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Avatar f tn Does anyone see the correlation between anxiety and executive function in this way? I'm wondering if the executive function part of it could improve with the medication, also. She's always been fine at school and terrible at home, until this year, 7th grade, with this new addition of story telling and social anxiety. The only problem academically is her lack of rote memory. She gets the concepts in math, but could not tell you what 7+4 is quickly. thank you for any thoughts.
Avatar n tn My husband has been diagnosed with ADHD and is taking Adderal and Wellbutrin. Although they do make some difference, he still has extreme difficulties with executive functioning (processing, organizing, remembering conversations, etc.) that seem extreme. He has said that he has been "knocked out cold" on three different occasions during his lifetime. He talks of this as if it's normal for this to happen to people.
973741 tn?1342346373 Good question! I get the feeling from reading the two links below that while all people with adhd have EFD. You can have EFD and not adhd since the EFD can be a learning disorder not due to adhd. I hope these help. Since knowing the difference does amount in treatment differences. First link might be the best. Second is more on ways to treat. https://www.additudemag.
521840 tn?1348844371 One is a weakness with ‘Executive Functioning.’ Executive functioning is our ability to work efficiently, strategically, and to execute our plans mindfully. For example, writing and reading comprehension tend to be the downfall of many children with ADHD, because successful reading and writing depend on executive functioning. Another problematic symptom is difficulty with impulse control (also known as behavioral disinhibition).
Avatar f tn It is important to get a baseline IQ, understanding visual and auditory memory, visual motor integration, executive functioning (organization, planning) as well as how the symptoms create an educational impact on reading, writing, and math. I would consult with your MD and ask for more direction about the medication protocal as well aas seek out a psychologist to complete a more thorough assessment. Dr.
Avatar f tn And she may well display problems alongside her ADHD and those may be more important in her struggles than the ADHD per se. Your description of her functioning tends toward Executive Dysfunction in addition to the ADHD.
Avatar f tn And the Dr said I have Executive Functioning Issues. I have yet to wrap my head around what that is? Everytime I look it up, it is for children and I am close to 40. I can only imagine it means I have ADD/ADHD because I do have issues focusing and motivating. I used to take Adderrall for it but that was waaay to harsh so I switched to Ritalin which I like much better, but lately has me feeling exhausted. MOST worrisome is I have sometimes numbness and tingling in my fingers. Why?
Avatar m tn rocking/spinning/flapping/pacing up and down. Both ADHD and Aspergers/Autism can show difficulties in Executive Functions eg. planning, organising, sequencing. etc.
Avatar m tn Probably earlier if I think back and he has a range of issues, though he does have ADHD. He has executive function problems, sensory problems ( not too far away from Asperger syndrome, though apparently he's too high functioning) He has emotional and behavioral too, which added together makes life interesting if nothing else.
Avatar f tn ADHD is not an 'emotional ailment', it is an executive functioning disability. I for one, have it, and happen to do quite well on adderall.
Avatar n tn Would you please explain in layman's terms the behaviour one could expect from a child with executive disorder and how it differs from ADHD behaviour and if there is specialized meds for the former. Is this something that is treated by cognitive therapy and if so how do you find a good person to help with this.
Avatar n tn My son has some learning disabilities: ADD, Executive Functioning, Slow Recall. He was held back in Kindergarten because of his progress. He is 10 now and just completed third grade. When he had his standardized testing, he got a score of 16th percentile on the listening portion. He had to answer questions after listening to a story. How do I help him do better in listening?
Avatar n tn A psychological assessment can determine if you have impaired attention and executive functioning, and allow you to obtain accommodations at work as a person with a disability. Testing can also help you and your psychotherapist determine how to help you overcome problems or maladaptive behavior patterns that have been getting in your way, regardless of whether they are the result of ADHD or other factors.
Avatar n tn Possibilities include inattention and impulsivity characteristic of ADHD, or impulsivity/lack of self-regulation and difficulty monitoring himself typical of executive function problems. An evaluation should include neuropsychological testing because it will be important to evaluate his cognitive functioning in some detail. It will also be important to rule out Tourette's Disorder: his vocal tic may be accompanied by some motor tics, and there is a strong association between OCD and Tourett's.
Avatar n tn People assume he is not bright, but in IQ testing, his verbal and nonverbal areas are in the normal range. Executive functioning and working memory are low, so testers dont add the scores because they feel it misleads. Sometimes he is given second chances in testing because he will blurt an incorrect answer before thinking--but knows the right answer. I have noticed when he is on ritalin, there is an improvement with his interacting and he comes across clever.
