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383943 tn?1217726321 Does she have ADD/ADHD and / or anxiety? I never heard of Celexa being used for ADHD on a 5 year old. Did she get evaluated by a psycholigist or developmental doctor that specializes in ADHD? If she has ADHD, the first medication that you should try is Metadate CD or Ritalin. Start with a very small dosage such as 2.5mg or 5mg. If it does not work because it is not enough, keep on increasing the amount very slowly until you see that she is doing well. I am not familiar with celexa.
Avatar f tn I have depression anxiety bipolar and now they have diagnosed me with adhd, everything really finally makes sense for the years and years my life has been a revolving door. I just feel alone and lost, people that don't have these issues have no idea the daily demons you have to face, is there anybody else out there?
Avatar n tn I have recently found out through my daughter going to therapy that I have depression, anxiety and ADHD. My doctor put me on Wellbutrin and that was awful - My anxiety went through the roof and my mood swings were terrible, and the blurred vision was unbearable - I couldn't read. He switched me to Zoloft and within a week I felt great. After a couple of weeks he decided to put me on Aderall for the ADHD. I have been on that for about 3 weeks and I feel worse.
Avatar f tn I am just so confused as to how she could be diagnosed ADHD, yet she excels in academics? Also, the counselor came and observed her last year, and told me that she definitly was not ADHD, however, she never tested her either? Does this seem possible?
4194487 tn?1370049744 Is ADHD/ADD hereditary? My mother, and brother has ADHD, my sister has ADD. Me and my dad are the only ones without it. My boyfriend doesnt have either, could my baby get ADHD or ADD even though my boyfriend or I dont have it?
Avatar n tn I have a child with adhd with anxiety, and a sleeping problem. He has been doing well. on strattera, and trazadone. he is growing. but now he is getting again "kicked out of daycare". he is killing me. Iove my son to death, but I don't know what else to do. It seems he does this on purpose to get to be picked up by mommy to be be brought home. I have read, listen and watched everything out there. The one that works the best is Magic 1-2-3... but he is good at home....
1377599 tn?1278924570 I have ADD and I can tell you that not all of those symptoms are due to ADD. Being easily distracted, not staying on topic, talking to yourself are easily related to ADD. I would say MAYBE even hearing your friends voice, people with ADD tend to have a stronger immagination. If your sleeping problems are due to your mind wondering then that could also be due to ADD. As for the heart racing, sweats, ears ringing, stomach problems It is most likely something else.
Avatar n tn I am strongly seeking for somebody's advice and what should I do about this I have a severe case of adhd mixed with anxiety and I am a grown adult that needs medication for my adhd for school and work and I get really frustrated that my parents don't let me control my own meds in general they know I don't abbuse it but every time I need my meds I have ask them and it makes my anxiety act up even more cuz I have to call them tell them I need my meds and it's annoying because they r not always the
Avatar n tn The combination of learning disability (even with average intelligence), ADHD and Anxiety Disorder, in addition to social/emotional immaturity, can be a challenge to address. You are doing the sensible thing to have an appointment with a child psychiatrist. In addition to psychostimulant, a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (e.g., Prozac) might be very useful for your son. When used correctly, these medicines will not result in any addictions or other problems.
Avatar f tn AD/HD can really effect self esteem and anxiety levels - among other things. And I wonder if she has ADHD or ADD? As those with ADHD tend to get discovered faster. So I guess the first place to start is with an overall view of the problem. This is a pretty good site for that with lots of other good resources - This site deals with the problems that teenagers can have -
Avatar f tn My son was diagnosed with ADHD at 3. He was hyper active and extremely good at escaping the house. He was not learning or learning and then forgetting what was learned. He has a lot of fine motor issues and at 91/2 still cannot tie his shoes. We took him to his regular pediatrician and to a physiologist who prescribed ADHD meds. He has has had adverse reactions to three and now hates to leave the house or engage on anything new. The social anxiety is far worse than ever.
Avatar n tn Feeling faint Restless nights It can also increase depression, anxiety, paranoia, and sometimes aggression. If you already have these symptoms due to psychology problems, it’s probably not a good idea to go on concerta. Something I picked up on that I have not seen mentioned often is heart rate. People I know that have also taken concerta sometimes experience a symptom where their heart’s BPM increases rapidly.
Avatar f tn my 5 year old son is diagnosed with ADHD, disruptive behavior and a mood disorder, and possibly depression and anxiety. he has been prescribed ritalin, medidate, depakote, and zoloft. all together. That seems to be alot of medication for a small young child. Im very worried for him, is this safe for him?
