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Avatar f tn m not sure which forum you were trying to post in - I assume our Expert Breast Cancer. That forum is closed right now, unfortunately, and if you try and add on to a post, it will bounce it into the member community. However, those should be placed in our Breast Cancer member forum, so if you can confirm that it was the Expert BC forum you were trying to post in, I'll see if I can get that fixed.
Avatar f tn You are on a members community. If you seek advice from a doctor, you may go to the above tool bar and on the left you will see "forums". Click on that and when the page comes up, on the RIGHT side of the page are expert forums. There is also an expert tab on the tool bar. Either way should take you there.
1211960 tn?1272974502 I am not sure if I understand the purpose of the Expert Forums. I think it is a wonderful idea to be able to ask a professional about sometihng on an online site. But the expert forum I visited would not allow me to ask a question or comment on other posts. Am I missing something?
Avatar f tn I want to add this group to my forums but i dnt kno how.any mommys that xan help :-) thank u so much.
317787 tn?1473358451 ) I was searching another site and I noticed that the old posts on other forums (i.e. the breast cancer) do not allow one to automatically reply. There is a "continue this discussion" at the bottom of the old post so that it makes you realize this is an old post. I value the older posts, they have really helped me in the past and I do believe they are important. If a new person responds to an old post, doesn't get an answer they feel frustrated and go elsewhere.
Avatar n tn I delivered my baby on December 15th, how do I add the parenting 1 and under community to my list of communities? All I can see right now are the pregnancy ones.
1235186 tn?1549257619 the last day or two i havent been able to click on the "add a friend" tab. no matter if i try it from their profile page or on the forums. any ideas why?
Avatar f tn // and a Thyroid Disorders Community - You can find all of our forums here - The ones on the left side are member communities, and on the right side, we have our expert communities, then our pet communities, and our international communities. I hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any other questions.
1886897 tn?1328327536 Does anyone know if there are any online 24 hour AA forums? Or anywhere we could start one? Or could we start one here? I need a support system, I am 44 days alcohol free, but am seeing a psychiatrist for anxiety, so group meetings don’t work well for me.
Avatar f tn Is there any way to add MS symptoms that aren't on your list? For example, one of my worst ones is itching, so I'd like to add it. Thanks!
Avatar n tn My partner is HIV+ and I am neg we have now been together almost two years some of that is thanks to these forums. Sometimes I would like to talk to others in my situation there doesn't seem to be a space on here.
Avatar n tn This is a good forum to do that. Most forums like this are pretty much the same. You get pretty much the same answers. When I am looking for answers I usually end up at the following forums and sites http://www.endo-resolved.
Avatar f tn How can you access the forums under different topics on this site? I'd like to read about the possibilities of carrying HIV for 9 years or for 4 without knowing after having oral sex (deprecate instances) but both only oral. Where could I read about having symptoms after so many years?
Avatar f tn These forums r confusing me I see some people posting by weeks pregnant some by age and some are all over the place how do you stay on track??
9067885 tn?1415002692 I am so tired of my posts being moved to different forums. Especially since I am on the phone app and can not follow my own post because they were moved to social. This is the 18-24 age group and I feel like I should be able to post anything pregnancy related. I know several of you mommas feel the same! So frustrating!
Avatar m tn Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately, there is currently no way to modify the information that appears on your home page. If you'd like to receive more information on specific expert forums, you can add the expert forums to your watchlist. Just go to the expert forum and click "Watch this Forum". New discussions/posts will be sent to you via your watchlist and added to the Watchlist section (on your Shortcuts panel).
463897 tn?1468013750 // * Internal Medicine * James Sclafani, MD http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn Can you add Behcets and Neuro-Behcets to your topic/health list. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I am a 34 year female who was just given Methylphenidate for ADD. I am looking for any info from people who have teaken this medication.
Avatar f tn // * Blood disorders ( * Special Needs Children ( * Liver Disorders ( We don't currently have a Histiocyte Disorder forum, but I'll definitely pass on your idea -- thanks for the suggestion!
Avatar f tn You cannot join doctors forums just to add.