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Avatar f tn I make sure I only eat about 1200 calories a day based on how much I work out. Almost I got put in adderall and it helped a lot. If you go to your gunocologist she may be able to prescribe you bobtrile. It is an aid in weight loss and helps sooooo much!
Avatar n tn I went to my dr and she gave me adderall and i have decided to stop taking the seroquel and only take the geodon with my morning and night lithium and lamictal, with xanax as needed. i think this will work better for me. thanks for the support, i feel like a freak because i have to take medication, but as my boyfriend says its like wearing glasses, its necessary and helps. with me luck!
Avatar f tn (Lamictal, Norco and Ativan for sleeping) His question to me was why I was on it to begin with? He stated his concern was the Lamictal and Adderall combination, as Lamictal is a downer and Adderall is a upper. I'm not stupid I do know the difference. I showed the pharmacist the schedule I have for the Norco and Lamictal , I can take those both at the same time with no ill affects. But he couldn't give me a answer how to fit the Adderall in the mix.
Avatar n tn She had been on Adderall for ADHD, went into a hypermanic event and was involuntarily committed for treatment. After her release she went back to her original Psychiatrist who again prescribed Adderall for her. Is Adderall ever used for bipoplar disorder. Everything I have read says no. How can I convince her Dr. to not prescribe it anymore? Please help us.
Avatar m tn it seemed to help me ok. not totally, but ok. i was taking 100mg Lamictal and 150mg Wellbutrin daily. my deep depression(suicidal thoughts) mostly went away,but many problems still exist. like lack of focus,direction in life, motivation pushing myself. so,my therapist suggested i go on Ritalin to help with these concentration/focus issues. i've always had big problems concentrating on anything. like reading especially. at the moment i am weening myself off Lamictal and Wellbutrin slowly.
Avatar m tn I was on lithium and Lamictal together while transitioning to Lamictal alone (as the mood stabilizer, I needed other medications as well) and I did not encounter a problem though I found Lamictal alone (at a proper dose) more tolerable and effective but that was my reaction specifically as you state.
Avatar f tn Other skin problems, and mildly annoying, short-term rashes happen all the time. The Lamictal headache is usually temporary, and if you do get it, the odds are it will be when you change the dosage. The lethargy, and stupids usually diminish and may even go away, especially if you take folic acid. The insomnia is one of those side effects you’ll know is temporary as soon as it stops. This is from a good site (you might want to check it out). The site is - http://www.crazymeds.
5717054 tn?1372962145 are these severe side effects should i keep taking it or stop i suffer from minor vertigo before adderall and my pulse and bp is alway up and down but no doctor shows concern and rigjt now i can teach any my docs. Does it sound safe to continue? the positive of adderall beside physical probs i feel calm my thoughts stopped racing but i get alil out my mind from being groggy and again since i cant walk cause the sever vertigo i have truble drinking fluids. by morning im 100% fine.
1109293 tn?1258333223 Cymbalta, Abilify, Wellbutrin, Lithobid, Lamictal, Tamazapan and thyroid meds Levoxyl and Cytomel. Oh, I forgot, we added Adderall XR for my ADD. It is hard to manage refills with insurance coverage, etc. You probably know the drill. I'm fed up with it all. My crying has stopped but I still want to stay in a bed in a corner all day long and not talk to anyone. I ran out of my Abilify and just stopped it cold turkey four days ago. I'm wondering if that will cause problems.
Avatar m tn I told my p-doc I was still depressed and she suggested that we lower Lamictal instead of increasing Wellbutrin (which she said I was maxed out on). I have been a proponent of 'less medication', so I am unsure of what to ask at my upcoming new psychiatrist appointment. Since graduating, I haven't spoken with any t-doc or p-doc in around 8 months. For the last year or so I was taking 300mg/day Wellbutrin Xr and also 200mg lamictal. I have also taken Buspar for around a year.
Avatar m tn my gpdoc prescribed lamictal today..cuz i told him i cant waite till the 23rd of this month to see the pdoc.. i knowing that it might take up to 4 weeks to feel this..depending on how fast my body metabolizes it.. is this the correct dosage starting out..hes got me taking 25 mgs 1 at bedtime for 2 weeks..then 50mgs at bedtime for 2 weeks..the 1 -- 100mg at bedtime then see were im at after a week on the 100mgs.. does this sound like the way that you were prescribed..
452191 tn?1208758463 When one really has ADD, he/she reacts differently to adderall and the same goes for Xanax. I take lamictal, adderall, Xanax and another mood stabilizer. Im an extremely successful 31 year old with a full and amazing life. To everyone else: Be patient with your meds. Keep a journal and please know that when you get the combination right your life will change. Keeping a mood journal is so helpful. You are on the right track as long as you do not do anything against your Doctor's orders.
506259 tn?1228792219 So, suddenly I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, taken off the lamictal and effexor I was taking in place of the Adderall, put on depakote, celexa, clonazepam, trazadone, and cymbalta, then told that Adderall is not a pain medication and I should never have been on it in the first place. Well, I trusted her, but I started feeling the absolute worst I ever had in my life, both mentally and physically.
5957912 tn?1379940572 I started off on celxa(depression), neurontin(anxiety), trazadone(sleep), Lamictal(bipolar), aderrall(ADD) and Xanax(panic attacks. When I decided to go on a diet my regular doctor added phentermine. I worked with my losing 30 lbs. But you would think that it would make you happy, wrong. I tAdderall because I think it my because some of the anxiety. My problem is I can't stop them. I feel like I f'n addicted again. I use to be a major coke and Percocet taker.
