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4194487 tn?1370049744 Ok it would not show sorry but google adhd genetics
Avatar f tn Right now no one knows what causes ADHD, but there is a strong correlation with ADHD and the fathers gene. Look at the fathers side of the family and it will give you an idea.
Avatar f tn does anyone have a child with these symptoms? I looked into ADHD and it could be that but he is well behaved at school even though he hates it so I am not sure it is the right condition...I prefer to look into it before going to the doctor again because my son would have to come and he would hear all the things being said which I am not sure would help at this point.
Avatar n tn I am strongly seeking for somebody's advice and what should I do about this I have a severe case of adhd mixed with anxiety and I am a grown adult that needs medication for my adhd for school and work and I get really frustrated that my parents don't let me control my own meds in general they know I don't abbuse it but every time I need my meds I have ask them and it makes my anxiety act up even more cuz I have to call them tell them I need my meds and it's annoying because they r not always the
Avatar f tn I have ADHD and my son has ADHD. It runs in my family from way back before ADHD became rampant and misdiagnosed. My son also has a very high IQ - and had the same difficulties as your son. I also work in the school as a speech pathologist. Request an obsevation by either the School Psychologist or a Teacher Consultant, if they have one. They can also give you a checklist that can be filled out by you, the teacher and your son.
Avatar f tn Reread the article a little bit more carefully. It does not say that sleep apnea causes ADHD or ADD. It says that kids get diagnosed mistakenly with ADHD due to sleep apnea. All of us function better with a good nights sleep! So, yes, I would expect to see that you would see some beneficial results. Let us know what happens. Good luck!!
4194487 tn?1370049744 I do know that it is believed that ADHD is inherited (plus some environmental causes). I am not really sure how the gene trail works. But, I would suspect that the possibility is there. Fortunately, there is a lot more information about ADHD then when your family went through it. So I would do all that you can to become an expert on it for yourself, your peace of mind, and perhaps to even make your babies life a better one. If you need resources, I've got tons. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn after all, the medication did not work. Anxiety often causes behaviours which mimic those of ADD/ADHD. Zoloft is a medication that is often used for children suffering from anxiety issues. Perhaps you could discuss this possibility with your doctor. I wish you the best ....
Avatar n tn My son has been severe enough to be diagnosed as having adhd/odd at 3 years old. We have tried behavior therapy, drug therapy, and still no change. His aggression continues to grow and there seems to be no help for him. He is a wonderful child and i dont want him labeled "THAT KID". His therapists have started suggesting maybe there is something more than adhd/odd. What else can we try to give my baby hope?
Avatar n tn My 12 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD, and my 15 year old son is possibly too. He has classic traits of ADHD but has never been told he has it.If you need any more information let me know. Thnaks in advance.
Avatar f tn If a child takes the medicine and goes skyhigh (which is what a normal person would do on these meds), then its probably not ADHD. If instead it causes the opposite effect, then it probably is ADHD. This is just one of the many reasons why a good doctor that specializes in ADHD is important. To answer your question: After you have worked with kids for a while, you get a feeling for their overall intelligence through conversation, etc.
Avatar n tn I just read a piece on ABC saying that preliminary studies are showing a correlation between Tylenol use during pregnancy and ADHD and anger issues before the age.of 7. I had horrible headaches with this pregnancy and took Tylenol regularly for weeks. This is THE LAST thing I wanted to read on my due date. Blah. Just putting it out there for others.
1210184 tn?1266005439 I thought adhd and schizophrenia were connected, too, because I also have both. I don't think schizophrenia causes adhd or adhd causes schizophrenia. But they are both dopamine issues, but they are not the same dopamine issues. I mean the stimulants for adhd don't effect the same dopamine that antipsychotics do. Like you, I'm learning to live with it. I started taking a medication for it a month ago...makes a huge difference. It's like it takes off where the antipsychotics stops.
Avatar n tn Often anxiety disorders appear as ADHD/ADD when, in fact, it is the extreme stress from anxiety which causes these behaviours. I'm wondering if that is the issue here - you're treating the wrong disorder. What would happen if the ODD were treated (anxiety disorders are usually treated with SSRI medications)? Would the ODD as well as the hyperactive behaviours decrease? Of course, this is only a supposition but one worth discussing with your family doctor.
3453160 tn?1398023042 As to the link with ADHD. Many with ADHD are very lean because they are so active. However, due to jobs or job focus, meds, spontaneity, anxiety, depression, etc. I can certainly see how weight management could be a problem.