Avatar n tn Recently Aspergers was mentioned to me, A close family relative said that my son shows the same symptoms that her friends son has. I did some more research and found that add, adhd, aspergers ocd and some others are very similar and are hard to determine which is the correct diagnoses. My biggest problem is that some require medicines that can be very detrimental to the body. I have already had to switch my sons medication 3 times and up the dosage several more.
5624042 tn?1372200166 • Hearing/listening • Speech • Reading • Writing/Spelling • Deductive reasoning • Math • Executive Function Many times learning disabilities are hereditary; if a family member (such as a parent or sibling) has LD, the child is more likely to suffer from one. Other causes of LD include problems during pregnancy (i.e. drug/alcohol use during pregnancy, premature birth or low birth weight and prolonged labor, which could lead to a lack of oxygen), head trauma and poor nutrition.
Avatar f tn I have a 12-year boy who was diagnosed as ADHD at age 5. The neurologist contemplated FAS but his biological mother denies drinking in pregnancy. The also did sleep-deprived EEG and tested for Fragile X but it was negative. ADHD meds didn't help. He also wet the bed every night until age 7 and still gets up 3-4 times every night to urinate. He has since been diagnosed with PDD (high functioning Autism), ODD, OCD, Depression, low IQ, and possible attachment disorder (related to bio mom).
Avatar f tn My son was diagnosed with PDDNOS at 5, then ADHD at 7, then back to PDDNOS with ADHD as a comorbid condition at 10 years. He has been having seizures since he was 3. He has speech/language delay, poor attention, poor social thinking and limited interests and he struggles with reading. He is better at math. He simply can't plan and start a project, remember the details and complete the task. He is in a partially mainstreamed special education program. He is 10 years old now.
Avatar f tn // And also a data report - Thank you to anyone reading and also for any advice to what dilemma has destroyed my life.
961762 tn?1265233311 When it first started happening i can honestly say my executive functioning was tops, though now its gone to rubbish, ADHD without the hyperactivities would be about right. cheers....
Avatar n tn She was on Aderall (made her psychotic) for about 3-4 months, and just tried Concerta (she was sensitive, agitated) so we are very hesitant to try any more meds. She has very poor executive skills which affect her schoolwork and family, her room is a disaster, and when cleaned is a mess within hours. It is so cluttered that sometimes you cannot even walk in the door. She twists words to suit her purpose.
Avatar f tn Have strength - he went to one of the foremost experts in the country and on a scale of 1 to 10 - he was 11. On some of his executive functioning tests he is in the single digits percentage wise. We have three kids - all less than a year apart - so I understand the stress thing. We went to parent training for a year and a half using Berkeley's method and it worked. My youngest (now 7) ended up with ADHD and Tourettes - and we had to face it all over again (and she never stops talking).
521840 tn?1348844371 Projects can take a week or more of planning, which is the downfall of a child with executive functioning impairment. These changes in the curriculum can cause child's academic progress to stall. Children who can not sustain attention or understand most of what they read fall behind their classmates very quickly. This can be a disheartening event for the child. Some develop anxious fears that they are not smart enough to learn.
Avatar n tn They are all related to a problem with neurotransmitters (dopamine in particular). They all (for me) create a deficit in the executive functioning part of my thinking process. My "working memory." It's hard to tell what does what. For instance, the DILANTIN that I take to control my seizures can also bring on hyperactivity and confusion in people.
Avatar n tn We know his executive functioning is in the toilet and he has a very rigid vieew of the world - but all the ABA therapy we have down with him has worked wonders in our ability to function as a familyy. He is definitely improving. And all of those big reports all those doctors wrote - got us into a school were the staff was professionally trained to dela with his persosnality both emotionally and academically.
Avatar n tn Now, relative to the problems you are encountering with your daughter, children who have a normal mood and who are not undergoing any acute or chronic major stress in their lives sometimes behave in an irresponsible fashion because they are somewhat pleasure-seeking by nature and/or display deficits in their executive functioning. Executive skills are centered in the frontal lobe of the brain, and this takes time to develop.
Avatar f tn I am a functioning ADHD adult that has been on and off stimulant meds for the last 7 years. However, stimulant meds can cause me to have side effects like addictive behavior (drinking, ciggarettes, and smoking pot) and anxiety and mania. You really have to have a handle on the dosage and the gradual lifestyle change that comes with some of these meds or else they can turn your life upside down.
379947 tn?1199636805 I have been going through many post in this forum and I have not seen anything like what is happening to my son. He is 11 years old and since April 2nd 2007, has been "falling out." In a attempt to condense the last nine months, I will be brief. First fall out on 4/1, very brief, walked to the house. Next one was the same week. Always it seemed after exercise. By the third one, with lips looking dusky, we called an ambulance. By the time he got to hospital, he was fine.