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Avatar m tn First let me say that 3 is way to young to begin discussing add/adhd. The earliest age that this diagnosis should be made is 6 and I feel that is still too young based on the wide variability amongst children of that age. You describe in many ways what is normal for 3. They are quite often extremely active, hard to settle, loud and constantly testing boundaries. Guess what? Four isn't much better.
327385 tn?1378364331 my 9yr old daughter has some problems i think she has add/adhd. she was seen by an add/adhd spealist last year. the doctor tinks she has it but wanted her teacher to fill out the forms. her teacher was complaining alot about her behavior.she has trouble listening-finishing tasks-wanting to lay in floor-alot of talking. but when i asked her teacher to help with the forms she tells me she doesent have those problems?
Avatar m tn anxiety and depression are two side effects from ADD. i know i have ADD and as a adult i have never been treated for it- just have to try to focus that much harder. i'm currently on meds for anxiety and depression and i'm wondering if i'm starting backwards. should i be getting treament for the ADD first and then see if the anxiety and depression continue.
Avatar m tn You slip up once and take that extra pill it can pull you in... Just remember that.Adderall and other kinds of add/adhd drugs are suppossed to be used as a tool. Dont make the mistake I did and abuse it...
Avatar n tn my 12 yr.old son was diagnosed with add/adhd when he was 6 yrs.old when diagnosed with it,he has been on ritalin until the beginning of this school year,he wanted to see if he could do it,his grades went from an A/B student to 3 f's and d's, an a in art,i put him back on ritalin,20 time release a.m. 20 time release p.m.
Avatar f tn You didn't say which med he is on. But the most common meds are stimulants which to a normal person are exactly that - very stimulating. On them your brain really does start acting "LIKE THE TV WHEN WE CHANGE CHANNELS OVER AND OVER AGAIN I CANT STOP MY BRAIN IT'S ALWAYS LIKE CLICK....CLICK...CLICK." When the meds cause you to do the opposite - to slow down - then its a pretty good chance you have ADHD. Because if you didn't you would get pretty hyper, etc.
Avatar n tn Our son has SI Dysfunction (first discovered via therapy for an Auditory Processing Disorder) and perhaps ADD/ADHD. On Adderall XR 25 mg., the impulsivity is controlled but with side effects (sometimes signficant) such as emotional lability, nervousness, weight loss, sleeplessness, etc. At the beginning of this school year, his new Dr. started him on Strattera 18 mg. with Adderall XR 20 mg.
Avatar m tn First, I would like to mention that drugs for add/adhd are not a cure all. Most, like myself, will find over time they will see both improvements as well as drawbacks. Personally, I have found the medication has helped me focus on tasks that otherwise would have been impossible to start as well as following through with them all the way to the end. I also am slowly learning how to follow systems to keep my life in order.
207227 tn?1271420578 I am also not convinced that rapid mood cycling among children indicates bipolar as opposed to cyclothymic disorder, or a disruptive behavior disorder such as ADHD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. The primary differences in differentiating ADHD vs bipolar are the vegetative changes and true cycles in mood, not just behavioral problems. So in short, I think we are all still learning, and I am very conservative in giving a pediatric BP diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Until one day my parents took the time to research and took me to a psychologist who could test me for ADD or ADHD as well as any other learning disability. It turns our I had both ADD and ADHD, my school was then contacted and i had special accommodations in order. I was prescribed adderall which turned out to be a MIRACLE drug!!! immediately i saw school in a whole new light. I enjoyed learning (maybe to much) and started understanding better.
Avatar f tn I have a 13yr who has ADD and CAPD. He is falling way behind in school and now doesn't even want to go. His grades are awful and honestly I don't think he cares. He refuses medicine. Which his doctor said he is old enough to make that decision. I was considering homeschooling him, but not sure if he would even try. Anyone with any advice would help.
Avatar n tn I would love to know what website to go find info on a link between ADD/Lying. There is info on ADHD vs. lying, and your point is well taken as to self-preservation skills. My daughter has no hyperactivity at all. In fact, she likes to fly "under the radar" so to speak.
