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Avatar f tn My dr prescribed Adderall 10mg 4 times a day. Just started today ( this morning) and not sure how I feel about it. On one hand I got through homework and class with amazing focus but now here it is at 9 and I'm sweating and grinding my teeth. Just want to hear how Adderall worked for everyone. Thanks!
Avatar n tn 30 mg of Adderall is an extremely high dosage to take. To take much more on top of that could be fatal. Maybe you should try exercising to boost dopamine levels, or even yoga. I started taking a yoga class and I could not believe how much it woke my brain up and calmed my nerves. For nearly a year, I would clench my jaw daily from taking Adderall. It was rediculous and was damaging my teeth. After two weeks doing yoga, I quit clenching my teeth altogether.
Avatar f tn Anyway, has anyone here taken adderall for ADD, etc. after a pain pill addiction? I know it can be addicting just like the painers so I was looking for someone who might have some experience with it. Thanks..
Avatar n tn However, due to a new job and recently attending a much more demanding University, I requested my doctor change my Adderall Dosage. I was offered Adderall XR 25 mg BID or Adderall XR 20 mg TID, to which I chose to try the 25mg. I went back a week later (long story short there were scheduling complications that's why) and explained the increase in dose was very helpful, and life didn't seem so chaotic now.
Avatar m tn I think 15 mg of Ambien would signify to a doctor that you are on to high a dose of Adderall and it is interfering with your sleep. I don't mean to be critical in any way. I just don't think you will be able to find a doctor to proscribe you any more Adderall than you already get. I would recommend taking days off Adderall to try and lower your tolerance.
Avatar f tn I have been abusing my Adderall prescription for the last two months. Last month I took my 30-day script in 10 days. I had horrible withdrawls for 2 weeks. I immediately realized what I had done and have tried to keep myself in check this month, but have still taken more than prescribed most days. I've taken a few days off here and there to help my script last most of the month. Today I will go back to taking my prescribed dose (20mg XR) I have 7 pills left.
Avatar n tn After 2 weeks of 60mg a day the Max dosage? I was the usual zombie as all times before.I have tryed cold turkey only to go back on adderall 51 ays later because i would do very little but walk around in a daze with very very little energy.I have been told i must take it forever,i have been told i will die and personaly it really sucks either way anymore.I can take 400mg a day if i want and my bp stays about normal.I am heavly addicted as you can see and i cannot funtion with out it at A L L.
Avatar n tn You're right. Most on this board are using the drug for the wrong reasons. Blame the docs for using for off label purposes, thus prescribing to wrong people. For those who have their children on it, remember you are their advocate, so it is important you monitor their dosage. If your child appears "flat" then dosage is probably too high. My daughter has been taking just 10mg (a day) for two years(off on weekends, summer, vacation) without any adverse effects.
Avatar m tn So by the time that I was at a ridiculously high amount of Adderall a day, like up to 160mg. a day! Out of freaking control really! So anyways, next got hooked on OxyContin, next came dope or heroin, heavy amounts of cocaine, Special K, Molly, etc. Let's put it this way, I weighed flipping 91lbs. When my parents legally took away all of my rights because I was an adult! Not cool at all! Oh yeah, ended up with a needle in my arm, a nasty huge needle, used to inject steroids! Yup sure did it!
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old and have been perscribed some form of medication for adhd since I was 16. I am now perscribed 20mg of adderall twice a day, though i rarely take more than 15-20 mg a day unless I have an exam etc. Although I do not take that much, I started to feel this year the definate need to take some EVERY day. Without it I sometimes can't get out of bed on the weekend. I limit my dose so to keep my 'addiction' at a minimum, but my question is is this really bad for me?
Avatar n tn I recently discovered that my 49 year old wife has been taking my sons adderall for a year. She has been taking 20mg. per day. She also takes celexa for depression. I am concerned that she is addicted and will have withdrawal problems. I have hidden the adderall from her and she no longer has it available. She relizes that she has a problem and has commited to quit. What are the withdrawal symptoms, how soon after she has quit to they show, how long to they last and how can I help.
Avatar f tn I would think that if the dose is too high that she might feel the effects. Doctors typically start new patients off on a lower dose and than wait for feed back before they continue. At any rate, it is important to be in communication with her doctor. Dosage does have a partial dependency on body weight. The lighter you are (all other things being equal) the more it might effect you. I would assume the doctor has taken that into consideration. Other thoughts.
Avatar m tn Since he has gone the opposite way, I think the dosage is too high. This is something that his doctor needs to know about. I also think that there is a serious communication problem going on and I blame that on the doctor. If he is too busy to explain to you what to be looking out for and what to expect - then allmymarbles is right. You need to look around for another doctor.
