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Avatar f tn now with that said i have been trying to get treatment for my add and feel like my treatment options are based around my past addiction. i was diagnosed with add in highschool and put on vyvanse for about a year (my parents thought i was too young to be taking stimulants so they took me off it). it worked amazingly with focus and keeping my racing thoughts organized.
Avatar n tn I have suffered from ADD symptoms as a result of my drug and alcohol use a decade ago. I have been on many ADD and anti depressant meds but all to no avail except with Wellbutrin XR and somewhat with Concerta. The Wellbutrin worked amazingly well a long time ago but stopped shortly after I took a small sip of hard liquor. My doctors are perplexed by this but that is the only explanation I can come up with.
140437 tn?1215113342 She is about to start treatment in a few weeks - the usual combo - and we are both really concerned about the symptoms. Can anyone please share their experiences of the treatment both good and bad to give us a balanced view. Also is there any practical advice about what I can do to support her?
Avatar f tn Hi I just had a phone call from the doctor saying there is an opening to go on treatment next week, how bad can the symptoms get and are they hard to control. There are a lot of things I do need to do everyday as I am the only one with a license in the family I do all the driving, I am also studying, and I have a 3 mon old daughter to look after. What are some ways of coping.
Avatar f tn Yes, Anxiety is a definite side effect of ADD. In fact, that and depression are pretty classic symptoms. I assume your doc is a psychiatrist, not a psychologist, since he is doing the prescribing? The following is an adult ADD site that has a ton of information. I think you will find it very helpful. Here is a site that is easier to read - http://www.webmd.
Avatar n tn This is definetly not typical Add behavior, and sounds much more serious. I don't know who the therapist is or what doctor you are referring too, but I would highly recommend that your son see a psychiatrist who is experienced with adolescents, and hopefully assosiated with a good treatment facility at a university.
Avatar n tn Whether you would then get treatment depends on the test results, your symptoms, whether or not the doctor listens to your symptoms, and whether or not your doctor knows how to order and interpret thyroid tests.
Avatar m tn Ever since I was little I've always had to have my feet or hands moving at all times(still do). I'm always distracted by every little thing and I can't never focus on hardly anything. And I always blurt out random things or speak when I'm always hyper-ish.
219373 tn?1274925034 just prior to having her testing in which she was diagnosed with these she was on adderall for suspected ADD and the adderall was very effective for her concentration and focus, making schoolwork and chores etc much less stressful and frustrating. after her testing i was told she definalty does not have ADD and the aspergers is making her loose focus and have trouble with concentration etc. she was taken off the adderall and has not been doing nearly as well.
Avatar m tn I have battled depression since I was a teen and recently was told I have adult add. I find myself not really wanting to ever go any where or do anything and I am very irritable. I feel like a horrible mother and like I am not doing what other mothers whom seem to have it all do. I love my kids very much. I find myself constantly wondering what if this happens what if that happens. I seem to worry about everything actually. Money, bills, house work I need to get done.
Avatar f tn I don't even feel like going out with my friends anymore, because I feel very uncomfortable, and my anxiety and nerves get the best of me and I end up leaving somewhere with my friends with a stomachache. Anyone had luck finding one that doesn't seem to effect your weight as much? I'm not sure if I have the anxiety, and stomach problems due to the ADD. Has it been untreated so long that I have the other repercussions?
1541754 tn?1294335020 I started smoking 15 years ago in highschool when I was untreated for ADD, but then my addiction to cigarettes got completely out of hand after I left home - and Ive always felt like I could only focus my best when smoking or if I had a lit cigarette in hand - which more or less resulted in me constantly chain smoking. Even after I started treatment for ADD, Im still totally addicted to cigarettes.
Avatar f tn Have they ever treated GM before, what is their knowledge level and suggested treatment approach for you. I also take Keflex when I have a flare, and it does seem to help somewhat, although I don't know how, and unfortunately it does not clear things up in my breast, just seems to make me feel a little better systemically. Wishing you well, let us know how you are doing. We do care and have lots of knowledge and resources to help you through this.
Avatar m tn If she is unable to care for herself she can be involuntarily committed to receive treatment. If this is not the case and she has been prescribed medicine she refuses to take you can try to do little things such as nag her until she takes it just to make you leave her alone but this might not work so you have to find your own solution. Has she been diagnosed by a doctor yet with this or is it just your best guess?
