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Avatar m tn Ok, Im living in france the past 3 months because My dad is french; I dont speak french.. Well I went to the doctor before I come back to america. for "add " and he pescribed me DISLEXIC AND ALZEHEIMERS MEDICINE;;.. I have trouble staying concentrated in school for math especially. Since they get boring.. Well I told the doctor that .. and he doesnt speak good english and I dont speak good french.. He fuckn took my symptons wrong and pescribed me Pirac├ętam Mylan....
Avatar m tn Ok, Im living in france the past 3 months because My dad is french;Im only 19 years old... I dont speak french.. Well I went to the doctor before I come back to america. for "add " and he pescribed me DISLEXIC AND ALZEHEIMERS MEDICINE;;.. I have trouble staying concentrated in school for math especially. Since they get boring.. Well I told the doctor that .. and he doesnt speak good english and I dont speak good french..
Avatar f tn org/en/about/what/WWK1 I am also the CL on the ADHD forum. If you have any questions about ADHD please feel free to post here - Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Also if you want to start by helping your son now, try starting with specific diet, surprisingly alot of what people eat can help symptoms of things like apraxia. A study in france in 2009 showed that 86% of people with ADHD had abnormal iron levels. (I'm dyspraxic and I have anaemia) Also, in a study done by a dr. Stordy, a diet of high DHA supplements (things such as tuna oil) improved alot of fine and gross motor skills in children.
Avatar n tn that being said, I did have a few rough weekends before I knew I was pregnant, although I was also not trying to get pregnant..I have a close friend in France, she is pregnant with her 3rd and drinks wine 1-2 times per week, she also eats soft cheese..who knows, for the 1st 4 weeks the baby is not attaced by the cord, so I think the liquor would not even reach the baby just yet??
Avatar n tn There have been numerous hearing on the matter of thimersal (mercury) used in teh vaccinations and linking it to dev. delays, ADHD, Autism. So much so that the thimersal has been banned in most vaccinations. However with that being said keep in mind there are still stock piles of vaccinations with the thimersal that are still used. There have been parents that HAVE seen their children change overnight from one vaccination. THese parents are out there and not hard to find.
Avatar f tn i take prozac, abilify, xanax, and vyvanse (for adhd). just keep trying and pray if you believe in god, it helps me and couldn't hurt anyway.
1746654 tn?1430104458 My work load continues to overflow that which I am capable of, to the extent that I've fantasised about seeing a doctor (In particular that gay Dutch one that has a soft spot for me), and convincing him I have ADHD, so that he'd prescribed ritalin. That would be fab. Currently, I'm in the middle of writing my coursework essay for English, supposedly due in today, but that's been changed to Friday.
Avatar f tn I ended that marriage and raised 3 young children (1with ADHD). 8 years ago I met my current spouse. He had no kids, never been married but was in a long term relationship. She cheated on him and it ended. 4 years ago we moved in together and got married a yer ago. We had issues with my middle daughter which causes friction. To this day he tells me how much he hates her.
Avatar f tn We did have some better days, ups and downs. I found out I had untreated PPD/PPA. He had untreated ADHD (severe). He finally went on meds after a long battle of it. The problem is before he went on it, our marriage therapist stopped our sessions saying we were unfixable. So we 'failed' marriage therapy. That was his wake up call and he got serious about getting treatment. We have always tossed around the 2nd baby idea but with all of the above, we were reluctant.
Avatar f tn I think language abilities are the key deciders when distinguishing where a child falls on the spectrum. My child goes to a HFA/Asperger's school with severe ADHD thrown in - and you can tell right away to which group a child falls into. There position on the spectrum may vary - some are a bit more socially advanced than others - but there is a definite difference among the main divisions.
560501 tn?1383616340 Even recently been rx'ed for ADHD and Depression. I too am very interested in how the Sativex is going to errupt here in the US. And don't forget that the NMSS is backing this 100% for MS patients becasue it is proven time and time again that it does provide relief w/ so many of us that suffer from MS sx.
