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6601982 tn?1383754936 Unfortunately most doctors don't know how to use it. Doctors take an 8hr class and pay $10,000 and then they are experts. Ugh!
Avatar n tn Will you continue at this level indefinately if it continues to work? Do you ever take a drug holiday to flush the Adderall out, and if so, for how long and how often? Do you employ any non-drug related coping skills during this period? Do people's bodies develop a natural resistance to Adderall over time, or does this occurr only in cases where the drug is being abused? If your body (brain) does begin to adjust and become non-responsive to Adderall, then what?
Avatar n tn Thank you for your quick response. Can you tell me how long would it take for me to know that the tic is temporary or here to stay?
Avatar n tn Adderall (a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine) is a prescription stimulant used to treat adults and children (over the age of six) with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Adderall was the second drug to be approved to treat ADHD, following Ritalin’s already long stay on the market. The FDA approved Adderall in 1996 and later approved Adderall XR Extended-Release capsules in 2001.
Avatar n tn You will hear miracle stories of how it helped improved grades and behavior at home, but I assure you it's only temporary and most people I know that have began taking amphetamines at an early age have other issues now as adolescents such as depression, bipolar disorder, etc.
5717054 tn?1372962145 iv been on Valium forever it stops my paranoia some of my anxiety and insomnia and vertigo too much benzo has paradoxical effect. I just started Adderall 20mds XR First day was bad i figured cause my anxiety.
Avatar n tn My worry is the long term effect of being on ADHD medication. They both take 12 hour Concerta, which was the best choice of all options given to us. My oldest seems to handle it very very well. My youngest is doing well on it too. But needed just a little boost so I am hoping it will be enough to add the Clonodine instead of increasing her dose of Concerta.
Avatar n tn Haven't been able to be calm enough to take a yoga class since I started Adderall. I used to be calm and capable of being "still", which has stopped because my mind races. This drug is perfect for our society today. It does make you feel more confident and give you a better mood but it's the drug (superficial) and not the "real" you.
Avatar n tn ' When I started to develop a slight apathy, and weight gain related to that apathy, I was reduced to 50mg zoloft. About a year later I was prescribed adderall (10mg XR) and noticed it had a tremendous effect on my attention and concentration. When I graduated from college and got into the routine of the working world everything fell apart. My slight apathy became crippling, virtually destroying my social life.
Avatar f tn I mean if you are living anywhere back East or in the Midwest in this sucky weather and stuck indoors - I would be super depressed. Adderall is not going to fix that. Do all you can to get outside. Take the child and walk the indoor malls. Yoga classes, gyms, etc. Do something to change up things. Things are very different for you now then they once were. You may be expecting too much from the meds? Hope this helps.
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Avatar n tn They wouldn't mislead you. If you need to quit, they will tell you how to do it safely. Good luck! Let us know how it goes...
Avatar f tn Are you taking Adderall XR or Adderall? Is it a capsule or a tablet?
Avatar f tn And people that have changed to different drug... Please no post telling me not to take Adderall and I'm aware of side effects. Thank you!
Avatar n tn You feel like a new man. Take two if you need to because I honestly do believe adderall gets your body temp down. That's why you'll get goose bumps in a warm shower that feels unusually hot.
Avatar n tn The only thing that I have knowledge is a gap in time, which I noticed on my forum when snorting Adderall, how my entries jumped rapidly from week to week. I use to write daily but when I was taking Adderall I never even wrote anything or remembered what happened, and it made me insane. It was insane and it made me very depressed, driving me to into partial insomnia for a short period. It reminded me very much of Fight Club if you have seen it.
Avatar n tn I should also mention that I am on 30 mg of Adderall XR for ADD. My Dr. decided to switch me to Wellbutrin XR which would also help me quit smoking. He had me drop down to 75 mg of the Effexor for a few days, then to 37.5 for another 2-3 days. The first day off the Effexor, I experienced increasing nausea, vertigo and a "slushy" head. The next two days, the symptoms increased. There was some confusion as to whether it was the Wellbutrin or the Effexor that was causing the symptoms.
