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Avatar f tn added in order to track additional menses symptoms....possibly entering into peri-menopause....
Avatar f tn Especially if the ADD was not caught till adulthood (this is very common in women). When you were a child, it was difficult to diagnosis ADD (especially if you were intelligent). If you were a hyper little boy, you got the attention. A little girl pulling B's and C's didn't get noticed. Personally, I think that is still going on a lot today. A wonderful site for adults is http://jeffsaddmind.
Avatar f tn Most women don't really experience symptoms until after they find out they are pregnant. Being constipated can happen, pregnant or not. Drink a tall glass of apple juice and if you need it, add some Benefiber.
Avatar f tn Hi there, It is common to experience nausea by few women during ovulation. The increase in estrogen levels and surge of leutinizing hormone can cause nausea. Production of extra digestive juices due to changing hormone levels can also aggravate the nausea. Taking medications like anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin C can further add to this feeling . Sore boobs are also due to hormonal changes. Do write to us again with more queries. Take care and best luck!
Avatar m tn Why do high heels and/or boots add another degree of excitement to sexual relations for certain men and/or the women who wear them?
676143 tn?1312941771 If I could add symptoms to the tracker, I would add "making more saliva" and "round ligament pain"...those seem to have made themselves present lately, too. Oh, and "gagging when brushing teeth"...
1515784 tn?1387197290 Found this cool little website where women post their BFP symptoms and their symptoms during their 2WW. Check it out for those of you waiting right now!. http://www.twoweekwait.
1530986 tn?1292025709 Did you take the test at least 14 days after unprotected sex? If you took it earlier than that, then pregnancy may have been detectable at that point. Wait a week and retest. Th chances of conceiving in a given month are only 25% so unprotected sex doesn't mean pregnancy. Add to that, there are many reasons why a women could miss, or be late on, a period.
Avatar f tn Is there any way to add MS symptoms that aren't on your list? For example, one of my worst ones is itching, so I'd like to add it. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have suffered from ADD symptoms as a result of my drug and alcohol use a decade ago. I have been on many ADD and anti depressant meds but all to no avail except with Wellbutrin XR and somewhat with Concerta. The Wellbutrin worked amazingly well a long time ago but stopped shortly after I took a small sip of hard liquor. My doctors are perplexed by this but that is the only explanation I can come up with.
Avatar f tn Ed and I talked about ADD, it explains everything
1250426 tn?1269044105 am really interested in taking the stimulants instead of Strattera
Avatar f tn Definitely notice a difference when I take my medication, for a short period of time, anyhow, when I feel the uplift in energy, I feel happy, talkative.
Avatar n tn junk food night :p
Avatar n tn did a bit of reading about Adult ADD. Very interesting how close it matches my moods and feelings. Tried a few things with organisation etc and wow! what a huge difference. Rather than just being pissed of about mess and clutter and feeling crap...i actually did something about it and its made a huge difference. Perhaps its a trigger for the depression.
1927124 tn?1323003238 the day we learn to not point out problems and work together is the day the world will change and ADD will be something of the past, it is YOU who is holding us back because YOU are not willing to give up on trying to change everyone else because they are not like you and move forward like a normal human would. i am Adley Jouar and i have ADD and i am proud of it. Adley Jouar.
Avatar f tn no adderall
Avatar f tn I still can trust myself to take my meds for ADD. I don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn I'm very new to this site. I'll start off my saying that I'm a male. I currently read that 75-90% of women who contract the herpes virus don't get any visual symptoms and don't know they even have it. Can this be correct or possible?? Is it possible for a woman to go 6-7 years without knowing they have herpes? I take everything I read online with a grain of salt, but I've been trying to educate myself lately.
Avatar f tn The above HIV science is 40 years old and very well established so there is no detail that you can add that will make any of your encounter a risk for HIV. No one in 40 years of HIV history got HIV from the situation you are concerned about so it is unlikely that it will happen in the next 40 of your lifetime either.
1525838 tn?1334595763 See yesterday's entry. Going to add the Allergria D back to my daily meds tomorrow morning. See if that helps with the sinus symptoms.
231441 tn?1333892766 For a many decades it has been observed that the symptoms of MS flare-up in times of lowered estrogen. And often the symptoms are better with very high estrogen. Classically MS is at it's best behavior during pregnancy - a time of extremely high estrogen production. This production falls to normal levels after delivery and the next 4 months or so is a prime time for either the first presentation of MS, or for a major relapse.
976897 tn?1379167602 I think this is why so many Doctors dismissed heart problems in women with typical symptoms and some still do. However, it has been realised that since women have taken the roles they have in the work place, heart disease is definitely on the increase for them. It seems the more stressful the job, the worse their condition becomes. Hardly surprising when you think how many look after the children, get them off to school, go to work then get home to feed them etc.