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Avatar n tn There is no diet for low blood pressure and it will not go back to 'normal'. Some people who have lightness in their head from low blood pressure do not decrease the salt content from their diet, which can help the lightness. You need to know your blood pressure reading so you know when it does go high, for you, because it maybe read as normal by a healthcare provider. Thank you for your question.
Avatar m tn For about a year and a half now, I have been having a feeling of lightness in both of my arms. It all started during my uncles funeral in August of 2006. Soon after that, I began coming down with symptoms of anxiety, and I became depressed. I worry a lot, sometimes get sweaty palms, and experience other physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. I have no problem at all performing daily activities. I don't feel weak, or fatigued.
Avatar n tn imagine your lightness heal your body and trust the healing prosses ;) This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/228498'>Fasting from all food for 40 days</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi im just wondering what are the symptons of cjd(v) ive had anxiety feelings for the last 3 months as in head lightness and ringing in the ears.
Avatar f tn You know when you feel a "lightness" all of a sudden it's easier to breath and there is more space under your chest. It means the baby is moving into position.
Avatar f tn Think that the lightness inmy belly is gas pains but not sure. had anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn is heaviness in head is due to weak eyesight? from few days i feel heaviness/ lightness in head also i have weak eye sight..... please ans my question. i am much worried about it..... can i go for a neurologist... or for a eye speacilist.
Avatar n tn Hi, This is pobably your period. It was probably late due to the d&c and the lightness would be the same. It sounds like your body is getting back to normal for you. Take care.
1524673 tn?1327841500 I explained on this forum that my son suffered a TBI ~ DAI in June of 09. Comma for 3 weeks, Neuro Rehab, was paralized, couldn't eat, drink, and suffered from dementia for a long time. After 3 weeks in ICU I moved him to a Neuro rehab, he relearned how to do many of the above mentioned things. Followed that with outpatient therapy, OT, PT, for more than a year. Still rehabing at home with me.
Avatar f tn Hi, Myself Srinivasa Rao B of studying B.Tech 3rd year.I'm not able to anything at night without light my lens power is (my right eye is -1.75 & left eye is -1.5) low lightness also I can go very nice .By birth only I'm having Night Blindness . my age is 22+.So,please understand my problem & give me my reply.
Avatar m tn For about a year and a half I have had a lightness feeling in my arms. It all started right after my uncle's funeral in August of 2006. I have bad anxiety and stress, and I am also coping with depression. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn It was lighter than normal but a little heavier than a no pad needed kind of lightness... That last less than one day... Then for the rest of the first day until the third day it was a light pink in color only showed when wiping... Could this have been implant bleeding instead of a period?
Avatar n tn The exterior pattern of the splotch stays the same only the lightness / darkness of the red color changes. The edges of the splotch is defined clearly from the surrounding white skin. I do not use deodorant, shave the area, or have any other skin problems. I have had shingles varicella zoster virus, which as I remember was in My arms but not in the under arm area. I have had the problem for several years but I would like to know if there is something that I could do to get rid of it.
Avatar m tn s been about 11 days since my instance of unprotected oral. I was noticing some weird tingling and lightness in my limbs but from what I have seen that may be caused by my extreme anxiety. I have a slight and I mean so slight as not to seem a problem, amount of burning when I pee. Is there any way to know what my probability of getting an STD through unprotected oral is before I get the test?
Avatar m tn Recently (three months) I have been feeling heaviness in lower left side of my ribcage and stiffness in left side of neck. ON and OFF for durations of one hour. This increases when I walk. I also feel lightness in my left half head. I have taken several ECGs to check any relation to heart. My cardiologist says it is not heart related. Could it be because of Carvedilol?? Has anyone faced such side effects of medication.
Avatar f tn I should think its because your big and requires more oxygen that's why.
Avatar m tn However the last couple of times I got this chest sensation my chest suddenly got a rush of lightness like my breath got taken away then I felt my heart thud, then I began to check my pulse and I was experiencing skipped beats, this brought on a huge amount of anxiety for me, as I am a daily sufferer of anxiety and i am extremely health anxious also. Then following the next day this happened again however my chest only got a rush of lightness for a moment and i experienced no skipped beats.
Avatar n tn Today, I had a sudden pain in left lower side of my neck followed by warming of my left upper arm and left part of upper body and lightness sensation in my left side of head. This lasted for 3-5 seconds. Pulse, immediately after was normal and BP was also normal. Can a blood clot in caritoid artery be responsible for such symptom?? After several hours the symptome repeated but very very mild and just for a second. I understand, any cardiac event will certainly effect pulse and BP.
Avatar f tn Okay so - I normally have light periods for two to three days at the start of every month. My periods are normally light because my ovaries don't really work anyway, I've had cysts before and now they've messed me up inside and I can't have children anymore but I still have light short periods. Here is my problem. I'm currently on my third period of only one month. I first started back on the first of Dec. Ended on the third.
Avatar f tn I felt a rapid heartbeat all of sudden and felt a numbness and lightness for few seconds not more than 2 or 3 seconds today. I was hungry I am not sure if that was the cause. I had the same feeling couple of weeks back when I was traveling. I got a TIA attack while I was pregenant last year and had numbness for a day on the left side. I only have one baby.
518257 tn?1213575694 The vet and myself saw the line, but she states she could not confirm, because of the lightness of the line. Just wondering your professional opinion, have you ever seen a test do that? Does that mean she is barely pregnant?
628714 tn?1268238196 I just starting again feeling like im on a boat. Standing still im swaying. Lightness. Doctors tell me its anxiety. It comes and goes.
Avatar f tn Actually I have been experiencing slight head lightness since 2 days (ever since the the mild fever went away) .Today infact I had a mild rash on my elbowand sliht pain in my muscles .Could these be symptoms I need to worry about ?
Avatar n tn t doing anything physical when it started with a lightness in the arms, that on subsequent episodes I knew the episode was coming on. Shortly after this feeling, I get sharp pain through the upper arms and chest, shooting into the neck. It only lasts for about 30 seconds to a minute. I can hardly move, though I can talk and am fully aware. After it goes away, I do feel light headed for a while, then weakness in the forearms, which can last a couple of days.
Avatar n tn I agree. The lightness or darkness of the pregnancy test does not mean very much. It depends on the brand of test and how the dye pigment is manufactured. Good luck!