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Avatar m tn Is there an online test that can be done that can give me an idea if my child is ADD or just plain naughty??
Avatar f tn I had similar results from Adjuvant Online but was wary because my cancer was HER2 positive and that was not considered by Adjuvant Online. I really wonder how much the Adjuvant Online results would change if HER2 was included. I just finished 4 rounds of Cytoxan and Taxotere and am following up with Herceptin once a week for a year. The four rounds were not fun but if I can do it so can you. You will feel bad for about four days and will need a full week to get your energy back.
190673 tn?1259206866 I did an online test for ADD and the result was 95% in favor of it. I know I can't diagnose myself especially via internet but I have been thinking maybe I do have it and what if I do? I have trouble concentrating and that was 1 of the reasons I dropped from college. I was very smart during my childhood (for my age) until the age of 12 when it all started with panic attacks. I have many symptoms of ADD . My main problem is focusing. But I am being treated for anxiety.
Avatar f tn If you have health coverage or can afford it a psychiatrist can do tests like the Connors something or other scale (computer test of attention) in addition to the check box tests and personal history to help determine if you have ADD. ADD is a mixed bag. We think differently and sometimes that is a very good thing. If not for the people who think differently the world would stand still.
Avatar f tn bbt with urine stick or ovu watch and cervical mucous test..
Avatar f tn But I also think it's anxiety because of my dad dying and lack of sleep ever since my parents broke up. So anyway, my psychiatrist won't test me for ADD, he says it's anxiety/depression. I'm on like my 5th drug trial, it's Sertraline 150mg per day, and 100g of Seroquel at night. Also Clonazapam 3 times a day. None of it's helping. How can I get tested?
Avatar n tn I have decided on Monday I will schedule to have an HIV test. I am still convinced I have HIV, even more so after having blood tests with my doc and being tested for numerous infections that he considered and all the results coming back normal! If everything else is normal how else do you explain symptoms that are HIV related??? It is killing me and I am living in fear of the result but I think after being convinced now for almost 6 months I am semi-prepared to deal with what is to come.
Avatar f tn Hi, my son has all the symptoms of ADD, however, as his QB test results were within normal parameters we have basically had his case closed by the community paediatricians. Is it possible for a child with ADD to actually get normal results? I just don't know where to turn now...
Avatar m tn Most providers will treat you based on + test results through online testing centers. Do you have a regular provider who you've discussed this all with? I highly recommend buying Terri Warren's book "the good news about the bad news". She is our herpes expert here on medhelp and her book is affordable and goes into far more details than her free herpes handbook does. You can buy it through her website or through amazon.
Avatar f tn ) I spend soooo much time online researching ADULT ADD and the meds I have been prescribed + my daughter is a pharmacy tech, I think I know more than the shrinks!!! Bottom line is the shrinks keep telling me that Adderal/Concerta/etc are "too addicting". I know that they can be addicting, but I will only take them as prescribed ... and I DID tell them that. Seems strange that I should have to 'inform the doc' about ADD ... that is what 'they' are supposed to know all about.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot. I just did the diabetes test on Tuesday and then the nurse called yesterday and told me I failed and needed to get in to see the diabetes doctor right away, and I just haven' had time to process it all yet. I was afraid I was going to fail the test, not because I feel like my blood sugar is out of control (and my diet has been really good).
Avatar f tn You do occupational therapy and that is also who diagnosis it. Sensory can be present in add/adhd but it can also be alone. Sensory is often confused for add/adhd and this is terrible for the child in question. All parents should educate themselves with as much information as possible when trying to decipher what is going on with their child. That is prudent and we owe it to our kids. We are their advocates.
Avatar n tn Sorry, but those numbers mean nothing to me. A positive type 1 test means nothing. A nonspecific test is not useful. A positive type 2 test means genital herpes, if it's a type-specific test, which it sounds as though yours was not. So check that out, and get yourself a type-specific type 2 herpes test, so you'll know where you're at. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn so i started to worrie science my friend had a very dry cough and lost a lot of weight and i shared that coke straw with him so 5 weeks past the coke appisode and 6 weeks past oral sex i had a test in hospital (hiv 1/2 p24 combo ag/ab) which came back negative so i was a bit relieved and read on the net that i have near 0 chances of infection . after the test i had sex with my g.
