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Avatar n tn I have been been suffering from depression for several years, been diagnosed with adhd since i was in elementary school, I have always had a hard time with school, work and simple tasks. Ive been taking saint johns wort and kava for about two months, cant say it has helped me with my depression but it has certainly helped me with feeling anxious.
Avatar f tn I'm a graduate student at an ivy league school and JUST became diagnosed as ADHD. I knew something was very off my entire life, but when you get good grades, no one pays attention to your "not-quite-right" habits. I made it to grad school not ever having a read a book cover to cover. I don't even think I got through an entire chapter. I would find summaries online, skim it, and write about it.
Avatar n tn He is a three year old boy, he has always been very confident and independent. I have read about ADHD and he does display certain characteristics (a few). I just don't believe that is the case for Elijah. I believe we need to establish a consistent behavior management plan for Elijah. Could something be wrong with this smart and beautiful child? What can we do? Have I done something wrong as a parent that is the cause of his behavior? Help please!
Avatar f tn when i sit him down and tslk to him about his behaviour he looks st me blank and seems to not listen. he forgets thing like his pe kit and letters from school all the time. putting on his tie and little things like this. hes disorganised and when i adk him to tidy hes room it takes him hours as when i go up stairs to check hes doing it hes sat on his bed reading a science book.
Avatar n tn (This was before he was diagnosed with ADHD, I thought he was just stubborn in nature). I learned ADHD children have very impulsive behaviour that they do not tend to think about the long term consequernces or at least that does not seem to motivate them to behave a particular way. Kinda like keeping a finicky cat on a leash for the first time. Positive reinforcement works wonders for my son than consequence.
1524811 tn?1333244901 asked for a band aid. My husband was standing beside her while I turned my back to open our first aid kit to get the band aid she had requested. 5 seconds later I turned around to her & saw that her face was extremely pale. She suddenly went limp, eyes rolled back in her head & she fell to the floor. THANK GOD my husband was there & caught her before she hit the ground. She suddenly started seizing!
Avatar n tn In Dec '05 I had two subachroid repairs and had the 50/50 chances you had. I too suffer headaches and was given Vicodin which works, but I'm afraid of addiction. I take 300-450 mg of Wellbutrin for Depression and 1200mg's of Trileptal for bi-polar disorder. I found the headaches are more intense if I forget to take the Trileptal. Upon further introspection I found that Trileptal is also an anti-seizure med, hmmm...interesting. It may be worth a try. The sleepiness comes and goes with me.
Avatar f tn this month i went to canada for a week, stayed at moms house for two and a half weeks straight (i usually am only there for the weekend) and went to virginia for a week. i have adhd and i have been forgetting to take my medicin that ive been on since i was 10 so i have been very anxious/jittery/nervous about nothing at all.
Avatar f tn I tried to get him to show an interest in a karate group, he moaned about getting the kit, i did after 2 months then he said he hated it. I feel like i cant win. I can take toys off him, send him to his room, he really dosnt care. Hes watched me cry to his teacher and his dad and still doent care. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn I also have RLS, PMDD, ADHD, etc. The while kit n caboodle of acronyms. Anyhow my point is- find a new doctor. Preferably a rheumatologist that specializes in or is at the very least, familiar with fibromyalgia. It's such an individual and complex condition that a doctor who isn't sensitive to your unique symptoms and lifestyle, or who isn't helpful, informative, and attentive just isn't worth seeing again.
Avatar n tn hes all so very organised, she doesnt have to remind him to take pe kit in or football kit or home work anything like that, he packs his own pack and makes sure ecerything is there. he is such a loving boy, he just get carried away with certain things? i forgot to say, his mum said he rushes his home work and doesnt take care of thing s like spellings etc even though hes an excepional speller (not like me lol) I always tell her i really dont think its as bad as she thinks? boys will be boys.
5553333 tn?1369944648 ) used primarily to treat ADD/ADHD. Were you put on that for the shaking? Do you have an ADD/ADHD diagnosis? I would recommend findind a new doctor, who can look at the situation from a fresh perspective, and offer other options. Don't write off medications in general based on just that was likely completely inappropriate to be Rx'ed.
Avatar n tn I read 123 Magic, Power Parenting for Children with ADD/ADHD, Taking Charge of ADHD and these all are excellent books and they all helped. The best thing you can do is give lots of specific praise for good behavior and do not react to the bad. Detach and ignore. I don't mean don't try to correct and teach but don't overreact and let your praise be much more than your corrections. This is very hard to do but how you react controls how he is going to act.
2030686 tn?1351692148 My 11 year old daughter is not dealing well with my tx. She has Adhd and a sensory processing disorder so she has a behavioral therapist at school. She seems to be doing well at home but I've been getting alot more notes home about her breaking down at school and slipping back into old habits. I went up and talked to her BT today and we think it's because she feels she has to be strong at home. She let the BT hug her for the first time in 3 years and she hates to be touched.
