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Avatar n tn I am after reading Louder than words by Jenny McCarthy whose son has Autism. Her speculation is the vaccines over loaded her sons system when his immune system was low and contributed to his autism diagnosis. Thoughts?
467707 tn?1270932240 I think, generally, the risks associated with NOT vaccinating your children are much, much higher than the miniscule chance that vaccinations have a link to autism. And, honestly, Jenny McCarthy is no more an expert on autism than your next door neighbor. She's a mother whose child was diagnosed with autism who wanted to find something to blame, and she jumped on the vaccination bandwagon.
802547 tn?1237850517 1) I received a personal email from a woman who is being treated with hostility by her peers for her pro-science views on vaccines and 2) a friend forwarded me a video of Jenny McCarthy speaking directly to moms, instructing them to avoid vaccinating their kids or giving them milk or wheat because of their supposed marijuana-like addictive properties. Anti-Vaccination Views Are A Status Symbol?
Avatar f tn I didn't know that many children with autism have immune problems, such as yeast, until I heard Jenny McCarthy speak about her child on the Larry King show.
Avatar n tn I have been told by many people to do the wheat and glutin free diet since he has autism and Jenny McCarthy said her son was cured by changing his diet. I also have another son who is more severly autistic. Can you help my son? Is there anyway to make it go away. Middle school is tought enough without a disability imagine how hard it is with something like this. Please let me know what your thoughts are.
Avatar n tn I also have to say that Jenny McCarthy is an absolute inspiration! Her son has autism -or has mostly "recovered" from autism... she said you would never be able to tell that he had it because of the treatment she has found. -Mostly nutritional adjustments, and I also know that a lot of naturopathic doctors will tell you that it is simply an overabundance of yeast (candida) or in some cases parasitic.
Avatar n tn Just finished reading "louder than words" by Jenny McCarthy. You should read it. Amazing book.
931415 tn?1244681111 The absolute worst of Oprah’s proteges is the celebrity spokesmodel for the anti-vaccine movement, Jenny McCarthy. Beginning in the fall of 2007, Jenny McCarthy, characterized as having “warrior spirit” and as a “warrior mom,” has been a regular guest on Oprah, where she’s been given more or less free rein to spread her gospel of vaccines causing autism and her claims that biomedical quackery can “cure” or “recover” autistic children.
Avatar n tn ) (Who cares, I know...
Avatar n tn My DH particularly enjoyed Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. Okay so while not REALLY scientific, it had him laughing out loud. One book I LOVED and HIGHLY reccomend if you intend to breastfeed is "So that's what they're for!" My Dh is reading this one now so that he understands all the effort required to nurse successfully. Happy reading to you both!!
Avatar n tn I think there seem to be alot of tempers flaring here and that should NOT be the case. This should be a supportive type environment and if you are here, it is for a reason. To either help others or seeking advice. I will try to answer what my experience with my 2 autistic boys entailed when they were younger. My 12 yr old was diagnosed in 98'. He seemed very unhappy from birth on and seemed very "stiff" when being held.
Avatar n tn She doesn't fit the stereotypical sick all the time, tons of ear infections and colds and allergies that Jenny McCarthy and the DAN doctors say kids with autism have. Honestly I wouldn't take my daughter to a DAN doctor ever, but they seemed to help a lot of kids. I just wonder if there are different causes sometimes. And some parents have kids that were "normal" and then regressed in their development. My daughter was behind the whole time.
Avatar n tn I agree with you completely about judd. She and Jenny McCarthy need to get together. They've got a lot in common. I believe in science. Oh yeah, and drugs. The pharmaceutical kind. I don't have a lot of patience with those espousing (how many people am I going to tick off with this one? oh well) chinese herbs, or special vitamins, or anything else.