Avatar n tn Do you suggest there be blood tests to rule out all other possible causes of hyperactivity and/or ADHD BEFORE prescribing Adderall or any other medication? Is ADHD or hyperactivity merely a lack of self control/discipline?
737030 tn?1257662720 I did not have ADHD at the time my FMS began, but may have it now after a couple of blows to the skull. My son does have ADHD. Studies are leaning towards ADHD being in the same category with other neurological illnesses (ie. possibly being set off by an underlying viral/bacterial infection). So in that respect I would imagine one could have FMS and ADHD. ADHD seems to be low priority to researchers because there is no pain involved and it can be treated with medication.
Avatar m tn Is it truly difficult to diagnose adult ADHD or adult ADD? How can i get diagnosed given no money to pay a doctor? i am concerned, but my therapist says i should not self-diagnosis. however, i have no other way to diagnose since i cannot afford it. my therapist can only provide support for depression.
Avatar n tn my 13 yr old son was diagnosed w/ adhd @ age five, was medicated with ritalin @ age six.we soon found out that stimulants seemed to make things worse for him, we went from ritalin to concerta to adderall to strattera. from the beginning, we have included weekly, sometimes daily therapy, and in the last three years intensive in home therapy.
Avatar m tn if any medications I take for adhd would cause more frequent outbreaks of herpes? next Question..If i breakout in more than one area at the same time i more contagious should I have a cold and cough or sneeze? I have an area on my back that breaks out with the herpes. But recently a new area on my upper lip brokeout..and never did before ..Happening at the same time..
Avatar f tn I don't know LRM. I took my son to a psychiatrist as a last resort. I was getting 2-4 calls a month from exasperated teacher and principle. He even got SUSPENDED in second grade. I always told myself i wasn't going to put him on drugs. I'd tried everything, time-out, spanking, talking, grounding. reward systems. Someone convinced me that it would be in his best interest to let myself weight the consequences givin to me by an informed professional.
Avatar n tn Look it up on the web - there are all new reports that it causes all kinds of problems. My son was on it years ago - and he had a grand mal seizure - and the doctors laughed when I said I thought it caused it. I stopped it - and he never had another one!! Amazing, huh??
Avatar f tn I think she had ADHD people in mind when she wrote it. So to answer your question - Yes I think that ADHD is certainly a contributing factor. I also think that if you work on recognizing what is causing the anger, which leads to stopping it early, and then learning techniques to stop it. You can deal with this. One other thing. I tend to look at posters other posts to see if I can find anymore information that will help me help them. I saw your posts on stomach acid problems.
Avatar f tn Hi my son is 11 yrs old and was diagnosed with adhd when he was 5-6 yrs old. I was told recently the left side of his heart is enlarged. I was told its level 3 and he needs more tests. I was also told to keep him off all stimulants. Im freakin out, is this as serious as it sounds? Does adhd meds like concerta cause this condition ?
927672 tn?1244153247 Five to fifteen percent of all school‑age children have ODD. The causes of ODD are unknown, but many parents report that their child with ODD was more rigid and demanding than the child's siblings from an early age. Biological and environmental factors may have a role.
Avatar f tn I did find this one article which might help you. It reviews various types of meds used for ADHD -
Avatar n tn He is a beautiful and talented boy who is struggling daily with up and down emotions...Any advice, suggestions, resources, and or possible other causes besides adhd would be appreciated....Hopefully you can help.
Avatar m tn I am curious more than any thing. I have had ADHD my whole life, I am a 22 male I do not smoke etc. I was put on adhd Meds at age 5 to 7 first it was Ritalin for a long time untill the my last year in Middle school, mainly due to that it seemed like it was no longer working. I was having a hard time Concentrating etc and my grades showed that. I was then Put on Adderall-XR untill my 1st year of college.
Avatar f tn I have an 8 year old son who is adhd, some say o.d.d and o.c.d. he is constantly chewing on stuff and wetting himself at home at school and today he wiped feces all over the school just because he wanted to come home. he pees behind the comode on the wall of his bedroom in the vents he just sits there and wets himself. my patience is running thin. the hardest part is the kids at school make fun of him. they also say he is depressed so he is on zoloft along with ritlan, risperdone.
982214 tn?1471458381 I agree completely with the above posts. I also wonder whether you have communicated to your doctor what your child is doing now. I have certainly seen posts of kids on different meds that lasted a bit longer, and then something else to help them calm down and sleep at night. It really is a bit extreme behavior for most of the ADHD posts I have seen on the forum during the last 3 years.