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Avatar f tn Wow. I'm pretty impressed that you kinda nailed it right on the head about Algebra I being difficult. We were stumped for a while on why tutoring didn't help. He would get angry with any sort of help. It later dawned on me he forgot mid equation what he was doing and coudn't compensate and complete the answer.
Avatar f tn A point system will not work with an ADHD child. I am guessing that his teacher has not had much experience with ADHD children. Many of them are very bright! Frankly, you need information and fast. Its possible he does not have ADHD, but it is something that needs to be explored. You cannot help someone unless you know what the problem is. I urge you to get the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.
Avatar f tn It is an absolutely ridiculous statement by the counselor! And if you do have any concerns about ADHD please post on our ADHD forum. I have lots of resources to help. You might want to listen to your daughter when she is sleeping to see if she has any issues breathing due to swollen adenoids, etc. This is something that her doc can also (easily, I think) check on. I have had parents on this forum who discovered this was a problem for their child - and it made a huge difference.
Avatar n tn I have help but he literally is so hard to handle it takes 3 adults to care for him. His pediatrician said he would have to be 5 to be tested for ADHD, while he ran around her office moving chairs and hollering. What can I do??
378497 tn?1232147185 but when symptoms rear their ugly heads - my ability to multi-task and plan goes out the window. I have to rely heavily on old lesson plans to get through these times. I'm not even going to mention trying to survive the day when the fatigue is at its worse.
Avatar n tn org/add-adhd/articles/Dont-Believe-These-10-ADD-ADHD-Lies/5?page=2 So it is possible for her to have it. The question I always ask posters on the ADHD forum is what is she like at school? If she is having the same problems at school, then the possibility of ADHD exists. Of course, it is always possible that she has an inexperienced teacher who can't handle her - that's why psychologists do the testing and not teachers.
676912 tn?1332816151 I was worried I would screw him up because I was told he might be ADHD or have autism so I was affraid to punish because I was scared he wouldn't understand why he was being punished. But it starts with discipline not punishment.(I learned that from the book.) They are two different things and when discipline is done properly you won't have to use punishment at all.
Avatar f tn His reason for this is alternately that he is trying to teach me a lesson and that I should let him wander the house and do whatever he wants and that it is his room and he should be allowed to do anything he wants in there even pee. When we realized that he was peeing in his room we took him to a mental hospital for inpatient treatment and they kept him for 8 days before releasing him.
134578 tn?1546634665 Really, that is a life lesson. The majority of the kids in his class are adjusting--- I'm sure. That was always one of my barometers. If other kids can do it, why can't mine? As you know, I have a sensory kid but still took that approach to it.
Avatar n tn Hey all is it cool now??? LOLOLOL... I just learned a hard lesson here myself... Don't come here with a chip dudes!!! You have to be POSITIVE at all times even though the withdrawls are telling you different... I am refereing to the Maximus and Thomas episode earlier... Please forgive one another and get on with it!! We all have something to give and "forgive" each other about... By the way I am sorry for being such a vulture when I came here myself.. sometimes it is hard.....
777686 tn?1235808014 So what are your plans on detoxing? Are you going cold turkey like me, or are you doing a taper? I'm feeling better now than I was earlier. I'm at work right now; this morning was okay to start with, but then the cravings started coming, and they kept getting worse until my mind was consumed with the thought of "just one more time..." I even picked up my phone to call my dealer, but put it back down because I can't do this anymore.
Avatar n tn i'm afraid that this may lead to a serious problem in future. as i am only 19 now i have a fast life and plans to make and dreams to fulfill. but this drags me away from my practical life. my mother gets angry people get fed up with me for the careless and abnormal behaviour of mine. i dont respond them properly, i dont care about the small requirements and others expectations in daily life. its not that i dont. but i cant.. my mind gets all haphazard by these *****..
