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Avatar n tn Like to out rule possible allergy problems which can sometimes give a child ADD symptoms and I am going to try addressing the ADHD problems with natural herbs. I understand this can really work for some kids. So my advice to you is if you do start him on Prozac, consider the possibilities of why he may be having these mood swings . Is it the Ritalin? Since it has been known to cause moodiness. And is there something out there that can treat his problems naturally?
Avatar f tn im very holistic and i always try to do things natrual so i can recommend some herbs that can help with adhd lemon balm, lecithin,german chamomile you can get these online or health food store
Avatar n tn Even though most natural supplements, herbs, etc. are completely harmless, there is always the possibility of a negative interaction with another medication. In my opinion, it is always best to consult your Dr. Your pharmacist is also a great resource. All the best to you!
1094380 tn?1257177347 L-Theanine gets mentioned a lot as something that is supposed to help. Unfortunately, people never post back to say if it works or not. This quote is from and makes it sound like it is worth trying. I think it would be safe as its even in some gatorade drinks ("focus" - I think.
1204383 tn?1265649738 I have heard from several people who have kids who have ADHD without or, with ODD, as our son does, that there are ways to control it and/or cope with it in that child through diet. Has anyone heard of this and/or does anyone know what that diet might consist of or avoid to better manage the child's moods and limit their stressors or anxieties?
Avatar f tn how does a lack of magnesium affect the body?, im trying a natural approach for adhd/nld (similiar to asperger's) he is on fish friends which has epa and dha. mutlivitamins and still prozac which is cut down from 10mg to 5mg to wean him off, he was on concerta 36mg for adhd, clonidine .1mg to help with sleep and prozac10mg to combat severe side effects, then after starting prozac. he was chewing on the inside of his lower lip so bad, 2 weeks later and he now has two scars..
Avatar n tn I need names of herbs take for my Thyroids troubles.. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Thyroid medication and swollen glands in neck.</a>.
Avatar f tn could the herbs be the problem? or the vitamins. some days i dont pain at all. exercising helps. my viral load is 1 million. ast 65, alt 54. i really didnt have any symptoms until i went to emergency, thought i had an urinary tract infection. they did nt find anything wrong. thats when i went for check-up with my g p blood test, confirmed i had hep c. im very healthy, in shape, dont suffer from fatigue. can you help? and could this be liver pain or something else?
Avatar f tn Hello I am going to begin taking herbs **** Quai Red Rasberry Chasteberry Wild yam the site says they help with fertility and menstrual discomfort Has anyone taken herbs with any benefit or have any other information you can share
Avatar f tn Also I was put on Zoloft for anxiety and Zyban for smoking. Can you tell me what herbs would interact with these medications? I like taking the internal cleanse and colon cleanse and lung cleanse especially. Which herb in these cleansers would interact with my medications?
1047147 tn?1328906154 Im hearing alot about herbs that can make you more fertile.... My FSH was 10 the last time it was tested, RE said it was borderline.. Now MDH is on this kick with herbs,,,, Telling me to take royal jelly, Vitex(chaste tree), red clover blossom,,,,, And he added sasparilla tea,, and wants me to take some false unicorn root... Did anyone have any luck with these.
Avatar n tn Posted By cynthia on January 30, 1999 at 11:54:22: Is it safe to take the herbs kava-kava and St. John's Wort during pregnancy?
757597 tn?1315801812 Hi Everyone...Which herbs come back every year? I know oregano does but what else? Thanks for your input and I hope everyone is feeling least for today.
574118 tn?1305135284 I have done a significant amount of research on herbal agents, so I will try to help you, although you are asking many questions, some of which are not very clear. First, and most importantly: if you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you must be under the care of a psychiatrist, someone educated in the prescription medicines that you nee to control your condition. It is not correct that the natural herbs in your list are 'tranquilizers'.
Avatar n tn I have read articles that excess caffeine during pregnancy can possibly be a reason for ADHD, but it has not been proven yet. Just some of the tests and ideas they have thrown around I think. I wold call your doctor and ask them about it.
Avatar f tn ve had an awful experience with a drug cocktail consisting of several medications for depression (prozac), ADHD (straterra), anxiety (buspar and neurontin), and sleep (trazodone and seroquel). Around 2 months into this chemical induced nightmare, I began to feel empty, way worse than I have ever felt. My life felt bleak, meaningless, and black.
927672 tn?1244149647 If it's adhd try the Superparenting book by Hallowell.
Avatar n tn I have been on Dr. Zhang's herbs, I found out about him while reading an article of Dr. Weil's. Anyone else doing it?