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Avatar n tn How on earth are you prescribed a stimulant that will make you crash?!!!!!!! If you have chronic fatigue and take adderall that is a nightmare. Your exhaustion will triple. That is not good. Get a new doctor. That's insanity!!! Mine as well do crank.
Avatar f tn I know that some docs come up with a condition and kind of treat anyone and everyone for it. I really do like the energy. It is also used for extreme fatigue. I know I don't have chronic fatigue due to an illness, I just have a 2 and 3 year old who run me wild.. LOL You are pretty sweet yourself and I enjoy talking to you.
Avatar n tn Just read up on it. If you start Adderall, your commiting yourself to it, kindof. You'll need to taper off of it if you ever want to stop. Withdrawal from it can also cause seizures.
Avatar n tn Help! I have seen 16 drs who do not believe in chronic fatigue. I can not even get out of be and I have been on provigil and adderall neither of which help me at all. I have also been to the emergency and my thyroid is supposedly level. They just tell me that they can not do anything for me. Is there any help for me out there?
Avatar f tn They said I had Lymes and treated me with Rocephin 2 gm Iv for 28 days and DOXYCYCLINE 100mg po BID for 28 days. The muscle fatigue went away and joint pain but all my labs from quest were negative. My western blot,bortenella,Babesia,Q-Fever. Lymes specialist says a biofilm will form around the antibodies causing them to not show up. Is this true? I am still having pain under my left breast under ribs at times. My muscle do get tired easier. I am confused and do not know what to do.
428506 tn?1296560999 Personally, I ignore the house and post on the forum. Provigil is frequently used to combat the fatigue of MS, and CFS and Fibro. It is a miracle for me but only in that I can do three things a day instead of my usual one. Other meds used are Amantidine, Adderall, Ritalin, and many alternative docs use the combo of Acetyl-l-carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid.
Avatar n tn In the news today.... thank goodness THERE IS A BLOOD TEST ON THE WAY THAT CAN DIAGNOSE CFS !! I hear that the Whittemore Peterson Institute has such a test and I also know that Red Labs USA is apparently able to diagnose both fibro and CFS on spinal fluid. I think that test is still in the research phase, but you can google and find their website.
Avatar f tn How do I suggest to my PCP that I would like Provigil or Adderall for my EXTREME fatigue, to the poing of falling asleep while driving, without seeming to be drug seeking.? I have got to have something, I drive for a living! I am so afraid of having a wreck, but I can't tell my job I have this problem. I have to have this job for the insurance, since if I went on disability I couldn't get medicare for 2 years, and how do you pay for insurance on the pittance you get for disability? Catch 22.
Avatar n tn I don't think, for example, there is a test out there that positively confirms fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome and lots others. Did you try the symptom checker on webmd? It can be quite useful in at least narrowing down what it might be. Change doctors - neurologists, especially. It took Montel 20 years and over 30 doctors before he was diagnosed with MS. So don't give up...doctors are like trying on shoes...some fit and some don't.
Avatar n tn Suddenly I developed some cold/flu symptoms that then developed into overwhelming fatigue. I missed school for about four months,low grade temp. entire time,extremely painful body aches especially my neck, and muscle fatigue to the extent that my lungs felt sticky,and it took extra effort to take a deep breath. The last 6 years i have deal with reoccuring bouts of this. I have had more tests then i can count,mono about 20 times.
Avatar f tn I have been testing for Narcolepsy or hypersomnia for the excessive fatigue but no conclusive answer yet. Am on Pravogil which helps some. Taking huge doses of adderall XR and fast acting adderall twice a day with no help. Like taking candy. Cpap has helped since I also got sleep apnea about the same time. I am wondering with all the stress of the surgeries and the infection on my body it may be from the psoriasis?
1996562 tn?1330341439 Hm...well I also take Adderall...but it is for ADHD, though I have began to wonder recently if the vast majority of my symptoms of ADHD are caused by the Chiari.... I'm not sure how it effects my chiari...I did have a lot of anxierty and panic attacks when I first started taking it, but it went away after a few months. It took my body quite a while to adjust. I did notice that I had more vertigo and light headedness since I started taking it - but I am not sure if it is related or not.
Avatar m tn I have been prescribed Adderall, methadone, Xanax, and hydrocodone. Need to know if it is ok to take all of these at same time. My Adderall is 20mg. methadone 5mg, Xanax 1.0mg and hydrocodone 10mg. Really need answers as to if it is okay to take all these at same time. Please help me out quick as possible?
Avatar f tn My doctor suspected Fibro with chronic fatigue syndrome.. She told me there was no test to diagnose it, but only to rule everhing else out. After all my tests came out negative for everything, I literally felt like a hypocondriac or a medical mystery. I mean how else does a healthy person, feel sick and so bad all time. I have a good friend with fibro and she told me to stay away from Lyrica, but Cymbalta really helped her manage her Fibro symptoms. I only been on it 8 days.
