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220090 tn?1379167187 scattered thinking, restlestness, memory problems, inattention to details, lack of ability to finish tasks without jumping into other things, total lack of focus....and just about all the other symptoms of ADD...or something eerily similar. Does "aging" cause ADD??? Really??? Not that I have ever read anywhere. Funny how a good number of us just 'coincidentally' seem to develop a boatload of nasty problems right after finishing tx.
Avatar n tn I have suffered from ADD symptoms as a result of my drug and alcohol use a decade ago. I have been on many ADD and anti depressant meds but all to no avail except with Wellbutrin XR and somewhat with Concerta. The Wellbutrin worked amazingly well a long time ago but stopped shortly after I took a small sip of hard liquor. My doctors are perplexed by this but that is the only explanation I can come up with.
140437 tn?1215109742 Sorry, forgot to mention, treatment and side effects really vary on an individual basis, those are just some possibilities, not meant to scare you.
Avatar f tn t even feel like going out with my friends anymore, because I feel very uncomfortable, and my anxiety and nerves get the best of me and I end up leaving somewhere with my friends with a stomachache. Anyone had luck finding one that doesn't seem to effect your weight as much? I'm not sure if I have the anxiety, and stomach problems due to the ADD. Has it been untreated so long that I have the other repercussions?
219373 tn?1274921434 just prior to having her testing in which she was diagnosed with these she was on adderall for suspected ADD and the adderall was very effective for her concentration and focus, making schoolwork and chores etc much less stressful and frustrating. after her testing i was told she definalty does not have ADD and the aspergers is making her loose focus and have trouble with concentration etc. she was taken off the adderall and has not been doing nearly as well.
Avatar m tn Ever since I was little I've always had to have my feet or hands moving at all times(still do). I'm always distracted by every little thing and I can't never focus on hardly anything. And I always blurt out random things or speak when I'm always hyper-ish.
Avatar f tn now with that said i have been trying to get treatment for my add and feel like my treatment options are based around my past addiction. i was diagnosed with add in highschool and put on vyvanse for about a year (my parents thought i was too young to be taking stimulants so they took me off it). it worked amazingly with focus and keeping my racing thoughts organized.
Avatar m tn ve had symptoms and took 1 gram of ZITHROMAX in one serving, then 250 mg 12 hrs later and another 250mg 12 hrs after that. I started to notice this tesitcular pain, but hadn't noticed it with my first onset of symptoms (penile discharge--mild). So my question would be this: Can symptoms show up gradually ie. penile disharge for a week, then testicual pain, then abnominal pain etcetera? Or do you think this may be related to my weight lifting?
Avatar n tn This information is provided for general medical education purposes only. Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options that pertain to your particular medical condition or situation.
1405919 tn?1281175167 ve taken a few of the milder narcotic pain medications in the past, Darvocet, Vicodin, and it really helped with my ADD symptoms. In fact, they actually vanished completely. The cloud dissipated. Any research or documentation on the possible use of these medications for ADD?
Avatar n tn ve been doing PT for about 6 weeks with mixed results. When I add weights to the strengthening exercises, the symptoms return. Are my symptoms consistent with the stenosis? The symptoms also come and go - is this usual? I'm new to this and just want to get an accurate diagnosis and have a treatment plan!! Thanks to all.
Avatar f tn Hi I just had a phone call from the doctor saying there is an opening to go on treatment next week, how bad can the symptoms get and are they hard to control. There are a lot of things I do need to do everyday as I am the only one with a license in the family I do all the driving, I am also studying, and I have a 3 mon old daughter to look after. What are some ways of coping.
Avatar n tn Whether you would then get treatment depends on the test results, your symptoms, whether or not the doctor listens to your symptoms, and whether or not your doctor knows how to order and interpret thyroid tests.
440493 tn?1204809023 I am being treated for a bad sinus and bronchial infection with a combination of Medrol and Biaxin which is working well, low and behold I noticed that most of my ADD symptoms disappeared completely since I have started this treatment, I suspect it has to do with the Medrol but would like a more thorough explantation for why such a remission is symptoms has occured and what implications does it have for how I should approach my ADD, I have been treated with various psychostimulants all work fair
Avatar m tn I have battled depression since I was a teen and recently was told I have adult add. I find myself not really wanting to ever go any where or do anything and I am very irritable. I feel like a horrible mother and like I am not doing what other mothers whom seem to have it all do. I love my kids very much. I find myself constantly wondering what if this happens what if that happens. I seem to worry about everything actually. Money, bills, house work I need to get done.
Avatar f tn Later, after high school I went to another psychiatrist who diagnosed me with ADD and put me on different drugs such as concerta, basically ritlan. It worked really well, but I think it was concerta that was too strong and all forms of ritlan gave me insomnia issues, but still, that was the best I have ever felt in my life, or should I say the most normal I have ever felt.
Avatar n tn My adult son is on D-Amphetamine for ADD symptoms (focusing). He has been on Prozac for several months for depression but has now been switched to Zoloft. Are these classes of drugs compatible? Should he consider another class of drug for his depressive symptoms?
Avatar m tn I have been diagnoised with ADD for the past three years. My office accomidations are very distracting. So much in fact, I have been approved for a WC claim due to ergonomics. However, that was over 8 months ago with no changes made to my office. And I'm still recieving treatment for my neck. I work for the federal government. They inform me that we are in a shortage of office space and there is nothing they can do. Is there anyway I can seek some relief for this matter.
1541433 tn?1293063131 Can you add RAI as a treatment under treatments to the thyroid tracker. I just had my second treatment and would like to document both of them. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have a 4 year old step son who displays many of the implusivity parts of ADD and several of the symptoms of Aspergers, such as hand flapping and fixation or mild obessions with things in which he has knowledge of. Can ADD and Aspergers be combined? How many symptoms of Aspergers does a child need to be "defined" as Autistic?
Avatar n tn t really realize you did then you start to lie. And once you find that way out, then you keep doing it. Here are Adult ADD symptoms - see if they fit. Can Adults Have ADHD? By John M. Grohol, Psy.D. Attention deficit disorder is not just a childhood disorder. Adults can be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well.