15876915 tn?1443650213 org/forums/ADD---ADHD/show/175. And I can say that there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with ADHD. I have answered so many posts that I know many doctors, teachers and parents have no clue on how to help a child with ADHD. One thing that will help is to take a look at this link on how teachers can work with a child with ADHD. These are very good practical suggestions that will help whether your son has ADHD or not.
Avatar n tn She came home from school the other day with her PE kit on; no socks and didn't know where her school uniform was. She found it; tights' skirt, shoes and cardigan, the next day in lost property. She'd changed out of it for PE but just not thought about it since. She didn't know it wasn't in her bag! I write lists for her all the time to try to ensure she does everything she needs to when getting ready for school or ballet etc... but she will still not do everything on there...
Avatar f tn The only incident that remotely resembles something like this in my home is prior to these events my daughter was having a play date with a child I didn't know that well in my home. I overhear that they wanted to play with the doctor kit we had and after a few minutes it felt a little too quiet in the room. So it was at that time I felt checking on them was warranted again not knowing this little girl or her family that well.
Avatar m tn He also has a drinking problem and I have been going to Al Anon. He is not drinking right now (that I know of) He is also on Vyvanese for severe ADHD and is seeing a psychiatrist for that. Thank you all for your help and concern. I really appreciate your input.
Avatar n tn org/add-adhd/articles/Dont-Believe-These-10-ADD-ADHD-Lies/5?page=2 So it is possible for her to have it. The question I always ask posters on the ADHD forum is what is she like at school? If she is having the same problems at school, then the possibility of ADHD exists. Of course, it is always possible that she has an inexperienced teacher who can't handle her - that's why psychologists do the testing and not teachers.
Avatar f tn If you can go with Ambry, please do it.....they will send a kit to the doctor with all of the appropriate information. I am very glad that his sweat tests are being this at a CF accredited center? They have strict protocols regarding sweat testing ,they also do it frequently so less chance of errors in the results. Again...keeping you guys in my prayers. If you have any questions, just holler.
Avatar m tn language skills, which he witnessed earlier, as he was not classified as ADHD or Asperger syndrom...etc. .
Avatar n tn I just want to feel somewhat normal where I am able to function again. Even my ADHD medication isn't helping anymore to keep me focused and all I want to do is either sleep or eat carbs. My body hurts, I am bloated, constipated and just plain miserable. Please help.
Avatar f tn (I never believed the ADHD diagnosis) Six years later, a psychologist siad that he was not ADHD nor ADD. Now after going through puberty, my son's behaviors are getting worse. He did cut his arm once (that I know of) about a month ago (he confided in my mother, but I'm not suppose to know). We've been to several doctors & counselors. He's good at manipulating & telling them what they want to hear (to make me sound like a crazy mom).
Avatar m tn I've used autism tools for my boy even though he does not have autism, adhd behavioral techniques even though he does not have adhd, etc. It will be okay. Early intervention does wonders. Feel free to message me any time if you need anything including just support.
1574233 tn?1296116813 i'm so fed up with no answers, blatant disrespect for anyone in the house, including our 20 month old who doesn't need her ear drums blown out (and no, this behavior did not flair up since baby came around, it's been this way for years but progressively getting worse) i spent $300 on the Total Transformation kit and it tells you nothing on how to get your kid to stop screaming.
Avatar f tn We use Gatorade as it doesn't have artificial sweetners which have caused him problems in the past with his ADHD. It is a hard balancing act with this kid! It is finding things he can and will drink versus what is good for him! I did wonder what the point of telling me his Sodium was 'normal' after that much HC! I would like to be amazed at how little doctors understand but I am not! Seems to be the norm for them to BS the rest of us!
3079363 tn?1363277315 My ex husband quir sucessfully using the e cigs he bought it online think it was 80 $ for the kit and had to get the refill cartidges its been since sept for him and he hasnt needed the e cig in 2 months. I feel its best to try than not try at all if even if it means several tries.
Avatar f tn The reason I asked how she was doing at school is that if a child is struggling at both school and home, it indicates that something else may also be in play. I am also the CL for the ADHD forum. Stealing is one of the side effects of having ADHD or ADD. Of course, it also happens for other reasons too. The question is why is she struggling at school? And frankly, detention is not going to help those struggles. And think about it.
Avatar n tn My doctor said I was hypomanic and gave me a startup kit of Lamictal. On my next visit, he diagnosed me as bipolar II. In two days, I will be up to 100 mg Lamictal, and my Effexor dose has been reduced down to 150 mg for the time being. At the time these symptoms first came to light about 2 months ago, I had no idea what was happening. The most obvious symptom then was the distractability and inability to concentrate at work.
551343 tn?1506834118 i have 44 of the symptoms on that list, and i have ordered a blood test kit from IgeneX and hope to get the western blot assay test done soon.