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Avatar n tn Our own child was diagnosed with severe social phobia, depression and later thought to also suffer from ADHD. The ADHD was an incorrect diagnosis - anxiety often mimics this disorder. If the ADHD medication does not work, this could mean that the diagnosis is wrong. Tantrums and frustration and anger are common behaviours of several of the anxiety disorders. Separation issues and depression are also common to several of the anxiety disorders.
Avatar n tn What meds is he taking for ADHD as they have side effects could be causing this behavior so speak to your Doctor. I would find out the cause before resorting to any method of discipline it will only make matters worse, what is it he lies about if you yell at him it may upset him and he will lie to protect himself..
Avatar f tn She has always been able to sit still in class and church, so I wonder if she truly is ADHD, but her impulsivenss and inappropriate behavior is my concern. She has neve been able to keep friends. ( which really hurts her self esteem) I am heartbroken but I have other children and her problems are putting such a strain on my family.
Avatar f tn // - so feel free to post there if you have any questions about ADD. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn My 7yr. old son has been experiencing behavioral problems in school since the age of two. He was tested for ADD at hte age of 4 and 5 and the results came back negative. He displays impulsive behavior such as hitting other children, yelling out in class, getting out of his seat, disregarding class rules, total inappropiate behavior. He has been expelled from 4 schools since the age two. All of he schools have been private christian schools.
Avatar f tn I have been recieving phone calls from the teacher for about every other wk because of his behavior problems he is not really iniciating he want to be part of the group. he can't sit still for story time, he bites his nail and always has to be doing somthing and basically is always in his own world. He bosses the children around as if he was an adult which is not good for the kids there.
Avatar m tn She is not mean or violent but has a lot of behavior problems. She does not want to play at recess with anyone. She wants to be with the teacher. Her teacher tells me that she can do the work but only with assistance. She is not very mature for her age. The teacher said she acts like a baby alot. She is a very whinny child. She is on medication for ADHD. The doctor tells me that she is not in high school so it doesn't matter. But I don't want her to fall behind. Can you help me?
Avatar f tn She does not attend preschool and stays at home with mom. Do these symptoms sound like OCD and/or ADHD? Would a behavior specialist be able to help our situation?
770551 tn?1305578901 Starting Caleb & myself on a Omega 3 Suppliment. He has problems with switching gears from one activity to another. He gets over stimulated & has a hard time calming down. He goes through cycles where he can't sleep (just like his Mom). He gives himself stress tummy aches in the morning before school but once he's there he's fine. My husband has a lot of anxiety problems & I have sleep problems & it looks like we've passed them on.
Avatar n tn I am at my wits end with my 7 year old son. First let me say, he and his 3 1/2 siblings were adopted. I know their mother used drugs, but not how much, how often, etc. I know she was using meth when he was very young, but don't know if she used it while pregnant. I am trying to homeschool him. He refuses to do his work. In addition he gets into EVERYTHING the minute my back is turned. He breaks things.
Avatar f tn My 11 year old son who Ive been told is the smartest kid in the school district has severe behavior issues. Ive had problems with him since preschool. He is extreamly and overly smart. Hes in 5th grade but is in an honors class and does work that stumps my husband and I. But he is in trouble constantly. Hes a bully at home and in school, has no respect for anyone, doesnt follow simpke rules and just has a horrible mouth.
Avatar n tn You will not know if your son has ADHD until you have a proper assessment done (see my Medhelp article on ADHD), though even if he does not, you will still need help to get this behavior under control. An assessment will yield data that will help inform what interventions will be helpful at school, such as a behavior plan, accommodations or even special education services if necessary. The book Dr. Larry Silver's Advice to Parents on ADHD is a great resource for learning more.
Avatar n tn I just had another meeting with the school principal, vice principal, social worker, behavior coordinator and teacher. He was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD when he was younger, 5 I think. I feel that he was misdiagnosed and the school social worker agrees with me. I am a single mom and have been for 8 years, I am not working and am afraid that once I get a job I will lose it because the school continuously calls me to come get him. I requested that and IEP be done, which they agreed to.
3023697 tn?1340131407 Will orapred cause a childs behavior to involve into bad behavior?My son is 6 yrs old and was diagnoised with duchanenne muscular dystophy a few monthes back . His behavior has increasingly gotten worse. I think his meds have something to do with it. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Hi - I am writing for my sister. She is having problems with her 9year old son. Until about a year and a half ago, he was a quiet, shy, polite boy. Now he goes through phases of ADHD-like behavior and she has linked it to milk intake. He is "normal" until about an hour after drinking milk or having milk in his cereal. She has eliminated milk for a week or more at a time and had NO PROBLEMS with him...but as soon as he has milk again he is hyper, rude, inattentive, etc.
Avatar n tn no I dont think he is being medicated nore do we want to medicate him, he does have the right to his medical files, but my concern is that ive only been in the picture for a year and a half so her taking him to therapy for this kind of behavior when my fiancee and her were married, 3 years ago, when his father had no girlfriend and they were married , I just find it ironic that she says he is not doing it at her place, and she has also told us when we first brought it up to her last year that
Avatar n tn DO YOU notice she has a hard time following directions?
Avatar n tn I know of oral motor problems with sensory integration disorder which is also a nervous system disorder that looks like ADD/ADHD in behavior but is a little different. Sensory can be by itself and it can also be a secondary problem to ADD/ADHD. Oral motor issues make speaking tough as it takes lots of coordination to make those mouth muscles work. Also, chewing can be tough especially on items like meat. It can be as extreme as a child drooling.
Avatar f tn If his behavior has gotten worse, it would indicate that the med is making it worse - which could mean that he does not have ADHD. Of course, there could be other things going on that would make his behavior worse. So you can't go by just one day. What his parents do need to do is to let the doctor know what is going on. Don't wait till the end of the month. I am curious as to how old the child is and what kind of a doctor he is seeing for this?
Avatar n tn I have problem with my son's behavior . he doesn't have ADHD or anything like that he just doesn't listen . I have tried to talk with him in nice way , spank him I have tried everything and nothing works with him. he does listen for day or two and back to old habits . please give me some advice .
Avatar n tn One of the reasons why it is important that children have the benefit of health insurance is to be able to obtain help in situations such as yours. There is no doubt your son acn be helped. Aggressive behavior per se is not a component of ADHD. Howver, one component of Combine-type ADHD is impulsivity, and your son does appear to be having problems with controlling his aggressive impulses. If his ADHD is at least of moderate severity, it invites pharmacological treatment in addition to therapy.
Avatar m tn But since past 2 yrs he is showing extreme behavior problems like stealing, lying and restlessness. All Symptoms pointed towards ADHD and i found him having problem of reading and writing which are typical symptoms of LD like confusion with left and right, spelling mistake of omission,subtraction etc. So I assumed it could be of ADHD comorbid with LD. And advised the student to meet pediatric neurologist.
Avatar n tn Dear Kathy, It's unlikely your son's behavior reflects any neurobehavioral condition, such as ADHD. The sudden onset really doesn't support the likelihood of ADHD. His behavior in all probability reflects an adjustment disorder secondary to the family strains associated with your older son.
Avatar n tn While he may well display ADHD, oppositional and defiant behavior are not typical of children who display ADHD alone. If he does display ADHD, he likely display some other co-morbid condition as well. Likely possibilities are other manifestations of Disruptive Behavior Disorder (ADHD belongs to this category of conditions) or Mood Disorder. It sounds like you are getting on the right track.