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919307 tn?1290556219 I tried Thyme and Motherhood but their coats are more like fashion jackets.. not warm enough for my 45 min. of walking a day in the cold Halifax winter season! I'm even really open to other alternatives.. has anyone found success with multiple layers? Or has anyone found a fantastic wrap sweater that is stupendously toasty? :D Cheers & congrats to us all for getting this far (and looking fabulous!
Avatar n tn Put on some music. Cleaned some shirts out of the closet. Moved heavy coats to other closet. Hung up jackets that were piled up on the floor.
Avatar f tn I think a big reason I notice is that jackets/coats are cumbersome. They don't fit in cubbies too well, fall off the hooks and absolutely do NOT fit in my boy's lockers at school. And if they wear them and take them off, it is one more thing to remember . . . and who has not given their kids "the" lecture when they lost their coat/jacket at one point or another on the playground or at school or at a friend's house or whatever.
Avatar f tn For the past year or so anytime I wear something that puts pressure on the back of my neck it causes me to feel nauseas & something weak, dizzy & headaches. I have to refrain from wearing necklaces, shirts with collars & even a lot of jackets/coats/hoodies that would rest on the back of my neck. I have went to have it checked out & was diagnosed with TMJ.
1328636 tn?1389367392 I got several good maternity jackets and coats on EBay. The other (and very easy) thing to do is get one of those long ponchos from the Totes people (in other words, better quality than just the vinyl square with hood available at the Sporting Goods department) and wear a normal warm outfit under it. Those full-length ponchos are great for football game in the rain even if you aren't pregnant. Try REI for higher-quality nylon ones, if you don't have any luck finding Totes ones.
Avatar n tn I am 30 wks I am just hot all over I keep my air on 70 I work at night in a hospital everyone else have on coats and jackets I be looking for a fan
436837 tn?1293793226 I have certainly seen hooded jackets for dogs, where there is a fleecy collar which comes up over the back of the neck and the back part of the head. You could maybe check those out online? You could google "hooded dog coats" or "dog jacket with hood" etc.
Avatar f tn I don't know how much luck you'd have with thaat!! Lolz I went into the hanger phase too nd I never saw bundles like thaat. Not even in the dollar store. I ended upp not even needing hangers but for his little jackets and coats but you're having a girl so Thaat's def a little different. You may have to just suck it upp nd spend a little more. Lolz look on websites before you go to stores.
Avatar m tn Hep-C Awareness Java Jackets are now available, free of Charge! Shipping is not included! We have been getting requests for the Hep-C Java Jackets from Coffee Businesses located inside Hospitals and Medical Clinics. This is a great Venue for these Hep-C Jackets to create Awareness. Please let the Coffee Businesses in your area, (Especially Hospitals and Clinics), know that these are available. If interested, please contact me on PM.
Avatar f tn It's getting colder and colder in NY and my belly's getting bigger and bigger. I want to buy something that I'll be able to wear even after I have the baby. I already have two coats and three jackets but none of them fit me anymore. I don't want to invest in something just for one winter. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Can you in terms I can understand tell be about coats disease and how it will affect children and what treatments are available?
Avatar n tn My 35 year old son in law has been diagnosed with coats disease. He is an active duty soldier who has spent over 3 of the last 5 years deployed and fighting the war. It was upon returning that he was diagnosed. We've read some about coats disease but are wondering if there's any possibility that this condition could be caused by some factor attributed with wearing kevlar helmets all this time.
514428 tn?1287598456 I had this really scummy jacket that my Mother-in-law gave me when I was prego with my son, but I really don't want to dress in that again. LOL I might have too in Febuary. LOL You think they would just make Coats that umbrella out for us prego girls :) I seen coats from $50-$130...I couldn't believe it. You do have a good pointand will keep that in mind.
Avatar n tn Posted By John E. Hoyt on April 28, 1999 at 20:08:18 Hello, I have been stung by fire ants & then Yellow jackets 2 seperate incidences of bee stings, within 1 month. Both times I went into Atrial-Flutter, and had to have a Cardio-Vasive (Paddles Re-Start & transgeosophigal, then on last time, after less then 1 month treatment, of heart meds. I went into atrial-fib. mode, and have been in that since taking drugs.
Avatar n tn I usually cook up a batch of low fat mince , lamb, chicken etc with added brown rice and juiced veges I also add multi vitamins to the food (buy from petstores or vets)but dont add this at cooking stage only add at time of feeding. weekends they get treated to raw diced meat as dogs get certain enzymes from raw meat that helps with there digestive system. Make sure it is fresh I buy and feed same day!
Avatar f tn Add honey to the tea, it coats the throat, I have a friend who swears cherry life savers are better then cough drops for sore throat.
Avatar f tn Yes I was thinking pants long sleeves and the baby winter jackets..or what jackets are lab's talking about the whole bodysuit or regular jackets.
Avatar n tn There are many brands out there. Good ones will have NO gluten and NO grains (this includes rice and corn), a good protein source (meat, fish, eggs, tofu, or poultry), green leafy vegetables, sweet potato, berries and some other fruit, fish oil (containing DHA), vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. The good food does not have to every single ingredient that I have listed, but will contain many of the ingredients.
Avatar f tn Hi I am an ET I agree with Maalox but you could also try Calamine lotion as it helps to sooth and dry your skin. It does go on wet but dries quickly. Apply 2 coats allowing to dry between coats. What appliance are you using now? Are you using paste and if so put your flange on and then apply it on top around the stoma to act as a caulking. The paste contains alcohol and will burn your skin when applied to open weeping skin and will only add to the problem.
Avatar f tn I've been looking for some too. I'm guessing I'll go to target and see if there's any maternity ones there. I don't want an expensive one since I'm due in December.
Avatar m tn I am looking into devices such as airbag jackets and neck braces; but as mentioned would appreciate a professional opinion. Any suggestions appreciated!
Avatar n tn I've been taking Levoxyl for 17 years for hypothyroid. Made a huge difference in my life. Finally felt like myself again. But for the last year, I've been having fluctuating temp's and blood pressure and my Dr just chalks it up to menopuause. I'ts not. I've been through the hot flashes. I'm 57. I've been over it and feeling fine for several years. This new thing is scarey. I get so cold I borrow jackets at work. My hands are freezing...
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