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449407 tn?1205520097 I was wonder if Adderall is an effective drug for depression or anxiety, or plain old bi-polar people? I have heard of it being prescribed, but don't know what it is being used to do? Can anyone enlighten me?
Avatar f tn I realize it’s most likely whatever symptoms depression and anxiety are described as. This depression/anxiety has been worsened due to choices INCLUDING and not limited to the described ADHD medications. I say it like that because I felt as ****** without the medications as I did with them. Also as described, without anything, I feel A DIFFERENT FEELING OF ******. In other terms, I feel different symptoms of depression and anxiousness.
Avatar n tn I am 37 years old and just diagnosised with ADD I went through all the other diagnosis like depression bipolar, etc but any medication I had ever taken sucked and it never stopped my mind from racing!!!!!!! Valium made my body tired but not my mind. Anyway since I am new to this drug I just wonderd what was normal for the beginning. I have only been on 1 a day for three days but I definately notice my brain slowing!!!
Avatar f tn Anyway, has anyone here taken adderall for ADD, etc. after a pain pill addiction? I know it can be addicting just like the painers so I was looking for someone who might have some experience with it. Thanks..
Avatar n tn First of all I do not drink alcohol ever, I mean never in the last three years and never while on this medication in any event. I do not smoke or drink coffee or use any stimulant at all besides Adderall. So here it is: 6-7 A.M.: 1 capsule 30 m.g. RX 1-2 P.M.: 1 capsule 30 m.g. RX THATS IT!- Note that this is already more than the recommended dose, but my doctor seems to feel that my extraordinary problem with hyperactivity justifies the increase.
Avatar n tn I currently take Adderall for ADD even though I am also bipolar - one condition does not rule out that you have the other. I am not one to exhibit significant mania and am usuall in a very low depression. Adderall does for me what a large cup of strong coffee would do. I am more productive, active, and positive. When it wears off at night I is when I feel more unabalanced.
926067 tn?1245168545 Ask your psychiatrist what your primary diagnosis because neither of those medications are mood stabilizers (one is of course for ADHD, one for depression). If they diagnosed bipolar they would adjust your treatment but only a psychiatrist could provide a diagnosis but in the meantime you can look up some information on the websites we have linked up such as "Depression Central" (for all mood disorders).
Avatar f tn Lamictal-mood stabilizer (very few side effects, if any.) Adderall- this is still in experimental phases for treatment of depressive bipolar, but the difference it makes in my productivity is amazing. It can exaserbate anxiety, so you must be aware of that, consider discontueing use if it is unmanageable and you find yourself agitated alot.I take an AdderallXR in the morning and a regular strength at 2. Symbyax- manageable sideeffects if you can maintain tour weight.
Avatar f tn I went to bed looking forward to the mornings for the first time in about three years. My cousin is bipolar, so depression runs in my fam. if you can't take adderall, keep trying to find a way to deel with it, find the strength/discipline/knowhow or whatever you need to make a positive change in the way you live, for me it was my bad schedule that triggered bad grades and all this downward spiral stuff. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn I'm seeing a phycologist think thats what their called from oaklawn he prescribbed me welbutrin 300 mg for depression and adderall 30mg for adhd,he said both of them would elevate my mood,and my sleeping problems..I was also diagnosed with depression when i was in 7th grade for suicide back then i spent some time their,but i'm not suicidal,i deff wanna live just strugle with life and the thing's tossed at me..
Avatar n tn i myself am currently trying to get back on adderall. I have add, and depression, from bipolar, and my doc put me on adderall for the depression. this however was before i was diagnosed w/bipolar! now that the diagnosis has changed, every doctor i see wants to put me on something else... why? The adderall worked just fine for me... it was like an overnight change. The only reason i went off was because of no med coverage.
621290 tn?1226723861 I also thought I was the only one on subs & adderal. I am a 45 yr old grandma. Being very addicted to opiates the subs definitely helped now over a year clean. But I've been on adderall for over 10 yrs. tried quitting. Wasn't easy as I thought found myself right back on. I have cut back on subs and adds. But I see them as vitamins. Something I'll be on for the rest of my life. I sometimes take a benzo at night for sleep.
Avatar f tn I was on Effexor XR for a few years, for what I thought, and was told by my prior Psych was Depression (apparently not), along with either Xannax or Ativan for Panic Disorder which I also have. I have a question about Bipolar Meds. Currently I am taking Welbutrin XL 150 mg a day, Lexapro 10 mg a day, Seroquel 50-100 mg a night, and also Klonopin 1 mg in the day and 1 mg at night.
Avatar m tn Somehow is my tramadol enduced brain this all made sense... AND to top it off I somehow got my doc to write me scripts for Adderall. Its so embarrassing to even write this. The first two weeks were hell, I cant believe I didnt have a mental breakdown. I took kratom, adderall, and tram with me. I tried to stop it all because of what I had already done. But the depression was overwhelming, this time I actually had something to be depressed about.
Avatar f tn People can lie to themselves about Adderall benefitting them when they are Bipolar and not ADD. The stuff makes me high as a kite and then I crash into cravings and depression. Sure it makes you focus and concentrate. It does that to EVERYONE. That does not mean you are ADD. I was just reading some posts on here and it made me say to myself, that lady did not even answer her question about being addicted, she just justified her Adderall use. I know.