Avatar f tn Would suggesting to her to put me on a XR med with my adderall be more effective? She just thinks the 90 is too high but I don't agree. I think I need something more.
Avatar f tn I have a hunch the nausea is from a combination of eating less due to appetite suppression and a dosage of adderall that is too high, since I let my tolerance build back up? My bowel changes started when I started the new 20 mg XR. My main curiosity is if it affects my digestion like that, is it giving my body time to absorb nutrients from food and supplements. I guess can take my supplements 1 hr before Adderall or at QHS, which is one solution.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry you feel like it has not been good for you or caused problems in some way. Perhaps your dosage is too high? We have dealt with anxiety caused by other meds, and that is what we are watching for. I don't want anything to change my son, just to keep him better focused at school. I have been around enough meds to know that Adderall is only speed for someone who is not ADHD. My son has never acted like he was on speed from the meds, in fact was just the opposite.
Avatar f tn Prozac can still take some time to work in contrary to the Adderall so give it time as it's true that your anxiety level is very high. You say ''why would my dr put me on it knowing the xanax would affect it when he prescibed the xanax and prozac'' Because he wants to raise your dopamine and norepinephrine levels while you are addicted to benzos and he's not a pharmacist.
Avatar n tn Histenex HC - a low dose narcotic but works in a pinch. Does give you diarrhea in high doses but WD's do too. Same directions as Vi-Q-Tuss. Robitussin AC doesn't work worth a **** but will help with the WD's a little. Tastes like absolute ****.Same directions as Vi-Q-Tuss. And if you absolutely cannot get a script for anything - go to the drug store or walmart and look in the cough syrup isle for syrups containing ONLY Dextromethorphan. It is an opiate - distant relative of morphine.
Avatar f tn I think maybe you are taking too high of a dose if you feel high. you should be taking just enough that you feel focused and relaxed.
Avatar n tn That will usually help the sweating and the sleeping too. I then move up to 15mg, i pretty much prescribe myself with dosage ( i have been on it long enough and have been prescribe the legal limit of 60mg a day, i dont think anyone should ever be on that) I try to get by on taking it once a day, right now i am at half once a day and try to take it a little later in the morning so it last throughout the afternoon.
202347 tn?1189759425 Emilyanne was kind enough to point out your post to me and adderall is most often socially and psychologically addictive as it can give a false sense of well-being. People often find themselves unable to engage in social activities without it. There are physical withdrawal symptoms like mental depression, extreme drowsiness, nausea, and vommiting.
Avatar m tn See what he wants to do first. V does have advantages. It sounds like the dose was too high for you. Give a lower dose a try first. You can always go to the adderall later. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the info. Keep me posted.
Avatar f tn Is it safe to take 30mgs of adderall, 4-8mgs of Xanax and 4-6mg of suboxone a day?
Avatar n tn so it is very important that he gets that checked, so you know if the dose it too high. I've lived with adhd my entire life without meds. Up until about ten is not so bad if you wanted to just take him off it. When the workload gets heavier at school is when he should really have problems focusing long enough to finish assignments & completing homework on time.
Avatar f tn It really does sound like the Adderall is too much for you. Have you ever tried the chocolate high protein drinks for breakfast? Protein is really important, and the drinks could also help calm the stomach. And it is not unusual to take a low dose of Xanex to help with anxiety. The timing of the dose would be important. Are you on any other med besides the Adderall and thyroid meds.?
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a 12 year old son that has been on 10mg Adderall lx for @ 8 weeks now. For the first six weeks or so his teachers we amazed at the difference it has made however, I just talked with his teacher and she said that the week before Thanksgiving and this last week that Logan has been blurting out more and not as focused. The thought of increasing his dosage scares me but at the same time I want him to have the success. I made a call into his doctor but would appreciate your input.
Avatar n tn so basically its been an anxiety/panic attack thats lasted 6 hours or something like that, ive noticed that a blood vessel in my eyelid is twitching (only happens when i take too much adderall when im incredibly tired, and also happened the couple of times i tried cocaine last year)... all of which confuses me. but the strangest thing is, the panic attacks get extremely unbearable and i become practically insane for 5-10 minutes.
885719 tn?1240857194 their technology is not good enough and they are frauds. Something must be wrong with my microvascular system. the adderall put too much pressure on the system like too much pressure on a plumbing system the smallest and weakest tubes are bound to get damaged. it has ruined my life. i wish constantly i was never born. the worst part is dealing with the fraud doctors. if they lived a day in my shoes they would be crying for mommy and yet they snicker and smirk to my face.