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Avatar f tn As an adult that has been lining with ADHD through my youth, and now have varying symtoms in my late 20's, and a very low paying service job with a high IQ and skills in drafting and CAD applications - my life still seems to be on hold - I have little to no motivation to keep me going towards goals of Post College BS/MS work in engineering and aerospace - I have always wanted to design and build the first Mars/Moon colony buildings . . .
284002 tn?1244551155 I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and after looking back on my life and seeing the impact it has had on me I'm very sad in fact I'm crying right now. I am in the process of finding an ADHD coach here in Boston. I started 200mg Provigil and felt a little "out of it" or "foggy" I had stopped and just got back on 100mg of Bupropion and .5 Clonopen. So I stopped the Provigil. Has anyone withADD - ADHD had any luck with any other medications or treatments?
Avatar f tn It can be many things. 1. It could be his Teachers 2. It could be His School. 3.It could be something that is happen at home that maybe you don't know about. 4.It could be Children or a Child at School. Medicaly it could aslo be many things that would need to be looked into. But most Doctors won't check for other things,and Teachers also won't think of it being anything but ADHD or ADD and sometimes both and they may even add in Bipolar.Instead of cheking evrything out.
Avatar n tn I'm not too sure you would be okay with someone saying that about people who are ADHD....especially when people who are bipolar have some sort of ADD or ADHD...wouldn't that put you in the same boat as the rest of us? Secondly, if you dislike bipolar people so much, than why in the world would call this person a friend? That doesn't make sense. A friend is supposed to be someone you love because of who they are...not what disorder they have.
535810 tn?1213463367 I don't know where to start. I am a single mom with two ADHD children. I have very little money and very little support. I have a 9 year old daughter i am losing it big time. She reads the bible knows the 10 commandments but she breaks each one on a daily basis. some of them several times a day. She does not honor me or anything I ask of her. She is doing unforbidden things with boys her age and younger.
Avatar n tn At an early age (5-10) my parents were told by school doctors/specialists that I demonstrated typical ADHD symptoms. Throughout school, I was disruptive, inattentive, and generally off-task nearly all the time. Humility aside for a moment, I believe myself to be a very intellectual person. Despite my disruptive nature in school, I have always excelled in nearly every subject. Because of this, an alternative diagnosis for my disruptiveness was often cited as "boredom".
1460021 tn?1445739558 I have no local support groups or anything in my town for ADHD....I have no friends anymore...I'm not driven by money or possessions....but I've been feeling reallyyy impulsive really stupid in if i win my current law suit and its a large amount of money I was thinking about packing my bags and just taking a flight somewhere with no particular plans or agenda in place.
874521 tn?1424120397 the absolute best I ever read into understanding of the self medicating conditions of depression, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, anxiety....and understanding the addictive personality of many. this is a book that goes deep into the workings of the addictive brain and low levels of dopamine....even for us smokers!! Its a book that will answer alot of questions, its written by a doctor with OCD and an addiction to shopping. he has a clinic on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver B.C.
Avatar m tn Is he active at home or complacent? Has he been tested for ADD or ADHD? Perhaps he should be tested for giftedness. I'm surprised the school has not made these suggestions.
Avatar n tn I feel irritated, depressed and jealous sometimes when i see my peers living happily with their stable careers specially in my field. 13. My level of confidence is at extreme and then suddenly at zero and sometimes rarely negative. 14. I feel that i have been blessed with opportunities but i don't have confidence to pursue it. 15. I have problem of what others think and sometimes i take action accordingly. 16. I also have problem of cleanliness which sometime turns very obsessive. 17.
Avatar m tn I have a sibling who was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome/ADHD after near age 50. Prior to that, I would have considered their life to be quite successful, and they enjoyed several varied careers, from acting/singing to casino cashier, then blacjack dealer on the Vegas 'strip'. Sandwiched in there, they started and ran a successful infant/child swimming school out of their home.The life was hectic, and after a divorce, they became the sole parent and support for their young child.
Avatar f tn Im 19, and for many years ive had severe mood swings and mental health issues since a younge age. Im diagnosed ADHD & ODD with emerging borderline traits. When i was in my middle teens ( 14-17 ) the criteria for Borderline fitted like a glove but because i was under the age of 18 i couldnt be properly diagnosed. But the last year things have taken a dramatic turn. Ive been inpatient for 6 months and only discharged march of this year.
Avatar f tn I can associate with much of your daughter's personality/behaviour, except I have learning difficulties and ADHD type symptoms. I have to ask a number of times for people to repeat their indtructions and even then actually processing what they want is difficult. I had an IQ test at age 14 and it revealed I had above average intelligence in mechanical apptitude. Finally looked up the definition of Mechanical apptitude the other day and thought, "Didn't help me much in life".
Avatar f tn People with Asperger's can be highly productive and can have full and rewarding careers. They still have to acquire the basic skills to do so. My son loves to read and because of that particular obsession My son loves to read (a bit too obsessively) and because of that his doctors think he has cured the inability to make inferences a big of the disorder - he isn't so literal anymore and he understands nuance and sarcasm now. He reprogrammed that part of his brain.
