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Avatar f tn By the way, Ashley also states that (p53), the most common coexisting disorder is Oppositional Defiant Disorder (about 33%) and 25 to 40% of kids with ODD go on to develop Conduct Disorder. Depression ... is a common coexisting disorder. On several of the adult ADD sites, I have noticed a very strong link to ADD and depression. Especially if the ADD was not caught till adulthood (this is very common in women).
1071525 tn?1255392574 Being severly deprived of sleep can result in hallucinations. Someone with ADD can have this but it is a disorder in and of itself. I hope you are not suffering from this.
Avatar n tn have you taken this problem up with your doctor? Often our doctors have no idea we are struggling with these issues on top of our disorder. You might get some help from him/her... Know it is tempting to just stop when encountering these barriers..but pls don't if med is working for you. Best...
Avatar n tn Weird, never heard that one before - and I have been on this site for 4 years. I think that a lot of the adults with ADD would be real surprised if it were true. As long as you have a prescription you are fine.
Avatar n tn Anyone here being treated for bipolar disorder and add? If so, how did you find a Dr that was experienced treating both disorders simultaneously? Any advice would be appreciated.
429700 tn?1308007823 I was wondering--have any of you been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD)? I was quite surprised when my neuro diagnosed me with this last week. I think it's related to my MS, but not sure (dummy me didn't think to ask). He told me that Provigil actually helps with this problem and raised my dosage a bit. The cognitive stuff has improved greatly since taking Provigil, but if it would go away completely, I don't think I'd mind one bit!
1628088 tn?1299532090 My 13 year old nephew seems to have ADD according to his school. I have always noticed that something was going on with him because of his attitude and way of being. He gets distracted easily and if you tell him something it's like he's not even paying attention and he is doing really bad at school. I know that he will need to go with a health professional as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn are there any side effects of taking Zoloft for that long that would cause attention deficit disorder in adults? It seems that I have a difficult time on occasion concentrating on one thing at a time therefore, creating a lack of confidence in those I communicate with. Your help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn My son has ADD and presently taking Stratera. It helps but we have been seeing more difficulties with defiance, crying, moody, irrational behaviors and anger. I would like to try some natural remedies but don't know how much or what kind. Any advice out there with success? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/276061'>attention deficit disorder and fatty acid deficiency</a>.
Avatar m tn I was hoping to have a tracker to monitor attention deficit disorder so I can keep record of specific days that are easier to focus vs. days that are nearly impossible and hopefully find a pattern. This way if there are particular days/weeks/months that I find myself in distraction land I can take special precautions to get more sleep, take meds, watch my diet closer, exercise more, ect... I think it would be a very valuable tool for anyone suffering from ADD. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Our child was diagnosed with ADHD, TS, and Seizure Disorder. Our child does have facial twitching, shoulder shrugs, and various other things, as well as ADD symptoms like daydreaming in class, not completing assignments, being forgetful, etc. I could list them all but I'm sure that's really necessary. They did an EEG and blood work and urine tests to rule out other things such as lead and copper and such.
Avatar f tn My 16 year old son has been diagnosed with ADD and oppositional defiance disorder. This diagnose is 1 week old. He has been put on 50mg of Vyvanse. He is not in school at the moment, we are looking into alternative education since he cannot cope in a regular school (too hostile). The psychiatrist wants to put him on abilify to help with the ODD. I said we would wait one month so see how the Vyvanse is working. It is hard to tell. He is still defiant and manipulative.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 18. I'm 30 now (almost 31). I stopped taking my medication (Adderall/ Ritalin) about 2 years ago when I decided to try to have a baby. My child is now 15 months old and I just weaned him from nursing. One of the reasons I weaned him was so that I could go back on my medication. Things have been going OK for me at home, though I know I would function much better on medication.
Avatar f tn Hi. I am 14 years old. For as long as I can remember I have always had to do something with my hands. Weather it's just playing with my hair tie or playing with my fingers. I am always doing something with my hands and sometimes I don't even notice it. Sometimes I just sit on my hands because I don't want to keep playing with stuff even though my hands want to. Is this ADD? And is there anything that I can do or should do to stop it? Or should I just leave it alone?
Avatar f tn I am ADD; my son is ADD. I was dx with Central Auditory Processing Disorder later in life; had speech therapy as a child and was told that it is often seen in ADD. Is that true? Our psychiatrist was unaware of that link.
6353175 tn?1380632524 My aunt says that she was wrongy diagnosed with depression for many years and still struggled up until 5 yrs ago when she found out she had ADD and now everything has changed for her. im not sure if i just need to get my meds changed or if i may have ADD. Does anyone know how common it is to mis-diagnose ADD for depression/anxiety? And if it is possible who would i see to find out?
973741 tn?1342342773 Do most people with ADD/ADHD also have executive functioning disorder? Is this a separate disorder or just part of the add/adhd?
1540869 tn?1351214013 Now I know this is a question I should ask my therapist I have seen a couple therapists and the only diagnosis I've gotten is mood disorder nos. I've thought I've always had add but am not going to dianose myself. I'm not asking for a diagnosis from you guys just an opinion and maybe if you've expeirenced some of the same symptoms.
Avatar f tn After asking me many personal questions and observing my behavior, she told me she thinks I have ADD and/or an Anxiety Disorder. I am concerned with this and do have difficulites concentrating on one task or one person at a time. I am in Graduate School, but studying takes me much longer than my peers. Is this person qualified to suggest such a diagnosis? Should I go further and see a Doctor for help with this?
703238 tn?1297098358 I was diagnosed with Adult ADD and Bipolar disorder. I have self medicaded for quite a while with hydrocodone or other pain medication. It seems to take away all the symptoms and problems associated with my state and I was wondering if they prescribe that for those disorders or if I am better off just getting them on my own?
Avatar n tn Now the doctor put him on Rispido, which has affected our ability to have a baby. He has a 9 year old son who has ADD and is taking Ritilin. I just have so many questions and concerns I don't know where to start. Do you have any suggestions or comments? Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn Posted by Ellen on May 19, 1999 at 15:32:46 My son, who is 9, has been taking for Ritalin for 4 years but for the last 3 years has seemed to have periods where he is not happy, has low self esteem and is excessively emotional....he starts crying over something that doesn't seem to warrant it. He can be very moody and easily frustrated. It feels like living with a teenager. Can this be a side effect of the Ritalin that he is taking(10 mg.