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284002 tn?1244551155 I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and after looking back on my life and seeing the impact it has had on me I'm very sad in fact I'm crying right now. I am in the process of finding an ADHD coach here in Boston. I started 200mg Provigil and felt a little "out of it" or "foggy" I had stopped and just got back on 100mg of Bupropion and .5 Clonopen. So I stopped the Provigil. Has anyone withADD - ADHD had any luck with any other medications or treatments?
Avatar n tn it feel like i have to move my feet or my arms every five seconds. I keep hearing these thinks about add and adhd. well i dont know if i have it or if its just all in my head becuase its my last year of high school and everyone says 12 grade is the most stress full year. But if do have add or adhd, i wont know how to tell my dad. I told him that its hard for me to pay attention in class and all he said was "if you cant pay attention then you wont graduate". (some help he is.
Avatar f tn difficulty in the classroom and with peer relationships ,disobedient, hostile behaviour towards authority, inability to take responsibility for mistake, Placing blame on other ,argue with adults and becomes easily annoyed by others and leading to state of anger and resentment OR Conduct Disorder such as frequently violate the right of others, aggression to persons or animals, destruction of property, multiple violation of rules such as truancy from school and distinct difficulties in
2212714 tn?1342262344 My son has a history typical of a young adult never receiving ADHD assistance. That history was needless to say negative. Does anyone know a counselor for adults who will be effective in ADHD/Depression?. We live near New Port Richey Florida. Perhaps starting from square one with my son cooperating is what is needed. At this point he has no insurance, goes to college and works weekends. Loves computer science subjects.
Avatar f tn My son is 28. He lives at home. he was diagnosed with ADHD when he was young. He is only 5' 3'' and acts like he doesn't have a problem. He takes Concerta (and ritalin for the AM an PM.) He is a chronic liar and will not take responsibility for anything. He is often verbally abusive when confronted with a lie or a problem. I feel horrible about wanting him to move out because he seems to have many issues ( depression, anger, trouble sleeping at night with daytime drowsiness.
Avatar n tn I have one cousin who truely has ADHD, and is living a very normal life at age 18 on medicine. I also know some doctors tend to over-diagnose kids. And I dont want my kid on meds if he is simply a little hyper. But i dont want to dismiss this if there is something that should be looked at.....can anyone give me any advice?
Avatar m tn He is basically an A student otherwise and I also remember in 2006 he asked a girl to take down her panties and was reprimanded My wife and I are very strict with him, he only plays his video games on weekend , he plays sports with me as I coach him in soccer etc and we have a loving family life Just curious if this is a part of the ADHD? Perhaps he is overly curious? And wondering what to do about this besides having a stern talk with him ?
Avatar n tn He was diagnosed with server ADHD in Highschool but he didn't like the mediacation cause it made him aggressive. He has recently done neuroscience brain training which has cured him of ADHD. Now he wants to get his stuff together but has no idea what in life he wants to do. Is there a counselor of some sort (outside of a Psh) that can help him narrow down some choices, and guide him in making a decision? Kind of like a life coach or something to that affect?
Avatar n tn You can also start searching online for providers in your zip code--try searching on Adult+ADHD or ADHD+Coach (or Coaching). Your local chapter of (children and Adults with ADHD) should have a referral list or run free support groups in your area. Best wishes to you Doug, though I'm sorry what we do here at medhelp can't include recommending specific dosages to someone we have not met.
16335396 tn?1461337296 But I DO think that you can let the coach know that he will not be batting or pitching until his hand is better and a doctor has cleared him. Because a life long injury to make a grumpy coach happy is not worth it. (and its not). I wouldn't go above the coaches head or any of that type of thing. Just help your son prioritize and judge if a situation is a good one for him mentally or not.
Avatar n tn My 19 year old adopted daughter is struggling with "launching" issues. She has an extensive history from birth (may have been prenatal substance abuse but no confirmation) with various medical and behavioral health diagnoses, including ADHD, sensory integration disorder, OCD, ODD, bipolar, attachment disorder and a variety of memory and learning disabilities. Was a special ed student from K-12, has been on various meds over the years and is now fairly stable on Ritalin and Abilify.
Avatar m tn Dear Kryslee, I am an ADHD coach and SOME of what you describe sounds like classic ADD. Here's what those things would be: -- disorganization, boredom (seeking excitement), being figity, zoning out/trouble focusing, being impulsive ("no mouth filter"), hyper sensive, lacking motivation, hyperfocusing (focusing on one thing and blocking out everything else), and memory issues. You could have ADHD plus something else, or another diagnosis altogether.
Avatar m tn I did spend a lot of time with her brother that was difficult with ADHD during that time but she was loving and was always with her mommy and daddy and was extremely happy. Ever since Kindergarten she was been sent to the saferoom/recovery room at school for not following directions. Every year it seems as if by the end of the year the teacher cannot stand her. I am very involved at school and this absolutly kills me to see her struggling.