Avatar n tn I consider myself to be more of a creative person than a person that enjoys memorizing infinite volumes of data(even though I am capable of this, I derive no pleasure from it). I have made extensive research concerning adult ADD and ADD in general and I do believe that in my first 6 or 7 years of school I did not exhibit any of the symptoms of ADD. I do believe, however, that these symptoms started manifesting a short time after this period of my life.
1488562 tn?1288829955 this will give u invaluable information as to treatment. you also want to find out your geno type if you dont know. treatment is a big decision and should be thought through carefully. information is power. read more on this site but take some of the dramatic side effects stories with some grain of salt as we dont all get the worst ones. many continue their lives and work while on treatment.
Avatar m tn The whole issue that makes BPD so complicated and complex to treat is because medications most of the time cause little change in symptoms if any at times. That's actually why personality disorders in general are complex. Psychiatric conditions that cause changes within the brain are easier to treat because medications have been created in which to work on the very part of the brain that's shown to be changed or different from what they've discerned as a brain with no "abnormalities".
1858622 tn?1319816803 Tell her its okay to get it out. Also standard ADHD symptoms are anxiety and depression. Its tough on the kids. She may be unloading from a hard day at school. Once again (not knowing how old she is) if she has lost significant learning time due to her ADHD, then school will be a struggle and she may be reacting to that.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, I am am currently undergoing diagnostic testing and I am wondering if I should ask if the psychiatrist should also check for ADD, or ADHD even. I'll tell you a why in a bit. At the moment I have done some tests that suggest that I have Asperger's, but the clinical psychologist advised that I should consult a psychiatrist for further evaluation.
4043517 tn?1374010173 At 8pm 2/16/14 I started my quest to kill this insidious virus that has been running free since 1974-75 busily turning my health blood infused liver into a solid chunk of overdried pemmican where blood flow is suppressed and fibrous bridges and walls impede the journey of cleansing toxins from my body.
Avatar n tn You can learn a tremendous amount about the disease and the treatment options just by exploring this forum. It is an excellent resource because we have so many very well-educated members. You can trust almost everything that is posted here because if any newbies do post erroneous info the old timers are pretty darn quick to correct it. Read and gain the power that is found in knowledge! As for immediate advice, I agree completely with 1oftheclub.
Avatar n tn You got answers here that gave all sides to the question . I will just add that for me, at 55 yrs. old in 3 weeks, and starting tx Nov.or Dec. That I realized : A. I am Impatient type, just like to get things done. B. I feel up to this fight now, I may not later. C. Who really knows the time frames for approval, and/ or results of the Future Drugs. This is all your own decision, and you do have time to decide.
1453183 tn?1287852619 My son has been diagnosed with having ADD/ADHD and was put on Atterall and then a year ago the doctors took him off the medication and his schooling has suffered because of it. My question is would home schooling him help him or hurt him in anyway? And What else can I do to teach my child how to help control his symptoms?
Avatar n tn I was going to come back here and tell stc to go to HotHeps and read your post there on Starting Treatment......wooooooo....that's very scarey! And then I came here to post it too him and you already had!!!!!~~~~~~cold chills~~~~~~ LOL. You are a good Mann. Like I told you before you are so wonderful to have been off tx for so long and still be so LOYAL to this forum! Can't get any better than that! I love ya Mannnnnnnnn, Cindee DonA. Hi there! I am so sorry to hear you've been so sick!
Avatar m tn doing some research on Adderall...3rd day on it, helps out, but severe headaches, constipation and stomach upset.
Avatar m tn I've had symptoms and took 1 gram of ZITHROMAX in one serving, then 250 mg 12 hrs later and another 250mg 12 hrs after that. I started to notice this tesitcular pain, but hadn't noticed it with my first onset of symptoms (penile discharge--mild). So my question would be this: Can symptoms show up gradually ie. penile disharge for a week, then testicual pain, then abnominal pain etcetera? Or do you think this may be related to my weight lifting?
220090 tn?1379170787 Make sure to add me to the "anecdotal" list on this issue. Pre-treatment lots of focus and ability to do complex thinking, restlestness, memory problems, inattention to details, lack of ability to finish tasks without jumping into other things, total lack of focus....and just about all the other symptoms of ADD...or something eerily similar. Does "aging" cause ADD??? Really??? Not that I have ever read anywhere.