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Avatar n tn He has been taking 150 mg 2x daily for 2 days now, i have noticed he is more sleepy, but is still active and energetic. Prior to the EEG he has been seeing a counselor, because i thought he may be ADD or ADHD, he has serious listening issues, and short term memory issues. The counselor said she would not diagnose him as ADD or ADHD, now we know why, is it true he may grow out of this, is there an undelying cause related to the asthma or allergy medications?
Avatar n tn He did not prescribe any meds at this time and did not schedule any appt for the future. Is abnormal EEG results a recognized part of ADHD? We do not feel our son is having seziures, but we do not want to overlook anything. He is a bright happy child with lots of energy, but no outbursts, he responds to discipline. He is aware of his 'head thing' as he calls it and is becoming self conscious of it. He does it randomly through a day, and quite often.
Avatar n tn Now my doctor says that I have abnormal eeg results and depression along with the adhd the lazy eye. From time to time I still have a seizure but the meds keep them under control. Can anyone please tell me what abnormal eeg means?
Avatar n tn Yes, ADHD is Hereditary. However, it is not unusual for only one child in a family to have it. Or to even skip a generation or for neither parents to have it, but an Uncle, etc. Point, being - your child might or might not have it. However, if your child has it - it does not condemn him/her to going through what you went through. Chances are your parents had no clue what ADHD was and that effected how you were treated.
Avatar f tn // . This site also a a ton of good information that you might want to read. If you have other questions, I monitor the ADHD forum more frequently and would certainly see your post there. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn My 8-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD and had an EEG and the lab report says: Dysrhythmia Grade III, generalized, maximum in the left central and frontal. This is an abnormal EEG with features indicating an underlying seizure tendency with maximum focality in the left frontal central regions. What does this mean?
Avatar n tn 6y.o. son had 3 EEGs. 1st EEG stated freq. T5 sharp waves w/ some central extension. Drowiness= Alpha w/ admixed slower frequencies. Stage II-III w/ synchronous sleep spindles, vertex waves and K complexes. Impression:frequent LEFT temporal epileptical discharges consistant with interictal expression of partial epilepsy.
Avatar n tn my 9 yr old is having a sleep deprived eeg on the 23rd of january and seeing his neurologist after,he is adhd,among aother problems,he was having lite seizures at school in november nearly every day and they started him on a new seizure medication and that has seemed to help alot,i guess im just a worry wart and this makes me wory more.he has had other eegs but never sleep deprived.
Avatar n tn maybe some of her behavior is learned but she had an eeg already and the electroencephalographer told me that there is a recorded seizure on her eeg, I am just waiting for the result so that i could go back to my child psychiatrist. I am now working on the idea to calm down and relax a little so that i can help my child. the psychiatrist told me that we should wait for the result so that she can determine what kind of treatment is needed for my child. wish my child can be better now.
Avatar f tn My 10 year old daughter is finally set up for an 24 hour video EEG. So I will finally get to see what is going on with her. I wrote in previously about her muscle twitching all over. I am excited to get the results, but nervous because I don't want it to be something real serious. I just want to see what is causing her twitching or tics all over so we can put her on the medicine she needs to be on.
Avatar n tn 5 has recently been diagnosed with ADHD with a bit of ODD in the mix. Could there be a connection with the febrile seizures and the ADHD? Due to the febrile seizures, would it be appropriate to use meds for the ADHD or should we wait until he hasn't had one for a certain duration? If using meds is safe at this point for the ADHD, are any better for kids who have had febrile seizures or not safe for them at all? Should we pursue an EEG before we go further?
Avatar n tn I am a mom of 9 year old ADHD boy. He got diagnosed as ADHD 2 years ago. We tried different medicine on different doses; but the side effects really worry me. So, we are looking for some alternative treatment to help him. I appreciate any comments on the NeuroFeedBack or any other possible treatments. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn Many doctors these days more so say every child is ADD or ADHD with out checking everything else and parents don't know better. Blood work should be done to rule out things also EEG and MRI. Also look at what is going on with the family ,like have there been changes in the family,are children being mean st School. If he is on drugs for his ADD they do have side effects that can change them and should be looked at to make sure he is not having any of them.again blood work EEG.
Avatar n tn The moving began After we stopped adderal. Often difficult to be around him due to the frenzy! Diagnosis of ADHD uncertain.MD thinks it may be Bipolar so meds are difficult . He recently mentioned movement disorder. I would like to know more about this and how I can help my son.
Avatar m tn My son just started licking his fingers constantly. It appears to be some kind of habit. It has been thought by his pediatrician that he has OCD. However, we have not taken him to a specialist yet on the OCD behavior. After we asked our son about his finger licking, he said that he couldn't stop. He has suffered from two seizures in the past two years that were 15 months apart and hasn't suffered from one since April 2012. He has had a CT Scan and a EEG.
Avatar f tn Need help with my 4 year old he is having stomach spasms since he fell off a swing. We have had numerous testing done eeg, X-ray, ultrasound ....ruled out nerve damage from fall/ seizures/ He acts like a normal boy and doesn’t seem to be in pain but his stomach literally has spasms everyday. I need answers I took him to numerous dr and no one can give me answers. Today I went to see a dr and he told me it could be affiliated with ADHD????
Avatar f tn An EEG can help you so you know that there is seizures going on and what side of the brain the waves are not normal on. People who have Seizures have a hard time learning and also do things they don't know they are doing and can't help they do these things.
Avatar n tn when pregnent my baby had 3 cysts on the brain, i was told not to worry, this comes up alot. thay called it T 9. now 5 years old he is having problms, with adhd, mild autisim,and ocd.and is about a year delayed, and has fine motor prob. he still has to go to have a eeg. can this have anything to do with the cysts?
Avatar n tn My son developed seizure at the age of 3 for the first time showing temporary facial and eye deviation to right side. we took eeg which reported an abnormal sleep eeg record S/o localisation related epilepsy from left fronto central region. since then he was under medication for epilepsy starting from a dose of 100mg of carbamezine tablet which was raised to 250 mg in due course of 2 yrs.
Avatar n tn We are going to pursue an ADHD assessment.I also want to pusue Auditory Processing,as I am concerned how he understands langauge etc.(Hearing test is normal,some language development delays)The school has implented a behavioral program to encourage paotive behavior.Amongst all of this, he began complaining of headaches.So last Thurs,he stayed home to rest.When I checked on him ,he was having a seizure!!! He was laboured in breathing,and his lips were blue by the time the ambulance came.
Avatar n tn My son was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD at age 4. Since he was 6 months old he has been experiencing tics. He gets them when he is excited. His arms and legs flapp and if he is sitting down he jumps all around the house. There is a possibility that he might have Tourette's syndrome they are running tests now. He had a eeg in children's hospital of pittsburgh and they said that the eeg came out fine and there was nothing wrong.