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1394098 tn?1385963734 Interferon tx is very dehydrating, which is why we need to drink lots and lots of water. Stay away from things like adderall. This is the time to focus on healing your liver. Remember? That's why you are doing this treatment. Stay focused on your health. In order to help your girl, she needs you to be healthy. BTW: Coffee is good for the liver. Since you aren't a coffee drinker, maybe it can give you a boost?
Avatar n tn Hi JoJo, I am a 30 yr old female and I take a combo of Adderall XR and regular Adderall Here is my schedule: 6am: 20mg xr 10am: 10mg regular 1pm: 20mg xr AND 10mg regular 4pm: 10mg regular So, it's by bodyweight 1mg per 1kg of weight: I weigh 70kg, so 70mg is just right for me, I find that it lasts through 8-9pm, then I take 1mg klonopin to help with the "drop off" and to help me fall asleep.
Avatar m tn (I know it was stupid of me) There were 60 of them. I took them over 2 days. Most of it i crushed and drank with water. Then went to sleep. I feel better but i still cannot eat anything and I'm very tired. Am i going to be okay?
Avatar n tn I recently got married and we want to start a family , so I've decided to quit the Adderall and with the guidance of the Dr I will be tapering off. Today is my first day tapering and I no longer am taking the XR's, today I'm going to start using the regular 10's: 1 per day for 5 days, then 1/2 per day for 5 days.
Avatar f tn (Lamictal, Norco and Ativan for sleeping) His question to me was why I was on it to begin with? He stated his concern was the Lamictal and Adderall combination, as Lamictal is a downer and Adderall is a upper. I'm not stupid I do know the difference. I showed the pharmacist the schedule I have for the Norco and Lamictal , I can take those both at the same time with no ill affects. But he couldn't give me a answer how to fit the Adderall in the mix.
Avatar f tn This list is not complete and there may be other drugs that can interact with Adderall. Tell your doctor about all the prescription and over-the-counter medications you use. This includes vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and drugs prescribed by other doctors. Do not start using a new medication without telling your doctor. I would consult with your pharmacist as they are the expert in how medications react with one another. I would be cautious until I discuss this with him/her.
Avatar f tn I've never had to wash my face or do anything to prevent it, I just don't get it. About 2-3 weeks after beginning Adderall I started to break out on my chin and around my mouth. I didn't change my make up, soap or anything so knew this wasn't the problem. I'm a nursing student and know that acne isn't a listed side effect of adderall (which is exactly what my psychiatrist told me), however after searching the web for hours it is a common theme among people.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if adderall makes u lose your sex drive im also going off prozac and on wellbutrin,xanax and estridiol estrogen patch (just added recently)
Avatar m tn yes, when I take Adderall I can go to sleep and I feel relaxed. I probably need it for adhd but my drug addiction is too severe for me to take it as prescribed.
Avatar n tn I am concerned that she is addicted and will have withdrawal problems. I have hidden the adderall from her and she no longer has it available. She relizes that she has a problem and has commited to quit. What are the withdrawal symptoms, how soon after she has quit to they show, how long to they last and how can I help.
Avatar n tn But i can say that the adderall has given me energy and even if i dont go for a walk and just sit on my computer, i can tell my metabolism is high and my appetite is low.... Im not one that likes to take meds, believe me.. but if anyone is trying to lose weight and like me... over weight and cant exercise that well.. ask about adderall.... I wish each and everyone of you success and god bless........
Avatar n tn , keeping water at the desk/grapes to keep my hands busy, working in silence without tv or internet, yoga and meditation hope this helps
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a rather detailed question concerning the absorbance and/or enzymatic breakdown of the components of Adderall or its generic counterpart. Before I get to that let me tell you that I take several vitamin supplements, an amino complex pill, protein shakes, acai berry antioxidant, along with my usual dosages of Dexedrine that can vary from (30-60mg/day). My case of ADD/ADHD is quite severe (like right now I should be studying for an exam as I type this up..
