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2150896 tn?1337516798 A Chiropractor friend in Michigan, visits Amish clients (they don't go to MDs and their kids don't get vaccinated) every week in their community and states that he's never come across any cases of ADHD,ADD,Autism etc. there. And they all seem to be on the average healthier than the general population, attributing this to their old-fashioned ways of living. Food for thought. Cheers!
4194487 tn?1370049744 Yes it is genetic, my husband has adhd n as far as i know he has 2 brothers with it too, but i have 3 kids n another in the way n my 3 do not have it.
Avatar f tn Well hello I'm a lil curious , I'm 18 umm my fiancé had ADHD when he was younger he doesn't take medication for it anymore and he doesn't act that wild he has his moments tho he's in the army now doing very good , so I was wondering if my baby would have it ??
Avatar f tn My husbands father does suffer from mental illness and jokes that my 8 y/o gets it from him. He has many ADHD symptoms. Pedicatrician mentioned Aspergers. The Dr. doesn't even know about his sisters diagnosis. He tried him on Ritalin LA. He had a big improvement in the first month. Second month not as much of an improvement. Dr. questioned it being a a 'bad batch' of pills, but it is too expensive toget a bad batch so then we tried genericritalin and his heart beat out of his chest.
Avatar n tn Having bipolar disorder myself, I usually check into this sort of thing. The last I heard they suspect a genetic link as mental illnesses do seem to run in families, but that doesn't mean that your son will definitely have it. For instance, my paternal great grandmother either had schizophrenia or bipolar type I (It's hard to determine since I never knew her and only have stories to go off of, and nothing was diagnosed since this was pre-psychiatric help being normal.).
Avatar n tn It is possible as there is a strong genetic link, but I have never seen a study giving the percentage chances. And it is a few years before that should become an issue. I would spend my time learning about ADHD so that you can better understand what your boyfriend has been going through. One site that you both might enjoy is this adult site for AD/HD - http://jeffsaddmind.
Avatar f tn From what I've been reading online, it says there is a strong genetic factor. Nobody in my family has ADHD, so I'm kind of wondering how this came to be. Anyone else in a similar boat?
Avatar f tn Although, that being said, I don't think that it has to be the same mental illness through the genetic pool...I think it can bipolar, ADHD and so on...panic attacks in one person, unipolar depression in know? That is just my opinion.
5757880 tn?1395581622 Hi Everyone! I have a 10 year old son who is diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, SPD/IPD and rule out of Asperger's/PDD in 2013. Currently, we have him on Methylphenidate ER 30mg per day, but lately we have been noticing issues. Mind you, the school hasn't been very helpful this year with information on how he is doing so I can only go by the vague messages received... the first 6 months, they say he was great!
Avatar f tn Makes me wonder if you were misdiagnosed? But to answer your question, there is a strong genetic base for ADHD. But it is far, far from a certainty. I believe that there is a better chance she will not get it (if you did have ADHD), then getting it. But even if she gets it - you are experienced in dealing with it (hopefully). But more important, the medical profession is much more experienced in dealing with it.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone has Adhd as well as Chairi and if they take meds for it. I had my son whos 9yr at the peaditrican yesterday. My son has a dx of Autism and ADHD given before his Chairi and syringomyelia was discovered. He had decompression surgery last July. He had been taking adhd meds prior to surgery but stopped When he had the surgery. Pysch would not give them afer surgery in case they masked any neuro symtoms.
Avatar f tn There is no difference. Officially, only ADHD exists. It comes in three varieties: ADHD predominantly hyperactive, ADHD predominantly inattentive, and ADHD mixed type. In other words, you don't need to be hyperactive in order to be diagnosed as ADHD. The term ADD is merely a popular abbreviation frequently (mis)used to indicate that someone is inattentive and does not display symptoms of hyperactivity.
Avatar n tn My child has been diagnosed with ADHD and has also seen a physcologist which they say he has a borderline learning disability. I know as a parent that something else is going on with my son and I cannot seem to get answers from Doctors who have the eliment of caring about what is going on with my son. He still has problems with loud noises and cannot seem to communicate properly he just makes some weird scraching noise.
Avatar f tn The estimated contribution of non genetic factors to the contribution of all cases of ADHD is 20 percent. In 1982, the NIH had determined, based on research available at that time, that roughly 5% of children with ADHD could be helped significantly by removing additives from their diet. The vast majority of these children were believed to have food allergies.
