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Avatar n tn Our daughter is 10 years old. She has ADHD and also been diagnosed with ODD. She has been taking medication for ADHD since 1st grade and is now in 5th. She has always been very strong willed and tends to not go with the flow, either with parents or friends. This year has been evolving to a place that is too much for the household to sustain. We have tried many different behavioral techniques to try to work through things but to no avail.
Avatar m tn I am also a special education professional. Children who spend their lives having to use sticker charts, behavior programs, and other positive programs for every single thing (Yes, they are great for many things but not if you have to do it forever, all the time)... feel different and less than the kids who get things for just being themselves. The stress of failure with these programs can be intense. When my son was 4 he could not sit to eat, listen to a story, or even be hugged.
Avatar n tn My son of 7 years was diagnosed last year with ADHD. He is on 1/3 of a patch of Daytrana each day. Whole patch is too strong. After much testing I find that 1/3 patch works great and gets good result. He is underweight per the growth charts. My son when he is very angry screams and then scratches his face. From his temple to his chin, both hands, both sides of face. He has done this 3 times in the last 4 months. Yesterday he drew blood in about 8-12 scratches on each side of his face.
Avatar n tn His mother has been keeping daily charts for him that reward him for good behavior and remove privileges as a consequence of bad behavior, and his results have actually been pretty good. He buys into this and he cares about it. His teacher keeps these daily charts as well, which are turned over to the child psychologist, and he has made some progress. But every day seems to bring a new problem, and every day he is getting further admonishment and warnings.
Avatar n tn Whatever he is doing - cheer up - my kid was so ADHD off the charts he was kicked out of public school (and he was a straight A student). Now, before you want to start hiring lawyers to make the state pony up for the schools that are not on your state list (the ones they pile up all the smart, crazy AHD'ers - it will cost you alot of heartache and a small mint) try to figure out if he has a food allergy too. There are elimination diets to go by.
Avatar n tn My son, currently 11, has had many health issues. He had chronic ear infections, RSV, asthma, pneumonia (an uncountable number of times). He heard muffled for 2 years, until the tubes went in. He never crawled nor walked until age 2 (after tubes). Sorry for the back story. We are know into elementary school, and he was always immature. I was told initially it was due to all the illnesses and hospitalizations. Well we are currently in 4th grade.
Avatar n tn My doctor said it can assist in raising small amounts of dopamine in the brain, which people with ADHD lack. So it wont cure ADHD or ne thin but it cant hurt not taking it, i mean if it can assist in controlling the symptoms, why not! The only issue here would be the fact the tablets r quite huge!
Avatar m tn Hey, this is not a kids section. We deal with all adhd problems. And many are adult related. Man, I feel for you. There is nothing worse then having a problem and not getting a personal response from the medical field. I am not a doctor, but I have been on this site for many years and have gained a fair amount of experience. One of the things I have learned is that stimulant medications have no withdrawal problems (unless you are addicted to them and have been taking huge amounts).
Avatar n tn I am wondering if you tried stimulants- because I think most drs would immediatly think ADHD and try a stimulant for this type of behavior pattern. Sometimes it takes several tries with different stimulants to get to the right one, if indeed ADHD is the problem. Having said all that, if ADHD is not the problem, he could have an explosive anger problem. There ARE medications that can help with this.
Avatar n tn My son is 12 now and still has a lot of impulsive behavior. My son has Asperger's/PDD/ADHD/ and Auditory prossing disorder.The earlier you get a diagnossis the better you can understand him and deal with his behavior. Sometimes they can't control there impulses and need help and close monitoring even at 12 my son struggles with it.but diet really helps!
Avatar f tn Is she the only child are there any siblings,how is she doing at school, does she get on well there?Many children chatter a lot and are outspoken ,its normal behavior..If you are concerned there maybe a problem I think its. aswell to take her to the doctor and see what he thinks ..good luck.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone - I have a 6 yr old son who has been expelled from 2 daycare settings over the course of 2 months (the first time was 2 wks before his 4th bday, where he has been since he was 8 wks old and the second time was after 1 mth at a new school) both schools expelled him saying he was a liability due to his behavior...
1766650 tn?1313637309 And the other problem is that most of what you have tried really doesn't work for a child this young (in a few more years, yes), and it definitely doesn't work with ADHD kids. If you were to go on the ADHD site where I usually post, you would see this is pretty normal behavior. The sad thing is that whoever diagnosed her didn't give you much info on how to work with kids like her. I recommend the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley a lot.
1672178 tn?1304122269 Timeouts do not seem to work with her or with her twin for that matter. They just continue to do the behavior over and over again no matter how many timeouts have been given. We do positive reinforcement and try to encourage good behavior, we give them the opportunity and time to get their energy out and yet they still do this.