Avatar f tn Gender Age of diagnosis Any medications tried or currently being used. Any types of therapy, psychiatrist, individual, group, or family. ADD or ADHD Coach Attention training Also anything else that you have tried or found helpful such as diet, excercise, routine, organization, etc. I'm sure you get the gist of the kind of information I am looking for. If you could just let me know what worked and didn't it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Do you have any suggestions on the first step I should take to limit this disorders affect on my life? Would a therapist who knows about ADD or an ADD coach be useful? Thanks for replying!
Avatar m tn Going to a psychologist or an ADHD coach can help with the stuff that medication can't fix. Medication isn't a cure-all. If you mix the medication with exercise and behavioral therapy (or ADHD coaching), you'll really be able to your ADHD under control so it's not so out of hand. At any rate, that combination is really working for me, as my ADHD has really caused a mess in my life. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn we had several problems in our family in 2004, we tried medication, therapy, different school, now we use positive reinforcement, and i homeschool, i hired a tutor and a life coach to help me get started, but now i am becoming more confident that my family will survive the aweful things we went through in 2004 never loose hope, where theres a will theres a way anyone activly seeking help with find it start reading parenting books, you can get them free from the library, i take my kids to the l
Avatar f tn Where do we go or what is the first thing to do to get her help. She told me the other day that she needs a life coach. Someone that can tell her how to act and behave. Help.
Avatar n tn I I'm 4 weeks pregnant and I have severe ADHD and I'm currently in school. I can't make it through my classes without having an anxiety attack unless I have my medication. Is it safe to continue to take?
Avatar f tn Hi, i am going to start with About me is have 4 kids (2 adhd and 2 tipical) i am a adhd coach, i run parent support groups for CHADD and i have it my self. I get parents all the time who get blind sided with a posiblity of adhd. Now about your son. Lets be honest you are expecting. You are not the super mom you can be or were 6 months ago. You are growing a life and that is hard. Then you have a little boy whos whole world is changing. having mixed feelings about what is to come is normal.
Avatar n tn I have one cousin who truely has ADHD, and is living a very normal life at age 18 on medicine. I also know some doctors tend to over-diagnose kids. And I dont want my kid on meds if he is simply a little hyper. But i dont want to dismiss this if there is something that should be looked at.....can anyone give me any advice?
Avatar f tn I'm still in high school junior and I have severe ADHD and are on medication for it I'm worried what could happen if I continue taking it or if I should stop while I'm pregnant what should I do????
Avatar m tn We also live in the age of excellent technologies such as Google calendar, blackberrys and the Motivaider, all of which can support working memory and organizational deficits. You can also hire a person called an ADHD coach who can help you figure out ways to avoid letting your symptoms interfere with your success. I would recommend you consult with a psychologist to learn more about your condition.
Avatar f tn I did not find out that I had ADD until I was 20 and the meds have helped but I still struggle daily with concentration. I am considering using a Life coach since I have heard that they are really instrumental in treating this disease by making you accountable for the procrastination, concentration, and organization issues. I take adderall but the generic short acting med. This works good for me so that I can control the ups and downs that this med can cause.
Avatar f tn Studies have shown that depression during pregnancy can cause serious problems both to the mother and developmentally for their offspring. If your depression is the result of having untreated ADHD and not a primary coexisting condition, you may be able to stop the antidepressant as well. I would ask about this. What to do instead? Well, many women report that the higher estrogen levels during pregnancy cause their symptoms to decrease significantly.
Avatar n tn Meds that were given to him previously just put a bad taste in my mouth because of the end results. He was diagnosed with ADHD. Is this a learned behavior? What type of treatment do I need to seek? The counseling that he attended was one on one. He saw a psychiatrist and I don't know of anywhere to turn to now. I am in Charlotte, NC if there are any suggestions. I AM AT MY WITS END.....I WANT TO HELP MY CHILD, BUT IT REALLY IS UNBEARABLE AND UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
Avatar f tn I am also on Vyvanse for ADHD and that decreases my appetite. However, I have been on Yaz for a few months, and I swear it reverses all the positive effects of Vyvanse (more energy/decreased appetite) because I am so tired and hungry all the time. In the past I have tried Lo-Estrin, Nuva-Ring,& Ortho Tri Cyclen. Does anyone have any recommendations for the perfect pill--i.e.
Avatar m tn Why don't they just say its a pay site instead of letting a few blog to bait ...come on. My very bright and difficult to motivate(lazy) 9 year old. I am a(professional coach and dad(most of the post I see come from mom). We have seen what we don't know is rebellion i.e.(also what others parents are describing as rebellion) groans about chores, is never wrong, lies, gets in trouble, does only the minimum of tasks, etc.
Avatar f tn I'm a medical student and am strongly suspecting I have Aspergers. I've done the AQ & EQ tests and my scores were appauling, (40/50 AQ and 16/80 EQ). I already have a diagnosis of ADHD, and my medical school was not happy about it at all, I almost had my course terminated. I'm terrified that they'll find out, my career is the one thing in my life I don't have a plan B or plan C for. Does anyone know of any medical students or doctors with Aspergers?
Avatar m tn Just wanted to say hi. I am new to this forum and new to adhd medicine. I have been taking aderal for about 5 days now. I wish I would have been treated for this years ago. Sorry I don't have any answers for you in regards to Ritalin. May i ask what does of adderal did they have you on?