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Avatar m tn His peers, school, and us at home find dealing with this behavior off the charts. What other medications are out there for teens to help with add/ADHD and not create should a mood imbalance. Btw we also added a small amount 2mgs of Zoloft, which help very little. So I feel like we are medicating the heck out of him to achieve his attention issues.
Avatar n tn My son, currently 11, has had many health issues. He had chronic ear infections, RSV, asthma, pneumonia (an uncountable number of times). He heard muffled for 2 years, until the tubes went in. He never crawled nor walked until age 2 (after tubes). Sorry for the back story. We are know into elementary school, and he was always immature. I was told initially it was due to all the illnesses and hospitalizations. Well we are currently in 4th grade.
Avatar n tn Our daughter is 10 years old. She has ADHD and also been diagnosed with ODD. She has been taking medication for ADHD since 1st grade and is now in 5th. She has always been very strong willed and tends to not go with the flow, either with parents or friends. This year has been evolving to a place that is too much for the household to sustain. We have tried many different behavioral techniques to try to work through things but to no avail.
482924 tn?1333203671 Just because therapy did not achieve the results you wanted before does not mean that a new clinician will not be able to help you. Not all behavior charts are created equal, and therapy should go beyond simply setting up a chart. I would recommend you seek psychotherapy from a psychologist who can focus on helping you learn the skills you need to manage this challenging behavior. Ask for a psychologist who does parent guidance, parent effectiveness training or parent management training.
1170648 tn?1263333835 my five year has been spiting at kids in his kindergarden class and got suspended. He can't seem to focus at school or stay seated for long,he also bites his clothing or anything else he can get a hold of .I've tride time out,reward charts ,taking away his favorait things but it's not working. Somebody once told me he might have ADD or ADHD could this be true and what can i do to help him.I also wanted to know whats the diference between ADD and ADHD and what are the simptoms.
Avatar n tn He was also prescribed a very low dose of Concerta for his ADHD. His tantrums disrupt his whole class and the kids also tease him. His ADHD has never been my focus because his tantrums can be so severe. His behavior is worse in school although he has trouble at home too. Tantrums always result from frustration, him not being able to get his way or get what he wants. I have tried everything from ignoring, sending to his room, taking away priveledges, reward charts.
1766650 tn?1313633709 t work with ADHD kids. If you were to go on the ADHD site where I usually post, you would see this is pretty normal behavior. The sad thing is that whoever diagnosed her didn't give you much info on how to work with kids like her. I recommend the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley a lot. I think in your case I would highly recommend it because it will cover everything from discipline to coping with schools and homework to IEP's , etc.
Avatar n tn My son of 7 years was diagnosed last year with ADHD. He is on 1/3 of a patch of Daytrana each day. Whole patch is too strong. After much testing I find that 1/3 patch works great and gets good result. He is underweight per the growth charts. My son when he is very angry screams and then scratches his face. From his temple to his chin, both hands, both sides of face. He has done this 3 times in the last 4 months. Yesterday he drew blood in about 8-12 scratches on each side of his face.
Avatar n tn s unlikely the behavior is a side effect of the medication. Did the behavior have its onset after he started on the medication? His behavior typifies separation anxiety, and he should be in treatment for this. Treatment can include both medication and therapy (including parent guidance). It's interesting that he is on Vyvance - that's not typically prescribed for a child so young. Was there a particular reason for choosing it?
Avatar n tn I have problem with my son's behavior . he doesn't have ADHD or anything like that he just doesn't listen . I have tried to talk with him in nice way , spank him I have tried everything and nothing works with him. he does listen for day or two and back to old habits . please give me some advice .
Avatar m tn I have a 12 year old grandson diagnosed with ADHD/ODD/Bipolar. He was first prescribed concerta. He did very well for about two weeks and then started to act very violent aggressive and angry. The doctor doubled the dose and the anger and aggression etc. became worse. That was when the doctor diagnosed Bipolar and took him off stimulant and put him on Resperidone / mood stabilizer. He has been on resperidone for 11/2 week showing only ADHD and ODD symptoms.
