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Avatar n tn Both rockrose and jdtm give possible answers. Let me give a third possibility (and there could be more). I post a lot on the ADHD forum. This certainly has the symptoms of someone with ADD. A person with ADD can easily be missed by the teacher - especially if the child has decent intelligence and is a nice kid. Its the hyper ones that always get noticed by the teacher.
Avatar n tn If it takes him forever, and he is working in front of you - then suspect ADHD. If he can do his homework - correctly, and quickly- then chances are its a school related problem. You might go back and talk to his third grade teacher and get her opinion. You might also talk with a few other parents just to make sure this is not a teacher related problem. You really need to figure out correctly where the problem is located because they are dealt with very differently.
Avatar f tn ve read that many adhd people want to do their homework, but they just get distracted. I know that in the past I've neglected to do homework and beat myself up (emotionally) for it afterwards, but I could just be really lazy. I am curious about adhd though, because I've read people with it have a lot of internal dialogue and I think I do as well but I can't remember if this is all the time.
Avatar f tn Thanks, I'll check out those links. He was diagnosed by a psychologist, and we had to have the teacher fill out a questionnaire as well as my husband and I. So far his behaviour in class seems to be doing pretty well, but he's having a bit of a tough time focusing. His behaviour at daycare is up and down. Some days he's fine, other days he won't listen to the teachers and will be just saying no to them when they are asking him to do something.
Avatar n tn t let them figure out without direction. For kids with ADHD, doing homework is hell! I can understand his frustration. I am amazed by the comments of his LCSW. These comments are classical and indicate that something needs to be done - not just written off. A social worker could have a good understanding of what ADHD kids need if they have been in practice for years and have clients with ADHD. However, I think that you may need - or will need - more professional help.
Avatar n tn He is also very disorganized and never remembers to turn his homework in. He does not even know what his homework is or when it is due. In other words, he is just clueless sometimes about life. I am so frustrated . Please advise.
Avatar m tn Hi there, My daughter suffers from ADHD, she is super sweet & in 3rd grade now, she was diagnosed when she was in 2nd grade. I am not sure how your son is, but I can explain how my daughter is with & w/out Concerta, she just recently started focalin to help with homework. My husband was completely against it & now understands it & even asks me if I gave her the medication the days we for forget.
1699033 tn?1514113133 Hi Sandman...does the book you always reference go over ways to make an ADHD person more organized? My son is apparently "hit or miss" with homework. He does not always get it written down in his agenda book. He does have some accommodations but to be honest, I have not seen the actual IEP. He has a second set of books at home. The IEP manager is looking into this for me with his teachers. I just wanted to know of there were any strategies that work for these kids.
Avatar f tn A good place to get pretty non biased information is from the WebMD. A book by a UC Berkley honors student with severe ADHD about growing up with ADHD. might be helpful. The book is called - "ADHD and Me, What I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table," by Blake Taylor. Basically, "the Cal freshman tells hjow he made the ADHD work in his favor.
Avatar f tn Stuttering is not listed as any of the possible side effects of Vyvanse. It is quite possible however that the stuttering is due to the pressure he feels at school due to his ADHD. It is recommended to give Vyvanse by pouring it into a liquid. This is a perfectly ok method to take the med. As far as you not giving him the meds. My first thought is does he have any homework he has to do while he is with you?
Avatar m tn My child has ADHD but I believe is more then ADHD its his behavior at home. Doesn't want to do homework and is lazy to write anything on paper. Has problem understanding what he reads. When he does not get anything done he gets very angry. He answer back with disrespect and tells me to be quite. It has become more out of control as he gets older. I try many rules in the house. How can I discipline my child with respect?
Avatar f tn It sounds like you are the only one who tries to change his behavior and also the only one who makes him do his homework. Combine this with the fact that he MAY have ADHD, which just makes everything that much tougher for you (and him). My first suggestion is to find out a little bit more about ADHD and how it affects kids. If he does have ADHD, it does change how to work with him and also explains a lot of his actions.
