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Avatar f tn ADHD is not an 'emotional ailment', it is an executive functioning disability. I for one, have it, and happen to do quite well on adderall.
Avatar f tn And the Dr said I have Executive Functioning Issues. I have yet to wrap my head around what that is? Everytime I look it up, it is for children and I am close to 40. I can only imagine it means I have ADD/ADHD because I do have issues focusing and motivating. I used to take Adderrall for it but that was waaay to harsh so I switched to Ritalin which I like much better, but lately has me feeling exhausted. MOST worrisome is I have sometimes numbness and tingling in my fingers. Why?
Avatar n tn s terms the behaviour one could expect from a child with executive disorder and how it differs from ADHD behaviour and if there is specialized meds for the former. Is this something that is treated by cognitive therapy and if so how do you find a good person to help with this.
627816 tn?1349238116 Curriculum based assessment (CBA) determines how the child is progressing in and responding to the curriculum. Standardized norm referenced achievement tests are used to determine how to the child is functioning academically in relation to his or her cognitive capabilities. Different achievement tests measure different constructs.
Avatar f tn There are many resources on the internet about executive functioning. The executive functions are a number of cognitive abilities that are associated with the frontal lobe of the brain. Following are several sources you might find helpful, and there are many others as well. http://brn.sagepub.
Avatar f tn My 13 yr old has severe anxiety. We are about to start her on medication, Celexa. We've spent 13 years 'walking on eggshells' around her, but recently she has started lying about things going on at school which are not, with the common thread of 'everybody is really bad and everybody hates me'. She came close to being disciplined for something she didn't do because she is known for lying.
Avatar f tn I have a 12-year boy who was diagnosed as ADHD at age 5. The neurologist contemplated FAS but his biological mother denies drinking in pregnancy. The also did sleep-deprived EEG and tested for Fragile X but it was negative. ADHD meds didn't help. He also wet the bed every night until age 7 and still gets up 3-4 times every night to urinate. He has since been diagnosed with PDD (high functioning Autism), ODD, OCD, Depression, low IQ, and possible attachment disorder (related to bio mom).
Avatar n tn People assume he is not bright, but in IQ testing, his verbal and nonverbal areas are in the normal range. Executive functioning and working memory are low, so testers dont add the scores because they feel it misleads. Sometimes he is given second chances in testing because he will blurt an incorrect answer before thinking--but knows the right answer. I have noticed when he is on ritalin, there is an improvement with his interacting and he comes across clever.
Avatar m tn Thanks for using the forum. I am happy to address your questions, and my answer will be based on the information you provided here. Please make sure you recognize that this forum is for educational purposes only, and it does not substitute for a formal office visit with a doctor. Without the ability to examine and obtain a history, I can not tell you what the exact cause of the symptoms is. However I will try to provide you with some useful information.
Avatar n tn Typically, hyperactivity diminishes as people age to the extent that symptoms no longer significantly impact day-to-day functioning. Individuals with ADHD also tend to choose jobs where they can move around or where there are frequent changes or exciting challenges. Intelligent people with ADHD can be successful in college or graduate school, yet they generally continue to have organizational and time management problems.
Avatar n tn My son has some learning disabilities: ADD, Executive Functioning, Slow Recall. He was held back in Kindergarten because of his progress. He is 10 now and just completed third grade. When he had his standardized testing, he got a score of 16th percentile on the listening portion. He had to answer questions after listening to a story. How do I help him do better in listening?
Avatar n tn Recently Aspergers was mentioned to me, A close family relative said that my son shows the same symptoms that her friends son has. I did some more research and found that add, adhd, aspergers ocd and some others are very similar and are hard to determine which is the correct diagnoses. My biggest problem is that some require medicines that can be very detrimental to the body. I have already had to switch my sons medication 3 times and up the dosage several more.
Avatar m tn hi i'm 16 years old and i have ADHD and my pills are not working anymore should i smoke pot???
Avatar m tn One can have some issues with executive function while still being very intelligent. And executive function issues are often present with kids that have add/adhd (and sensory). We were talking about what you can do and really, from what I've read and what the OT said, it sounds like it is adaptive in nature verses curing that issue.
Avatar f tn She is looking for changes or decline in any functioning. She asks lots of questions about daily functioning etc. My daughter, too, is a great students and I sometimes get the surprised face. My daughter takes medication and tics are generally controlled by diet (no artificial color, flavor, preservatives etc.), but she continues to have a low level most of the time. When she eats something that affects her, she will get ADHD and OCD symptoms (mainly sensory over sensitivity).
