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1032715 tn?1315984234 Saw my life coach today,anger and rage were talked about and I think dealt with,just some sadness left but I'll get through that as well,Thank You to everyone who replied to my last post.Now I just feel drained hopefully I'll get more sleep tonight.
Avatar n tn Sorry for the late response just joined MedHelp. Where I live we have a work force that can help with job searches and other tools to finding a career path that fits his desires. You should check for something like this for him.
16335396 tn?1461333696 But I DO think that you can let the coach know that he will not be batting or pitching until his hand is better and a doctor has cleared him. Because a life long injury to make a grumpy coach happy is not worth it. (and its not). I wouldn't go above the coaches head or any of that type of thing. Just help your son prioritize and judge if a situation is a good one for him mentally or not.
Avatar n tn Hello Doug, Since I am a psychologist and not a prescriber, I can give you information about stimulants and ADHD in general, but the only one who should be talking specific dosage with you is someone who has reviewed your medical history and given you a physical. I see you wrote that you are taking zoloft at a pretty standard dose, but as I am sure you have discovered the SSRIs are a very different experience from stimulants.
Avatar m tn I did spend a lot of time with her brother that was difficult with ADHD during that time but she was loving and was always with her mommy and daddy and was extremely happy. Ever since Kindergarten she was been sent to the saferoom/recovery room at school for not following directions. Every year it seems as if by the end of the year the teacher cannot stand her. I am very involved at school and this absolutly kills me to see her struggling.
Avatar n tn it feel like i have to move my feet or my arms every five seconds. I keep hearing these thinks about add and adhd. well i dont know if i have it or if its just all in my head becuase its my last year of high school and everyone says 12 grade is the most stress full year. But if do have add or adhd, i wont know how to tell my dad. I told him that its hard for me to pay attention in class and all he said was "if you cant pay attention then you wont graduate". (some help he is.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm a college student and I think I might have add. My brother has been diagnosed with adhd but I don't want to resort to medication so I'm looking for self help advice. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn PLEASE HELP! Hi my son 15, is struggling with anger, concentration, and responsibility issues. He is considered 'lazy' by his friends, teachers, classmates, he does not have ADHD and is an introvert and shy. The anger at home has steadily risen, we are struggling as parents to understand how we communicate with him specially going into 9th grade. We need help in understanding each other and keeping the family moving in the right direction.
Avatar n tn We have a ten year old son who was diagnosed with ADHD a couple of years ago. He takes stimulant medication (Methylin), and this helps quite abit, particularly with his hyperactivity. It also helps him to focus better. One of my friends has a daughter who is about the same age as our son, and she recently completed a five-week program to help her with attention and memory. The program is called Cogmed Working Memory Training. Do you think this might help our son?
Avatar f tn // finally the last two links are to two very good sites that post on adult adhd/add. They have a ton of info and (warning) it is almost overwhelming. But, it is really presented in a very interesting way (lots of videos). Take some time to look at this stuff.
467977 tn?1262714747 Hi all, my husband is needing to know a good over-the-counter drug to help with his ADHD. It's mainly just to help him concentrate and study for med school (the irony). He had no time to see a Dr during the week b/c of his school schedule. Anyone know of any vitamins/otc drugs that will help calm him and help him concentrate?? Thanks in advance...
Avatar n tn He also has a hard time during sports practice and is often not paying attention to the coach or does not do his best during the practice. He has to be told by the coach to pay attention and stop "messing" with his flags or something else. He has never been diagnoses with ADHD or ADD and we are not interested in having him take medications.
Avatar n tn s therapist recommended Cogmed Working Memory Training to help her with attention. My daughter is eleven years old and was diagnosed with ADHD three years ago. She does well on Ritalin LA, but continues to have some problems remembering what she has been told about immediate tasks. Her therapist said this represents a problem with working memory, and that she might do well with the Cogmed Working Memory Training.
Avatar n tn We have asked and asked all of Coach's doctors and none of them ever have an answer. Coach has his Family Doctor, two cardiologists and a neurologist. He had mitral valve prolapse necessitating valve repair in 2005 and a pacemaker was put in at that same time. He was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2008 which a new neurologist thinks might have been a misdiagnosis. He does not have the traditional shaking associated with Parkinsons.
Avatar m tn If Adderral helps, you will definitely know. I have attention and hyperactivity issues...not so many impulse control issues. I could tell on my first dose there was a difference. I didn't constantly bounce my legs, move my feet and fidget. I felt calmer and my concentration was better. I wasn't so adverse to doing tasks I typically wouldn't do because I considered them "boring." These things improved over the first week. Also, my writing improved significantly...
116879 tn?1266516249 Sorry you are going through this. My DD gets up still during the night (she is only 10 months old though, not 2.5 so I can only imagine your frustration and lack fo sleep). Do you know what she dislikes about her new room? Was she in your room prior to this? I really do think too that some kids find it easier to sleep than others..I didn't believe this until I had my non-sleeper child that I have now. My other kids were dream sleepers..
Avatar n tn I I'm 4 weeks pregnant and I have severe ADHD and I'm currently in school. I can't make it through my classes without having an anxiety attack unless I have my medication. Is it safe to continue to take?
Avatar m tn Have you tried ADHD coaching? I highly recommend it! You can find a coach on the ACO website ( Coaching can be done by phone or skype, so they don't have to be in your town. You can find coaches at all levels and price ranges. Best wishes!
Avatar f tn Is this normal four year old behavior? His father brought to my attention adhd but I dont believe he has that. I am coaching him in soccer this year he seemed so excited but when we got there he totally was out of control. Telling the other kids not to listen to me because I am not the coach I was his mommy. I don't know what to do with these actions. Can you help me and tell me if this is normal?
Avatar f tn I have a child who has Speech Apraxia, ADD/ADHD and a learning disability. She unfortunately started her first grade level with the worst teacher imaginable. Something recently changed. However, the problem that I'm trying so desperately to find is, how to help her comprehend a story and test on it? I have tried everything. She is tested several times and gets it right at home. However, when she goes back to school for testing, she fails. Please help me find the right guidance.
Avatar f tn I did not find out that I had ADD until I was 20 and the meds have helped but I still struggle daily with concentration. I am considering using a Life coach since I have heard that they are really instrumental in treating this disease by making you accountable for the procrastination, concentration, and organization issues. I take adderall but the generic short acting med. This works good for me so that I can control the ups and downs that this med can cause.
Avatar f tn Where do we go or what is the first thing to do to get her help. She told me the other day that she needs a life coach. Someone that can tell her how to act and behave. Help.
2212714 tn?1342258744 Just order another book about the life of a person with ADHD. This was suggested by FreeCheri. If you have read it please post your op[nion about the contents. Any other resources would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have one cousin who truely has ADHD, and is living a very normal life at age 18 on medicine. I also know some doctors tend to over-diagnose kids. And I dont want my kid on meds if he is simply a little hyper. But i dont want to dismiss this if there is something that should be looked at.....can anyone give me any advice?
Avatar f tn I'm still in high school junior and I have severe ADHD and are on medication for it I'm worried what could happen if I continue taking it or if I should stop while I'm pregnant what should I do????