Avatar n tn I am a firm believer in setting rules, making charts, time-out and using rewards for good behavior, but I am also a firm believer in following the bible's instruction of discipline. I used a chart with my older son. When he received 10 stickers he was able to choose an activity to do with just me. I found his behavior to be attention seeking. When he displayed bad behavior I would always warn him first, time-out, but if that did not work then he got a good swift spanking.
Avatar f tn He has fooled the psych's because if they do not talk to his father, the son goes into his counseling appt's and portrays this "no problem" attitude. The problem we have is it is a state based center he goes to for counseling and unless you have the kids baker acted, they do not inquire. Now that being said, my boyfriend is also at the "they are not going to help me" place. He has probably been BA 8 times. 4-5 In the last 3 years I have know them.
978467 tn?1248449904 I don't even know how to describe just how difficult he has been the past couple of years, but he is getting worse no matter what we try. Time outs do not work, behavior/reward charts, stickers and positive reinforcements have been completely ineffective. He understands what he needs to do to get the reward, wants the reward, but in the end he doesn't care enough about it to change his behavior.
Avatar n tn Could he have something else than ADHD or ADHD in addition to a speech disability? Suggestions of books/articles on this subject would be very helpful.
Avatar f tn He has been officially diagnosed as ADHD and ODD, for which he was prescribed Ritalin. He lost so much weight that his parents took him off of it for the summer. He gained back 12 pounds but now that school has started he refuses to take any medication. His behavior is getting worse and I now fear that he really has antisocial personality disorder.
Avatar f tn We have tried to take away things, make start charts with prizes and NOTHING is working. I dont know what else to do. What is wrong with this kid?
Avatar f tn and it as not changed... He as gone to therapy and as been put on behavior charts... I have a week to try it and I told him if he feels weird or sick to let me know asap... I know this medication works different for every child.... I wil keep you posted and tell you how he does... I have to try it first before I give up on it...
Avatar f tn Positive reinforcement using visual charts can help cement the relationship between present behavior and the future. Best wishes!
Avatar f tn my son is taking medadate for his adhd, ive tried other meds like adderall xr and the patch daytrana the meds he is on now is making his emotional. I hate that he is on meds but its the only way he can do good in school. can anyone give me some information on any other meds or herbal meds that will work?
Avatar n tn Its a little unusual to put a 3 year old on medication unless they are really off the charts. And yes an ADHD child (especially a 3 year old) is not going to have the control to decide when to turn it on or off. It very well could be there is a strong emotional issue going on here (which is very understandable). Getting some help in learning how to help him deal with this might be a good idea.
Avatar m tn I have a ten year old son. He had sever behavior isues in kindergarten and was almost kicked out of school then he was diagnosed with ADD. He started on meds and they made it worse....they uped the dosage and it got better for a bit but he always complained his stomache hurt and would actually fall asleep in class all the time. he has always stolen little first second grade he started having ticks. was taken to specialist and diagnosed with ocd TSD and add combo.
Avatar n tn I have tried physically restraining her, time outs, spankings, positive discipline, reward charts. She is not on medications. She hardly sleeps at night, waking up several times or crying all night long. She does opposite of whatever I ask her to do. She is extremely rough with her baby sister who is now 10 months old, although she is not meaning to be. She is extremely smart and talking with her there are no tics, or any other signs of autism.
Avatar f tn // Do post this identical post over there. But let me give you some ideas I have learned from reading and posting over there. In a nutshell, your attempts to change his behavior while using known techniques, just aren't being used in a manner that will help with tough cases. Essentially consequences have to be immediate, consistent, age appropriate, and last consistently for 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn When he was a little boy he used to watch the weather channell all the time and he made weather charts as well as number charts. He numbered every page in every book in the house. including the phone book. He built big cities and buildings with legos and loved playing with those plastic letters and numbers. He seemed to be happiest when he was alone or with only a few other people. He was never good in crowds.
Avatar f tn // But, as I said, he certainly has many of the symptoms of ADHD. Probably the most complete information I have found for the symptoms etc., is here It will probably give you more information then you want to know. Finally, just some thoughts on discipline. JGF25 had some very good points which I certainly agree with.
Avatar m tn Over the next year it seemed everything got worse, while her behavior in 1st grade was pretty good, her behavior at home grew worse and worse. Regardless of the punishment, it didn't seem to matter to her.. she still did what she wanted, when she wanted, and if she got in trouble.. oh well, punishment had that immediate effect of.. "oh crap, i'm going to get timeout, or a spanking" but after the situation was over.. it was right back at it.. no sense of consequence at all...