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Avatar f tn Hi there - I'm not sure which forum you were trying to post in - I assume our Expert Breast Cancer. That forum is closed right now, unfortunately, and if you try and add on to a post, it will bounce it into the member community. However, those should be placed in our Breast Cancer member forum, so if you can confirm that it was the Expert BC forum you were trying to post in, I'll see if I can get that fixed.
Avatar f tn My 7 yr grandson has been diagnosed with ADD. He is taking Stratera. He has been for about 1yr. His dose is 25 mg a day. It helps with some things. His main problem is his mouth(back talking), irritates to point she cries his sister, just plain defies you some days, and cries at the drop of a hat(sometimes for no reason and others when not getting his way). His mom is almost to her breaking point with his behavior. They live with us. His mom and dad are divorced.
Avatar f tn You are on a members community. If you seek advice from a doctor, you may go to the above tool bar and on the left you will see "forums". Click on that and when the page comes up, on the RIGHT side of the page are expert forums. There is also an expert tab on the tool bar. Either way should take you there.
1211960 tn?1272978102 I am not sure if I understand the purpose of the Expert Forums. I think it is a wonderful idea to be able to ask a professional about sometihng on an online site. But the expert forum I visited would not allow me to ask a question or comment on other posts. Am I missing something?
317787 tn?1473362051 ) I was searching another site and I noticed that the old posts on other forums (i.e. the breast cancer) do not allow one to automatically reply. There is a "continue this discussion" at the bottom of the old post so that it makes you realize this is an old post. I value the older posts, they have really helped me in the past and I do believe they are important. If a new person responds to an old post, doesn't get an answer they feel frustrated and go elsewhere.
208686 tn?1293034103 Forgot to add, I sometimes look for my own name in the search bar just to see if anyone has added anything new to the posts that I have had or posted on.. that is a neat trick! Try it sometime, it's fun!... My husband calls from work and says "hey babe, what are ya doing?" I say "oh, keeping up with the girls." he doesn't stay on the phone long, I ain't got time for horseplay!!
1886897 tn?1328331136 Does anyone know if there are any online 24 hour AA forums? Or anywhere we could start one? Or could we start one here? I need a support system, I am 44 days alcohol free, but am seeing a psychiatrist for anxiety, so group meetings don’t work well for me.
480448 tn?1426952138 Hi Mods! I was searching everywhere for my forums list (the quick link list?)...and couldn't find it anywhere. Then, I noticed it has been incorporated into the "My MedHelp" tab, under the options to go to your home and profile pages. Is this a permanent change? Is there no longer going to be a seperate tab to access our forum list? Any other major changes that occured overnight? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I just wanted to add my two cents worth about the bickering yesterday between the two forums. I think each forum serves a purpose and there is not one any better than the other. I saw a post here a few days ago in which the "regular posters" made many negative comments regarding the other forum.
Avatar n tn the only other thing i have to add is that it is possible that your dw doesn't have much fat in her milk. a friend of mine had to stop breast feeding all together because she had NO fat in her milk and her baby wasn't gaining any weight.
271792 tn?1334983257 Good Morning! Is it possible to add a "time posted" feature to the threads in the forums? I know it would be helpful for me. Often times I will see a post and answer, without knowing that it had been written several hours prior and that person may be long gone. I think it would be helpful in that situation. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn ya know, the more forums i read here on medhelp (and there are lots of new ones), the more crazy i see we all our! LOL! now i don't feel so bad. don't you think it would be cute to add a "vetrinarian" help forum for animals/pets? i think that would do well since most like animals more than people anyway...hehehee. happy turkey day all....
Avatar m tn When I tell this stuff to any one of the 14 or so doctors ive seen, wether it is clinics, Gp, neuro, urologists, you name it; they all say not herpes yet I go onto forums and boards here and elsewhere, and see all kinds of people with these symptoms claiming herpes. I would like to know where the disconnect is. The only difference with my this far compared with some of the others is I don't yet have any pos tests.