Avatar f tn well I have 2 kids with Asperger's and ADHD and ADD but as I remember all my kids pregnancy's have been pretty active and with this last pregnancy he is very active. I'm not really sure you will know if your kids will have this because of pregnancy this is a genetic thing it usually runs in the family from somewhere and someone. It can be challenging at times but its all worth it.
Avatar f tn and what makes you think that Ritalin is a toxic? Toxic's hurt people. If a person doesn't have ADHD then Ritalin could be a toxic because it can lead to dependency. If you do have ADHD, that's not an issue. Furthermore, this medication has been in use since at least the 60's, there is a very long history of its effects. For a look (and a very exhausting look at almost all possible remedies - check here.
Avatar n tn I noticed he and his brother who is ADD mispronounced many words. I wasn't sure if this was ADD or neglect. I can see why ADD/ADHD can effect speech, because these children don't pay full attention to how things are said in order to copy them correctly. My son is now 11, and speaking fine. In fact, he just got commended performance on his Science Standardized Test (which is the hardest). Good luck and God bless.
Avatar f tn Kennedy - I thought that supplements such as Omegas, Vitamin B complex, magnesium and zinc have shown to help ADD/ADHD. I agree that, these supplements will not eliminate the symptoms. I think that research ahs shown that these supplements help to reduce the symptoms and also reduce the amount of medicine needed, assuming the parent decides to use medication. I would appreciate your comments.
Avatar n tn The one thing that I have found is that children and adult with ADHD or ADD, have issues with concentration from the food thay eat as well. And diet can definitely help with the symptoms. I am not saying that you are a bad teacher or Principal. I just would like to know what other schools do to help with their children. Children are our future.....................
Avatar f tn Boy, got a ton of things to say - but lets deal with the meds first. If he had acid reflux before going on the meds, its always possible that what ever had previously caused the acid reflux is the problem and not the new meds. Did he take the meds with a meal? The patch does work. There is also a new oral medication that I think might eliminate the acid problems. It will be on the market in January. You can read about it here -
Avatar n tn 1)What is the percentage of improvement to children on one of these ADHD drugs compared to placibo? 2)Is ADHD considered a mental disability? Brain defect/abnormality? 3)Do these drugs carry a side effect of brain atrophy or is that a result of the ADHD itself? 4)Do the drugs cause potential neurological damage? 5) Should they consider taking him off the Ritalin because he has shown to be depressed prior?
Avatar f tn but at school she does not complete some assignments and does not score well on tests. She has a LD, ADHD, and the teachers are aware, but they will not think to check her work, they will not think to check for understanding, and they will not make inquiries prior to scoring multiple "F's". They're response is: she needs to self-advocate. She needs to ask if she doesn't understand, she needs to inquire about the multiple "F's.
Avatar f tn Hope these help!
Avatar m tn If my son had add/adhd, I'd recommend these for him and really any form of physical activity they enjoyed from biking, to hiking, to soft ball, to running. As "they" say--------- just do it! DMX is actually addictive when used in large doses and for the purpose that you've found for it. I would strongly suggest that you not use DMX to self medicate. It is similar to an anxious person using alcohol to numb themselves out.
Avatar f tn I think I would have to be absolutely sure and believe in my heart that ADD/ADHD was the right diagnosis and even then I'd probably try other things first before I medicated. I'm reading about natural remedies these days and it is amazing material. I think every family has to make the choice for themselves and their children but they should arm themselves with information first. There are no quick fixes or easy answers.
Avatar f tn org/posts/ADD---ADHD/How-long-before-seeing-meds-work-for-ADD-ADHD/show/1074551#post_7381430 Also this site has lots of good posts on the subject - And this is also a very helpful site - - I hope these help! Please feel free to post if you have any more questions. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn There are other things that the doctors should look at that go along with a child who looks like they have add or adhd. But they don't do the work to find out and parents don't always know better.. Wish I had know before I drugged my son with those drugs hope this helps you all..
Avatar m tn // The book will really help ALL of you deal with this. Best wishes!