Adderall and zoloft taken together

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Avatar n tn But unless I can stop the zoloft, reducing or stopping the adderall is not an option. And if stopping the zoloft doesn't help?
219373 tn?1274925034 she was taken off the adderall and has not been doing nearly as well. we tried zoloft and that made her manic and so now she is on paxil but it does not seem to be doing her any good. i have been trying to get the psychiatrist to agree to put her back on the adderall which seemed to work for her but he will not let her go back on it. even her behavioral therapist wants her to be on it but the doc still says no. is it possible that she also has ADD that is covered by the asperger symptoms??
Avatar n tn I am concerned that she is addicted and will have withdrawal problems. I have hidden the adderall from her and she no longer has it available. She relizes that she has a problem and has commited to quit. What are the withdrawal symptoms, how soon after she has quit to they show, how long to they last and how can I help.
Avatar n tn I'm also taking generic Zoloft at 75 mg a day in the morning with breakfast simultaneously with the Adderall. Also, I've been on Adderall before without Zoloft and it seemed to be more effective, though I was on a 15mg morning regimen.When I take the Adderall in the morning with I barely feel a difference, except a very minor dry mouth. In the afternoon when I take my second dose, I start to be able to focus better. My questions are as follows: 1. Does Zoloft diminish the effect of Adderall?
Avatar f tn I've been on an SSRI for over eight years and it's taken me this long for side effects to start subsiding from the Zoloft, so maybe it will just take another couple weeks for you.
Avatar m tn Xanax is especially scary because many people can develop a high tolerance very quickly, and have to continually take more and more. And since adderall can actually cause depression-type symptoms, it seems really strange that your doc would treat your depression with it. Adderall should really only be taken by individuals with ADD/ADHD(and then only those whom the disorder affects severely) or narcolepsy.
Avatar n tn are these drugs safe together in the dosages I mentioned above and 2.
452191 tn?1208758463 So I forgot to list that I was also on highest dose of wellbutrin and cxymbalta(not sure of the dose) and i found out like 2-3 weeks ago, that all of those in combination with my adderall, have very negative interactions such as anxiety,vast flucuations in vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure and a bunch of other things,i got taken off and am doing better now, my vitals have gotten better but im kinda depressed though, probably because of withdrawal symptoms but i would rather be depr
Avatar n tn I would probably talk to the doctor about bringing them off this medicine. I am 36 and couldn't tolerate Adderall, i was nervous, almost paranoid, moody..and it eventually seemed to make my ADD worse. I'm off it now and feel a thousand percent better. It took me about 5 months though before my body started making enough of it's own dopamine and I stopped feeling fatigued and depressed (it was progressive though). I take 5htp now and L tyrosine, both can help with ADD.
Avatar n tn But I did switch drugs because I was on Zoloft for a year and a half and gained 30 lbs. and could not, for the life of me, lose any of it. I could eat 700 calories a day and exercise 30 minutes a day and still not lose one pound. Took 4 months after going off of it before I could lose anything. I've been losing weight lately, but I've also been working at it.
Avatar n tn 5ml pm daily and this helps,but this is still what we are facing, even with meds. We have also tried clonidine, Strattera, Zoloft and Ritalin, with the results being none or being even more activated. I have taken behavior management classes, he has been in therapy for his AS for several years, I have researched extensively online and attempted to implement every strategy I have come across, to no avail. I am exhausted physically and mentally and do not know where to turn.
Avatar n tn Do you think it's wise to taper down on the Effexor as much as possible during the first 6 months of pregnancy, then go off completely for the last trimester? I've slowly weaned down on the Effexor over the past 6 weeks, and am now down to 75 mg, since I thought I could try to go off completely before getting pregnant. However, I'm already noticing a change, back to the depression (not quite the anxiety) and major mood swings.
Avatar n tn I kept passing out and they would bring me back long enough to push and I would get one push out and out I would go again. I am very afraid this time, I have been taken off all of my meds and I am symptomatic but it is not real bad yet although my first few weeks off meds were bad. I am so scared and nervous about this pregnancy but more so about my delivery. I have seen three doctors to this point because I was labeled high risk then told I was not high risk but rather high maintenance.
Avatar n tn I had never taken antidepressants before Zoloft and was amazed at HOW much I worried ALL the time and how wonderful it was not to have my brain engaged in some kind of thought constantly!), and I just couldn't quit worrying and was jumpy. So....he increased the dosage to 150 mg. - which, to me, would only exacerbate the problem - but he said no...not necessarily. Most times it would help. Well....for the past 3 weeks, I guess it has slowed my brain down...
Avatar n tn My heavy periods are almost non-existent. But I can't live on valium and my other choice is zoloft. I'm 50 and I just wanted help with perimenopause. Guess I'll go to plan B. Menopause can't be that far away - right ;-}? Good luck!
Avatar n tn I have read all the different things I can find on Topomax and wonder if anyone has taken both Buspar and topomax. I would appreciate anyone would tell me of the experiences.
