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649848 tn?1534633700 (AP) — Seta Whitford-Stark was dumbfounded last year when she found out her daughter Amy quit her job at an employee-recruiting agency to work for LinkedIn, an Internet company that Seta had never heard of. Amy tried to explain what the online professional networking service did, but Seta couldn't quite grasp the concept or why the 29-year-old would want to work there. "Oh my God, what has she gotten herself into?" Seta, now 73, recalls muttering to herself.
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone who uses the Website LinkedIn could tell me about it. I have just heard of it today and know that it can be used to receive Potential Employer Contacts, but that is all I know about it. I have a couple questions if I may: - Does it Cost Anything to have a Profile on there? - Is it a good thing to have or not? I greatly appreciate any Information on this site.
Monster Why does an "Add a Tracker" button exist when it does nothing? My fitbit wants to join, too!
144586 tn?1284666164 You should add a "back" button to the questions. If you review the questions you have to reload them all to go back to one to look it over.
1603416 tn?1310579696 Hi - if you go to your home page and scroll down, you'll find an "Add Entry" button under your health feed. This replaced the Quick Add feature, but it has been expanded to give you more options for data entry. You can use Recent or Frequent tabs to show those fields that you entered recently or use frequently, or use All to see all fields. Let me know if you have any problems using it or if you have any additional questions. We're always happy to help!
Avatar f tn блог в LinkedIn пропал - это плохо..
Avatar f tn блог в LinkedIn пропал - это плохо..
Avatar f tn Думаю LinkedIn радует и доллар в плюсе закончил месяц
Avatar f tn How can i add friends on here i click on that persons profile and i can only leave a message or leave a note and look at her friends but i dont see a button where is says become friends or friend request.
Avatar m tn Just a thought, can you add columns and values to our meal trackers like counts for potassium, phosphorous, etc. depending on our own unique situations? This would really be helpful for members like me who have CKD, fatty liver and diabetes. Other members who also have special dietary guidelines will surely be benefitted too. Thank you.
Avatar n tn buy food connect different companies connect people from academy and linkedin connect stella look for job work
Avatar f tn On the bottom press the left button & it comes out to add apps or widgets
1116530 tn?1324913147 I have no clue what to add to a baby shower registry... no clue at all.
Avatar n tn i hear voices too but i take meds that make me drowsy i also attend group therapy you seem paranoid have you seen a doctor lately?
Avatar f tn I'm having the same issue. Site is very slow. Won't load profile pic either.
Avatar f tn On this app when u hit 36 weeks it will add a baby arrived button! I got my button last week!
4270856 tn?1355798754 Way more fun. But with they do need to add a few buttons tho... a like it button and a love it button..
973741 tn?1342342773 I guess I was more talking about something like . . . you have a new neighbor move in. You checked the website that can reveal their work history and the social media site that they may post pics or things about their personal life, etc. Or here, just going through someone's pictures that you aren't really friends with since they have them set to public. :>) Not speaking of when you are trying to answer a question and see history of posts or our friends we've made here.
Avatar f tn Ed and I talked about ADD, it explains everything
1250426 tn?1269044105 am really interested in taking the stimulants instead of Strattera
Avatar f tn Definitely notice a difference when I take my medication, for a short period of time, anyhow, when I feel the uplift in energy, I feel happy, talkative.