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Avatar n tn Call up a search on prozac, adderal and their warnings about the effects with other substances and you will see the answers about avoiding alcohol. My Doctor cut me off from out-patient care when I relapsed on booze while on her prescribed medication Klonopin, another drug not supposed to be mixed with alcohol. She cut me off from the Klonopin right away and I was forced to go in-patient for alcohol detox. I tried to fight it but the seizures were too much to handle and almost killed me.
Avatar n tn No, no side effects, it can keep you awake. Adderall is a great new medicine that will work well for you, it is getting great response." Felt very comfortable with it, and it did and still does work great. However, I left it at home when I went away one weekend, realized I forgot it, and said "oh well, no biggie." By about sat around 2p I was in hell, and really didn't know why.
Avatar f tn I will tell you one thing, it gave me so much energy, I could actually sit here and type for hours without falling to sleep and it had no negative side effects that I could see. I also found that I could get by with only half of my usual meds when taking the Adderall. Even though I obtained those couple pills, I do not have access to any more which I suppose is a good thing in the long run.
Avatar n tn Dear Tommy22, I just finished reading your posting as you requested. It's actually entitled; "I need some help with my Adderall meds." I would like to begin by sharing with you some personal history with ADHD and Adderall, as I believe that this will be useful in our discussion. I was not diagnosed with ADHD until the age of 39 and until that time I remained totally untreated. When I began taking Adderall in September of 2007 I was prescribed 10 m.g. XR (1/day).
Avatar n tn I have been on Adderall to treat ADD for the past year, and this incident scared me very much. What are the effects of adderall in combination with alcohol? could it have had an effect on my reaction to drinking?
Avatar n tn Recently, the stress of the adderall has gotten pretty bad, and I have tried alcohol, stress formula with iron and st. john's wort for the stress (not all on the same day. However,alcohol and St. John's Wort are very bad to mix with SSRIs and have increased my anxiety and depression and the stress formula makes me very tired. Assuming I stay on the adderall, would it be a better idea to increase my dosage of Lexapro or add something like Xanax for situational stress?
Avatar f tn Try not to consume alcohol for atleast 5 hours after your last adderall dose. Keep your blood volume adequate by staying hydrated and nourished. Never take a "sustained release" version of adderall, no matter what the pharmaceutical companies tell you. As with any stimulant med, always keep a fast-acting benzodiazepine on hand, preferably xanax (alprazolam).
Avatar n tn I understand dextroamphetamine is prescribed to patients with add, what side effects and long time problems arise from taking adderall with large amount of alcohol, and not in fact having add? Some negative side effects that I have noticed is the inability to sleep, I usually stay up for long periods of time and I am unable to rest. The ability to sleep is go great often I only get a few hours of sleep in a 24 or 48 hour period of time.
Avatar n tn such and sniffing adderall or sniffing pain killers and mixing alcohol with adderall or mixing alcohol with pain killers. yeah , i guess i kind of made that sound like 1 big thing at a time sorry about that guys.
Avatar n tn I feel more mentally healthy without the alcohol so that feels good. On the other hand, with the situation with the adderall, I am having more trouble. Like I said, I have cut down alot. I used to take up to 80 mgs a day, now I am at 30 to 40. But I still feel extreme guilt and worry. I want to stop completly, but when I try I cannot even function physically or mentally. I cannot even do my job, or communicate with others. It's terrible.
Avatar n tn As I said, I know nothing about adhd or adderall. What about adderall and alcohol?? how does that mix together? - does it affect your sex life?? As for the sleep... it's not that he is awake and wired....he just goes to bed later than me... and gets up just as early. I don't think I would have know had he not told me that he took adderall..... I just want to make sure that I am sensitive to his needs and can see signs if I need to offer help. When the meds wear off.... what should I see?
Avatar n tn Just think of not being on adderall as going back to your old self. p.s. (i consume massive amounts of coffee to deal with always feeling tired).
Avatar m tn I have noticed alcohol + sleep deprivation really deactivates the good effects of adderall. This usually makes you increase the dose b/c you feel like crap and the whole downward spiral things happens b/c you get very little sleep with increased adderall so each day you up the dose until you hit the point where adderall is not working. This problem usually lasts until you suffer for a day or two with low dose and get sleep again.
Avatar n tn At this point i take about 2 pills per/week generally fri and sat night and on occasion i take a small dosage of ritalin (similar drug) to help study for big tests. The side effects i have noticed (and i don't know if all are necessarily associated with it ) is some increase in fatigue, i've wrestled my whole life and in the past couple years i have noticed some decrease in my conditioning. I have no physical urge but there is a mental addiction to take it.