Avatar f tn I would personally prefer to take a long or intermediate acting medicine. The only problem with the long acting is that I have read that for some it lasts 14 hours. That may not really be a problem for me later on after I decide what type of progress I have made. Gotta go scramble up a couple of eggies. I'll check back again soon. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn Can somebody tell me if it takes a while for this to happen? or have any other comments on weightloss with wellbutrin as to how long you were on it before you noticed the weight loss? Thanks. bo.
Avatar n tn I'm drinking a lot of water, taking it easy, loading up on vitamins, and watching my diet. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to take care of yourself during this period? Thanks to all of you who have posted - every one of you have helped me understand that I'm not crazy and that I'm not alone in this. Peace.
Avatar f tn It doesn't matter how long I go without anymore, all I do is sleep. The only way I have motivation to do anything is to take the pills. caffine/sugar/excersize/5hr energys...nothing else works or even helps. My doctor says its not addictive - well my doctor must be a ******* idiot because that is exactly what it is and as for the adverse side effects like lack of energy, motivation, diminished mental state, depression, and everything else I don't know if there's anyway to fix it.
Avatar m tn I take regular Adderall, so I'm not sure how long the XR last, but I can only assume it's probably 10-12 hours. Did your doctor recommend that you take both pills at the same time, or your regular 5 mg later in the day? I take 20-30 mg (in 10 mg pills) of Adderall, but I have been diagnosed with insomnia (due to another disorder). So I know I shouldn't take my Adderall after 5 PM, since it has a life of 3-5 hours, if I want my sleeping pill to work.
Avatar f tn I lost 110 lbs in a little under a year on ADDERALL the doc had me on 55mgs of ADDERALL XR daily.... ADDERALL to me is a leagalized form of meth-amphetamines, or "ice" But like someone said before every drug works differently for each person Adderall in my case is the only one that works for me. But, drinking on the medications she is taking daily isnt the smartest considering that the alcohol makes the drugs do the opposite they are supposed to.
Avatar n tn I believe the way to solve this problem, and it clearly is a big problem because it leads to remission, is to make a very formal point do the task without Adderall NO MATTER HOW HARD IT SOUNDS. Take the SATs without it, the MCATs, whatever. PROVE to YOURSELF, that you don't "NEED" adderall to perform well or feel good. I hope I can someday follow up on this post with “I haven’t thought abour adderall for a year.
Avatar f tn You must understand that ADHD restricts the amount of dopamine that is produced in the brain, and it is dopamine that allows us to feel good or happy in our lives. Needless to say, that having chemical control (Adderall) over how much dopamine your brain produces is very dangerous for any person for obvious reasons. But you must also consider the possibility that your friend was using illegal drugs because of this dopamine deficiency as well.
452191 tn?1208758463 Also, is the mix of xanax and adderall okay to take? and my last question is, how can i know whether or not i know that its a panic attack and not heart condition? i'm sick of going to the ER and i'm pretty sure they are sick of me. I want to stop the adderall but I really do need it for school and stuff.
Avatar f tn Am reluctant to say much because of my feelings about not being good enough and having nothing to offer. I'd be inclined to keep trying to take the Vyvanse that seemed to help you so much. You can PM me anytime you want. Despite different problems we are both in a lot of pain and are not able to benefit from all our years in academics.
Avatar f tn When I weigh less I don't have to take as much adderall. Adderall is fat soluble and you may find that when you lose weight a lower dose may be just as effective or more effective. The FDA guidelines say that the maximum dose of adderall is 30mg a day for ADD/ADHD. However, doctors can prescribe any amount they feel will work best. Chest pains or angina is very common. Often times, people do lost of testing to find out the cause and they all come back normal or inconclusive.