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951946 tn?1263565383 Just wanted to share some resources that I found invaluable on my TTC journey, that I hope would be of benefit and encouragement to others taking the holistic fertility route: Fully Fertile: A 12-Week Holistic Plan for Optimal Fertility by Elisabeth Heller and Tami Quinn - Website of the authors of Fully Fertile. You can start a local book group to find other women who might be interested in going through the 12-week program with you.
Avatar m tn m in a more stressful situation, and had an episode where I was proverbially paralyzed for a day feeling like I had left sided CHF. I saw my new MD (GP) who put me on atenolol, and agreed that ADD meds at this point would be counterproductive. Today my class was studying anti depressants, in pharm. Tonight I woke up in a sweat (I seem to sweat a lot at night) thinking about it so I decided to see if there were other options. The closest thing I could find was and it got me to wondering.
Avatar f tn 17 yr old daughter and possible ADD. Should we go to a pscychiatrist, pcsychologist with comp testing or a Neurologist exp with ADD? I understand she needs testing and not just questioners to fill out for an accurate diegnosis as to what the proplem is.
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955471 tn?1246741311 A more in-depth article on Adjustment Disorders: Excellent article and techniques for stress reduction: Foods That Reduce Stress: http://www.delish.
1742220 tn?1331356727 there are many reasons im depressed. MANY ... living here is just one and that one is relatively small IF i believe ill get out of here but ... a big reason as you know is Lonely. i mean, i am really tired of talking to stupid ppl (NO not anyone here all of us are smart) and until i got to my new school i had forgotten how stupid most ppl are and how amazing it is talking to very intelligent (ie brilliant) ppl. NOT Anderson, who is really a nuisance.
1742220 tn?1331356727 woo so tired. i have gotten the BESS notes today!!! ty !!!! i love my notes! i have the best notes on mh!!! the BEST!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay Meegy!!!! ty everyone i am blessed. you guys have been helping me so much. i get out my class and get to the car and read the notes and it makes me smile. and in the morning when i get up ... and alls day. ty. yay yay you guys rock. yor the bestest ever its late meegy tire ummmmmmmmmm wait, what gives you alzheimers? bee jays????
Avatar f tn s been helping a little but I think she needs more of a boost. I had ADD problems aswell as 2 other of my siblings, the sister I look out for is only a half sister, but she could have picked it up from my dad anyway. I talked to my dad about getting her ADD medication and he fears it will make her worse. 15 years ago my brother took ADD medication that had some weird side effects and my dad doesn't want my sister to go through the same thing.
1523918 tn?1291351156 I have been on a variety of ADD/ADHD meds since I was 7yrs old. I have gone off of them for summers a couple times but I have a hard time during school. Due to bouts of depression and because I am now 20 and not a child anymore, my doctor said that I should be on strattera. I was for 3 years but it's so expensive that I went off it a few months ago. Now I am so fidgety and I have trouble reading textbooks (paying attention, not unable to read) and forgetting to complete tasks.
877228 tn?1240230114 He is 10yrs ld and had ADD. He has been taking medication since he was 4 maybe 5 he is on 2 tablets of Ritilon *not sure on spelling* a day. 1 in the moning after breakfast and one after lunch. Up until about 1yr ago we never had any issues at all with him, but lately he has been very out of control. Almost a year ago he tried to strangle his sister at the time she was 14 months old. about 3 mnths ago he sat on his younger sisters face while she was scraming for air, she was 7 months old.
572651 tn?1530999357 We now have a good Heath Page on WWW Resources that I would encourage you to look at, add/edit items, and post comments. These are the links that our members suggested would be useful. I am sure there are more - so feel free to add your comments and links under the appropriate section on the HP.
Avatar f tn So I have four children and had a suprize pregnancy, im about a month and a half. I suffer bad from add! I am lost without my adderall! Does anyone know any safe things I could take or do to help me get focused? My house is a mess, my laundry is falling behind and I have a million appts and activities coming up I cant miss.
480448 tn?1426948538 I wanted to re-post this link to a health page I created listing anxiety resources. There are many many great books on this list. I cannot stress enough that the MORE work you put into treating your anxiety, the more successful you will be. You cannot expect to take a pill or go to therapy once a week (or less) and have it all figured out. If anyone has any books, sites, etc they have found helpful, let me know and I'll add it to the health page. Remember: you have to help yourself!
Avatar f tn Ed and I talked about ADD, it explains everything
1250426 tn?1269044105 am really interested in taking the stimulants instead of Strattera
Avatar f tn Definitely notice a difference when I take my medication, for a short period of time, anyhow, when I feel the uplift in energy, I feel happy, talkative.
Avatar n tn junk food night :p
Avatar n tn did a bit of reading about Adult ADD. Very interesting how close it matches my moods and feelings. Tried a few things with organisation etc and wow! what a huge difference. Rather than just being pissed of about mess and clutter and feeling crap...i actually did something about it and its made a huge difference. Perhaps its a trigger for the depression.