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Avatar n tn I was curious if some doctors could answer the following questions What are the positive side effects of adderall, negitive effects? What are the problems with addiction to adderall? How many children are being perscribed to this drug? Is there a problem of illegal selling on college campuses, details? any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you a doctor, or any kind of medical proffessional can you leave your name and where you practice. Thanks so much.
Avatar n tn Children who take Adderall for long periods should be carefully monitored for these Adderall side effects by having their height and weight measured regularly. Other Adderall Side Effects Other Adderall side effects can include significant loss of appetite, mood changes, insomnia, dry mouth, and headaches. What is happening now? The FDA convened an advisory panel to discuss how to evaluate Adderall safety and the safety of all ADHD medications in February 2006.
Avatar n tn It is often used as a front line treatment of ADHD, as an alternative to methylphenidate alone (although methylphenidate is one of the active ingredients in Adderall). Many children tend to tolerate Adderall better than they do methylphenidate, and experience less of a rebound impact as the medication is metabolized.
Avatar n tn Yes, these are possible effects of the medicine. Some children do display mood lability, and some have some rebound hyperactivity. As the doswe is adjusted and he is on the medication longer, you may see some change for the better relative to these possible side effects.
Avatar n tn The side effects that genuine2003 described is very similiar to what I see ijn my wife. We have been married for 12 years and completely drug free for 15. Our drug of choice was speed and I could see the change in her as soon as she started taking it. The difference is though she is in denial and believes that the adderall drup has done her good and awaken her to reality. We use to be happy and had a healthy sex life.
Avatar f tn I would make sure that you are not taking the XR adderall. Also you can get Adderall in 5mg doses. I would try that at 4pm and see what happens. Anyway, best wishes - it sounds like things are going good for you! Happy Holidays!
Avatar n tn My step son currently takes Concerta but has taken Adderall in the past. My question is that his mother takes the child on and off the medication at different periods of time. The periods when he is off is very noticable and the child appears to be going through withdrawls. I thought that these types of prescriptions had to be taken every day, including weekends.
Avatar n tn Send me an e-mail through my home page at if you want, with 'adderall' in the subject line. I get too many e-mails, but I will watch for it, and see what we can do. The general choices will be to hole up somewhere for a couple weeks and get your brain back to normal (it will come back but it takes several weeks), vs a taper of a long-acting stimulant,l like vyvanse.
Avatar n tn Some of my friends are out of control with it, to the point where they use it to treat depression, perform better at work, party, socialize, and everything else it can be used for. Some are taking several pills a day and have shown some side effects that they refuse to accept.
Avatar n tn The only thing anyone who doent know this sceret will see is that shes not up to date with all her shots,i refuse to give her the chicken pox shot,its untested in children and i refused to put any extra drugs in her body she doesnt need... but there are secrets they could find if they went looking..other then that i just dont know and i thougt i couldnt sleep before,do u think that god is testing me?or maybe she would be better off...
Avatar n tn Now how bad does the Adderal sound?, It is about Quality or Quantity no side effects, but miserable and failing school , No tests have shown any major immideate dangers when use properly, and patient has good general health. Dr's prescribe this med, becuase it is almost a miracle worker when it comes to ADD as a social and learning disability. Get him off the time release stuff and see if he can take it as needed for the learning disability side of the disease.
Avatar n tn I have been reading about the effects of Adderall. I have noticed in my son and step-son both that they have dispayed some signs of Autism. I was wondering if it was a possibility that it could be another long term adverse effect of the Adderall? They have become very nervous and fidgety, neither were before taking this medication. My step-son has the most severe sypmtoms.
Avatar m tn However each time you up the dosage it seems to take about a year or so until my mind slows down again while on the medication. I've asked two different doctors about the long term effects of adderall but they both claim there is no information or known studies of prolonged adderall use. I am 33 years old now and I wonder if I will reach a tipping point b/c my tolerence it too high. I have noticed that taking caffine with adderall make my shake and causes my eyes to twitch.
Avatar n tn Sometimes, but not always, switching to another stimulant medication can help, though Adderall tends to be better than some of the other stimulants in relation to the effects you are describing.
Avatar f tn My questions is, is there any significant side effects or dangers between the Concerta and Adderall? My husband is very reluctant to switch is medication and we are just trying to get some help with the questions we have.
Avatar n tn 4)crying all day since then i have noticed a reduction in side effects but i would like to know 1)He already presented with fingers in mouth and chewing nails and skin, and also eyebrow raising, this has become worse on concerta, why would a child do this in any case and why would it become worse on CONCERTA?
Avatar f tn Your body stops responding to it and you need more and more, however drug have side effects and the more you take the mode side effects they have. Adderall in particular can have severe cardiovascular effects after long-term use, especially in adults. I believe, what you need to do is to see a good psychiatrist and check to see if you are not depressed, because, that is what you stuck me as. There are medications out there that would me much more appropriate for you in your situation.
Avatar f tn These type of anti-psychotic drugs have never been tested on children so the long term side effects of children using this drug are relatively unknown. My brother was put on this drug when he was younger and has suffered from extreme weight gain and facial tics. The tics never go away - even with stopping the drug. Risperdal is not usually used for PTSD or ADHD as it is an anti-psychotic. What symptoms is your son having that the Risperdal is supposed to be treating?
Avatar n tn He just started Kindergarden and the teachers in his Charter School do not like to deal with children with ADHD so they want them medicated. So his peditirican put him on 10mg of Adderall. I was so reluctant but I want him to pass Kindergarden. He does have the side effects, i.e. stomach aches (which seemed to pass now) restlessness, very picky eater, very emotional and sad feelings that no one likes him. He has had several infections over the past 4 months, i.e.
Avatar n tn At times we see improvement, then suddenly we have side effects without any changes in her medications. The Adderall seemed to help her at first, taking 2.5 mg in AM and 5 mg at lunch, then her behaviour changed for the worse. She became very irritiable and moody. We tried Celexa for a antidepressant and that made her behaviour worse. Currently, we are on Clonidine 4 times a day,Risperdal 2 times a day with 2.5 Adderall at lunch only.
Avatar n tn I don't have any children, so I can't relate to the taking a child off and how that works, but I do want to point out that anger is one of the side effects listed for Adderall under the category "contact your physician" section. I can imagine how frustrating this is for you as a parent, but I can also relate with your son in that at that age I didn't like the way the medicine made me feel, and the trial/error of this med and that med made it even more frustrating.
Avatar n tn My eight year old son has been taking 5mg of Adderall for eight months. The change in his demeanor and his ability to focus and attend in school was noticed by his teacher the first morning he was on the mediation. (When asked he said, "It took away my fun brain.") He has shifted his oppositional behavior from school to eating. A self-appointed vegetarian since he was two, he now eats fewer and fewer foods and is growing ever taller and thinner.
757137 tn?1347200053 Production of Adderall is being sharply cut back because of its use by drug addicts. One of Adderall's components is used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Lots of children are being given this drug without much thought to side effects or addiction. I would never give such a medication to a child and my conviction has been tested. My daughter was said to have ADD and I refused the recommendation of medication flat out.
Avatar n tn It does have some other side effects, like a lot of brain fog in the beginning. Also tingling in the fingers and toes and fatigue. These are the main side effects I noticed anyway. But I didnt let them bother me because I felt like the weightloss and how they helped my migraines far outweighed the minor side effects. Hope this helps you somewhat. Good luck!! Have a good weekend!!