990354 tn?1307136486 I just had a doc appointment today to increase my pristiq (my antidepressant) and was hoping to get on something else to help with my severe adhd. My friend takes adderall and I have taken that before which I found worked awesome for me at helping me focus and what not. However, I am having a hard time getting the doctors to understand my issues. I have been on nine hundred different anti-depressants and nothing really has helped which is why I often relapse back to the opiates.
Avatar n tn I finally went in—after researching my symptoms, putting two and two together, and talking to my grandmother (she had hashis and cancerous nodules resulting in a TT)—again for blood work. I demanded a thyroid test because I was done, I was miserable. The results came back & here I am. I just started on Levo this week & following up with an endo in July. I recommend getting your thyroid tested ASAP. I've never gotten a doctor to do a full thyroid pannel...
Avatar n tn Hi all I have had anxiety for 20 years and been on the benzos xanx for 17 years,then the last couple yearts between ativan and klonoopin..back on xanax and prozac and adderall now....i get pain on just the right side of my head face shoulder arm behind right breast,i look back and i have had this before like in the 90s...have no clue what it full of fear.and since being on the prozac my head im allergic..
Avatar n tn I did some research and Metformin is indeed used for weightloss and it is recommended that the pills be taken about 10-15 minutes before eating. It reduces hunger pains as well as makes you feel full due to the expansion of the tablets. I take 2000 mgs. a day. I have lost 44 pounds and counting. I have also changed some of my eating habits, but unfortunately, I am having a hard time giving up the carbohydrates.
Avatar n tn First I would like to thank you, to who started this website. I have been on effexor for 2yrs now and thank god for this medication. I was deppressed in a bad way, even suicidal. Not sleeping for days and then colapsing from lack of sleep...then sleeping for days. I even had developed agoraphobia. I was unable to walk out of the door or do any activities with out my "safe" person. I am 31yrs old and have been a size 4 my whole life. I never had to worry about what I ate.
Avatar n tn I have taken paxil, cymbalta and zoloft. I gained weight on all of them. I now take wellbutrin and haven't gained weight. Talk to your doctor (or get a new one) about changing your meds. You are too young to suffer the side effects if you don't have to.
Avatar m tn I adjusted up on Wellbutrin. Actually saw my pdoc today and talked about reinitiation the Zoloft I was originally on (worked wonders just had sexual side effects). She explained the commonness of it, so I felt relieved. She spoke of all the progress and insight I have had, which most of the mental health professionals and peers in therapy have said to me. I don't really feel it sometimes.
480448 tn?1426952138 or was watching the world through a movie projector, instead of through my own eyes and mind. Therefore, I am going to share with you all what *I* know about these phenomena, and hopefully reassure some of you that this is par for the anxiety while irritating, maybe even is totally harmless. Derealization and depersonalization are two terms that are sometimes used interchangably. Truth is, they DO vary a little bit in their presentation....
Avatar n tn I suffer from unipolar depression and have tried quite a few antidepressants over the years. What finally helped me was an MAOI called Parnate, taken in the AM, and Trazadone in the PM for sleep. MAOI's can have serious interactions so they are not to be taken litely but I have taken them over 25 years without any problem. You HAVE TO watch what you eat, drink or other medications you take. They gave me energy and the strength to get thru a productive day I might otherwise have spent in bed.
Avatar n tn I know its a lower level drug but Valium and Xanax seem to be great treatment for anxiety...I've been put on Paxil and Zoloft and Buspar and all those "anti-depressives" to me thats the doctors just writting off scripts to get paid from the pharm. companies... next time you go into an office look at all the "promo" stuff there is for all these meds....doctors use the anti-depressants on people as if you're being tested.
990354 tn?1307136486 These are all prescription drugs. Mixing meds is VERY dangerous! and could be fatal if taken with other meds like oxycontin and zoloft. Your doctor can tell you if these meds are right for your condition. Usually you will have to ween off any drugs you are taking that would interferer before you start taking others. If you don't do this under a doctors care and supervision you could stop breathing and your heart could stop while you are sleeping.
Avatar n tn I don't sleep due to neck, back, and ear pain, I take ambion in order to get some kind of sleep but still manage to wake up in the middle of the night in pain. I am taking zoloft for anxiety and depression, I get the shakes, dizziness, and vertigo on a regular basis, all of this occurred well before I started taking my medication. As of right now I realize that I don't have a ear ache there is just something WRONG.
Avatar n tn I was on YAZ (for cramps and pms) and Adderall (for adult attention defecit disorder) at the same time for about a year, and started feeling faint while at work and in public. A couple of times I felt numbness in my face, and decided to go off of both. Many times I felt as though I couldn't fill my lungs up all the way with air -- so I would do breathing exercises. I did research and found that both were responsible for causing blood clots and strokes.
Avatar n tn 2-3 years later I started voicing my problems again with anxiety and I was put on Zoloft (college). After several months, Zoloft was still not working and was stopped. My doctor suggested going back on Paxil (post-college). So I started Paxil again, however, the Paxil had no effect this time around (I guess I used my one and only "get out of jail free" card!!). I pretty much gave up getting help after the Paxil didn't work. That was 2 years ago. It's very frustrating.