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Avatar n tn This lady stated (not verbatum, but to the best of my knowledge) that women who work and have children are selfish and bad mothers. She went on to add (something to the effect of) if you cant stay at home with your kids, then dont have children. Did any of you see this?
221122 tn?1323014865 Okay, so I've taken mag and/or fish oil in my life without problems. On Sat I decided to get the enteric coated fish oil for better absorption along with a mag oil type pill for the same reason. I took one each on Sat and two each on Sun. I think the mag is 400 mg each. By Monday, I couldn't leave the house with such severe diarrhea. I am not taking either today, so I know I will have my PVCs, but I've read that both can cause this side effect, although I've never had it before.
Avatar f tn 25 twice a day ir keep it doubled which they did when i was taken back to hospital... my levels were all in normal limits 5 days after initial drop in mag pot and calcium I just am scared they are going to get low again or do reverse and get too high... my docs cant agree I went to a big hospital to get best care and now they are just acting like they have no real idea what to do ...
Avatar f tn Oh yeah, wanted to add, my mom calls it the "alley" diet. she said the first time I went to rehab she lost weight. Anyone wanna lose a few pounds, come hang out with me for awhile. i'll show you how....
Avatar f tn ano ba hep b mo ndi ba ACUTE PHASE ka lng kea nag non reactive ka??.. kc ako may hep b din kaso chronic na mag 3 yrs na ko reactive hays..gusto ko itry yang ginseng na yan..effective kaya yan sa mga CHRONIC kagaya ko??.gusto ko na kc talga gumaling at mag non reactive para makapag trabaho abroad na uunfit kc diba pag reactive..gano katagal ka gumamit nyan bago ka gumaling???ilang bote??en sure ba talga na magpapanon reactive yan ng labs???
1997280 tn?1330807271 Milk of Mag helped me with that issue. Granted doesn't good but does wonders to get rid of that issue. Doctor also told me to use 200 mg stool softeners daily to keep me regulated.
Avatar m tn You can also use glycerin suppositories for quick relief. Also you probably need to add a probiotic into your daily routine. The probiotic and Metamucil are healthy habits you can continue, and the mag citrate won't hurt either if you need it in the long term.
Avatar f tn Magnesium.
102999 tn?1326859384 Several magnesium tablets are available as you have alluded to. I have the most experience with mag oxide and some with mag gluconate. This is the first time I have heard of Mag taurate. All of the oral magnesium compounds can cause significant bloating and diarrhea -- afterall, why do people take Milk of Magnesia? Mag citrate is also a powerful laxative -- I gave many patients mag citrate for constipation. I did some research into mag taurate since I am not familiar with this compound.
237053 tn?1258832026 can lead to depletion of mag levels -- so be very careful to add mag to your supplements. But don't do what I did and O.D. on mag.
Avatar f tn Oh, BTW, you might try a larger dose of the mag. Mine is called Mag-G. is designed to keep the bathroom trips out of the formula. I take 500 mg. tab twice a day. It was a few weeks before I noticed much difference. Also, a regular blood test will not work for mag level...need to have your Dr. order the specific mag. test. If you are low, it's worth a try..
102999 tn?1326859384 I also take epsom baths every night and once in a while add Mag Citrate to my tea. My SVT and PVCs/PACs were out of control before the Mag. Now, they are very infrequent. It has helped in other areas as well.
Avatar f tn If you are in that much pain I would go straight for some milk of mag! My doctor said it's safe during pregnancy. If a high fiber diet and lots of water and exercise are not working for you I would add a daily colace. Which my doctor also said it's safe during pregnancy. Since the beginning of pregnancy I've had major constipation issues. Usually some barriers and lots of water get me to go but I've had to resort to the milk of mag and it does the job!
Avatar n tn and i feel stressed more.. the mag seems to calm me down... maybe its something in the mag formulation that you are taking?
