Adderall and pregnancy

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Avatar m tn It can harm the baby and cause a miscarriage as well as small gestational size and fluid and malnutrition of the baby. So it would be best to avoid adderal.
Avatar f tn I take adderall for disthymia, and now I'm planning on starting a family. I know I should quit, but being on that stuff is the first time I've felt normal since I was nine, and I am debilitatingly unproductive without it. So, ym question is, what are the risks to a developing fetus, and how high are the chances of something going wrong?
Avatar f tn Hi there, Adderall is indicated for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. It is a FDA category C drug and should be avoided in pregnancy. It is a psycho stimulant drug. May be the doctor has prescribed this drug to your cousin for its euphoric and stimulant properties. I am not sure about its use in infertility. It is best that your cousin clarifies her doubts with her doctor. Do keep us posted. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn I know the right thing is to go to rehab and get off of my adderall, atleast for the remainder of my pregnancy, and I am definitely thinking about it. Right now I would just like honest advice and input on the damage I likely am causing the baby and tips on how to move forward. Believe it or not, it is eating me up inside. I am so dependent and addicted to my Aderall that I find something as big as a child inside and can't even stop me.
Avatar f tn I been taking adderall since before i can remember, atleast 18 years on and off but mostly on. Ritalin never worked... Im 26, 5'5 and weigh post partum at 7 weeks 152 lbs and im at 30mg ir 3x a day. I was taking this dosage before pregnancy about a yr ago when i was 122 lbs and it worked for te most part... AS most ppl may know some docs wont allot pregnant women to have any adderall.
Avatar n tn I am highly addicted to adderall and alcohol. I would pop adderall all day, just keep taking more and more to get all jacked up and motivated, then, when I would start to come down, I would feel extreme cravings for either beer or vodka. I would drink alot everytnight, and sometimes I would take sleeping pills after the drinking because I still couldn't sleep because of all the adderall I had taken in the day.
4901061 tn?1360737787 I know that I must get off all my meds I also take klonopin for anxiety but I have already reduced my dose from 3 mg a day to a 1/2 to one a day depending on how I feel. I do have concerns about how to get off the adderall safely and what medications would be safe during pregnancy that would allow me to function. I see my Dr on the 22nd and I will discuss this with her, but I'm worried that then she will take me off of it immediately without any sort of help, like tapering or other medications.
Avatar f tn Thanks all for your answer but i have called pharmists all over the statesa nd they say 2 beers with these meds is ok....the dr put me on adderall for refractory depression,and prozac for depression and i have had anxiety for 20 years and beeen on the benzos xanax for 17,then either klonooin or ativan the last two years...
Avatar f tn I suffer from adult ADD and I can't take my adderall right now due to pregnancy, but you could be experiencing withdrawls... Just because if its fast acting Adderall, then it's only meant to last 4 hours.. After that it wears off and you come "down" so to speak.
Avatar f tn If any of us dares to say that she may be overmedicated - she gets angry and defensive. She said the Adderall has killed her appetite and her libido but because she likes how it makes her feel and how much she is able to accomplish - she will live with those side effects. She has lost weight in the 2 months that she has been taking Adderall. She is 5'3" and has gone from 125 lbs to 119 lbs.
Avatar f tn I was also on Adderall around the time I got pregnant. I've been on it off and on for about 15 years and was worried about stopping, but both my OB and psych have helped me and it hasn't been a problem. Once you're off, its easy to stay off and there are very little withdrawl symptoms. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Not saying much since she only finished the 7th and started 8th. Dropped out due to pregnancy and had baby at 16. After this she started running away to join a carnavel a left her son with me. This child with adhd is her second child with a different father. Like I said he has this also which gave Brayden a double dose. The teacher took almost the whole school (Pre K) and then called and told me she thought he had adhd and then I told her of his parents illness.
Avatar n tn i was taking clonozapam, wellbutrin and adderall when i found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks pregnant and i discontinued use. i just use breathing exercises to calm myself down if i feel a panic attack. i just focus on my baby. get a new doctor because clearly yours is an *******. i'm now 14 weeks pregnant and i've already heard the baby's heartbeat. my dr isn't worried a bit. i think i'm going to get back on the wellbutrin in my last trimester.