533880 tn?1237616052 I have a three year old...for the last 2 years she has had a few different test done because of frequent and recurring diarrhea, acid reflux, not being able to eat, gas, and other things...back in feb 09 she had a upper and lower procedure done...the only thing they found was candida in the esophagus....they wanted to retest so in sept she had another upper procedure... they said that the candida was still there,... this is my problem...I am not getting any answers from her doc...
901131 tn?1293748153 I asked my doctor about the test and he said I don't have any need for that. He is planning to add PI to my treatment and up the doses of RIBA and peg and I am still going to sit down with him to finalize the treatment plan. I think biopsy test should be more important to you than this test at this time. This is just my opinion.
Avatar m tn ANy1 ever done a RNA test i read online. RNA- if u got infected within 9-11 RNA test will know imediately. instead of waiting 3 months? have any1 ever done it?
Avatar f tn I failed glucola too and going for 3 hr GTT on thursady,I hope to pass still no instructions from anyone what to do with diet before the test. I found online that no restrictes diet and eat as you would usually and then no water or anything for 10 hrs before the test. Is that what everyone knew?
Avatar m tn The studies I know of have been using the PI's early on in tx. I think it goes back to the people that have had the most sucess with attaining SVR were those that cleared the virus fast.
Avatar n tn i have to open my windows, even when it's 25 degrees out to let smells out. i have also noticed that when i'm online and typing, i get my letters in the wrong order, even when i speak. i was talking to my hubby and said we should take the graveyard flight rather than the red eye flight! very weird and it keeps happening more. is this brain fog? a new sx i woke up with today is my skin on the back of one of my thighs hurts.
Avatar m tn Some research online found out you can get a false blood work result for antibody if you have any vaccine in the last 6 months. So that's why some ppl still get a false negative or false positive for herpes or hiv . Thank you.
Avatar f tn Blood is a very poor indicator. The most modern, most accurately proven test for Cortisol is a 24 hour saliva test. You can find CANARY CLUB under Adrenals at StopTheThyroidMadness. For little over $141 they will send you the kit. You simply spit into little tubes, at home on a stress free (I have NONE) day. You do it on a day that you can have it mailed the very next morning (or freeze it).
Avatar n tn Maybe if you buy your own hcv test online and do it yourself, your fear will ease? I am sorry, I don't see your issue as been HCV.
Avatar n tn It seemed to be like razor sharp pain when the dye was doing its thing, and OMG the cramping after was a lot worse than the procedure. It is a day release test, and you are free to go shortly after the test. I cramped for about 8 hours post treatment, but my current specialist recommended that you take 2 Extra strength Migraine gel pills 1 hour prior to the procedure ( I too get the joy of having this done...AGAIN!).
Avatar m tn Help!! I need help with interpretation with the recent test results of my sister's thyroid hormones estimation.... The tests were conducted at 3 different labs and it seems they point to something which general physicians are unable to pin-point... Tests: 1.> Ultra TSH (using CLIA)- 19.02 (normal range - 0.4-6.02) T3 - 0.692 (range- 0.846 -2.02) T4 - 4.90 (range- 5.13 - 14.06) 2.> TSH - 70 (range - 0.17-4.
Avatar n tn I am currently waiting for the results of the HIV test but of course I am sitting here all stressed out on what the results will be! Here are my timeline of symptoms - 7 Weeks after encounter I developed severe abdominal pain and severe diarrhea. Not sure if I had a fever or not but had some mild sweating. Also burning/stinging while urinating. - This persisted for 3 weeks and I went to the Dr and they thought I had an infection and prescribed me prevpac.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know about the baking soda test. Aparently fizzy means boy and flat means girl? Has anyone done this? Does it work?