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Avatar m tn Is there an online test that can be done that can give me an idea if my child is ADD or just plain naughty??
Avatar n tn procrastination (when i make my own chart) working on my online course and it is a little exciting and a little distressing
Avatar m tn breakfast: muesli. online. do washing. CM gets blood test. lunch: ham sandwich. put out washing, clean bin & laptop, shower. online, watch TV. online, get dinner: bangers & mash. watch DVD. online, bed.
Avatar f tn On this day, we are about to had our first online test, but because the connection is kinda slow. We just had our discussion and continue the online test outside the campus.
Avatar m tn After the initial results ive asked what type of lab and test was used they told me labcorp and quest diagnostics and was a type specific test. My arm rashes and thigh rashes subsided after my dermatologist prescribed me prendisone (steroid) for my inflamation. Things just dont add up especially the fact that i havent been sexually active in over 4 years. with no outbreaks of any sort other then my arm and thigh rash.
Avatar f tn I wanna go shopping online but i find it confusing can someone help me please .
Avatar f tn I am a very private and sensitive person. I keep getting told that I need to see a doctor for adhd/add because its a big problem to me. Even though I've quit work because of it, even tasks at home are really hard. I can't complete anything...i keep starting new things. Since this is not a physical problem, is it possible for me to be treated for this with an online doctor?
Avatar m tn The test was done by them. I know that I seem excessive but I read an article online (university of Virginia) about hep c delaying the window period for hiv. It also said that testing could take up to a year. This really made me panic. I know everyone says no risk but I got hep c by this.
Avatar n tn Woke up feeling better than usual. Took a Pecid to see what effect it had. Reflux stayed at a manageable level and didn't experience much bad taste in my mouth. Less pain in the am when I woke up as well. Mouth sores seem to be getting better. Still had salty phlegm in the morning. Finally had the doctor tell me to take some additional blood test for liver.
Avatar f tn You gotta be kiddin'. I'm not gonna tell ya how to get this stuff, and I don't think anyone else will either. That is a wicked bad drug with some wicked bad adverse effects, so if you do have ADD, I hope to hell you're seeing a doctor...and if you are, can't imagine why you can't get this med. if he/she wants you on it. If you're thinking of taking it for any other reason, know can cause psychosis.
190673 tn?1259203266 I did an online test for ADD and the result was 95% in favor of it. I know I can't diagnose myself especially via internet but I have been thinking maybe I do have it and what if I do? I have trouble concentrating and that was 1 of the reasons I dropped from college. I was very smart during my childhood (for my age) until the age of 12 when it all started with panic attacks. I have many symptoms of ADD . My main problem is focusing. But I am being treated for anxiety.
Avatar m tn Did anyone else here realize that you cant order online saliva or blood test if you live in CA or NY. Thats the most rediculous thing ive heard. Im paying for it. Oh well, iguess its just to keep the local labs busy, like their not busy enough.
Avatar f tn Has anyone bought the online preg or opk test strips online that come as just strips that you dip in the urine? I see them online and they seem cheap, but I was wondering if anyone had used a particular site that you know the tests were the real deal..... If so, could you post the reliable sites? This buying tests at Walmart is for the peeing on a five dollar bill every time! LOL thanks!
1524304 tn?1326396974 Okay few days ago mom totally proved her HFHL when our doorbell lost battery life and stuck on that high pitched squeal even I was able to hear (probably because I hear one, approx. 16khz, constantly) but mom wasn't. So then the idea of online HT took over. And I found few pitch samples I could use on my phone and test if I can hear. Of course I do realize they aren't reliable and so but anyways got a decent 100hz-16,17khz result.
Avatar f tn We are supposed to have our online test inside the internet laboratory in the library but unfortunately the connection fails. That is why the online test was postponed instead another activity was introduced. We proceeded with the presentation of our e-learning videos and we were evaluated and after that we had our activity in OpenEMR and made use of our previous case studies.And then, we all went home to have our online test done exactly at 7 in the evening.
Avatar f tn Ed and I talked about ADD, it explains everything
1250426 tn?1269044105 am really interested in taking the stimulants instead of Strattera
Avatar f tn Definitely notice a difference when I take my medication, for a short period of time, anyhow, when I feel the uplift in energy, I feel happy, talkative.
Avatar n tn junk food night :p
Avatar n tn did a bit of reading about Adult ADD. Very interesting how close it matches my moods and feelings. Tried a few things with organisation etc and wow! what a huge difference. Rather than just being pissed of about mess and clutter and feeling crap...i actually did something about it and its made a huge difference. Perhaps its a trigger for the depression.
1927124 tn?1323003238 the day we learn to not point out problems and work together is the day the world will change and ADD will be something of the past, it is YOU who is holding us back because YOU are not willing to give up on trying to change everyone else because they are not like you and move forward like a normal human would. i am Adley Jouar and i have ADD and i am proud of it. Adley Jouar.
Avatar f tn no adderall
Avatar f tn I still can trust myself to take my meds for ADD. I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn I had similar results from Adjuvant Online but was wary because my cancer was HER2 positive and that was not considered by Adjuvant Online. I really wonder how much the Adjuvant Online results would change if HER2 was included. I just finished 4 rounds of Cytoxan and Taxotere and am following up with Herceptin once a week for a year. The four rounds were not fun but if I can do it so can you. You will feel bad for about four days and will need a full week to get your energy back.
Avatar f tn Well if my test on day 9 is wrong the online calculator says i am 1 month along today. I hope and pray that test was wrong on Friday. I'll test tomorrow morning. Im so nervous.