Avatar n tn When the stills was full blow I SHOULD OF HAD 200mg if thats what i needed,i shouldnt of had to sneak no one should .Narcotics are a good drug,giving good pain control with limited and treatable side effects,threre are people who will always take every thing to the limit but how many on this forum know that they can take one drug without that need to self medicate ans then theres that one you just cant control,shouldnt you be able to be honest with your doctor and not judged?
Avatar n tn ya, I agree with Louisville. You need to do a bit of research into what ADHD is. To say that something that can have the consequences of ADHD is just "a matter of not paying attention", really shows the need for more information. This is a good place to start: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn He put her on a low dosage of Straterra at first but after 2 weeks the side effects required a change in medication. He put her on a low dosage of Adderall (18mgs per day). She also takes 450 mgs of Wellbutrin a day for depression and 100 mgs of Topamax for migraines. Add to that the fact that she drinks a few glasses of wine every night and you have quite a cocktail. Since being put on Adderall her behavior has really changed.
Avatar n tn what is the effect on depression when combining alcohol with prozac and adderall
Avatar m tn She needs to stop taking the adderall asap.
Avatar n tn You could have lost many brain cells due to the heavy dope snoking, the other drugs are probably not have caused any damage, Go to this website for drug ***@**** You will need to register but the website is free and a very useful tool
Avatar n tn The main reason why I would like to try somehing other than Adderall is because my insurance won't cover it. The main reason why I've only had a problem with alcohol is because I was afraid to try cocaine or opiates due to the history of addiction in my family. I did use marijuana daily for over a year, but that was a couple of years ago.
Avatar m tn Do you have any seriously bad habits, such as too much alcohol? Do you take any drugs? No, it was not the Adderall, but the fact that you took it in the first place makes me think you might be intemperate in some way.
Avatar f tn Luckily you can walk away from the adderall with out physical pain but it will play on you mentally might sleep more and you will definetly want to eat.. The loricet will cause the physical symptoms you are talking about 3 or 4 days of that and you will win back your freedom.. There is more to stopping drugs then just quitting.. You have to make changes in your life. Do not hang with friends that use Drop your connection make changes and get support...
Avatar n tn If you know adderall is the problem tell the doctor, they will most likely tell you to not take it or reduce the dosage until they see you to adjust the dosage to what you need or to give you further instructions on how to take the medication so the side effects are reduced. Taking adderall on an empty stomach increases side effects of this type. Having caffiene like coffee is a huge mistake. This can definetly cause paranoia issues. I hope this helps anyone having these problems.
Avatar n tn If she does then she is not a very good Doctor. Adderall has very bad side effects ,one of them is stress,anxiety and Depression .And that people can become addicted to them.Also can cause Seizures, some people have had stokes and sudden death, along with heart frailer.And some have ended up having Seizures,my son has Seizures after he was on Adderall 5mg a day .And Cocerta is the same my son was on that to.Wish I had never put him on anything.
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Avatar f tn He hasn't ever suggested any type of NA or AA and now he has presribed him Adderall (with a a diagnosis of Adult Adhd)!! WHY ON EARTH WOULD would you ever prescribe a highly addictive stimulant to someone who is addicted to stimulants?? Now perhaps the ADHD diagnosis is correct (hints the addictive personality,etc.) but EVERYTHING i have read on Adderall says "you should not take Adderall if you have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse".
Avatar f tn He hasn't ever suggested any type of NA or AA and now he has presribed him Adderall (with a a diagnosis of Adult Adhd)!! WHY ON EARTH WOULD would you ever prescribe a highly addictive stimulant to someone who is addicted to stimulants?? Now perhaps the ADHD diagnosis is correct (hints the addictive personality,etc.) but EVERYTHING i have read on Adderall says "you should not take Adderall if you have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse".
1182411 tn?1265324644 Has anyone been swithced to Dexidrine from Adderall and found better results with Dexedrine? From what I have read about the switch, it seems to be highly individualized with various results... I'm just thinking the Dexedrine would be a god-send to a person who might have a dopamine deficiancy?? I would love some insight or advice with how others have managed with their meds. I'm wondering if I should, yet again, find another Psychiatrist...
Avatar n tn Benzodiazepines( xanax, valium, ativan etc.) have to be taperd down slowly. Alcohol dependency must be treated by a physician with the proper medication. xoxo- D.