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Avatar f tn hi there I'm Tim and me and my doughter suffer from ADHD I know that if a person has ADHD they don't know that they are it took yrs of me telling myself that there is nothing wrong but my wife was the one that noticed that I should seek help I diden think anything was wrong that's becouse you will not know but you will have bad depetion and it can even couse you to get to the point where you think your life is falling apart right befor yr eyes but there are many things that come with having ADHD
Avatar n tn (Fascinating things and movement on a screen = hyperfocus, Boring things = loss of interest and inattention to the subject of matter) If you're kid is ADHD first thing you have to do is to educate him in what ADHD is, don't jump to medication (Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta etc.).
Avatar f tn Does taking medication like Ritalin to fix my ADHD result in me.losing my ability to be as creative? Also will the medication completely resolve ADHD 100%?
Avatar f tn But some thoughts. A child with ADHD can hyperfocus or what you call obsession. Also kids of this age aren't very good at eye contact anyway. Because of that and a few other things you have said, I tend to doubt that autism is the problem. He certainly has many of the symptoms of ADHD. And you mentioned one or two things that also make me think of SIDS or sensory integration disorder.
3116129 tn?1341894137 My daughter is 8 years old and she was diagnosed with ADHD, December of last year, she is on medication daily and it helps with her Academics but not her social behavior; what I mean about social behavior is that she is a master manipulator and she shows empathy or sympathy when she hurts (punches,kicks,bites,etc..
Avatar f tn I've been looking into ADHD a bit lately, and I'm starting to wonder if I might possibly have it. Part of me thinks, of course I don't, I'm being dramatic and diagnosing something I don't really have. But, another part of me suspects more than laziness....all through elementary school and high school I had some good grades, but I also failed a lot of classes that I felt should be easy- even art and English, my strong suits.
Avatar f tn I feel fine for the first 2-3hrs after I take it. If anything I tend to hyperfocus on things and have to make myself switch tasks. However around the 3-4hr mark my heart starts pounding, head starts feeling foggy, face tingles, vision gets super blurry, I lose all motivation and get irritable. I have taken my blood pressure multiple times during that period and it's perfect. Pulse is a little high between 80-90 but not concerning.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed adult ADHD last Feb. Started College, and academics were going/are going better than ever could have imagined as reading/studying are now possible. couple of weeks before the end of the semester I kept having these painful thought patterns. like a influx of memories of academic failure despite effort...teachers telling me to try harder..embarrasment of never being able to study..having to guess the answers to all my final exams...always thinking i was going to fail everything.
492869 tn?1285022533 Sounds like an interesting idea, but when I go into "hyperfocus" mode, likely I won't distract myself enough to check in the tracker. Similar problem with "lack of modivation". Also most events I have are situational and if I get out of the situation I feel better. I should probably keep better track of when I have meltdowns/anxiety attacks and see if there is any pattern with anything other than the situation such as weather, what I ate, headaches, time of day etc...
Avatar f tn I do think that you need more information on ADHD. Not to say that he has it. But a child with ADHD can focus (actually hyperfocus) on something they like. A book I recommend a lot because it covers so much ground in an easy to read format is, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. My guess is that being an only child and being only 3 he is still learning proper behavior. You can help with that at home.
1059647 tn?1255039454 Hey Mightymouse, The only person with a "deficient" is the psyc who did the testing, took his money and ran. You should have gotten a much better explanation than that. First check out this post. Look for the Sept 22 post at 9:39 and compare her sons test results to yours. Look familiar?
Avatar f tn // And perhaps your school can intervene and help with Cam. Tell them you think she has ADDH (if the link above makes sense) and needs help. The lack of sleep at night is also a very strong symptom of ADHD. It is also a reason why she has some of her problems during the day. If she can start getting more sleep - you will see a difference. Here are link of two on ways to help her sleep and what it can do to help her. http://www.
Avatar n tn EVER Feel wound up like something is going to happen Feel restless,empty, bored, agitated yet sometimes too happy cant focus yet hyperfocus on one thing like ocd, (list of to dos, regrets, who am i,etc) overwhelmed just cant see the point of anything want everything to be perfect and when something goes wrong cant stand it stay up till 3 am everynight, then sleep 12 hours still tired when I wake cant hold a job because cant focus and shut off my thoughts no job cause might miss something at home
Avatar m tn It made me perform well at work, aside from exasperating the hyperfocus work all night mentality. I lost weight, which I liked, and found the routine of taking the pill in the morning turned me into a superhero. Until I took a step back and realized at either 10am or 10pm no one seemed to have the energy I had. I came across as a bit more ADHD than my own reality, and hear a lot of whoa, what's up with you? Family hated me on it.