Avatar f tn A friend of mine has an 8 year old daughter diagnosed with adhd. She is on medication but I'm not sure the name of it. In school she refuses to do her work, she refuses to do her homework. Homework last about 3 hours, however she only has about 1/2 an hour of work. She has this attitude that she doesn't have to do what everybody else has to do. When everyone else in her class are doing their work, she just sits at her desks and disrupts the class.
Avatar n tn Hawthorn, Conners, and abbreviated ADHD scale. With this they were able to diagnose ADHD. I had asked for a more thorough test like WISC III however, since he didn't show a learning disability... his psychiatrist had told me this would be out of pocket. He has been on meds for a little over a month and he has said he can complete the projects, reading and math with much more focus and ease (he's in all advance classes). I'm not suggesting that you get meds.
973741 tn?1342342773 anyone else have any ideas they use to make homework go smoothly? ( a notorious issue for kids with sensory, add/adhd, and other challenges).
Avatar f tn Can he do several problems in a row without losing his concentration. Does he have a clue how to do his homework? When he was doing his homework, did it take him a lot longer than the other kids in his class? If a child is doing poorly in school - ie. everytime they are called on, they have the wrong answer. Every test or quiz they take, they fail it. It doesn't take too long to start hating school and want to stay home.
Avatar n tn Kids with ADHD tend to act like they have no filters (until they mature enough to have more control). Thus they can and will strike out without thinking. Temper problems can be bought on by frustration. If it is only temper and aggression with no other signs, I would need more information. How old is she. Did she have these problems last year. Has this only happened on the playground? Does it show up on weekends while playing? How are her grades. How much time does homework take?
1220347 tn?1345428521 But try to get them to do homework - it takes forever. Many ADHD kids can carry on a very good, detailed conversation (age appropriate) about something that interests them. A child that is not very smart can't. I could go on and on. Do check out that link I first gave you. I can supply many more detailed links if you are interested.
Avatar f tn t take 2 to 3 hours for homework. Homework is practice and review, especially at 8 yrs old. Let her teacher know how long it is taking her even if you believe she knows the answers and is just being difficult. there could be more to that piece of this than just being difficult. She could have a learning issue or a neurological issue/learning issue.
Avatar f tn I need help with my 8 yr old boy with ADHD and behavior problems. He has a major problem when he doesn't get his way. He wants to push me and hit me. he does not want to do his classwork or homework.
1502015 tn?1289362434 Well I am 41 and my doughter is 8 we both have ADHD I know for a fact that if you are on meds for ADHD you will have problems sleeping the Dr will have to give her something for sleep it may take trying different meds because I know some meds will make me sleep to hard and I will be sleepy in the morning but we take vivance and it will wake me up in a few min after taking it but it's not uncomin for the sleepless nights it will stop when you get her some meds....
Avatar n tn my ds is ADHD and fights with me everyday that he has homework. I think the teacher gives out to much homework for the first grade. . She will give five spelling words that have to be wrote one time each,ten reading words that need to be wrote one time each, and a math paper with 25 math problams on it. All this is assigned for one night of homework. And its due back the next day. Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid the homework war that we go though every night.
Avatar n tn My son is nine years old and struggles with daily tasks including, transitioning from one task to another, concentrating on doing his homework, and following directions. His teacher is very concerned and thinks that he should be put on medication for ADD/ADHD. My husband and I will do whatever it takes to help him before we try meds. Any advice would help. Thank you.
Avatar f tn s symptoms are typical of children who display what is called Primary ADHD (that is, ADHD in the absence of any other learning, mental health or neurological problems).
Avatar n tn My 13 year old stepson has ADHD. My husband and I have different opinions on how to deal with it, one of the problems is when my son has to clean his room. When its time to clean his room he will take over a week just to get it done. He will promise if he gets to play with his friends then he will take care of it later and that never happens, my husband will just sit back and claim that this behavior has not changed for years and it will never change.