14069933 tn?1432763633 It seems I am exhausted all of the time no matter how much rest or sleep I get. It doesn't help that I have had a chronic headache for over 3.5 years now. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions of how they deal with the fatigue?
Avatar f tn I am newly diagnosed with adult ADD (ADHD) and have a new prescription for Adderall 10mg. (generic) I have a few questions that maybe some folks have experience and can give me advice. I took my first dose yesterday. I cannot believe how calm I was, mentally calm. I was nervous that I would be speeding around and buzzing. Thank heavens this is the right med for me. Oh, my question is: I am a coffee drinker. Not really alot, I go through my phases. I enjoy maybe two cups in the A.M.
Avatar n tn i mean i have to go through a bit of work to get it, so all i have to do is be lazy and its pretty easy to avoid it lol. as for the other stuff, i havent taken adderall except for school days, and i always try to take as little clonazepam as possible, which i still do. i only take it on school days and maybe times when im out on weekends and feeling a bit anxious.
Avatar f tn You're being hit inthe prime time of the day for fatigue - 3 pm is the worst for me. A few things I find that can help iare diet- eat some protein at midday - even a spoon of peanut butter helps. Gentle exercise can also help with the fatigue for some people. Give it a try and see if you are one of those lucky ones.
Avatar f tn I suffer from major depression. I have been on Adderall for about 7 years. I’m on 80mg daily. I’m still exhausted. Adderall to me is such a double edged sword. Years ago when I first started it I felt alive. I could function like a normal person for awhile. The effects began to wear off and my dose slowly increased. My highest daily dose I have ever been on was 90mg. Right now I really don’t think I would be able to get out of bed without the Adderall.
Avatar m tn doing some research on Adderall...3rd day on it, helps out, but severe headaches, constipation and stomach upset.
Avatar n tn I have been on adderall for 7 years. I started at 19, but about one year ago at 25 I started noticing some new side effects from the adderall. Some days it worked, some days it didn't. My tolerance continued to go up, but I refused to take more than 20mg in one day. Exercising became frustrating and scary because my heart rate would race to 200+ in about 10 minutes, and I would consider myself to be quite fit.
Avatar f tn and to answer your question, no, it is not a common reaction for adults on Adderall to act that way if there using it for what it is prescribed for and not over abusing it. and if its the right med for the person.
806806 tn?1239516614 I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and a pituitary microadenoma. Oh yea, depression too. I feel like **** at least 90% of my days. I get overwhelmed very easily, any stress to me can put me down for the day. Stress to me lately can be the phone ringing too much or traffic etc. Is there anyone with any advice on what to check or questions to ask. I'm wasting away.
Avatar f tn Prolonged high doses of amphetamines followed by an abrupt cessation can result in extreme fatigue and mental depression. Chronic abuse of amphetamines can result in the manifestation of amphetamine psychosis.[1] I found this when i googled Adderall. Please talk with your doctor and tell him what is going on.
Avatar m tn My symptoms are almost gone completely about 15 minutes after I have taken Adderall which I had previously been prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder. Even my vision goes back to normal. Of course all of this is short lived and I revert back to my previous state in about an hour but the change is so dramatic that I think it is worth a mention. Does this mean that I am deficient in a certain hormone? 2. My skin.
Avatar f tn I lived with Chronic Fatigue for years. Don't let people tell you its due to depression, unless you are depressed. And If you're depressed you will know it. Stay off the ADs if you can. They will wreak havoc on your mental health and are hard to get off. Unless, of course, you are seriously depressed and your life is in danger. Then saving your life and getting you back on your feet outweighs the havoc of the AD's. I tried everything for my chronic fatigue.
Avatar f tn My doctor treats me with zoloft for depression and adderall for ADD, which I don't think I have. When I don't take the adderall, I get noticeably tired and weepy. I am so tired of being so tired and in pain and don't know what kind of doctor to see who will listen to me. So far the psychiatrist and primary care docs have been useless. Any advice would be appreciated.
337923 tn?1423328772 Fatigue has always been part of it. But for several years before I was diagnosed with HCV the fatigue got profound -- I slept and slept and became unable to perform my job (college professor). I also just couldn't think straight. I was afraid I had early dementia. I attributed it to depression and worked with my doc to add meds to improve my alertness, etc. (Adderall and others). They helped, but I still was wiped out and confused all the time.
Avatar m tn I can see a nice future for once. So for me Adderall has literally been a miracle. I don't abuse it. As far as the addiction potential. There is being physically addicted to something and psychologically addicted to something. The physical part I don't think I'll ever have a problem with--that is if my body becomes addicted I'd have no problem tapering off and stopping if I needed too. Psychological addiction is tricky because you can look at it from a few angles.