Avatar f tn It sounds like your son has some anxiety surrounding medical issues and death. My son does too-- and we take him to couseling for these issues, so that he can express them and discuss them, and so that we can learn what to do to help him. As far as the getting in one thing and can't get it out-- that's something that I have read is relatively typical of ADHD children. They "hyperfocus" on something and it just stays with them.
7420684 tn?1391042629 I have tried vyvanse for my ADD and I would hyperfocus on it and when it wore off late afternoon to early evening I would get super depressed. It helped my Social Anxiety ironically. I also tried Strattera for a week but due to my wariness with antidepressants didn't give it a chance. I was thinking about trying wellbutrin or strattera again...Thoughts? Suggestions?
Avatar m tn Basically there are people witth ADHD who have gone through a lot of their life feeling that something was wrong with them and that they were different. This may have led to the depression that a lot of them have suffered. The main thing is that you can't deal with something if you don't know what it is. Once their problem ADHD was finally identified, they could get the information (and sometimes, but not always, the meds) to help them deal with it.
1034736 tn?1319562635 I know that as long as I can keep my daughter busy, she snacks less (she's ADHD). And I can barely get my husband (also ADHD) to eat at all when he's involved in a project. Or, if her eating is at its worst at night, try having music playing while she's in bed/asleep. It helped my daughter sleep through the night when she was younger - and she still uses it to get calm enough to sleep at night.
Avatar f tn Both of us have had bouts of depression in the past and my husband is currently diagnosed as ADHD and is taking Adderall and Zoloft. When he first started taking Adderall, it was like a dream come true! He as always been an procrastinator and has/had classic ADHD symptoms. The Adderall was amazing! Before I start with what is going on, let me first say that my husband is not a monster. It's quite the opposite...he is a wonderful husband and father and he loves us immensely.
Avatar m tn Aspie's live in this fantastic imagination! ADHD traits are commonly found with Aspie's, and they often hyperfocus. You need to find someone who truly understands Asperger's. "Normal" kids do not flap in the first place for it to become a habit. The fact that you have an Aspie in your family makes it highly likely your son is. It is so frustrating to me how many people don't get it.
523861 tn?1212281020 I have not seen this behaviour in any child, and I have worked with ADHD kids... When it comes to other things...I am constantly repeating myself to not touch this, not to do that...and he understands he is not to do it...he just can't help it...time outs, corners, head on the table time outs, taking toys away, involving him in constructive activities do not seem to change him whatsoever... He communicates fine, he is not aggressive to other kids...
512869 tn?1211432256 It sounds like he has Asperger's - ADHD (at least the executive dysfunction part) is very muuch a part of it. ADHD people also can hyperfocus when the usbject suits them. My son is borderline Asperger's and he is a straight A student (thouh he hates to write). His reading skills are in the 99.8% - that is not unknown for a child with Apserger's as their IQs have exactly te same curve as the general population regardless of how well they communicate their knowledge.
9007935 tn?1401154554 Kids with ADHD get involved in stuff (hyperfocus), and just don't bother to go until its too late. Its kind of common and I have seen it a lot over on the ADHD forum. That is one reason, I asked about summer being over and the lack of a routine. School provides a routine. It would be worth your time to check out this link on ADHD -
Avatar n tn I have also read where parents state they were told ADD/ADHD by one doctor and OCD by another. I feel the ADD/ADHD diagnosis is thrown around way to much, sort of a catch-all (just my opinion.) PANDAS may not be the answer (it might be too easy if it is) but it's something to consider. Especially as kids are exposed to flu, colds, strep at a higher rate once they start school. (Re: Pandas) Cut and paste the 2nd link below.... an interesting read.
Avatar f tn We have a really good one for children on the spectrum or with ADHD and their siblings and friends. It is held once a fortnight in a community college gymnasium. They put out all the climbing equipment, trampoline, bouncy castle etc for a two hour session. All the children are happy to be in the company of other likeminded children. It is great for siblings to meet other siblings in the same positon as themselves.