Avatar f tn Over xmas break, his first visitation, not only did he send my kids back a week early due to it interfering with his new year's eve plans but he also locked them in his truck with the engine going and a loaded pistol (which is not registered). He told them that if anyone tried to break in to grab the gun and shoot! I just found that out a few months ago. My son is special needs and requires a shot everynight.... when he was with his father, not once did he receive his meds.
Avatar n tn So i go in ,come clean,and ask if I should take the xanax(which HE insists i take,(i have some because i dont use it when i get it filled anyway)or the valium that all the treatment plans id found say is a better choice for the jitters im anticapating the next few days im going to have from withdrawl and he says to me"your an addict, u need rehab" ok ,i explain i dont have the money or anyone to watch the baby while i would be away(which he knows becuse he's aware of my family dyna
Avatar m tn i just want that day where i feel a little better than the last, then ill know what to think, but im terrified i wont be able to sleep good at all for the next 2-3 weeks because thats what a lot of people on here say.
Avatar m tn She understood my problem and prescribed me Vyvans(ADHD medication). I dont have ADD or ADHD but somehow the part of the brain it targets is connected to my problem. When I take this medication(which lasts 12 hours usually) I have no problems no anxiety symptoms. To be honest some days it doesnt work, but 90% of the time it does. I can go to school now and have no problems and it is a huge relief.
Avatar f tn Find out where you can go and go because if you don't you will teach your children the exact same aggressive or victim behaviors. Make plans. this is work. You can also make him go!!! Since he is the one with the behavior issue. Make him go. Call a anger management place and see about having him leave because of his aggressive behavior. Call the police and ask your options. Call a local church and talk. Call an abusive hot line. Talk Talk Talk until it clicks.
286034 tn?1201100440 I am what most would consider ADHD so reading books is not in the cards but I enjoy anything that can hold my attention for more than 30 minutes! I have 3 dogs, 2 Jack Russels and a Humane Society mix that is my baby! It is wonderful getting to know you all! Oh yeah - and I earned a Gold medal in the 2004 Olymipics in the 200 m hurdles - how about that Johnny!! Isn't the internet great!
Avatar n tn i hit several low points in my life, but the onlything one must do is wake up and realize it pointless to live day by day, make plans for yourself. decide on your future, think about what you want and work to get it. being young i took advantage, changing from clubing and drinking, to working and taking school serious. i would suggest you think about it. i caused those who cared for me the most great pain, and i lost a girl who was the best person on could imagine all over a habbit.
Avatar m tn The thing I found out that amazed me is that most lawyers will expect the money up front, they don't allow for payment plans typically. Not trying to upset you more, I just want you to kind of be prepared and know what to expect. What did your husband say? Listen to weaver's advice too. I think it's smart to sort of have your guard up here. You may not even realize that you have a tendency toward addiction. I'm NOT saying you do, but it's smart to just be very careful is all.
Avatar f tn My mama said a lady ain't what she wears but, what she knows But, I've drawn a conclusion, it's all an illusion, confusion's the name of the game A misconception, a vast deception Something's gotta change Don't be offended this is all my opinion ain't nothing that I'm sayin law This is a true confession of a life learned lesson I was sent here to share with y'all So get in where you fit in go on and shine Clear your mind, now's the time Put your salt on the shelf Go on and love yourself 'Cuz
Avatar f tn Dad requested a small trip but told son he realized that son also has a father-in-law to consider, so son should get back to him about the plans. Friday son calls to ask questions about a problem he was having........mentions nothing about Father's Day. Saturday dad calls to ask what's going on with the plans..........leaves a message, son and his wife are not home. By Sunday morning (Father's Day), we still had heard nothing so decided to get dressed and just do our own thing.
Avatar f tn My only problem right now is the fact I am from Australia and I live here in the United States, I do have travel insurance but it costs a fortune to go to the doctor here!! My plans are to stay here so in July I plan on getting some type of health insurance, which will be so much better. I don't think my travel insurance covers issues like this as I have had it for almost a year. I know its a personal question greatdane, but do you reoccurring yeast infections at all?