Avatar n tn I understand that these forums are meant as a support for people with Hep C but I have one concern. Of course the ultimate information should come from a doctor that you trust and who knows your health history. Sometimes these kind of forums can feed into your fears although they are meant to be helpful. People are often quite eager to predict dire warnings and scary outcomes, trying to be helpful of course. As it says in the disclaimer, this is not meant to substitute for medical advice.
10947 tn?1281407852 Hi, MedHelp is pleased to announce the opening of our new ADD/ ADHD forum. The forum is located at and is meant to focus on issues involving Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Forum (ADD-ADHD). Please note, this is an unmoderated Medical Community. Thanks and hope you'll swing by.
Avatar f tn I want to add this group to my forums but i dnt kno how.any mommys that xan help :-) thank u so much.
1235186 tn?1549261219 the last day or two i havent been able to click on the "add a friend" tab. no matter if i try it from their profile page or on the forums. any ideas why?
Avatar m tn And remember, if you met one adhd/add`er you´ve met one, we are just as similar and different from each others as socalled "normal" people are!
Avatar f tn Is there any way to add MS symptoms that aren't on your list? For example, one of my worst ones is itching, so I'd like to add it. Thanks!
189897 tn?1441130118 But I just saw a great special on PBS on adult ADD. Its about time!! Anyway, you might check out your PBS schedule for a program called "ADD and loving it". Also a website created, called "". Its worth the time and all of those dang commercials. I think its the best info I have seen on the subject in a video format. Hope this helps someone.
Avatar f tn Hello, Im more familiar with other if this is not the one for this..forgive me :) I am currently 21. Recently I noticed some things and did some research about it. The "Symptoms" that I typed up on Google brought me to the subject of Adult ADD. I am a neat freak. More than the usual. I need to color code my clothes, organize them by color, style and so on. I often wake up with the need of cleaning. I get annoyed when I see trash on the floor in my room. I hardly sleep....
Avatar f tn I recently heard about deplin for ADD. Recently my doctor prescribed dexidrine for my ADD. I never had it filled. He suggested that dexidrine can be abused and addicting. I am a recovering addict, so I have to be sensitive to meds. Has anyone had experience with dexidrine?
5082295 tn?1371254511 Im trying to cope with my boyfriends ADD but it seems like its gotten worse since hes been on meds. I think he may be abusing them because they give him energy. But theres no talking to do I go about coping? Some nights he stays up till morning, or hes sweet one min and a total jerk the next. He doesn't see anything thats wrong except when I complain about him being tired or irritable he blaims it on his ADD.
Avatar n tn Hamilton score last Thursday, 38. GAF 50. My P Doc discussed that I might also be displaying some symptoms of ADD, that Adderall XR would be worth a try. My possible ADD symptoms are: a) Lose my keys every single day. Always find them in a new, unique location. b) Often have a hard time talking. My mind is racing on multiple tasks at any given time. c) If I am talking, and someone interrupts me, it is almost as if I am startled.
Avatar n tn Sorry lady but this sounds like any topical TEENAGE BEHAVOR. Get a book called " RAISING A DAUGHTER" by Elium & Elium. A mother and fathers point of view and more. Sorry but your daughter shouldn't be on DRUGS for counting! what the heck is going on in this drug world. I have to tell you, you got suckered into giving your teen something that can't be "cured". Stop giving her drugs. She is odviously trying to get your ATTENTION.
696393 tn?1254432807 This has been asked before, but under 'thyroid' questions for the doctor and forums, PARATHYROID is not listed. It is a thyroid/endocrine category. Hyperparathyroidism, whether primary or secondary really NEEDS to be addressed, there are many of us who have this disease, with hardly any answers or much info to go on. Dr. Lupo is not listed as a parathyroid doctor. With this community, can we find a parathyroid specialist that can answer our parathyroid issues/questions?