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Avatar f tn when is the best time to take a ovulation kit
Avatar f tn I'm a graduate student at an ivy league school and JUST became diagnosed as ADHD. I knew something was very off my entire life, but when you get good grades, no one pays attention to your "not-quite-right" habits. I made it to grad school not ever having a read a book cover to cover. I don't even think I got through an entire chapter. I would find summaries online, skim it, and write about it.
Avatar f tn this month i went to canada for a week, stayed at moms house for two and a half weeks straight (i usually am only there for the weekend) and went to virginia for a week. i have adhd and i have been forgetting to take my medicin that ive been on since i was 10 so i have been very anxious/jittery/nervous about nothing at all.
Avatar f tn when i sit him down and tslk to him about his behaviour he looks st me blank and seems to not listen. he forgets thing like his pe kit and letters from school all the time. putting on his tie and little things like this. hes disorganised and when i adk him to tidy hes room it takes him hours as when i go up stairs to check hes doing it hes sat on his bed reading a science book.
Avatar n tn Just wanted to know about accuracy about hiv rapid testing kit and whether they are FDA approved. Also I was looking for one to buy, but all I found was the one that you take the blood sample and send to the lab and get your results with 3 days. But I am looking for the one that you take the blood sample and get your results with 15 minutes. If anybody knows the link to purchase that particular kit I would really appericate. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I was wondering how accurate the HIV kits are or should I go to a lab for a test. You put a drop of blood on it and then wait 5 minutes for the result.
374690 tn?1224552589 Does anybody know if using a detox kit will make your energy levels lower? I just can't get moving!!! I am on day 8 & it feels like day 2. I don't want pills at all, but I NEED SOME ENERGY!!!
1178385 tn?1263856371 Hi Ladies, Just wondering if any of you have heard of the intelligender early gender prediction kit? It looks like fun, and the website says that it is 90% accurate. I would love to hear about any experiences you have had with it before I try it. Thanks for you feedback and I will post the results if I do end up taking the test!
1019477 tn?1315852025 Does anyone know if an ovulation kit will work when you have PCOS. I know that your LH levels are already messed up with PCOS. So I am hoping it will work for me.
Avatar m tn am planning for kids so inorder to conceive i have two options - 1. IUI ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION 2. In home Conception Kit, how easy is it to use in-home conception kit? we need to use it twice a month to get pregnant during teh fertile period? did any one use In-home conception kits?
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried the ovulation kit? I just got my mirena removed Nov 2. No period in site. Never thought I would be looking for that thiing!! I want it!! I just turned 34 and I have no kids and I'm so ready. I really need to work on this right away. Do they work and does it really take some women up to 6 months to concieve after having IUD removed.UGH....disappointing news....
1923882 tn?1352250106 Sept 15-19,oct 16-20,nov 20-24, dec 28-31. When do u think I should start using the opk kit. I got a pack of twenty. I don't want to use them all in one shot at trying.
Avatar f tn I just recieved my kit today and was wondering which testing I needed to select. This is the very first Lyme testing I am having done. Do I just selsct the complete Lyme Panel or specific tests. Each test is rather expensive and I'm not sure I will get any insurance coverage so I wanted to be selective. Thanks for the input!
Avatar f tn Yes I'm impatient and I'm wanting to go to target and get the gender kit. Has anyone tried it and results were accurate? ?
Avatar f tn Had a normal period, had another that came a week early, decided to get the ovulation kit.
Avatar f tn Got my newborn similac kit today :) it came with 4 ready to feed bottles of formula, 2 small cans of formula, coupon for a similac bottle and 5 $5 off coupons for similac formula oh and a toys r us coupon!!
5518191 tn?1370138175 where can i purchase an hcg kit just to see what my levels are? ill be 8 weeks thursday :)..ftm!
Avatar f tn Has anyone used the intelligender kit and the results were right? My sister and I both used it and it was right for us both( mine was a girl..hers was a boy)...anybody else?
Avatar n tn I have been been suffering from depression for several years, been diagnosed with adhd since i was in elementary school, I have always had a hard time with school, work and simple tasks. Ive been taking saint johns wort and kava for about two months, cant say it has helped me with my depression but it has certainly helped me with feeling anxious.
1524811 tn?1333241301 asked for a band aid. My husband was standing beside her while I turned my back to open our first aid kit to get the band aid she had requested. 5 seconds later I turned around to her & saw that her face was extremely pale. She suddenly went limp, eyes rolled back in her head & she fell to the floor. THANK GOD my husband was there & caught her before she hit the ground. She suddenly started seizing!
Avatar n tn The only FDA approved collection kit in the US is a Home Access Kit witch is very reliable.