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Avatar f tn Especially if the ADD was not caught till adulthood (this is very common in women). When you were a child, it was difficult to diagnosis ADD (especially if you were intelligent). If you were a hyper little boy, you got the attention. A little girl pulling B's and C's didn't get noticed. Personally, I think that is still going on a lot today. A wonderful site for adults is http://jeffsaddmind.
Avatar f tn Hi there, It is common to experience nausea by few women during ovulation. The increase in estrogen levels and surge of leutinizing hormone can cause nausea. Production of extra digestive juices due to changing hormone levels can also aggravate the nausea. Taking medications like anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin C can further add to this feeling . Sore boobs are also due to hormonal changes. Do write to us again with more queries. Take care and best luck!
Avatar f tn Most women don't really experience symptoms until after they find out they are pregnant. Being constipated can happen, pregnant or not. Drink a tall glass of apple juice and if you need it, add some Benefiber.
Avatar m tn ve read that chlamydia left untreated in women can lead to infertility. My doctor told me I didnt need to be re-tested since there is no resistant strain known, but then why am I still showing symptoms? Any advice?
Avatar n tn I have suffered from ADD symptoms as a result of my drug and alcohol use a decade ago. I have been on many ADD and anti depressant meds but all to no avail except with Wellbutrin XR and somewhat with Concerta. The Wellbutrin worked amazingly well a long time ago but stopped shortly after I took a small sip of hard liquor. My doctors are perplexed by this but that is the only explanation I can come up with.
1530986 tn?1292025709 Did you take the test at least 14 days after unprotected sex? If you took it earlier than that, then pregnancy may have been detectable at that point. Wait a week and retest. Th chances of conceiving in a given month are only 25% so unprotected sex doesn't mean pregnancy. Add to that, there are many reasons why a women could miss, or be late on, a period.
Avatar f tn Is there any way to add MS symptoms that aren't on your list? For example, one of my worst ones is itching, so I'd like to add it. Thanks!
976897 tn?1379167602 I think this is why so many Doctors dismissed heart problems in women with typical symptoms and some still do. However, it has been realised that since women have taken the roles they have in the work place, heart disease is definitely on the increase for them. It seems the more stressful the job, the worse their condition becomes. Hardly surprising when you think how many look after the children, get them off to school, go to work then get home to feed them etc.
Avatar m tn I'm very new to this site. I'll start off my saying that I'm a male. I currently read that 75-90% of women who contract the herpes virus don't get any visual symptoms and don't know they even have it. Can this be correct or possible?? Is it possible for a woman to go 6-7 years without knowing they have herpes? I take everything I read online with a grain of salt, but I've been trying to educate myself lately.
Avatar f tn Sometimes no symptoms are noticed because they can be so vague, or can easily be explained away by other causes, such as menstrual problems, fatigue, approaching menopause. Common symptoms many of us had are bloating, feeling full in the stomach, urinary frequency, back pain, bowel problems, abdominal discomfort or pain....... If you don't feel right, go for a good gyn check-up and express your concerns. Be persistant.
1081864 tn?1257519948 but i was reading my other test again and will give you some numbers, maybe you can tell me is it good or not good, the tests were done in a time i didnt have so much pain or symptoms. today my symptomes are really worse. maybe i shall test my blood every month? i also will have a ultrasound for abdomen and pelvic, this will be on nov16, mammogr. next week or so. i still have since almost 3 months very strong tailbone pain.sometimes really deep down sometimes higher.
Avatar f tn It has been shown that hypothyroidism is a cause of low testosterone in men. Not sure how affected testosterone levels are for hypothyroid women however.
459210 tn?1237381603 there are also some really good ADD/ADHD sites that have a checklist of common symptoms, I could not beleive it, I ticked every box. the interesting thing is that ADD is genetic and if you have it one of your parents do.
Avatar f tn Ok I am due November 21, 2014 and I am look for fellow women who are due in November to befriend and to go on the prenancy journey together! Any takers? This is also my first pregnancy..
5274485 tn?1385860167 The symptoms are clinical the same for both boys and girls. My own experience in meeting girls with autism spectrum disorders confirm the clinical view; I have yet to find a girl with autism spectrum disorder who differ from my self and other boys with autism spectrum disorder I know in talk of symptoms.
Avatar m tn Jon gave you great advice. It's very true that women can have different symptoms then men. We're all so different. I did not have the common symptoms, but, I did have a lot of what I thought were stomach issues. I was also very tired all the time. You are young at 42 but you do need to find a way to get checked out. My sister had her heart attack at 45. It's better to know what's going on. It could be stress and stomach issues or it could be heart related.
586373 tn?1312031791 PMDD is a life-threatening condition as it is a leading trigger for suicide in women, and as such should be taken seriously. Being able to chart the symptoms is enormously important. As I suggested in an earlier post, please could you also make it possible to put in a line for the start of each menstrual cycle as well as the line for ovulation, as it makes it far easier to get an overview of charts that way.
Avatar m tn I have done some research of the top 10 symptoms of low T in women and she has about 7 or 8 of the ten symptoms. THat being said, many of these symptoms are also parallel low Thyroid which we know she has and is being treated for. However have any other women out there been diagnosed ith Low T? If so have you been treated? what worked? How did you find a Dr to treat you? And how do you feel now?
Avatar m tn Why do women who are in a solid, fulfilling relationship with husband/boyfriend continue to masturbate, in the privacy of their own home anyway, while watching certain male movie stars?