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Avatar m tn I'm worried my brain cells are dying and I'm having severe chronic fatigue, memory/ADD loss, headaches and sometimes vertigo. I have a neu cyst in my clivus. I've tried bipap with O2 but it doesn't work that well and I'm getting 0% stage 3/4 sleep. What caused my sleep apnea, memory/ADD problem and what can I possibly do? Thanks so much!
888444 tn?1241105995 I used to see a therapist (Can no longer afford, can't even afford a doctor's visit nowadays) who thought some of these symptoms could be ADD related. I've noticed a big increase in frequency and most of the things described are newer symptoms cropping up frequently in the past few months. I used to be praised for my writing and language skills - now I trip up several times a conversation. I'm worried I'm losing myself!
Avatar m tn Add -on of peg interferon to a stable nucleoside regimen led to loss of HBs Ag in chronic hepatitis HBe Ag negative patients D. Ouzan1; G. Penaranda2; H. Joly1; H. Khiri2; P. Halfon2 1. Institut Arnault Tzanck, Saint-Laurent du Var, France. 2. Laboratoire ALPHABIO, Marseille, France. Objectives: Suppression of HBV viral load by nucleoside treatment reduces disease progression but requires indefinite treatment. Hbs Ag loss is a rare event after long term treatment with analogues therapy.
Avatar f tn The odds of conceiving over the age of 50 are extremely low, and most such pregnancies require IVF and/or donated eggs. Add to that the fact that you haven’t had a period in four years, and I’d say that you probably have nothing to be concerned about. If you need further assurance, have a look at this Wikipedia article. Have a nice weekend!
Avatar f tn Yesterday I asked you regarding my mom's problem...I forgot to add one more that when she passes stool she feels pain...and one more question, is it alright if I visit Gynecologist for her problem? Hope to get favourable response from your side..
Avatar f tn Yesterday I asked you regarding my mom's problem...I forgot to add one more that when she passes stool she feels pain...and one more question, is it alright if I visit Gynecologist for her problem? Hope to get favourable response from your side..
Avatar n tn she has an eczema flare up and takes zyrtec and advair daily do i still add prednisone and her creams or not? 7 yrs old 90 lb.
Avatar m tn I recently came from an eye doctor appointment, close-up eyeball picture in hand. The doctor showed what he said was "Scar tissue, likely stemming from a past toxoplasmosis infection or the retina". I've been pursuing a disability claim since 1998.
Avatar m tn Nice reply, just want to add that many people don't even know they have this, and never would unless they have a EKG for some reason.
Avatar m tn I'd read for a while about C-Reactive Protein (CRP) being highly predictive of a near-term future cardiac event, so two years ago I had my GP add a CRP reading to my standard, annual blood profile. It came back pretty elevated. He said, don't waste your time on this. My cardiologist said we need to check for some background inflammations. Then I saw that rheumatoid arthritis, which I have, might contribute to the high reading. Have you checked YOUR CRP level?
10947 tn?1281407852 Generally, if you add input to a wiki, one is expected to back up the write-up with a cited reference (as in a peer reviewed article). Often these references are hyperlinked to the original source (say the pdf file of a nejm paper). Will you allow these hyperlinks? Your current TOS forbids links and hyperlinks.
668014 tn?1225468657 We must somehow get others to stop referring to Chiari Malformation as "Arnold" Chiari Malformation. There is no such thing as Arnold Chiari Malformation. After Dr. Hans Chiari's original description of a condition we now refer to as Chiari Malformation, Dr. Arnold's students inaccurately added his name to the condition. As time went on, those in the medical community dropped Dr.
1044813 tn?1370498006 Thanks for the suggestion. Is Mixed Moods the same as multiple moods per day? If so, the Mood Tracker now accepts multiple moods per day. Just select a mood and then click Specify Time. To add more moods, click "Add another". To see public Mood Trackers, including those that have multiple moods per day, check out the Mood Tracker Gallery: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn // Cholesterolemia basically means a Liver which is hyperactive at creating fat Lipids and pumping them into the blood stream. Statin medication is very good at getting this under control. COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease http://en.wikipedia.
4971738 tn?1390568984 My doctor added this to my regimen not just to stabilize my mood, but to get my migraines under control. I didn't have any bad effects from it at all, but I did have to add another med for migraines. I have chronic migraine syndrome and am out of commission about 15 days a month. If you have a lot of headaches it could be a double win.
Avatar m tn i didn't swallow any but i have ADD it seems to run in my family but learning disabilities are a symptom of lead poisoning
192055 tn?1263559137 // I would like to add that since you have taken only 3 tablets your complaint would be unrelated to the drug.
Avatar f tn I hope this answers your question, though EMG is usually used for muscles while EEG for the brain. You may give more details and if you need more clarifications, just add your post. Take care and Regards.
1042487 tn?1275283499 This consist of a multidisciplinary approach regarding tools that might be useful from a neurobiological perspective. Another way to help with withdrawal is to add a neutraceutical like beta-phenytylamine (PEA) in order to enhance you neurotransmitters activity by enhancing the release of catecholamines and blocking their reuptake, especially of dopamine. PEA has similar actions with serotonin, but just not as powerful.
Avatar m tn Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn I hope that is all it is and soon the symptoms will reside. Have you contacted your neuro about the new symptoms? Maybe he/she can add to what is going on.
Avatar m tn Leave the rest to Mother Nature to take care of.
Avatar f tn All of the basics are covered in the Wikipedia article here: I use mine every day in the morning, and it's really helped me. If you decide to pursue it and buy one, the pot you buy should come with a measuring spoon to make sure you add the right amount of salt to the water. I usually add just a pinch more to my pot though, and have never had any adverse effects.
Avatar f tn // Finding this pic on wiki may have played a big role in me coming to find out I have CM :) Here's a shot of my CT scan from 2006 (radiologist missed it or didn't think it was worth noting)... http://flic.
Avatar f tn Thanks for writing back. I looked at some of the info you can get off of wiki and such, but I'm really more interested if anyone has used it and how did it work for them. Thanks!!
228181 tn?1189949669 You are as well protected as you can be without having a mutual blood test and being positive about mutual monogamy. If you add those two additional behaviors you should be in a good medical situation.
Avatar n tn Pacemakers regulate the right atrium and right ventricle to maintain a good heart rate and keep the atrium and ventricle working together. This is called AV synchrony. Biventricular pacemakers add a third lead to help the left ventricle contract at the same time as the right ventricle. You can read more about this with these links: www.revolutionhealth.
Avatar f tn right middle toe involuntarily twitching every 10-15 seconds. Left arm at shoulder weak, sore, hard lifting things, movement of thumbs weak and painful. Have appointment with orthopedist and another neurologist a month from now. When I wake my head is ringing, I am weak can barely walk, gets better as day goes on. Feet swell with more and more, though as day progresses. Need help. Thanks all.