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1330108 tn?1333680904 A must read for those of you putting jackets or snowsuits on your baby this fall/winter Winter Coats and Car Seats - Check for Safety! Thick Coats and Snowsuits Reduce Car Seat Safety As the coldest part of winter approaches, parents everywhere bring out their babies' winter coats or snowsuits to keep baby warm during travel. However, thick winter coats or snowsuits can compromise your child's car seat safety.
Avatar n tn When I had finally had enough and was well beyond leaving the house in time to get to work on time, I told her this was enough, we were putting on our coats and going to school. She refused. I started to put her coat on for her, reaching for her left arm frst. She FREAKED, screaming at me that that isn't how it goes! She then took the coat from me, did some thing where she turned it a couple different directions, then put the coat on right arm first.
973741 tn?1342346373 Pretty seasonal today and looks like that is where it will hover for the weekend. Comfortable out with your jackets, etc. on, no need for long underwear. No snow!!
1372734 tn?1309953837 all her good slacks, and several coats and jackets...she is very upset about it. I have to get an estimate to replace the clothes and items they broke while "cleaning"...and I say "cleaning" bcuz my sister's and I had to re clean everything as they did a horrible job. We r also shopping for new curtains as her old ones were torn by the windows, once that is done and the new love seats arrive the place will look great!!
Avatar n tn ) Wash out by putting a shampoo for oily hair DIRECTLY on the hair with NO water. Massage in.. add a little water to suds it up. Rinse. Repeat. I rinse with vinegar too. They WILL suffocate or at least slow down enough to get them out. Depending on severity.. you may have to do it the next day as well.
Avatar f tn Add me to that list!! I'm 42 and have been dealing with this my entire life. My diet ***** because I can't stand the smell of most foods. I'm so glad I'm not alone, but bummed that other people are suffering too. My husband used to eat lunch out at work everyday. One particular place he ate at set off the alarm bells in my nose as soon as he walked in the door, when he spoke, it was just confirmation, even being on the other side of the room. It's freaky.
Avatar f tn but now my 16 year old sister in-law is having chills and numbness and along it anxiety attacks so they think she is got paresthesias but i doesnt really add up with her.... and she has not just most but i believe ALL of the above we need help too...
Avatar f tn as boring as it sounds I found that if I eat 1 thing at a time for 2 meals, I'm able to determine if it is something I can add to my short list of foods that pass ok...... tuna... egg...frosted flakes....fruitloops.....and chicken are keeping me alive for now... To control the nausea, I tried gram-crackers.....not good, caused a lot of gas, switched to wheat thins (just 3 at a time) so now I have that somewhat under control. It is like starting all over.....trial and error...