on the ADHD medications. They have run a list of labs and all the results arent in yet. I am hoping they came back through over the weekend...
Avatar m tn I have a 12 year old son with ADHD, Tourette's, & Aspergers - been on Intuniv for 4 years, no issues. Insurance is no longer going to cover his medication & I have to consider changing to Tenex or Clonidine - or attempt to wean him off meds altogether. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn At this time, we can't treat one with medications because of another. We are just trying to understand the whole picture: Our child was diagnosed with ADHD, TS, and Seizure Disorder. Our child does have facial twitching, shoulder shrugs, and various other things, as well as ADD symptoms like daydreaming in class, not completing assignments, being forgetful, etc. I could list them all but I'm sure that's really necessary.
Avatar f tn that really helped but there are things on that list where he seems adhd and some bi polar ok like he gets mad over me saying no but he usually calms down within 20 mins and times that he plays with his sister he will laugh if she gets hurt but there are those times where he starts to cry and say he is sorry and that he didn't mean to. what can i tell his doctor where they can test him and make sure he is either adhd or bi polar ?
Avatar f tn My daughter has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and ODD. She has severe behavior problems. When she takes her medications she is normally easy to handle for the most part. But her mood can change at the drop of a dime. I feel bad for her because she is missing so much of her childhood. She can not do the same things normal kids do. I can not find any special program for children with special needs close to me.
21064 tn?1309308733 I could really use your help. I am trying to compile a list of common heart medications for one of the Health Pages. So many times someone asks for suggestions, about side effects, etc. It would be great to have a place closeby where we could provide a hyperlink to more information on medications common for heart patients. Will you please help me by letting me know what medication(s) you are currently taking, or what medication(s) you would like to know more about?
4509053 tn?1355665640 Kids with ADHD are 4 times more likely to wet themselves then other kids. It may be that the ADHD is more the "wetting problem" than the Risperdal. And I don't see wetting listed as a side effect of Risperdal (doesn't mean it couldn't happen though). Did he have wetting problems before starting the med? Do the problems happen at just at school or at home or both? Sometimes, things that go on at school can also be the problem and not the med.
Avatar m tn My 14 year old son has WPW and has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. What medications would be appropriate and relatively low risk for him? Do you have any expoerience with Intuniv and WPW?
Avatar m tn Hi there, I have been treated for anxiety/depression (although I don't feel I have depression just the low energy motivation symptoms) since 2007 and nothing seemed to help. I've been on lexapro, zoloft, wellbutrin, and prozac.
Avatar n tn Before taking sleeping aids, select a bedtime and stick with it. Never change it unless you make a permanent change. Also, establish a bedtime routine (a series of tasks) that begin perhaps 1/2 hour to an hour before your bedtime. Choose specific tasks that you know will relax you in preparation for bedtime. These tasks could involve consuming specific foods or drinks that help you relax. Also, they could be activities such as watching tv, a movie, playing a game, reading a book, etc...
Avatar m tn When I was Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I went to a doctor who started me out on Ritalin, this gave me severe stomach sickness, so she tried Adderall. This made have severe panic attacks and made me do wierd things (running away from school, having to call my mom to check on here twice a day, having to take her car keys with me to school so I knew she would be home). None of the medications seemed to work and she was putting me on a new medication every time I was in there.