Avatar n tn My son, currently 11, has had many health issues. He had chronic ear infections, RSV, asthma, pneumonia (an uncountable number of times). He heard muffled for 2 years, until the tubes went in. He never crawled nor walked until age 2 (after tubes). Sorry for the back story. We are know into elementary school, and he was always immature. I was told initially it was due to all the illnesses and hospitalizations. Well we are currently in 4th grade.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone - I have a 6 yr old son who has been expelled from 2 daycare settings over the course of 2 months (the first time was 2 wks before his 4th bday, where he has been since he was 8 wks old and the second time was after 1 mth at a new school) both schools expelled him saying he was a liability due to his behavior...
Avatar f tn She has always been able to sit still in class and church, so I wonder if she truly is ADHD, but her impulsivenss and inappropriate behavior is my concern. She has neve been able to keep friends. ( which really hurts her self esteem) I am heartbroken but I have other children and her problems are putting such a strain on my family.
Avatar n tn I have a 6 going on 7 year old who has a behavior that is OUT OF LINE. He is being tested for ADHD and the neurologist asked us to change his eating habits and monitor him for 2 months. It seems like things have taken a turn for the worse and I am tired of being looked at as a bad parent. I am far from a bad parent and I want my son to be okay. In kinder and 1st grade his teachers had him on a behavior contract.
Avatar m tn My son is 11yrs old and has ADHD but I believe is more then ADHD. Its also his behavior at home. He doesn't want to do homework and is lazy to write anything on paper. Has a difficult understanding when he reads. He gets really upset when he cannot get anything done he answers back with disrespect and screams. Tells me to be quite. I have rules in the house but is not working. How can I discipline my child?. .
Avatar f tn It is the nature of ADHD to be evident via children's behavior. By definition ADHD has an impact on behavior. Beyond saying this, without more detail I cannot comment on the situation to which you are referring.
Avatar f tn Once the duration is done, the child reverts back. If she is at home, and the med is over, then you must expect a typical ADHD behavior. Which she is definitely showing. The following link is on paying attention. The site it is from has many, many good ideas that will help you. Just go to the Parenting ADHD Children on the top of the page and look at the topics. The link is ...
Avatar f tn You are a good mother to try and find out what is causing this behavior - and if they do have ADHD that would explain why your discipline methods have not worked. The following is a good site with info on the symptoms (and lots of other things) on ADHD. Check it out - If you think it might be ADHD or have further questions relating to ADHD, please post over here.
482924 tn?1333203671 Picks out words which are not meant for his ears. Had been diagnosed with ADHD about 3 years back. Was on medication and therapy but those were of no use. Making charts with stars for good behaviour has no long term success with him. He tends to become tired of these after some time. Our life is becoming hell day by day. We just want to run away from him - to be very frank. Pl could the doctors help!
Avatar f tn Your description indicates that your son's major problem is managing the frustration that arises when things do not go the way he expects. This is a major focus of development at this stage of life, and it requires that you and the teacher adopt a uniform method of addressing the behavior so that your son's internal controls improve. You have tried common sense methods of behavior management, but such attempts are more effective with older children.
Avatar n tn My 12 yr old son is constantly getting in trouble in school for his behavior. His grades are really suffering because of it! He is a bright little boy but his behavior is holding him back. Could he be ADHD?
Avatar f tn We have tried to take away things, make start charts with prizes and NOTHING is working. I dont know what else to do. What is wrong with this kid?
Avatar f tn I've been advised to try visual routine charts for my sons and was looking for a website that would give me advice on how best to do this to best meet each of their needs/problems.does anyone have any suggestions please?
Avatar n tn What is more about aggressive behavior in school setting? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/278885'>Overly Aggressive Behavior at School</a>.
Avatar n tn DO YOU notice she has a hard time following directions?
Avatar n tn hi i am writing about my little brother owen, he is only 5 years old yet very intelligent. Although me and my mum are very concerned for him, she has bin told by the social services that he is normal but believe me he is anything but that. He is always butting in conversations and cannot complete any activities started, he cannot sit still and is always got to be on the move! my mother fears taking him anywhere as when she does he plays up, swearing at her, kicking screaming crying.
Avatar n tn One of the reasons why it is important that children have the benefit of health insurance is to be able to obtain help in situations such as yours. There is no doubt your son acn be helped. Aggressive behavior per se is not a component of ADHD. Howver, one component of Combine-type ADHD is impulsivity, and your son does appear to be having problems with controlling his aggressive impulses. If his ADHD is at least of moderate severity, it invites pharmacological treatment in addition to therapy.