237053 tn?1258832026 mag orotate (my personal favorite) mag taurate mag arginate mag glycinate mag succinate Typically you can use less of these and get better supplementation. In their commonest formulation you can one (or one twice a day) and get better levels and less GI stuff - usually diarrhea. I can't give exact milligram doses, because each salt has a different mass/weight. This is a pearl that I picked up from some really great nutritionist, one of whom was also an outstanding cardiologist.
Avatar m tn First, telaprevir and boceprevir are likely to be approved next year as add-ons to the current treatment regimen. The second wave, in three to five years, will bring second-generation protease blockers, a crop of polymerase inhibitors, and new classes of compounds such as Bristol-Myers Squibb’s NS5A inhibitor and Debiopharm’s cyclophilin inhibitor.
Avatar f tn She is now free of the cathater after 12 days but now is cramping and constipated. She has tried stool softner, prunes, milk of mag. pears and bran but to no avail. Can someone tell me if they went through a similar situation and if so what was done to correct the problem.
Avatar n tn I forgot to add my symptom of skipped heart beats sometimes. Diagnosed MVP by tilt table test. They come and go. I am on disability for panic and anxiety disorder.
Avatar n tn And would stopping the beta blocker all together put my life at risk? I take a daily potassium/mag/ox. They never figured out what made my potassium so low in the first place. I don't take any other medications except the beta blocker. SO my thoughts are that my VTAC and the symptoms I was having caused by my MVP or my low potassium? Could getting the potassium levels under control (i've had them tested since and they're good) able me to get off the Beta Blocker?
Avatar n tn it attaches to the same receptor of action as the drug neurotin!!! i use slow- mag because it is better absobed. you can get it over the counter. it is magnesium chloride. do as much research as you can about magnesium-- its fascinating reading. do not take an answer that you will suffer always. research and find the anwers. there is always a way and hope-- and solutions.
908150 tn?1243186560 I take a high potency multi vitamin (Eve) from Iherb.
Avatar f tn That the best non-drug sleep helper I found. I'm sill looking for something to add to that. A good quality Valerian root extract before bed also helps me- and no grogginess in the AM. I have not read about or noticed and bad side effects either. And low T3 levels promote anxiety based insomnia, I rarely had REM sleep on T4 meds. A gulp of straight lemon juice (sour) before bed also helps. As do digestive enzymes before bed if you eat late.
Avatar n tn I know alot of women go through it during pregnancy. I have tried everything. The doctor suggested Milk of Mag. EEEEWWWW. I cannot stand the taste. Is there anything else that I can do?
Avatar f tn I have been constantly constipated for 6 months now, not much works I've tried it all. Magnesium is all that works and if I dont take milk of mag 2tbsp twice a day I cant go and its only liquid I can pass. If it doesnt work I need to do a mag cit colon cleanse. IM AFRAID IM GOING TO DIE OF KIDNEY FAILURE BEFORE DOCS FIND ROOT CAUSE!! I've had a colonoscopy and it didnt show much, now im having barium xrays and ultra sound in a couple days.
Avatar m tn Magnesium oxide is nothing by a laxative. You want mag citrate or mag glycinate, both of which will deliver magnesium into the bloodstream and to your muscles. When you're on T4 only meds, you really can't draw any conclusions about how well you convert, and therefore whether or not you need to add some form of T3 to your meds, until FT4 is right about midpoint of range.
Avatar m tn When you buy magnesium, look at the list of ingredients. Magnesium oxide is not absorbed well, but it is cheap, so manufacturers use it. Also, mag is bulky, so they cannot fit much in a multivitamin pill. I suggest these. Source Naturals, Ultra-Mag, with magnesium citrate, taurinate, malate, glycinate and succinate. Peter Gillham's Mag Calm http://www.iherb.
Avatar m tn I walk everyday to get my D but i'm thiking of the Combo Ca+ Mag VItD 2X/wk to introduce back? or maybe just a VitD /mag combo?…see if my feet can improve?? maybe neuro damage permanet? i had read somewhere …where yr fat pads on feet decrease faster on h/o thyroid… B/F my dose was changed….my % Iron saturation was 14 (20-55) Creatinine 0.61 (0.60-1.