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Avatar n tn I was taking it for about 2months all together. I was also taking klonopin,ambien,zoloft,wellbutrin,adderall. I started getting very depressed and my anxiety went through the roof. It was like pms but ten fold. I stopped taking the pain meds but it just continued. I got extremely depressed and decided to stop the klonopin and zoloft. The zoloft never did work and this was my 3rd try on zoloft. I don't know why they put me on it when i tell them i was on and it does nothing.
5445172 tn?1368069720 But on a daily basis I feel soo heavy! Its soo hard to get out of bed not to mention leave the house! Someone mentioned taking Adderall. I heard that might even help with the fuzzy feeling in my head! I need some serious ideas/suggestions for my next Dr's visit! Someone please help!
Avatar m tn ((FYI) i was diverting my dose for almost 5 months because i have a high metabolism and also take adderall and the methadone would not keep me well all night long. also i would sweat profusely because of the adderall and methadone which im sure didn't help.)) The doctor and i had a chat about what was going on with my counselor present and we discussed my options on splitting my dose but it never happened.
563541 tn?1257881167 there is a class action lawsuit on this drug, now what i know about it, my 18 year old son has been locked up in juvenile institutions most of his teen years, and this is one of the drugs they had him on for sleep ,as they also had him on variuos ADHD meds dextroamphetamine, adderall, methylphenidate,(ritylin), .
Avatar f tn Extreme Sleepiness (one week) Medical Coping: taking Adderall to get out of bed I tapered for a couple of weeks, then I stopped taking the drug altogether. The first wave I experienced was extreme fatigue, which lasted for a week. I slept and stayed in bed whenever I could for about a week. Then, I felt better for a couple of days.
2127265 tn?1335336467 1 klonapin 3x/day if needed ( I do not take these regularly)...30 mg of Adderall 1 2x/day (I take these because I have chronic fatigue due to chronic pain. I do not sleep more than 1-2 hrs at a time before waking and having to shift positions. Because I do not have one of the 3 sleep disorders, altho mine is medical, Medicare will not pay for Nuvigil, so Adderall seems to work the best). I am supposed to take 50 mg of Dantrolene 3x/day, but am afraid to because of the black box label...
Avatar n tn I'd rather go back to the panic attacks than deal with the nausea, diziness, headaches, nervousness, and the added anxiety of not knowing how long this nightmare will last. I've seen some postings about a class action lawsuit being implemented. Well, count me in. E-mail me if you know of any info regarding any treatments for the withdrawls or the lawsuit against smithkline & Beecham.
Avatar m tn And they know it's something people will get hooked on because it substitutes one addiction with another. You mention these companies settle cases so a lawsuit wouldn't be successful. How do you think it gets to settlement phase? Through a lawsuit. That's all I'm saying. I would be glad to discuss with anyone the merits of my argument. Interesting to hear the various perspectives...
Avatar f tn I found the lawyers website and he is not taking anymore clients for the lawsuit. I am looking for help in both the lawsuit and some physical relief. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
Avatar n tn Want to know what her advice was? She said *I can perscribe Ritalin for you or adderall and that will boost your energy levels immediately.* I said NO. My son took adderall and it made him anorexic. He couldn't eat anything, he lost so much weight that his peditrican took him off of it and we decided to treat his ADHD with patience and redirceting his mind to stay on tasks.
Avatar f tn Thanks Tuckamore. I was just coming on here to post the most recent activity. I contacted the lab again yesterday and spoke directly to the toxicologist. (who was extremely understanding and very helpful). He said "well, the meds that they have listed in section 5 that you take daily have MSIR (morphine sulfate instant release) and Addrall" I said "no, I am not on adderall!!
Avatar n tn i recently tried taking it again im pretty desperate to lose weight and cannot get adderall from my dr. i tried increasing my dose more slowly 25 mg/week. the first time i was taking it all at once, the 2nd time i started 25 mg for 7 days, then 50 mg for 7 days then 50 mg pm and 25 mg am for 7 days. i was noticing more and more hair loss, and just a little weight loss.
Avatar n tn I wasn't lucky enough to have a Dr that involved with my treatment. I have taken Adderall for my ADHD since 05, and I'm sure that it helps with my ability to stay awake and focused, after all it's a stimulant, but I wonder sometimes if it "hides" fatigue. I forgot to take it last Saturday and ended up taking a 41/2 hour nap in the middle of the day.
Avatar f tn I am an RN, second year doctoral student studying addiction (takes one to know one). I am on the medication for mood stabilization. I just wanted to say about hair loss, weight loss, and, dopiness...for the record I am on 300mgs a day I do not experience the first two (i.e.