Avatar f tn I would really encourage you to try and get on a more regular sleep schedule. Exhaustion and fatigue definitely make us more vulnerable to anxiety. Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine. It's great that you plan to quit smoking - my humble opinion is that trying to go through withdrawal in the midst of this stressful time might make things harder for you. But avoiding caffeine and upping your water intake may help. Make sure you're getting good nutrition.
6601982 tn?1383754936 Im really glad I landed on this site and im very sorry for my annoying behavior when I was hopped up on Adderall. Reading all of the success stories on here gives me new hope and a new strength.
Avatar f tn Hi..I came off the Methadone back in 2012 and I was adding Adderall to it and snorting it for the Buzz on. I would take a Benzo at night to come down..This time around was way different then the other opiates alone. Having a mix of drugs to c/t makes it a bit more intense or it can go on a bit longer too. You were on the Subs so that should help a bit for sure. Each med pulls our nervous system different ways let alone what you do to all the brain chems/hormones and transmitters..
Avatar m tn I have a poor diet, sometimes eating nothing for two days, and really do not drink water, just diet soda. I suspect Adderall could be causing the problems. Any ideas?
673186 tn?1225987525 Due to college finals I have been using heavy amounts of Meth, adderall, and dexedrine for the last week to study. Today is my first day off of these drugs (and last day of finals). Can anyone give me some idea of the types of withdrawl symptoms I can expect. When will they start and how long will they last. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I know people who exceed that dose on a daily basis. Try to avoid caffeine and make sure you drink plenty of water. If you experience any strange side effects like hallucinations, delusions, irritability, depending on the severity you may need to contact your doctor. The maximum dosage prescribed is around 40 mg XR and it's set at that limit for a reason. Long-term use at excessively high doses can cause amphetamine induced psychosis.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms mimic mine and the situations are eerily similar, right down to the 20mg of Adderall 3x a day, height/weight and anxiety. I am 30 and have been working with my PCP for 10 years to tweak diet/exercise/meds to try and manage underlying anxiety that is exasperated by Adderall. Sadly I am so freaking ADD, I really do need the stimulant. I also just quit smoking, which is good for heart rate/bp fluctuations, but not so helpful for decreasing anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have been off adderall and all bullsh#t drugs since my first stint and it still continues. Good Luck!!!
Avatar n tn Drink lots of water, exercise (even though you think you can't) and post . Get support here and in person like a meeting.
885719 tn?1240857194 I have been taking adderall 20mg 2x a day for about 2 months and it just got upped yesterday to 30mg. I've had the worst chest pain. I also thought it was my heart and have been to the ER. They did the chest xray, blood work and ekg. They diagnosed me with chest wall pain and gave me naproxen. After a few weeks it was much much worse and I went to the doc. She told me that its an inflamation where the ribs meet the sternum. so more naproxen and also tramadol. Still no help.
Avatar m tn I took Adderall XR for six years and am currently 67 days clean. My dosage was 60-70 mg. I am 27 years old. How long until my energy is back and I am feeling "normal" again? Anyone have personal experiences as far as that goes? Also, how much weight did you gain and does it ever come off naturally? Any thoughts on metabolism? Thanks, everyone.
6601982 tn?1383754936 If there really is nothing I can do at home to help then ill just sit here and pray. The symptoms only happen when Im standing so ill sit quietly and drink a lot of water.
Avatar n tn Currently I feel like I am regaining strength, but I also continue to have tingling sensations in my brain 1 month after being off adderall. Could my nerves damaged? I am also extremly IRRITABLE more at night, and have difficulty falling asleep...In other words, I feel stimulated at nightime for whatever reason... Does anyone have any idea what "COULD" be going on.
Avatar n tn I also was wondering if anyone knows what the difference between Adderall and Provigil are. My medical insurance won't cover the Adderall but will cover Provigil and I'm wondering if one or the other is better.
Avatar m tn I actually had near perfect skin. About a year and a half ago, I started taking Adderall to help concentrate. I have been treated for ADD in the past an do actually need it (I can take a nap on the stuff). A few months into it, I started breaking out in large, cystic acne. I went to my dermatologist and started antibiotics and every kind of topical medication available. It's now just too much and leave marks that last forever.
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