Avatar m tn A therapist that works with ADHD would be able to help with some strategies even if you don't have ADHD and medication doesn't work. If you feel, at any time, suicidal, please immediately reach out. I do think you need to begin working with a professional to get some skills to work through some of these issues. Hang in there.
9924471 tn?1419958020 Jessie i was only 3 and a half when it happened but apparently he was a full functioning baby, hit his milestones faster than all of us, was verbal thej after he got the rubella vaccine my mom said it was like someone turned the lights off. My brother was in his own world, he didnt want to be touched or hugged but he would follow my mom everywhere. He would no longer may eye contact or even speak. He also completely stopped eating any cooked foods.
460185 tn?1326081372 None of these things really entered my mind as careers. Being a cashier drove me nuts, but it got me out of the house and into something other than myself. I absolutely love being a support person, but now I am absolutely passionate about photography. Though I am not professional yet, I am published. Reach for your dreams! Life is way too short. You are never too old to start something new!
330481 tn?1309491843 I think that teachers are more likely to postpone childbearing till after they finish schooling and start ttc later in the lifecycle. In fact most people here are quite established in their careers. That's my hypothesis.
296076 tn?1371338074 We are going through the same thing here right now...layoffs coming, etc. Now, of course we need to encourage bad teachers to move onto other careers. But for the good far as I am concerned we can't pay them enough. Education is the last place we should be making cuts. We are entrusting our children to them, and there is nothing on the face of the planet more important. Our children spend several hours a day with their teachers and have such an incredible influence on them.
Avatar f tn Our son did not get his formal diagnosis of Aspergers and ADHD until he was 25 and is still in denial. My Husband was diagnosed with ADD...again this is all lost on him. Since we have only the only child I am well aware of what the future holds, and have no misconceptions about support from our son. I am now thinking of leaving my marriage as I feel that I have nothing left that I want to give...and that all of my energies getting psychological imput for our lost on him...
676912 tn?1332816151 I was worried I would screw him up because I was told he might be ADHD or have autism so I was affraid to punish because I was scared he wouldn't understand why he was being punished. But it starts with discipline not punishment.(I learned that from the book.) They are two different things and when discipline is done properly you won't have to use punishment at all.
Avatar n tn It is a very real disorder that arises from an imbalance in the dopamine signaling pathways. For people who live with ADD/ADHD, it can be a misery, and the drugs that work on it have side effects in children that are not good. CFS is also not a "fad" but established, and depression? Nothing that is "fad" about that--another neurotransmitter imbalance that can be extraordinarily resistant to correction and lead to suicidal ideation, destroyed families, destroyed lives.
Avatar n tn I had forgotten to get my script and I thought I should try to see if I could do without the Effexor. I have been diagnosed with Adult ADHD and depression which I probably have had all my life and am now going through menopause. It did take me awhile to find the right medication mix as I did react to some until this combination seemed good for me. This is my fifth day and after very little sleep I am very tired and like a zombie.
Avatar n tn He has been diagnosed with everything from ADHD to (the latest one) Anger Agressive Disorder with Depression. We've tried several different medications and have had him in two behavioral treatment centers under duress.
Avatar m tn but i do know that getting out of your stressful job situation will help you. Stress makes everything seem alot worse than it is. I want to say more but my ADHD is kicking my butt today and I'm not quite making sense :\ I do know you'll get through this...
Avatar n tn an underlying depresive personality, ADHD, AND bi-polar.And I used to wonder why I always used drugs to self medicate! Hell to me it was just relief from all this Turmoil inside! Anyway, I have to get somthing going with these med's or I'am afaraid i'll silp back. All you very wonderful people have helped me hold that at bay with your support! Thanks again so much. When I get back to square(i mean hip) I will hopefully be there for someone on this forum.
Avatar n tn If my brother were a kid today, he would be evaluated, in therapy, diagnosed with ADHD, on medication, and in special classes. My mother always received notes from school about his behavior (he was even paddled by the principal a few times), he would do really stupid and sometimes dangerous things and he struggled academically.
Avatar n tn 1.Dextroamphetamine-legal-ADHD,Narcolepsy 2.Methylamphetamine-Scedule-1(Research Licence only) 3.Cocaine-Shedule-1(Research Licence only) 4.Tranycypromine(parnate)legal-Antidepressant(MOAI) 5.Tyrosine-Aminoacid(precurser of Dopamine) As you can see their problems,2 and 3 work the best but are illegal,1-(Dextroamphetamine) could be obtained by symptom mimicing or fraud?,that leaves Parnate and tyrosine,parnate is not as effective as 1.and their are more Autonomic side effects.
163305 tn?1333672171 They spend most of their time practicing medicine, and many of them like it enough to remain with Kaiser throughout their careers. Sometimes, not often, Kaiser doesn't provide everything I want in a timely fashion - it depends on how important a condition it is. From diagnosis of hepatitis C to first visit with my hepatologist: three days. From diagnosis of a bunion to first appointment with an orthopedic surgeon: three months.