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Avatar f tn (1) Are there any pharmacologic treatments available for adults with PDD and ADHD? (2) If there are pharmacologic treatments available, what are the side-effects to these treatments? (3) If pharmacologic interventions are not appropriate or unavailable, what types of interventions would be best for adults with PDD?
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Avatar n tn I am troubled at the thought of him on a lifetime of drugs and am interested in suggesting other possible interventions--vitamins, allergies, nutritional supplements. What do you advise? Follow Ups: Re: Ritalin and ADHD HVM Ph.D.
Avatar m tn Stimulant medications have been shown to be effective for reducing symptoms of ADHD such as distractability and impulsivity. Sometimes mood and thought disorders interfere with learning as well, and these conditions can also respond to medical interventions. A psychiatrist is the right professional to visit to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for psychotropic medications.
Avatar f tn If I say its red he says blue and gets upset when I try to explain to him. He is currently being assesed for ADHD but I just do not see the correlation between this disorder and the angry outbursts. Will ADHD medication correct this problem? Does he really need it at 5?
Avatar f tn The evaluation should be conducted by a child psychiatrist. Hyperactivity of the sort that is typical of children who display ADHD is a neurological condition and requires a biological treatment (depending on severity) in addition to non-pharmacological interventions. A helpful book to read is Russell Barkley's Taking Charge of ADHD. It is written for parents of children who display ADHD.
Avatar f tn He was prescribed Tenex for the Aspergers. We meet with the doctor again in 2 wks to discuss how it's working and then he will prescribe an additional medicine for the ADHD. He said the ADHD medicine will increase his ticks (he has Tourettes too) so the Tenex is also helping reduce the ticks.
Avatar f tn I am interested in interventions that can help him improve on all areas of weakness. I agree whole hearted that even if he is ADHD or not retaining him is not the answer. I asked them several times how does retaining him improve the areas of concern. I agree people are misdiagnosing children rapidly and it is a shame. I am a school teacher and I see students who have been misdiagnosed as an answer to lack of structure and classroom mgt.
Avatar f tn He does this at home, at the grocery store, all the time. I have thought ADHD all along or maybe some form of Autism. I plan to have him evaluated. The thing is that I have read that most of the meds for ADHD have a risk of sudden death. How common is this? What other treatments are available other than RX meds. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn I have a five-year old son who has been diagnosed with severe ADHD, but according to some clinicians, has an as yet unidentified co-morbid condition. It took nine months to get the pediatrician to refer him to a child psychiatrist, even after both the school district and his therapist had requested it. Before the appointment with the psychiatrist (1/12/99), I would like some information.
Avatar f tn She does not attend preschool and stays at home with mom. Do these symptoms sound like OCD and/or ADHD? Would a behavior specialist be able to help our situation?
Avatar n tn Our 8 year old son has recently been diagnosed with Asperger and ADHD. Currently he is taking 10 mg of Adderall XRT (the dose was lowered from 15 mg). Ever since he is on this medication he is showing increased signs of anxiety regarding food safety and some OCD traits (increased hand washing). His anxieties about his food possibly being poisoned are really affecting our home life and cause him true anguish. Is it possible that the medication is causing this dramatic increase in anxiety?
482924 tn?1333203671 Hello, I am surprised that any teacher made recommendations regarding your son's medical and psychological care, and it would seem that perhaps you were given poor advice. How disappointing as well to hear that you did not find relief from doctors. Stimulant medications do not always work for all children.
Avatar n tn I take blood pressure medication, enalapril 5 mg and hydrochlorot 25 mg. I also take adderall for ADHD and benadryl at night to help me sleep and also for my sinuses. My doctor says that they do not know what caused the enlarged ventricle but that it may have been blood pressure. A few times recently, my blood pressure went up for a few days but then normalized. Please advise.
Avatar m tn If you are on Adderall, that means you have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD? If so, is "self will run riot" the reason you are taking twice your prescribed dose? And are you in the process of learning about your particular brain and how it works? Look up Dr. Daniel Amen and his wife, Tana Amen, PRN. They have so many answers for it and appear often on PBS pledge drives. We were diagnosed in 1998 and have found their interventions to be the best.
Avatar n tn I am troubled at the thought of him on a lifetime of drugs and am interested in suggesting other possible interventions--vitamins, allergies, nutritional supplements. What do you advise? Posted by HVM Ph.D. - KDK on June 01, 1999 at 14:07:12 Dear Ms. Kravitz, Your grandson's pediatrician must have concluded that he displays Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (characterized by an array of symptoms in three areas: hyperactivity, inattention and/or impulsivity).
Avatar f tn Is it possible that an epileptic seizure can be mistaken for ADHD? The question concerns a boy who shows seizure like ADHD symptoms which last a certain time and then completely resume. In good phases he can sit down and read a book for 30 minutes or work on school work, is nice to talk to, has behavior control.
703579 tn?1228694819 Well we went to the psyhcologoist on monday and we have explained everything that has gone on and we have seen with my son, I asked about having him tested for dyslexia cause the new teacher who has my son in her class said he was showing characterist of dsylexia, i asked the school to test him for dyslexia but they said I needed to take him to the dr. and have him tested for adhd my child does not show signs of it so we take him to his dr.
Avatar f tn He has been recently dagnosed with Aspergers(therapist) and bipolar(psychiatrist) and both have been ruled out by Kennedy Kriege He has been in therapy and on different meds since he was 5. He was first diagnosed with ADHD, then it was ADHD along with PTSS. Meds did not help. Then at age 11 I had to take him out of school and admit have him admitted to a childrens mental hospital where they diagnosed him with depression and anxiety.
Avatar m tn My seventeen year old daughter had PDD and ADHD. I am having a hard time understanding why she gets so upset when she sees her friends and so upset when she doesn't see her friends. I dont know what to do about this becuase either way she is getting upset and having melt downs. Do have any ideas for interventions to use to calm her when she is in this melt down state of mind or what to do about why she is having them.
Avatar n tn He was taking neurontin to help with his disrupted sleep pattern and Strattera for his ADHD. Since the onset of puberty last year we had to up his dosage for both but noticed he started to become depressed and was sleeping in every class. More recently he became severely depressed. We have since removed him from all medications because it was difficult to gauge which medication was causing the depression.
Avatar f tn First, medication is not the first line of defense/offense: "Should a child require treatment for ADHD, the AAP recommends a set of age-specific, first-line strategies for intervention. This is an important difference from the previous guidelines and stems from a wealth of new evidence on ADHD treatment of preschool children and adolescents.
Avatar n tn my son is 7 years old and has adhd,after years of doing all the things we were told to do-behavior tech-counslers,theripy son have now been put on adderall 10 xr ,that had no effect so the doc said up it a little bit so now he is taking 20mgs a day xr-still no difference in his we up the meds again.