Avatar n tn As an aside, it's not unusual for children who display ADHD to also have the ability to be attentive and focused in particular circumstances. Under conditions of high motivation, such attentiveness is often observed in children who may be distractible and inattentive in other situations or contexts.
Avatar n tn I believe I am an ADHD. I think these are the symptoms that can prove that: Can't stop cheating on test Won't do homework Mood swings Talk really loud and get really excited easily Anxiety Cannot sleep Pretty intelligent, but can't do good in school Can focus on a task Can't have interest in something for more than a day. Easily frustrated (especially while doing homework) Take out the anger on myself by punching, clawing, scratching, Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Also, you might want to do something that allmymarbles apparently has not done, and that is to read up on ADHD and find out what it is all about. The concept that "he is who he is is", is really cute until he catches a severe infection and you go "oh, he is who he is." That's BS. ADHD is a proven medical problem. How it is treated is what is important. To ignore it is in my opinion a form of child abuse.
Avatar m tn When I was 16 I was diagnosed with add and prescribed adderall. I was diagnosed by taking some long and expensive test. When I took adderall it made my anxiety worse and I felt like I had smoked crack. I tried taking it several times with the same outcome each time. I barely squeezed through high school and have continued to live with it ever since. I am now trying to get a college degree and I am having extreme difficulties.
Avatar f tn Your family doctor is not the best for helping you with this. You need to see a psychiatrist for a diagnosis, and they are most knowlegable when it comes to these types of medications. Then see what type of psychologist he recommends. You're not on a medication specifically for ADD/ADHD. Ziac is for high blood pressure and I doubt you have this at 20! Do you know why it was given to you? Imitrex is for migraines, do you get migraine headaches?
Avatar f tn Over time, those with untreated ADD or ADHD can be at high risk for developing depression, anxiety disorders, or other emotional problems. Both ADD and ADHD are very complex conditions; an individual with either of the disorders may have very different symptoms than another person who has the same disorder.
Avatar n tn The Strattera seems to ease my anxiety while slightly reducing ADHD symptoms and the Adderal XR nearly eliminates the remaining ADHD symptoms. Is it safe to take Adderal XR and Strattera at the same time? I only have a two week supply of Strattera remaining and I'm very much dreading going back to my old self. If it is safe to combine both medications, what should I say to my doctor?
Avatar n tn My son was diagnosed ADHD from age 10 and was put on Adderal, Ritalin, Concerta and then tried Straterra he was very irritable and had bad side effects, at age 16 he started self medicating with marijuana and can barely make it a day at school or a job without throwing up or having bowl issues, he is 17 and not sure if he is ADHD/BPolar but he suffers from panic attacks and can barely make it at school and self mediciates with marijuana....
Avatar f tn I believe this may have been caused by traumatic events in my childhood, ADHD, long drug history in parent, stress, repressed rage, ocd and anxiety. im tired of picking at my arms and need advice on how to deal with this and my other problems.
Avatar n tn I am now taking adderall only--it helps the ADHD but not perfectly and not fully. I'm still struggling with the anxiety and OCD. It also feels like adderall is a "force-fix" for the focusing but this is probably due to its characteristic of being a stimulant.
Avatar f tn I went for an evaluation and now the person is telling me I have anxiety and depression only. Can adult ADHD mirror anxiety symtoms? Can anxiety cause disorganization, concentration problems or comprehension problems? Or memory problems. I forget the adhd symtoms.
Avatar f tn You just need to keep it under control, which might be hard considering you have ADHD. If you feel like you may have anxiety and cannot keep it under control, it would be best to consult a therapist or maybe a doctor for some medication.
Avatar f tn I have alot of the symptoms, I guess my Bipolar and anxiety symptoms bother me more and are usually topic of conversation with the Dr. I go today to see the therapist and Dr. and I'll definately bring it up. I think I need my dose adjusted (Lithium). Thanks everyone for the advice.
Avatar n tn He sounds like a very sweet little guy. But I would be prepared for a diagnosis of ADHD, really. His symptoms sound classic, and for him to come to the attention of TWO separate preschools, with behaviors that are so far out of the norm that they call and tell you, that's pretty telling. My oldest was exactly like that, and although you cry a lot at first, he's a terrific guy. Sweet natured, smart, delightful.
Avatar f tn I have bin diagnosed ADHD at age13, I started treatment for it after a series of depression and panick attacks, I was told by a psychologist that I have a comorbid disorder; ADHD,Anxiety and depression. I was treated with Risperdal and Ritalin. I am now seeing a new Dr who insists I don't have ADHD but a form of General/Social anxiety. I take Latuda 40mg n Paxil 40mg,& ropinirole for "restless leg syndrome" I don't believe I have RLS but my need to fidget due to my ADHD.