Avatar n tn Problems with working memory often occur in children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Such problems also occur in children who do not have ADHD. Working memory is one of the so-called executive function skills, and it has relevance to many aspects of our daily lives. For example, if you are listening to someone give you a telephone number, and you are trying to remember the number so you can write it down, you are using your working memory.
Avatar n tn s cognitive functioning and achievement, because symptoms of ADHD can occur for other reasons besides ADHD. Having a psychologist do a thorough assessment and consult with the pediatrician will give you the information you need to intervene effectively.
5065239 tn?1363065377 my 6 yr old daughter has adhd, autism [high functioning] and asperger syndrome...she has been treated for the adhd since she was 3 and the autism since she was 5 but i think the doctors only diagnosed the aspergers because her half brother also has it and has been treated for it all his life and he's 14 now. what are specific symptoms of aspergers?
342425 tn?1241379464 The ADHD brain uses so many different little pieces of the brain to do tasks that non ADHD brains use one large piece to do. So, to a non expert it may appear that the brain funtion is abnormal but it is perfectly normal for an ADHD brain. Sugar plays NO role in hyperactivity unless a child, or adult, has a sensitivity to it. Ther eis absolutely no research evidence to support that theory.
Avatar m tn I have a brain injury that causes many issues with my executive functioning. I am medicated and see various health professionals. For the last 6 months or so I have experienced a significant drop in my emotional response. I am now emotionally flat (flat affect). I experience no emotional response to any situation. A family member could tell me they had cancer and I would experience no physiological or emotional response.
Avatar f tn I am not so obsessed witht he dx - because of a great set of doctors, advocates and lawyers my son is getting excellent services at a school primarily designed for Asperger's, severe ADHD and Tourette's. He comes up a bit short in all of the categories (and even his tics deemed to be going away). He has a high IQ (his comprehension levels are that of 10th grader - except that he is 4th), imaginatve, verbal - but very high strung and rigid in his thought patterns.
961762 tn?1265229711 When it first started happening i can honestly say my executive functioning was tops, though now its gone to rubbish, ADHD without the hyperactivities would be about right. cheers....
Avatar m tn 1 for the predominantly hyperactive type versus 2:1 for the predominantly inattentive type). While previously believed to be "outgrown" by adulthood, current opinion indicates that many children will continue throughout life with symptoms that may affect both occupational and social functioning. Some medical researchers note that approximately 40%-50% of ADHD-hyperactive children will have (typically non-hyperactive) symptoms that persist into adulthood.
Avatar f tn It is very common for children on the Autism Spectrum to have symptoms of ADD, ADHD, anxiety disorders. Many doctors are hesitant to give a dual diagnosis. Kudos to your Doctor! Has your doctor given you referrals to the nearest Autism Society yet? Do you have any specific questions or just looking for support right now?
Avatar f tn Hi. My son is 10 years old with severe adhd. He has been on meds since he was 5. Recently we have had to change his meds for the first time in 5 yrs.(nightmare) I hadn't really thought about it til now but am really interested in some natural remedies for this. Even some over the counter meds would be fine. Does anyone have something they do for their child that works well?
Avatar f tn Hello Everyone! I got my test results from the Neuro Cog tests. They state that I meet the criteria for 'Cognitive Disorder, NOS w/ specific weaknesses in executive functioning and sensory perceptual functioning." Exhibits motor impairment due to MS, and meets the criteria for Depressive disorder, mild, recurrent. Production of speech somewhat slow and is suspected that this disease may be having a mild impact on verbal motor production.
1831528 tn?1317984379 It is unclear whether or not you have actually been diagnosed with psychiatric or emotional problem, but based on experience, most young teens start abusing drugs either because of emotional or physical abuse or some neurological condition such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, severe depression, etc. You mention that you have been on medications since age 14, it probably means that you were being treated for something. What you are most likely doing now is self medicating.
Avatar m tn I am looking for ideas to back up his needs for individual/group therapy, for a psychoeducational eval when he is older (do children born with GH have more incidence of learning disabilities or neurological issues affecting executive functioning?), for sexual education for the child when he is older, or anything else you can think of. I am not looking for medical advice, but more social/emotional advice.