Avatar n tn I encourage all of you to have your doctors find this article. Currently, I am stepping down off of the Adderall (not safe during pregnancy), and modifying my medications. I have a high-risk OBGYN who is willing to work with Dr. Grubb, my husband and I, and our future little one. According to both my OBGYN and my cardiologist, there is no reason to avoid pregnancy and it is a workable situation. I wish all of you luck. I know it is incredibly frustrating and discouraging.
Avatar n tn If I were to start withdrawing now I wonder if the damage would have already been done?? Good luck to you (and me) with effexor and pregnancy - it's a very hard decision to make and I am also reluctant to stop taking something that is helping me so much. Let me know what you decide to do or email me at ts.***@**** Love from hangin'in there!
Avatar n tn Im in my second trimester and take adderall xr. 30 mg once a day. When i found out i was pregnant i quit takining it cold turkey after using it 4 years. My ob told me it was fine to take and wouldnt harm the baby but ive seen contradictions. I told my ob that i thought i had the pregnancy blues and he stared me on wellbutrin 150mg twice daily. I stopped taking it because it increased ainxiety from adderall. He also wants me taking asprin daily and wrote a prescription for it.
Avatar m tn i just took a pregnancy test the other day because i got my period twice last month and it seemed like its been awhile since ive had it. and of course im really happy but i have this sickening feeling in my stomach because of the things i did before i was pregnant. about a month or so ago,i got put on vicodin because of an accident i was in. i was taking alot every day. not only that but a c ouple weeks after,i took about 60mgs a day of adderall for about 4 days.
Avatar n tn I can't imagine your doc taking you off anything cold turkey at this stage, but I would suspect that they would very closely monitor your pregnancy from here on out and may consider slowly weaning the dosages if they feel it would benefit both of you. Be sure to tell them exactly the dosage you are taking-including if you ever take more than prescribed because of the pain or take more medication for your ADHD.
Avatar n tn I was on adderall before getting pg. When I was trying to get pg, I talked to my dr about it and was advised to quit taking it before I got pg so I did. I'm almost 30wks pg now. It has been tough. At work I am a little better than completely useless these days but it is all worth it.
Avatar f tn I'm only about 5-6 weeks I'm on prescribed adderall 40mg daily and Ambien 10mg at bedtime. Has anyone been on these medications while being pregnant? I'm very concerned about my baby being affected. My doctors says it's ok to continue taking these medications......
Avatar f tn I have been on oxymoron, a muscle relaxer, and take Adderall for add. Anyone else ever been in this situation? I will be making a Dr appt Monday.
Avatar n tn i tried phoning to complain that it did not feel quite right i was told do not worry and they would see me in 2 wks at my follow up. yep!preg nant. here is my concern. i take ritilin 10 mgs. once a day. i was told for such a small amount it should be fine. comments please?
Avatar f tn None of my Doctors said I had to stop taking it and I talked to a geneticist who went over all of the medications I was taking and she did some research on xanax and pregnancy and said she couldn't find anything saying that it could or would harm an unborn baby, I was also on Remeron for insomnia and it's a class C drug and she researched that but told me that it could cause harm to the baby and that I should stop taking it so I did.
Avatar n tn I am now 25 weeks pregnant and finding my symptoms to be getting worse and worse daily--has anyone else dealt with ADD during pregnancy and if so how did you cope? I am beginning to feel a little like i am losing my mind and and like i might run out of my job screaming at any moment.
Avatar n tn I do not know if this is the adderall but I started that and zyprexa again after 9 months being off it for pregnancy. Couple days after being on these meds again I started getting a headache with tooth/jaw/mouth pain. If the headache is only on one side that is where the pain in the jaw/teeth is if it's the whole head then all over the top jaw/teeth is where the pain is. This pain goes on for hours even long after my meds wore off so I'm not sure if it is the meds or something else???
Avatar f tn There are a lot of drugs that are prohibited during pregnancy and others that have been proven safe. Adderall is a grey area. My opinion is that it isn't a good idea to start or resume taking Adderall during pregnancy. If you were currently taking Adderall it would be a different story. I think that is how a lot of doctors might see it too. However, you could probably find a doctor to proscribe it.