572651 tn?1531002957 While it still isn't covered by my insurance since I don't have ADD/ADHD, I discovered that by buying it at Costco, it got the price for a month's supply down to $23 (after paying $60/month for several months at my regular pharmacy!), which is higher than my $10/month co-pay for generics, but well worth it. Anyway, that class of drug doesn't work for everyone, but it might be worth the trial and error to find something that could work for her that's more affordable ...
163305 tn?1333672171 Not necessarily true---- In France, doctors still make house calls, and waits are at a minimum--- France and Germany have the best health care by far, and Wester Europeans keep getting taller as health and quality of life improves--- We are getting shorter and fatter in the US, both indicators of poor health- We have all taken the Blue Pill here in the USA, and want nothing to do with reality, nor do we want anyone telling us about it--
Avatar m tn [7] The United States ranked 15th out of 19 countries with respect to preventable deaths before the age of 75, with a death rate more than 40% higher than the benchmark countries of France, Japan, and Spain. The United States ranked last in infant mortality out of 23 industrialized countries, with rates more than double the benchmark countries of Iceland, Japan, and Finland. The United States tied for last on healthy life expectancy at age 60.
Avatar f tn Hey Gemini, you sent me a message but I cannot reply because you have, maybe inadvertently disabled your message center. I'm just going to post it here, there's nothing that is out of line under the circumstances. Hey Gemini, there's nobody on here that's going to be able to ease your mind or your conscience. There are some on here that will always tell you what you want to hear, and others that are disgusted, and more still who will tell you that we are simple addicts, we're not doctors.
Avatar f tn when i was in an mental institution. in a few weeks, started loosing hair and gaining severe weight (btw got adhd, and very messed up) i'd like to call this the battering ram sindrome... i think it happens all the time.
Avatar m tn http://www.healing-arts.
Avatar n tn If we had the good serious committed doctors of another generation with the technology we have today(and we had a non profit medical system as in France)our progress would be a hundred years ahead. And for one, turp would not result in retrograde ejaculation, there would be cures for most medical problems and we'd be living to 100+ years and not suffering from aging.
184342 tn?1282592350 basically if it is bought in the united states it is safe.
Avatar f tn I'm 31 now, used to headroll for about 27 years. Finally I just stopped and it worked. It sure has something to do with soothing, probably ADHD too - I can't really tell. I also suspect it has something to do with early neglet and rejection - this way kids vent their anger and seek attention. Sad, really.
Avatar n tn Hello from Georgia, I am in the same boat with after effects and it feels like no one wants to really talk about thew problem.I have been looking on the web and it has been some help. You can find hep c groups but a group for those who are clear but feeling side effects.It should be googled. I will look and hopefully.Be able to help us all. I was a law enforcement officer and had to retire due to after effects.
286034 tn?1201100440 I am what most would consider ADHD so reading books is not in the cards but I enjoy anything that can hold my attention for more than 30 minutes! I have 3 dogs, 2 Jack Russels and a Humane Society mix that is my baby! It is wonderful getting to know you all! Oh yeah - and I earned a Gold medal in the 2004 Olymipics in the 200 m hurdles - how about that Johnny!! Isn't the internet great!
Avatar n tn Hello excuse my french I'm glad to see that I'm not alone Here in France the doctors don't want to believe me They said ther is no need to treat this anemia but me and my sister (italians)are always tired(insult lazy ...)and need more sleep hours I have palpitations and this is my lab results:red blood cells:6.67 tera/l(norm4-5,70)hemoglobin134g/l(norm140-175)VGM63(norm 82-97)CGMhb 31.9(32-36=TGMhb20.
387660 tn?1242600342 I have had this problem for many years I first noticed it after a trip to France and had gotten sick (somach flu), the next day it was my turn to drive and I ended up dosing off and almost going off a cliff. Scarry. At the time I thought is was just the sickness... anyway ever since then when I am in my car driving on a highway I seem to do mini doses.