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Avatar n tn I think you need to realize your unwillingness to do your homework and stop cheating on tests isn't involuntary the way spasms are, or lack of ability is. You aren't motivated by what they are currently offering to motivate you. You can grab the reins or not, Walter.
Avatar n tn , can wake up several times throughout the night and sometimes won't go back to sleep at all. I'm afraid his lack of sleep will only add to the difficulties he already has in school and it certainly doesn't help his emotional state or ability to deal with day to day issues (he is overly emotional and sensitive). The night fears overwhelm him and often we will end up in a crying, hysterical shouting match.
Avatar f tn with resultant anger, rage, mind racing, sleep deprivation and subsequent lack of control, even associated with paranoia. As I noted above, the mild interactions can look like the medications need adjusting, appearing as if the ADHD has returned full force." Which, of course, can make it even worse. Has his condition gotten worse lately, or has the doctor had to increase any of the meds once this combination was started? You might want to print this out and show it to your doctor.
Avatar n tn I have done a lot of research in ADHD, ODD, OCD, and Bi-Polar Children and they will become more disruptive if the discipline is not carefully developed (it's a process) What happens is usually there is so much inner tension because of the lack of ability to process stimuli around them, and they will turn inward and more staunchly hold their ground. At this point the child is unable to translate what's happening to anything but building tension until they explode.
1453183 tn?1287852619 In addition to poor diet being mistaken for ADHD, so can lack of sleep which may be caused by sleep apnea. I note that ADHD is almost almost defined in terms of school performance. This can be very damaging to the child. He lives perpetually the doghouse, even though he may be a delight at home and a pal to his siblings. As a rotten student he loses his worth. When my child received this questionable diagnosis I decided to pay no attention to it. I told them I did not care about her grades.
Avatar f tn If most kids take one hour for homework, the ADHD child will take 3 hours and probably still not be done. Watch them at play. ADHD kids have a lack of filters (until they get older). Consequently they will hit other kids or say things that cause them to lose friends. Many times they are not even aware they hit the other child. Finally, you say that "you don't want to make a big deal out of nothing.
Avatar f tn all his symptoms of hyperactivity and lack of focus seemed to mimick SID and/or ADHD so much that honestly, those were my first assumptions. I intended to have him evaluated once school started and I could get input from his new teacher, however, by chance I happened to notice that his vision seemed strained so I figured, what the can't hurt to have his eyes checked. Little did I know I'd find out so much.
Avatar m tn Yeah I bet that my boyfriend and his son wish that there was no such thing as adhd either. What a load of **** that person was saying, any ways i found that children with adhd also have food allergies to. I do not have my step son on any meds at this time with control things with food and what his body needs that has seen to help a lot. We also have communication sessions to. It is hard to have two people diagnosed with the same problem but I handle it.
Avatar f tn I am 35 yr old mother of 4 & I have always joked about having ADD/ADHD but lately it seems to become so apparent not only to me but where friends & even social aquaintences seem to ask if I have ADD/ADHD. After talking to some friends with ADD I am convinced that some sort of treatment/medication would greatly help my daily function. How do I begin to see about this? What kind of doctor do I see.
Avatar dr m tn And we know from numerous studies that poor sleep, whether not enough sleep, or poor quality sleep, can adversely affect the brain in a number of different ways. For one thing, lack of oxygen to the brain has been shown to cause lowered blood flow and metabolism in critical areas of the brain, including parts that involve memory and executive function.
Avatar n tn It may be that that the Neurontin enabled him to enjoy a more active life style and thus the ADHD became more noticeable(??). Is he getting a good nights sleep, because the lack of sleep will cause ADHD like symptoms. And what kind of a doctor diagnosed it? Some docs do make mistakes about ADHD. Anyway, what is more important I think is to make sure that now your son is getting the help he needs with the ADHD. If you need any information about ADHD, please post again.
Avatar m tn Hi there, looking for insight on lifestyle habits to better manage bipolar and ADHD disorder. Taking 600mg of lithium and 30mg of vyvanse. Wondering what nutrition choices, sleep patterns and work loads people adopt to better manage there experences with or without the medication. Also looking for information on dealing with anxiety as a result of school stress and side effects from medication.
Avatar m tn Regardless of whether I get (my earliest memory of this problem is early highschool, I can't seem to recall it happening before but its possible, it still persists today in my college classes) 3 hours of sleep or 9 hours of sleep, if I have a full block of classes (9-2, or even 9-12) I can usually make it through the first and last class however somewhere in-between I either need to skip, or sleep.
Avatar f tn Do the outbursts happen only after certain subjects? or certain times of the day? Many times lack of sleep can cause kids to really lose it later on in the day (and this can be dealt with) I assume he is not on medication yet? Typically medication can help with the frustration because he will be better able to focus. If he is on medication...then it may be too low of a dose and losing effectiveness or could even be too high of a dose. There are ways to tell which one is going on.
Avatar n tn improving greatly with attention, impulsivity, speech, and general social behaviors. No sleep problems or lack of appetite to concern us. He has been on Adderall, every day, for the last 18 months, with an increase in dosagae about 5 months ago, to 15mg in morning only. All is still well and good, but I have noticed for the second time, a tic of sorts. First was awhile back?
