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Avatar f tn There are no actual studies published in medical journals linking Tylenol to adhd (or autism which is the latest rumor). Gotta be careful with google. Anyone with a computer can put whatever they want on the Internet and say it's legit!
1116472 tn?1260075052 Almost always a person without ADHD will get high on adderall, while a person with ADHD will actually slow down and be able to concentrate. Your remarks seem like this may be how you reacted. Particularly since a person first going on speed tends to get a pretty good rush. However if they are on something else to calm them down or are physically huge, etc., they may not feel the effects as much - so this isn't 100% accurate. What you probably need to do is some more research into ADHD.
356929 tn?1246389756 Just FYI... I was on the Ovarian cyst forum and noticed the "addiction" entry.. The same entry is on this journal site as well .. I don't think anyone is deliberately posting over here or there. I 'm wondering if it shows up on ALL community journals in which you have membership. Try it yourself and you'll see.. I put a journal entry on the OVCyst form and here it is--- over here as well.. I didn't enter it here...curioser and curioser...
186166 tn?1385259382 I disagree. Journals aren't the problem. It's how they are used. Used right and they can be a helpful resource. (please check my earlier journals about autism and my dad's (MJthewriterdad) journals). But true, some journals and notes are better off as personal messages, espcially some of the comments.
1215994 tn?1322067791 Hi there - There is a delete option in "List View" of journals. Click on "See All" in the journals box, and you should see the List View option. Let us know if you need further assistance.
535822 tn?1443976780 I suggest before you blast my journals you take a look back your own and the moods,, that you guys have put up, are you saying you have not done the same....thats a stretch guys and you know it .I suggest that all here look at some of the journals if they are still there .,hypocritical .
Avatar m tn Haven't been able to add to my journals for a month now. Are your jouranls entries discontinued?
Avatar m tn Sine you just updated, now I cannot add anything to my journals. What am I doing wrong?
1244257 tn?1270537562 Hola, desde la última actualización, no puedo acceder a mis "journals", ni escribir en ellos. ¿Cómo puedo abrirlos?
Avatar f tn We have had other issues that have taken priority over this, unfortunately, as you can still add journals on the site, just not to the trackers. I use the trackers as well, and understand that it's not as convenient, and wish I had a better answer for you. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Avatar f tn I read an article tylenol contributes to babies who developed ADD /ADHD later on as children. Not sure how accurate this is. However, only started yesterday taking it for a severe migraine and currently in second trimester. Doesn't really help with pain at all. Also worried that it will cause side effects in baby later.
Avatar m tn I'm a 27 year old university student trying to finish my undergrad in finance. I've had issues my entire life getting through school and would be embarrassed to post my university grades anonymously let alone show them to an employer. My school was threatening to kick me out and I explained my situation to them. A counsellor suggested I speak to a psychologist and I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve been prescribed 40mg of vyvance one day and 50mg the next.
Avatar m tn Hi all, I am a 3rd year medical student and I recently read an article on lancet neurology about fluoride exposure- neurotoxic effects and how it can reduce cognitive performance and cause ADD/ADHD. This gave me some concerns since when i was an adolescent I used to drink large amounts of green tea which purportedly contains a lot of fluoride. How do you evaluate this piece of research? I would greatly appreciate your feedback!
Avatar f tn I've kept a pregnancy journal with each of my pregnancies (this one is no exception) and as I'm reading through them I'm realizing a few things. First, I didn't feel truly sick until I was 8-9 weeks with my first daughter, and closer to 10-11 weeks with my second daughter. I hope this gives some of you a measure of hope as I know some of you haven't felt ill yet and want the assurance that things may be okay! Second, writing things down HELPS!!!
Avatar m tn From a google search I saw a post that copied a quote from "Ryan's journals" about benzodiazepines. Are his journals still available to read? I could not find them through the search function.
7558356 tn?1410715309 Hello ladies! I just wanted to let you know I updated some of my journals and added a few new ones for some of the questions I see that are frequently asked on here! Feel free to reference any of my journals for anything you ladies need!
7558356 tn?1410715309 Hello ladies! I just wanted to let you know I updated some of my journals and added a few new ones for some of the questions I see that are frequently asked on here! Feel free to reference any of my journals for anything you ladies need!
Avatar f tn my son was recently diagnosed with adhd and autism what is to be expected?
Avatar f tn My Grandson was diagnosed with ADHD,Bipolor and Asbergers as well as a disability in writing .His writing can not be read .He has to start typing things into a computer and print it out . Can Zoloft taken in Pregnancy ,do to a Depression caused by Midral Valve Prolaps,be the cause of all this or of some of this ?
Avatar f tn Hey Vanna, this is an ADHD web site (but you probably knew that). But I am wondering if you posted here because you also have ADHD? It would make sense as up to 30% of the people with ADHD have depression. And it makes sense because if you don't understand how ADHD effects you and how to cope with it - it can be very depressing. In fact, a lot of people with ADHD also have anxiety and due to all that start self medicating (not good).
Avatar f tn He sounds very, very normal for an ADHD child. Do you know what ADHD does to a child? Do you know how to work with a child who has ADHD? The way you can help him is to become an expert in ADHD and help him deal with this.
Avatar m tn i just want to make a quick opinion, oh no, lol. i am finding that im not reading journals on here since these notes started. i don't mind the notes, im just saying with the clutter in our own medhelp pages the journals don't show up the same. i just find most people are very open and tell their stories in their journals more cause they don't show up all over the forum and they are very important here to have. is it me or do you guys find it really cluttered now?
356929 tn?1246389756 This is a little non ovarian cyst related but I have to ask: With the journals, yesterday on the OVCA page, the journals all seemed to come from everywhere under the sun..Question: If you're on say OVCA does that journal entry stay there or does it go also to other sites that you have joined?? Also, I don't recall every "joining" anything.. I guess I did when I put my e-mail, etc. in back in December.
Avatar f tn There are lots of places online, but you do also have the option here at MH where you can choose the privacy of your journal entry. The best about the journals here are that you can have the entry set to private, friends only and public. You can change the privacy settings later, edit the entry and its title if you like and you can chose to get notifications about commnents to your mailbox etc. I hope it is as helpful to you as I know it has been for others.
505907 tn?1258369340 I can't find access to write journals anymore. When I write a journal through my mood tracker it will accept my tracker info but erase my journals! Then, if I try to place a journal entry seperately, it shows a "file not found" message after I try to upload it, Help!