Avatar f tn I went to a psychiatrist at which point I was diagnosed with Bipolar I and found out that the diagnosis of clinical depression was wrong. I was prescribed Lamictal and have been taking it for the past two years. It has worked fairly well. No physical side effects. I also went through some counseling sessions to get a grip on my life. But in August of 2007, (guess August is my month), I made an earlier than usual appt to see my psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn I would probably talk to the doctor about bringing them off this medicine. I am 36 and couldn't tolerate Adderall, i was nervous, almost paranoid, moody..and it eventually seemed to make my ADD worse. I'm off it now and feel a thousand percent better. It took me about 5 months though before my body started making enough of it's own dopamine and I stopped feeling fatigued and depressed (it was progressive though). I take 5htp now and L tyrosine, both can help with ADD.
880242 tn?1241286605 But I am so scared because I have grown up with Adderall (read my journal if you want to or get a chance) and I feel so sluggish and scared I will never be motivated to do anything again in my life. Adderall never made me high but gave me the well being feeling and it helped me with my crontic fatigue syndrome. Please pass me anything you can. Even feel free to email me personally. I need to know what I can expect or something close to it and what I can do to move on.
Avatar n tn I noticed that Mandy0079 says that her son is on Lamictal as well, so maybe it is the combination of Adderall and Lamictal that compliment eachother well. I most certainly believe in the lowest dosage possible of Adderall, I am 28, and not small by any means (uuugh) and I am on 10mg twice a day of Adderall. (not the XR, because my insurance only covers generics).
2211548 tn?1517715964 ive been getting really nervous, where my voice is shakey, changes, my hands shake, i avoid to much contact with it cuz the easing off of clonazepam, very likely, could it be the lamictal - which has its side fxs: sores in mouth, messes with period flow, ...i dunno ive just been having the extreme nervous strikes symptom out of nowhere and it can only be one or he other. it makes me want to go back to the 10mg abilify, trazodone prn, clonazepam prn, propranolol prn, adderall prn.
Avatar f tn I haven't had a medication change recently. I'm on lamictal, seroquel, wellbutrin, cymbalta, and adderall. I don't know what happened. It wasn't laced or else everyone would have gotten sick. My meds haven't changed so they should not have reacted differently. Everyone that smoked it said that it was awesome pot. I've always been really sensitive to it and have always gotten high really easily. Could it just be that I couldn't tolerate the potency? I've stopped smoking for the time being.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking 100-200 mg Provigil, 300 mg Wellbutrin, 150 mg Seroquel and 150 mg Lamictal. Although the bulimia is under control- I am angry and moody. This is harming my relationship with my husband and family.
Avatar f tn To: anyone I am bi-polar and after strong consideration my doc she put me on adderall, so I could wake up during the day.. but with strong consideration mind you, and 4 years of being stable but it was still depressed but less depressed.. I had been on plenty of different meds and we found a combination that worked but barley..It was the best the docs could do so I went on adderall to wake up the depression was low but my energy was severly low.
Avatar n tn But everything all started after I did adderall in college and Has been there ever since and I hate it. If I could go back I would and never experiment with psychoactives..... Thanks.
Avatar m tn Then, about 2 ½ years ago I had a near-psychotic meltdown, mostly about the devil and evil spirits, and was diagnosed with OCD and prescribed Anafranil and Zyprexa, which helped with the irrational thinking and obsessive thoughts a little. Between now and then, I have been diagnosed with OCD, Social anxiety disorder, GAD, major depressive disorder, ADHD, and most recently, aspergers/high functioning autism.
Avatar m tn Well how did they affect you when you were on them? If they caused problematical side effects that could not be mitigated and you discontinued them with your psychiatrist's supervision I can't say they won't occur again. Why weren't you able to tolerate them?
Avatar f tn However, for at least a year now, I've been sleeping 12 to 14 hours on days when I don't have to be somewhere and can take a nap if I sleep 10 hours or less (sometimes more). I'm at my wit's end and have had lab tests for my thyroid, iron, B12 and Vitamin D and all came out normal (except the B12 was elevated). I also take thyroid medication and vitamin/mineral supplements daily.
Avatar n tn I have been going to a Physiologist for 3 years now and have tried almost every depression, bipolar or mood-stabilizing drug out there. We have now found that Adderall and Concerta seem to help the best and I have been on them for a few years now. I still feel like I need something else to help. Geodon was the best medication I had tried but the side affects out weighed the benefits. I have also been looked at for Lupus and have seen a sleep specialist and have not helped.
Avatar f tn My daughter has concentration problems and some memory loss on her medications but finds those side effects tolerable in comparison to cycling. She takes Lithium 1200 mg (split 600am/900pm), Lamictal 100pm and Adderall XR 10mg AM. She also takes a multivitamin, calcium, biotin, birth control, and zantac. She was on Geodon 80 mg (gained 30lbs and no improvement) and zoloft 50mg... with all the other stuff she was on. That was from August until mid December.
Avatar n tn About four years ago, I started meds for depression, anxiety, and ADD. (I should have started long before this.) I take Adderall XR for my ADD, and tried a few antidepressants before settling on Zoloft. After about six months, my doctor added Wellbutrin XL because I felt really apathetic. (She wanted to keep me on the Zoloft because it helps more with anxiety, though I'm not 100% sure this was necessary.) I have to say that I really like Wellbutrin.
Avatar n tn I think amphetamine like Adderall should be avoided but they work really good at losing weight and decreasing appetite. In fact this is what works the best for appetite suppression and losing weight issues.