Avatar n tn they are tics from stimulants, unless he had rapid eye movements before starting ritalin then it could be sons tics where full body moments to where his phsyciatrist thought he had austistic type symptoms...only got worse on other med like concerta, strattera on the other hand did not cause tics at all on my son, but it didn't work to well.for focus..and it is not a stimulant..
Avatar f tn And yes, there are several things that can cause ADHD symptoms that are not ADHD - and they should be checked out! But your symptoms are also classic ADHD as well as your self medication reactions. To get a feeling for what adult ADHD is like check out the link and the advice posted here. You ask about resources for people like you. My first question would be - what kind of a doctor is your doctor?
Avatar n tn My son also has ADHD & tics, I find that the Feingold Diet has really helped w/ the hyperactivity and somewhat with tics. His tics are jumping around and odd hand motions like he's conducting an orchestra. I notice that when he eats things that contain artificial colors, it's definitely worse. The feingold diet removes all artificial colors & preservatives. I would recommend trying dietary changes before going for meds. We also give him Omega-3 fish oil caplets.
Avatar f tn My 5 year old has been a evaluated by a psychologist from our county's IU early intervention department. He was diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. Her feeling was that he is a strong, stubborn personality who may have social emotional delays and he is very adult oriented, he doesn't realize that he is a kid. His behaviors are: non-compliance, very sensitive to peers approval of him and fitting in, very active,quick aggression when upset, need for control.
Avatar n tn Incidentally I have just seen a program on Discovery Science channel indicating that ADHD may be a genetic condition that was beneficial to humans back when we were still tribal and nomadic civilizations. We (ADHD) had the edge in survival because we were always on the move and were quicker to notice predators that were hunting us there fore enabling us to escape faster than the more sedentary people. Now it is a detriment as we live in a more stationary society.
Avatar f tn At least some of ADHD is genetic. I have seen some studies indicating that the environment can also have a big effect. I have never seen any chart that predicts the chances of your child getting it, if a parent has it. It can certainly skip a generation. One child of the family may have it and another may not - or everybody can have it.
Avatar f tn 3 years ago my son was referred to a genetic specialist and we are still not sure what's going on. He was referred by his endocrinologist because he said he thought my son and his twin sister had noonans syndrome due to having multiple heath issues but the genetics specialist said she didn't agree. They had a lot of health issues similar to those with noonans but none of the visible syptoms like webbing. Since then numerous test have been done and most have came back negative.
Avatar f tn I do, many workahilics are the children of alcoholics, drug addicts, or what have you and vise versa.
Avatar f tn My son has adhd/bipolar. I'm very confused about everything, i keep blaming myself as to maby its my fault that my son has these conditions? did i do something wrong? My son has changed medicine numerous times, its like only a temporary fix for him. He is on yvanse,intuniv, and trileptal duringt he day and then he takes trazodone to sleep at night. even then that dont work all the time.
Avatar m tn I have Bad ADHD and Bi-Polar and had unnacceptable side effects from Strattera, Paxil, Trileptal, Lamictal, Abilify, Lexapro, and Focalin. I have a low tolerance for drugs, but seem to be able to quit cold turkey with no issues from addicted drugs. Past suicidal ideation is an issue. Everytime I take dextramathoraphine for a cough, I seem to be a little happier, can focus on work better, and don't spill my guts to all my co-workers.
Avatar f tn Once you are on Webmd - do a search for ADHD causes and you will find it. But, yes, there is a strong genetic component. But, it is certainly not 100%. The advantage you will have is that you have the experience to help your child, if your child does have ADHD. Many kid's parents don't have a clue until the school system gets involved.
Avatar n tn So here are thier issues and was wondering if anyone knows if they are connected to an genetic disorder. First the boy...4 years old 50% deaf in both ears, speech problems more to do with oral apraxia, and he has ADHD and poss. ODD. The girl is 2 years old and has 35% hearing loss, low vision, one thumb is trigger set and the other is down around her wrist, and she may get diagnosed with ADHD. Both are very hyper and have several learning issues.
Avatar m tn Shaw, MD, professor and chief of the division of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida. One way to look at ADHD is to say that some children are born with a genetic predisposition for it, and being exposed to certain factors in the environment may trigger symptoms, says Rolanda Maxim, MD, assistant professor of developmental pediatrics at Saint Louis University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Mo.
Avatar n tn We have been going to consoling and his counsoler believes and I feel that he is bi-polar and not ADHD he has great outbursts of behavior than after 15 minutes everything is fine. Is there a possible way that he inheritied this from my father, because the behavior is just the same. please advise as what my options could be.