Avatar f tn Its not one that is used here in the UK, over here depakote and lithium are used as first line treatment for bipolar. However it is a treatment for BP. With your psychiatrists help you may need to try out these medications to see which suits you best.
3064680 tn?1340687017 Which again makes me feel unsuccessful and frustrated. I have been treated for depression but I believe my anxiety and frustration it is a side affect of having ADD and being undiagnosed. Also, because I believe I have ADD, I am always trying to stay organized so that I can function better and more smoothly. I don't believe I have ADHD, as I am not fidgeting, I can stay in my seat, wait my turn and not feel like I want to cut someone off with my thoughts.
Avatar f tn I'm a 35yo woman, diagnosed with adult ADHD about 7 years ago and have been on 60mg/adderall/day since. To complicate things I'm also bipolar and have anxiety issues. The problem is that recently I find myself taking an extra one or two a day- taken normally they do nothing (probably work like they're supposed to....) but a few extras give me a lot of extra energy to get things done.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Celexa and adderall together for about a year now and things have been working great. My only problem has been the sexual side-effects which have made my sex drive almost nothing. Because I entered into a serious relationship within these past couple months my doctor and I started discussing potential drugs that would increase my libido. She suggested Buspar. However, I have only been taking Buspar for two days and feel like it is having a counteractive affect on my adderall.
Avatar n tn You will hear miracle stories of how it helped improved grades and behavior at home, but I assure you it's only temporary and most people I know that have began taking amphetamines at an early age have other issues now as adolescents such as depression, bipolar disorder, etc.
Avatar n tn Currently, I am on Adderall, for ADHD, and Lamictal for Bipolar, as well as Cymbalta (right now changing to Prozac so I can get a generic, though). I think the combination of the Lamictal and Adderall have been doing well for me. I'm not sure exactly what role the Cymbalta played in it, but I actually felt even better once they started me on the Adderall. One thing that I did notice for my son is that the doctors were quick to increase the Adderall to 20 mg a day.
Avatar n tn I also scammed a scipt for Vynanse and used it along with all the other things I'm on for bipolar. Adderall made me isolate, smoke, relapse on alcohol and surf the internet like a complete addict. It gave me a feeling of euphoria like mania (which I crave) but I didn't act out like mania - I became a recluse and happy to stay on Facebook and take quizzes etc. for hours. My family (of origin, I live alone) was so happy because I was under the radar and not bothering them.
Avatar f tn I use to take seroquel 500mg nightly for bipolar depression and a 100 could knock out a horse... Would suggesting to her to put me on a XR med with my adderall be more effective? She just thinks the 90 is too high but I don't agree. I think I need something more.
Avatar n tn i mean i have to go through a bit of work to get it, so all i have to do is be lazy and its pretty easy to avoid it lol. as for the other stuff, i havent taken adderall except for school days, and i always try to take as little clonazepam as possible, which i still do. i only take it on school days and maybe times when im out on weekends and feeling a bit anxious.
Avatar f tn I have been taking a number of medications since I turned 21 in 2008, the first being Prozac, Adderall, and Seroquel. I was only prescribed Seroquel for as long as my doctor wanted to "observe possible Bipolar symptoms".... after about 3 months he took me off Seroquel. After years of continued difficulty with bouts of depression, anger/irritability, sleep, I saw a new doctor in 2015 who prescribed Abilify 5mg along with Adderall.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to distinguish if it's a bipolar disorder or addiction to adderall? I know for sure that a friend of mine is self medicating with adderall. Now she is admitted to a psychiatric ward with a bad psychotic episode and doctors telling us that she has bipolar disorder. She had something similar about six month ago. She stopped taking adderall and didn't take any antipsychotic medications or mood stabilizers. She was most normal I seen her in years.
Avatar f tn I suffer from major depression. I have been on Adderall for about 7 years. I’m on 80mg daily. I’m still exhausted. Adderall to me is such a double edged sword. Years ago when I first started it I felt alive. I could function like a normal person for awhile. The effects began to wear off and my dose slowly increased. My highest daily dose I have ever been on was 90mg. Right now I really don’t think I would be able to get out of bed without the Adderall.
Avatar n tn I have heard that both stimulants (Adderall) and opiates (Lortab) have been prescribed for depression that has been resistant to the typical antidepressent meds.
Avatar n tn Maybe I am asking for too much- but do you know of any medication/ combination that may be helpful for bipolars with bulimia? We have tried removing the anti-depressants and increasing the Provigil or Lamictal. It still resulted in depression/ bouts of bulimia. I am currently taking 100-200 mg Provigil, 300 mg Wellbutrin, 150 mg Seroquel and 150 mg Lamictal. Although the bulimia is under control- I am angry and moody. This is harming my relationship with my husband and family.
571966 tn?1217113803 It took me several years and I've tried Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro, Lithium, Depakote, and Respiradol for Bipolar/depression so I know how you feel. I would encourage you to keep working with your doctor and it may take some time to figure out what works best for your body. Don't give up because when you find the right med for you, you can lead a normal healthy life. It turns out that Lexapro was right for me but it may not be right for you.