Avatar n tn I definitely notice a difference in his ability to concentrate because of his lack of sleep. He also has general anxiety about just about everything and his lack of sleep is making this worse. I read that melatonin supplements have worked in helping kids get to sleep. We are currently trying 1.5 mg of melatonin and the difference is amazing. He goes to sleep right away and stays asleep for at least 5 hours. His mood is much better due to more sleep.
Avatar n tn My son also has ADHD & tics, I find that the Feingold Diet has really helped w/ the hyperactivity and somewhat with tics. His tics are jumping around and odd hand motions like he's conducting an orchestra. I notice that when he eats things that contain artificial colors, it's definitely worse. The feingold diet removes all artificial colors & preservatives. I would recommend trying dietary changes before going for meds. We also give him Omega-3 fish oil caplets.
Avatar n tn My son is 17yrs of age and has ADHD, he took Adderall XR for a couple of years. He also smokes pot. He said that the pot helps him to focus better than the Adderall did. Its said that pot is the drug of choice for people with ADHD or ADD. Pot causes several problems for the brain. It has over 300 different ingredients that are harmful your body. They call it pot, because it literally causes divots (pot holes) in your brain. Kind of like sever acne, on a face.
Avatar f tn But more importantly it will give her lots of good ways to work with and help her child. She will find that things like spanking a ADHD child is not effective and will learn discipline ways that are. It also has some very good information that will help her decide if he does have something like ADHD. She can order the book through Amazon, and its pretty cheap (paperback) - but is worth many, many times the cost.
Avatar n tn My son was not one of those kids that there was any grey area on whether or not he had ADHD. We knew it wasn't behavior issues due to lack of discipline. He was respectful, did not throw temper tantrums, played well with other children, etc... He was just wild alllllll the time as if he were being run by a motor. When the motor shut off he would fall dead asleep among his toys but he could never lay in his bed and fall asleep. We have given him breaks from the med.
Avatar f tn A specialist, like a pediatric psychiatrist, is typically the best way to go. And, yes, all of those things you mentioned are signs of ADHD. You do need to find out what is going on because how you (and the schools) treat a child with ADHD is different than say a child on sugar highs. Good Luck. Please post if you have any more questions.
Avatar f tn For example, my Mom was OCD about things, probably her way of dealing with her ADHD and my Dad is ADHD introverted. When both parents have it, usually the kids have 100% chance of being born with it as well. And all four of us have it to one degree or another. With one parent having ADHD, the stats go down by 50%. With this said, ADHD is not just a one person thing. It's usually a family thing.
Avatar f tn Now, back to the possibility of ADHD. How did the pediatrician go about the diagnosis? It might make sense to re-visit this issue. As a beginning, I would ask his teacher to complete the Vanderbilt Assessment Scale and you as well. With these results in hand, make an appointment with a child psychiatrist. On the home front, be sure that completion of homework occurs before any recreational activity. This may enhance his motivation to focus on the work, much as your use of the timer did.
Avatar m tn Having said that - the big IF is - was it an accurate diagnosis of ADHD. There are things that can make it seem like you have ADHD. Lack of sleep (apnea), food allergies, etc. The reason I mention this is that usually, if the correct dose of adderall is given, (and you have ADHD) you don't get "sick". However, if you don't have ADHD, then you will really notice what the effect of Adderall is on you.
Avatar n tn I was very sceptical that a lack of proper sleep could actually contribute to or even cause chronic conditions such as pain and brain fog, memory problems and such...being fatigued, I understood. But a bit of research and you learn there are a multitude of syptoms and over 80 separate sleep disorders. Your body needs uniterupted deep sleep to repair itself.
Avatar n tn His year 1 teacher started mentioning wheter his inattention and lack of focus could be ADHD or ADD. i am ant medication as i can easily control him and at home and with his tutor out of school he is good. He also plays team sport 2 times a week and has had no problems there. I keep on getting this ADD/ADHD thing from school only... ANY IDEAS????
Avatar f tn He felt that it was important to know the difference since the meds used for ADHD are not good for bipolar. I will copy the message below. I do understand the changing of medicines. They all work differently for different people. However, a really experienced doctor will be able to eliminate some of those choices. Hopefully, you are not going through a pediatrician. Actually, this may take 2 posts due to the length of the message that I am resending to you. Hope some of this helps.
Avatar m tn I've been having a problem for at least 5 years, its basically a lack of energy in every aspect of my life. Every day I feel tired. I don't sleep well but even on the weekends when I can get a lot of sleep I feel tired. I would say I feel depressed at least 4-5 days a week. I don't really care about a lot of things. I have like 0 motivation to do anything, even things I really like doing I do kind of half-assed.
Avatar f tn You should be through most of the physical symptoms now except for lack of sleep and no energy. I regained a good bit of energy in the 2nd month but I'm still not sleeping well. One of the things that helped me get my energy back was eating 5 or 6 times a day (small meals or nutritious snacks). Also I would drink Slimfast, not to lose weight, but because it had vitamins in it already and appealed to me because it took a long time for my appetite to come back. I sound like a Slimfast rep.